The Walking Dead S04E15 – Us

There was no way that The Walking Dead would be able to follow up an episode as good as “The Grove” because let’s face it, it can be inconsistent at best, infuriating at worst and in reality, is probably somewhere in between. But they did give it a go with “Us”, which sets things up nicely for Sunday’s finale and that is all you can really ask for. Let’s go (I wrote notes and everything while I watched it the first time, because I’m fancy)….

-The episode opens with Glenn, Tara, Eugene, Abraham and Rosita (“Red” and “Spanish girl” in my notes, because simplicity) walking down the tracks. Eugene is trying to hit on Tara with video-game talk, which doesn’t work because she is a lesbian (and he’s just awkward as shit). As the others sleep, Eugene asks Tara why she feels so obligated to Glenn. He thinks she wants Glenn, but it’s because she feels guilty about helping the Governor attempt to take over the prison, which is fair. The next day, Tara sees a “GO TO TERMINUS” sign that Maggie wrote, and Glenn just takes off down the tracks with this smile on his face. Okay, look, I get it, he sees a sign from his wife that he has been looking for. But take a second, dude. How far do you think you’ll get sprinting down the tracks with body armor on? Anyway, this isn’t even the dumbest thing Glenn does this episode.

-Next, we have Rick, Carl and Michonne, with the latter two balancing on the tracks and betting candy on who can go the longest. Carl wins, but still shares his candy with Michonne. I don’t know why I keep thinking they’re going to become some little family, like, officially.

-Then, we switch to Daryl, Joe and their crew, and it is here that I realize they’re the crew from the house Rick was in because they keep yelling “Claimed” whenever they want something, in this case, a rabbit. Things almost get out of hand between Daryl and Len, apparently his name is, before Joe steps up like a good leader and splits the rabbit in half. See? SHARING, PEOPLE.

-Back to Glenn and that crew, Abraham wants to stop for a rest and Glenn wants to keep going when Rosita calls him an ass and selfish for basically using Tara for his mission. Someone has to try and talk some sense into him. Again, I know that he wants to find Maggie, shit, I like both of them and want this reunion too, but stop going so fucking hard. That’s how mufuckas die. They want to rest in a tower, but a walker falls out of said tower and Tara hurts her knee or ankle or something. Hasn’t she done that already? She is the Amir Johnson of The Walking Dead (basketball fans will get that….he gets hurt a lot).

-Joe makes an analogy about cats to Daryl, talking about, “there is nothing worse than an indoor cat that thinks he is an outdoor cat” or something along those lines. I get the analogy, I just think it’s really, really stupid. Poor writing, but it gets the point across, I guess.

-Glenn and that crew walk until they find a dark tunnel where you can hear walkers in there, doing walker stuff, it would seem. Glenn made an earlier deal that he would give up his body armor to Eugene if they just walked until sundown. So now Glenn wants to wander into a dark tunnel with walkers, with no body armor. I like Glenn. I really do. But he was on some real fuck shit in this episode. They’re really pushing the “love conquers all” bit and it gets kind of annoying. Oh, and he has a limpy Tara as his backup. The five people split into their original groups, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene go around and look for a car while the other two go into the tunnel, which is where we learn that Tara feels guilty about the Governor, and that is why she is helping Glenn.

-All I have in my notes is, “we better see Spanish girl again”. We continue….

-Daryl and that crew find a place, and they start claiming things. All Daryl wants to do is find a spot on the floor and sleep. Can he claim the entire floor? I totally would.

-Glenn and Tara find a section of the tunnel where the roof is collapsed, and that is where the walker noises are coming from because they’re stuck in the rubble. Glenn just wants to go through them, which we have seen him do before. But you know what he had before? BODY ARMOR. Know what he doesn’t have now? FUCKING BODY ARMOR. Dude is really testing my patience in this episode.

-Eugene and ’em find a car, even though it smells like death because a walker was trapped inside. Abraham and Rosita are just trying to get Eugene and his mullet to Washington, but he comes up with a plan to see if Glenn and Tara made it out of the other side of the tunnel. Abraham is pissed when he wakes up. Eugene sees something, which I didn’t really catch onto.

-Back in the tunnel, Glenn is looking at the walkers and trying to figure out if any of them are Maggie, Sasha or Bob (their names were on the TERMINUS sign as well). They’re not, so he believes they got through. So they try to distract the walkers with a flashlight and sneak around the other side, but I KNEW something bad was going to happen and my money was on Tara, who, of course, gets her leg stuck under a rock and wants Glenn to keep going, willing to sacrifice herself to the walkers while he continues. Of course, he isn’t going to do that.

