American Horror Story: Coven S03E10 – The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks

The 10th episode of American Horror Story: Coven, for me, was a make-or-break episode. We had heard so much about a Stevie Nicks appearance, and I was afraid that the shark would get jumped in “The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks”. This series has had a habit of faltering down the stretch, so I figured it would start here. Thankfully, I was proven wrong. Let’s go…….

-We come back to Marie and Fiona at the coven, where Fiona tucks Marie in and everyone is sharing and being all nice. Marie tries to go to sleep, but she gets a visitor. Papa Legba is his name, apparently (I thought it was her actual father, which is why I always need to watch this twice, and I still usually make mistakes. Y’all can fill those in for me), and she basically sold her soul to him. Each year, he requires an innocent soul as payment from Marie, who breaks into a hospital and steals a newborn baby. I wonder if she also supplies him with his coke. Ol’ boy loves to party, shoutout to his pinky nail.

-And shoutout to the doctor that tried to tell me visiting hours were over. She is lucky Marie only made her open the door to the nursery.

-Back at the coven, Fiona and Delia aren’t getting along so well and it ends with Fiona slapping her blind daughter to the ground. Mothers are taking a beating in Coven. Even Marie looked at Fiona like, “Damn, that was kinda fucked up…and that’s coming from someone who just stole a baby”.

-But Fiona has her moments; to butter up Misty, whom she thinks is the new Supreme, Fiona brings in Stevie Nicks and Misty faints. Ms. Nicks sits at the piano to play a couple songs, and Misty is partyin’, twirling all around the coven, sitting next to Stevie and staring at her all creepily. It was a strange scene. Misty all but licked Stevie’s face. But hey, Ryan Murphy has to fit in musical numbers somewhere (shoutout to Glee). Stevie gives Misty her shawl and Fiona essentially crowns Misty as the next Supreme, to which you can see Madison start to boil. More on that later.

-Fiona, Marie and Delia (who should be mad as hell) do some Googling to figure out who Hank was and where he came from. They devise a plan to take them down, but of course, Fiona has to belittle Delia even more and calls her a bunch of names. At this point, Delia gotta kill Fiona. It’s the only way.

-That being said, I do like the way they cut between the mice in the maze as Fiona and Marie got their spell on, with the major players in the Delphi Trust running around their offices as the FBI storms in and starts doing FBI shit. The war is really on now. Then Marie tells Fiona the story of how she got her eternal life, and it cost her a baby, which is why she has to give Papa Legba a new one every year. He basically tells her she has no business being a mother, which is a running theme in Coven. There isn’t one good mother out of the bunch. It’s not like he is wrong, though.

-Madison and Misty join a funeral procession, which looks like a blast in New Orleans (shoutout to the dude at the end of the line that looked JUST like Jay Electronica). They have their little back-and-forth, but Madison comes out on top as she shows Misty she is also powerful by bringing an old man back to life. Then she tells Misty that the shawl Stevie gave her didn’t mean shit, then she proceeded to hit Misty in the head with a brick and knocks her into an open casket, which is then buried in a mausoleum. Madison walks away, getting her twirl on with the shawl. But does she not realize that she just buried the person that brought her back to life, which means Misty will probably come back to life herself? Can anyone even die on this show?

-Well, Nan tries to prove that theory wrong as she goes over to the neighbor house with Zoe and figures out that the mother killed her crush. So what does she do? Uses her mind control powers to force the mother to drink bleach. It was pretty frothy. Earlier, Nan also almost made Madison stick a lit cigarette in her vajeene. If we were taking bets on Nan being the Supreme, she would be a solid 10/1 at this point, and that wouldn’t be a bad bet to take. Pretty Girl be partyin’ this season. Almost got herself a man and everything. Good for her.

-Delia finally snaps as Fiona’s words get to her, and she tries to seek comfort in Myrtle, who doesn’t seem to care and more or less agrees with her that she shouldn’t be a witch anymore. Myrtle, on the low, has been all kinds of good times this season. She told Delia that she may be able to get work on a cruise ship, and went back to playing her instrument. Delia can’t buy a break at all.

-Fiona sets out some blow for Papa Legba, because well, it’s Fiona and she always seems to have some shit on deck just in case. She wants in on the eternal-life business, and is willing to do anything: give up Delia, kill someone she loves, ANYTHING. But Papa is like, “NOOOOOOOOOOAP, you ain’t got no soul to sell” and peaces the fuck out. It was a rejection of Dikembe Mutumbo proportions. The Axeman shows up randomly, and I am going to assume that he is the “someone she loves”, but Fiona can’t really be bothered with him as she does a line and sets about to kill the other witches because someone is taking her powers. Or maybe it’s the drugs and alcohol. Or maybe it’s the cancer. Ol’ girl is a fuckin’ mess.

-Nan tries to steal the baby that Marie planned to give to Papa, but Fiona steps in and makes her give it back. Then the two team up to drown Nan to give him the blood of an innocent; although Nan isn’t that innocent, she is probably the most innocent of the bunch (don’t think I forgot about Zoe killin’ dudes with her vajeene). Papa shows up and at first, wasn’t feeling it, but then he brought Nan back, or that was her spirit because her body was still in the tub. He eventually leaves with her. Not gonna lie, that part confused the shit outta me. So if anyone wants to help me out with that, holla. I just assume she isn’t dead because no one dies in Coven.

-The episode ends with Fiona sitting on the couch, listening to Stevie sing (what, did she just chain her to the piano?). She has this smile-cry thing going on, which means she is plotting. That isn’t good for anyone.

Overall, it was a nice return for American Horror Story. A lot went on in this episode and there are a few different ways it can go. The problem is, we have seen them do this before and write themselves into a corner. But I have a good feeling about Coven, and they have three episodes left to bring it home.

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