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The Walking Dead S04E11 – Claimed

I’m usually on the side of The Walking Dead when it comes to episodes that don’t feature a lot of action, and “Claimed” was one of those episodes. I’m not big on zombies to begin with and am more interested in the characters and the survival aspect of it all. But this was just bad. I fell asleep on the first viewing and almost did on the second. So, let’s go…….

(I’ma break this up in three sections: the people on the truck, Carl and Michonne, and Rick’s fuckery-filled situation).

-The episode opens with Glenn and Tara on the back of the truck with the trio of new characters from the previous episode. Glenn is knocked out, so he doesn’t notice the truck stopping because there are cars blocking the street. As the crew prepares a plan to get through, some walkers came through and Tara was about to shoot them, but the red-headed dude, Abraham, smashes some skulls with a smile on his face. Saves bullets and does it happily. He should end up going far, but he probably won’t.

-Glenn wakes up eventually and asks Tara if they passed the bus, and she tells him everyone was dead. Glenn isn’t buying it and starts trying to break a window in the truck to get them to stop, which they do. Glenn wants to leave and find Maggie, but Abraham basically tells him that his wife is gone and he needs to move on. Glenn punches him the mouth and keeps it movin’, like dude isn’t going to get up. So obviously, the two start fighting and making noise, and guess what that attracts?

-Yep, walkers start coming out of the cornfields like a cheesy horror movie and the crew stops fighting long enough to kill them all. However, the scientist, Eugene, shoots a hole in the truck’s gas tank. Shit sounds like something Cyril from Archer would do. Glenn was leaving to find Maggie anyway, so the rest go with him, although the trio of new people will bail as soon as they find a car.

-So, all I have gathered is that Eugene is a scientist and the trio’s plan is to get to Washington, D.C. They apparently know what is causing the zombie apocalypse, and it is the government’s fault. I will throw this shit in the bushes so fast if it turns into a conspiracy show.

Moving on to Carl and Michonne….

-These two leave Rick to go and get supplies, and it’s always good to see Michonne smile as Rick wants her to be Carl’s friend. It is all fun and games until Carl says Judith’s name and since he thinks she is dead and not with Tyreese and ’em, he quiets up with the quickness. Rick wants to go with them, but he is still recovering from his ass-kicking at the hands of the Governor.

-I may go back and find that on Youtube. Man…what a thrashing that was.

-Michonne tells Carl that she used to have a child, and makes a deal with him: she will tell him one fact about herself for every room they clear of the house they are ransacking. This is huge for Michonne. She is trying to be a part of a family again, after what we saw about her past in the return episode.

-Michonne stumbles upon a room where the family that lived there are lying dead, and I have some questions about them. Why aren’t they walkers? It seems like it would be easy enough for walkers to get in that house. How did they survive so neatly? Starved to death? I thought everyone had the virus already. And of course, Carl would ask about a dead baby, he is obviously still thinking about his sister, especially now that he knows Michonne had a son. I don’t know. That whole scene didn’t do anything for me at all.

Finally, on to Rick….

-Rick stays back because he is all hurt and whatnot, and falls asleep reading when he hears a commotion downstairs; someone has rolled up on the house. He scrambles and hides under a bed, and then a dude comes up and lies on said bed, going for a nap. One of his people comes up and wants the bed for himself, but the first guy was like, it’s claimed (hence, the name of the episode). The two fight and one falls to the ground. He sees Rick under the bed and tries to get his partner to stop, but gets choked out in the process. Is he dead or just unconscious?

-Rick finally gets out of the room and from under the damn bed, while the second guy is sleeping, but stumbles upon another one in the bathroom and chokes him out. Is he dead or unconscious? And did no one hear the life-or-death battle going on upstairs? They were banging around pretty good.

-Rick manages to get outside and waits by a porch, where another guy is bouncing a ball. Rick was going to kill him, but the guy was distracted by what I think was a walker. Michonne and Carl are approaching the house, but Rick gets to them and they are on the road again. They see the big-ass truck with the “Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive” statement on it and start following the path that everyone else has followed so far.

This whole episode was a big ol’ meh to me. It happens with The Walking Dead once in a while. I just don’t see any of the points that were attempted to be made here. Next week’s previews looked good, though, so here’s hoping.

