The Walking Dead S04E12 – Still

The focus of this week’s episode of The Walking Dead shifted to the unlikely pairing of Daryl and Beth, and I was waiting for this. But the execution of “Still” left a lot to be desired. It was all a little predictable and now I just want everyone to get back together, because handling these characters in small groups isn’t going so well. Let’s go….

-The duo are ransacking a car at night before they hear something in the woods, which of course turns out to be walkers and they end up spending the night in the trunk of a car while a herd passes by. This was the best part of the episode for me: just the two of them in a trunk, hearing all the gross walker sounds with one or two occasionally banging on said trunk. Quite intense. But the walkers couldn’t smell them? The trunk was open a little bit. Anyway, I don’t wanna nitpick the best part of the episode. I’ll let it slide.

-They outlast the herd and keep it movin’ down the road. Daryl is trying to find food and finds a rattlesnake, to which he goes to town on in seconds. While they’re eating, Beth decides she wants a drink of alcohol, even though she hasn’t had one. Listen, I like a drink like most people and a drink would seem like a good idea. But running from zombies while hungover sounds terrible. She stomps off when Daryl doesn’t speak to her, and manages to get away from some walkers, even though he was close by. This is when you kind of see what they’re planning for Daryl later on.

-They find a golf club, so do a herd of walkers, but of course, they evade that as well. Beth finds a bottle of wine, but uses it on a walker’s head instead. Meanwhile, Daryl passes a clock, one of the big grandfather joints that you just know is going to go off at some point. It does and sends a few walkers their way, but Daryl takes out some frustration on them with a golf club and gets blood on a nice, white sweater that Beth found. They end up in the gift shop/bar area, and all Beth can find is peach schnapps, which Daryl throws on the ground because he is an alcohol snob, apparently.

-So you know what Daryl wants to give Beth for her first drink? Moonshine. That’s more up Daryl’s alley. He goes to a cabin he found with Michonne, where he knows there is a ton of moonshine for the taking. She takes to it eventually, because it tastes like moonshine, and gets Daryl to have some as well, despite his protests. She is about to learn rule #194 (c) of life: if someone doesn’t want a drink, don’t badger them. There is probably a good reason for it. Hell, he TELLS her he is a dick when he is drunk.

-After a few rounds of “Never Have I Ever”, Daryl gets belligerently drunk and starts to tell Beth all about herself, which you should have seen coming. The cabin reminds him of his father, who wasn’t the best father in the world by a longshot; look at Merle, for example. This brings back a whole slew of memories for Daryl and he unleashes on her, bringing up her attempted suicide as a call for attention. She fires back with some stuff about being a survivor, but no one cares.

-Daryl’s yelling brings out a walker, which he uses as target practice because Beth said she never shot a crossbow before. He basically tortures the walker, pinning it to a tree, but not killing it. Beth gets away from Daryl’s one-armed drunken grip and puts the walker out of his misery with a stab to the head.

-Daryl was always going to break down at some point as the big, emotionless badass of the show and he blames the Governor’s invasion on himself. He cries, Beth hugs him, and yeah….predictable. Just like Beth showing that she is all grown up and not some naive little girl anymore, which she really is. Like she said, though, she’s surviving, so I guess she is winning….I guess.

All that being said, though, Daryl is still my pick for who I would roll with out of these characters. Mufucka is practical; only worries about what is in front of him. And he can kill anything. He will have your back, because he could have left Beth in the bushes.

-The show ends with the duo using the rest of the moonshine to burn down the cabin, which just seems selfish. Someone else could have used it at some point. Then they just skip off in the woods, throwing up middle fingers like they were listening to an Eminem album.

As I said, I was looking forward to this after last week, and I at least get what they were going for. I just didn’t think The Walking Dead pulled off trying to get you to feel compassion for Daryl and I didn’t buy Beth trying to pull his feelings out of him. At this point, I just want the group to get back together, because being handled in smaller groups isn’t working out for The Walking Dead. Next week, we have Maggie, Bob and Sasha, and hopefully the Tyreese/Carol crew.


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