-Daryl and Len get into another argument about the rabbit from earlier, and Len says Daryl stole his half of the rabbit, which was found in Daryl’s bag. But Joe says he watched Len (a former cop, we find out) plant the rabbit in Daryl’s bag and instructs the group to beat Len to death. By the end of it, the group leaves their abode and we see Len dead on the ground with an arrow through his eye. Daryl was going to cover him over with a blanket, but decides not to, because fuck that guy.

-The walkers are coming closer to Glenn and Tara, and Glenn gets to shooting until he runs out of ammo since he has like, seven bullets. But then gunfire comes out of nowhere and sprays the walkers. It’s Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Rosita, Abraham and Eugene, and that is what he saw as he was waiting for Glenn and Tara. Glenn and Maggie have their moment, and I’m happy for them, but they’re lucky since Glenn made some piss-poor decisions. Glenn introduces Tara and Maggie, who doesn’t remember that Tara was part of the group that got her father killed. It’ll be funny when that gets brought up later.

-Daryl and his crew continue down the tracks, and Joe tells him about the incident at the house with Rick, although Daryl doesn’t know it was Rick and they walk over the candy wrapper involved in Carl and Michonne’s bet. There is no subtlety in this at all, The Walking Dead beats you over the head with their foreshadowing.

-Meanwhile, Glenn, Maggie and ’em finally get to Terminus, which is unprotected, no lock on the fence door, nothing. They keep walking until they roll up on Mary, who welcomes them and says she’ll fix them a plate. It seems pretty anti-climatic.

So, what is Terminus? It seems pretty shady to me, they have no protection from anything, mufuckas can just walk through the door? Is it a cult? Cannibals? Do they feed people to walkers? Do they have walker fights like the Governor? Where is everyone else in Terminus? Will the other two groups (Killa Carol, Tyreese and Judith, and Rick, Michonne and Carl) get there as well? Are we just giving up on even caring about where Beth is (she kinda grew on me, somehow)? Who is going to die in the finale (because dammit, somebody gon’ die)? I have a lot of questions about The Walking Dead that I guarantee won’t get answered, but hell, like the characters, we’ve come this far.


5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead S04E15 – Us

    1. Neil Jordan Post author

      Yeah, it won’t be pretty. I mean, they had NO protection on the entrance to Terminus, so that leads me to believe that when you get there, you’re not leaving, one way or another. The preview for Sunday was also kinda ominous. Someone gotta die, but it’ll probably be a secondary character.

  1. omarid513

    The storyline with Glenn and Abraham’s groups was weak, in my opinion. Sure, the reunion was a nice moment, but it was a little too convenient that Abraham, Eugeue and Rosita just happened to meet Maggie, Sasha and Bob at the moment that Glenn and Tara needed help the most. And it is odd that Sasha and Bob would willingly accompany this new group to Washington when they know little to nothing about them. Classified or not, I’d ask some questions. Though Rosita had Glenn pegged down correctly when she said that he was being an ass for not slowing down and how Tara would just follow him on the grounds that she owes him. It’s like his mentality is ‘Screw saving the world. I’ve gotta save my woman first!’ It shows determination, but stubbornness as well. And as for Terminus…creepy vibes indeed.

    The issue with the second half of the season is that it all hinges on Terminus. It would make the journey feel like a waste of time if the season finale doesn’t have a satisfying payoff since Terminus has been portrayed as this safe haven. But if it turns out to be a safe LOOKING haven that has some darkness to it, it would basically be Woodbury all over again. Something will be needed not just to make this a satisfying wait, but hold viewers over until the next season. It makes me wonder what would happen if these episodes had been shuffled around: if the reveal of Terminus came earlier and something like “The Grove” ended the season with the deaths of Lizzie and Mika, leaving viewers to wonder IF Tyreese, Carol and Judith would ever reach Terminus. Would hook viewers to see if they’d make it to the next season, but I’m just speculating and trying to write for television.

    Also, I did like the nice callback to “Still” where Daryl ALMOST covered Len’s body, even though he told Beth that it didn’t matter about taking down a female walker’s body, but then he decided against it. This IS Daryl, after all.

  2. Neil Jordan Post author

    I think it’s convenient that everybody is going to end up at Terminus at roughly the same time, so I’ve suspended that part of belief when it comes to the story. I do agree with the idea that “The Grove” feels like it should have come later, but they have to include Rick in the finale somehow as the official protagonist, even though I don’t care if he lives or dies right now, to be honest. And seriously, where the hell is Beth? I bet she is already at Terminus, being cooked into a medium rare steak.


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