The Walking Dead S04E10 – Inmates

The Walking Dead returned last week with the second half of season 4 (I really loathe how AMC splits up seasons, I will be furious when they do it for Mad Men, which comes back on April 13), and since I missed the recap for “After”, here you go, in three quick points:

-Carl thought he was a big man, but he is still a kid who loves pudding and video games. And that hat gotta go.

-The evolution of Michonne continues. I forgot that the walkers she had on a leash when we first met her were kin to her somehow.

-Man, Rick got that ass WHIPPED by the Governor.

Overall, it was a solid return to the season, by the end, we were wondering what happened to the rest of the group. We find that out in “Inmates”. Let’s go…….

-We pick up with Daryl and Beth, and I know Daryl has to be like, “out of everyone to get stuck with, I get HER”. I should feel kinda bad for Beth, but she is also kinda whiny and naive, although you need someone like that on a show like The Walking Dead, where hope is scarce. Daryl definitely crossed the line with his “faith didn’t help your father” bit. He knew it too. But fuck apologizing.

-Why couldn’t Beth, one, not hear the walker coming up behind her and two, she couldn’t sidestep him? Someone is going to die protecting her.

-Then we shift gears to Tyreese, who has the two little girls with him, Lizzie and Mika. But yo…….JUDITH BACK! I had a feeling she wasn’t gone, even though we saw her blood-stained car seat in episode 8. The four of them are out in the woods, and Mika runs off after being scared by crows. You’d think she would be old enough to not just run off randomly, regardless of the danger.

-Tyreese hears a scream and goes to see if it was someone from the crew, and leaves the girls alone in the woods. Not the best decision, my man. Walkers come out when they hear Judith crying (I’ve long said that kids are the worst in the zombie apocalypse), but they get rescued while Tyreese is off fighting walkers for random people.

-And the rescuer is………CAROL BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! I don’t know if we have seen a character evolve as much as Carol on The Walking Dead. She was meek at the beginning, but has since lost her abusive husband, seen her daughter turn into a walker and get shot by Rick, and that is on top of everything else. She understands that times are tough and you gotta do what you gotta do, which is why she burned those two bodies in the prison and was exiled, stupidly, by Rick. Melissa McBride was the MVP of the first half of season 4.

-Tyreese doesn’t even care that Carol killed his girl, he hugs the shit outta her. He is so done with babysitting. (****EDITED****A commenter set me straight, Tyreese doesn’t know about Carol’s role in Karen’s death, so that explains that. Shoutout to Gene in the comments).

-They take the advice of one of the guys Tyreese was trying to help and follow the tracks to “a place”, whatever that means. But he didn’t kill the guy off after he was bitten in the neck. I read in a recap that man turned into the walker that ran up on Daryl and Beth at the beginning of the episode. See? You gotta kill everyone that gets bitten, no questions asked.

-Next, we have Maggie, Sasha and Bob, and Maggie decides she is going to find Glenn. Sasha thinks it is a poor idea and says as much to Bob, but Maggie would have killed both of them right there, so off they go. They find the bus that left the prison in the middle of a road, but it has been overrun and while they are trying to let each walker out one by one, they eventually overpower Sasha and get out. Still, they end up killing the walkers and Maggie goes on the bus, which just looked like it has the stench of a thousand nightclub bathrooms.

-Maggie didn’t find Glenn. Instead, we find Glenn still at the prison with a machine gun and a whole boatload of walkers. After a bit of moping, Glenn grabs some stuff from the cell that he and Maggie shared, finds some riot gear and gets ready to make his escape. He straight up runs through a herd of walkers, and the shot of walkers all in his face was definitely the coolest shot in the episode.

-But upon leaving, he finds Tara, one of the sisters that the Governor stayed with and persuaded to help him in his attempt to take over the prison. She is in shock over everything that has happened, but Glenn gives her a pep talk and they come up with an exit plan. They get out to the road and Glenn collapses, which is when we remember, he was damn near death when we last saw him in episode 8 due to the virus that was taking people out. Before collapsing, Glenn takes out a few walkers, and Tara helps out.

-They get rolled up on by an armored truck, and three people get out. Their names are Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, which is a name I remember from the comics, but I think I stopped reading when we got to him. So yeah….new characters. Let’s see how this works out.

The first two episodes of season 4.5 have had an old-school feel to it, and I’m all for it. Now we know where all of the major characters are, it’ll be interesting to see how The Walking Dead goes forward for the next six episodes to the end of the season. But so far, so good.