The Walking Dead S04E13 – Alone

I’ve figured out what it is with The Walking Dead: the writers can’t be left with just one storyline to prepare an episode for. “Alone” features two of the groups and a definite improvement over last week’s episode. Just as you are getting tired of one group, they’ll switch over to another. Let’s go….

-We open with Bob wandering around like a walker, before he gets picked up by Daryl and Glenn. Is it just me or was that smile he hit as they were driving away a little sinister? Maybe he was just happy to be around something that isn’t trying to eat him, but it looked shady to me.

-Jump into the present day with Bob, Sasha and Maggie surrounded by walkers they can’t see due to a ridiculous amount of fog. They get through it, of course, but they’re running out of bullets and can’t see a damn thing. Bob gets scratched by a walker, but he’s alright….I think. Again, seems shady.

-They find a sign for Terminus, and Maggie wants to find Glenn. Sasha thinks everyone is dead. Bob seems like he has Pharrell’s “Happy” playing on an infinite loop in his head. One of these three is going to kill someone in their little crew.

-Maggie says fuck it and leaves on her own, which is stupid on a bunch of levels. One, you can’t get that far on your own. Two, she should know that they’re going to come looking for her. Why not just wait for them? I suppose they did go through the whole “do we go or not?” thing the previous night. But damn.

-Meanwhile, Maggie comes with a grand idea that isn’t creepy in the slightest. As she is walking along, a walker rolls up on her. So she kills the shit out of it, cuts open the stomach and uses the blood to write a message for Glenn on a wall. I guess you gotta work with what you have.

-Bob and Sasha are building something, I’m not quite sure what, though. Bob, in his undying optimism, gets on Sasha for being negative and assuming that everyone is dead, which I can respect and one of the reasons why you wouldn’t want me around for the zombie apocalypse. They get to a town, Bob kisses Sasha, she doesn’t do anything at all. She is a strange one, that girl.

-They split up, Sasha finds a building to set up shop in, and after a quick almost-cry, she looks out of a window and notices Maggie lying on the ground in the middle of a bunch of corpses. Sasha touches a window, which falls to the ground (she is a couple stories up), which of course, attracts walkers. So she runs down and tries to help Maggie out, Sasha with a stick and Maggie with a sword or a sign or an axe, something that she swings to cut mufuckas, long and short of it.

-They end up catching up to Bob, who is no longer alone and continue to make their way to Terminus, where they could meet up with……..Glenn, who finds a map to Terminus. So they’re all on the right path, it would seem.

-Then you have Daryl and Beth, who is learning how to track and shoot a crossbow; nothing bad can happen there, right?

-Beth sees a walker in a clearing and she tries to sneak up on it when she is caught by an animal trip. Daryl saves her, but that is when I started to think something was up. If that was an old trap, it probably would have caught something by now, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

-They find a funeral home, where Daryl can try and fix Beth’s ankle, and they look around the place. It doesn’t look like it has been overrun at all. There is food that Daryl thinks is relatively new (someone’s stash, as he says), and nothing has been touched. HINT #2.

-Beth plays a song on a piano while Daryl relaxes in a casket. The sexual tension is building. I don’t want to think about it because she looks and acts like she is 14. Do we even know how old she is in the first place?

-As they are eating in the morning, Daryl hears something at the door, and it is a scraggly-looking dog that looks like it has one eye. It runs away. HINT #3. Daryl is smarter than this, right?

-Obviously, he has Beth on the brain because Daryl hears something at the door again and this dude opens it up like he is expecting a pizza. NOAP…..walkers. A bunch of them. He takes them to the basement so Beth can limp out of the house, and he would meet her on the road. Daryl gets out to the road, but finds Beth’s bag on the ground and sees a car speed off. So yeah, now they are dealing with kidnappers. What is worse, walkers or kidnappers?

-Daryl spends all night running after this car, falling down in an intersection beside some railroad tracks, which you would think are the same ones that everyone else seems to be on. He is woken up by a motley crew of individuals with weapons. Daryl punches the leader, but eventually he is talked down. The leader, whose name is Joe apparently, says something like, “Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?”. Real nice guy. I’m sure this will go over well.

This was one of the best episodes of the season for The Walking Dead, and probably the best of the second half. There was enough action to keep you entertained (the walkers in the fog were creepy as shit), and you learned some stuff about the characters. Bob is used to being alone and doesn’t want to be anymore. Beth was getting through to Daryl before she got snatched up. “Optimism rules” is the moral of the episode, I guess. Either way, solid recovery from last week. Just keep giving the writers more than one thing to focus on and we’re good.



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