Big Brother Canada 2 – Why Is Rachelle Looking Like A Goth Queen From 1987? (April 9th)

This episode of Big Brother Canada 2 was all over the place, but some stuff that didn’t happen in the main show is what we’re partyin’ over. A damn shame, I tell ya. Let’s go…..

[8:57:14 PM]  Neil: So much for 15 early…..slow computers and super clogged kitchen sinks

[8:57:31 PM] Holly: Gotta stop putting chicken bones down the sink

[8:57:41 PM]  Neil: CZM

[8:58:12 PM] Holly: This episode of Big Brother live is brought to you by Racial Wednesdays!

[8:59:26 PM] Holly: So before the show starts, lets recap what happened last night

[8:59:32 PM] Holly: PEE GATE

[8:59:34 PM] Holly:

[9:00:18 PM]  Neil: I think Racial Wednesdays should be our official sponsor

[9:00:40 PM] Holly: Wednesdays are a busy day for us

[9:02:26 PM]  Neil: I love that she just tried to move away from the pee

[9:02:32 PM]  Neil: It wasn’t me

[9:02:39 PM]  Neil: Shoutout to Shaggy

[9:03:06 PM] Holly: I saw you peeing in the hot tub *It wasn’t me*

[9:03:41 PM]  Neil: Heeeeeeeeeeeeey, Kenny has a shirt on in the DR

[9:03:53 PM] Holly: Oh Kenny, I’m surprised he isn’t crying already

[9:03:54 PM]  Neil: There is something you don’t see every day

[9:04:10 PM]  Neil: Are we drinking when Sabrina cries?

[9:04:27 PM] Holly: You are, I’m still sick so Im drinking lemon honey water

[9:04:48 PM] Holly: Ah fuck it, I’ll open a cider

[9:05:15 PM]  Neil: Atta girl

[9:05:24 PM] Holly: Allison is the worst player ever. She’s so mopey

[9:05:59 PM]  Neil: Heather is just chillin with her cereal like WHAT UP

[9:06:26 PM] Holly: And Heather is officially the last person to know about the “First 5” alliance. She really wasn’t giving any fucks in the house until she became HOH

[9:07:02 PM]  Neil: Heather has her plan and gives no fucks about what anyone else thinks

[9:07:26 PM]  Neil: SARAH’S EYEBROWS

[9:07:29 PM] Holly: Hi, Sarah’s eyebrows! You’re looking extra chola tonight

[9:07:37 PM]  Neil: Hahaha

[9:08:11 PM]  Neil: That’s cute

[9:08:16 PM]  Neil: They still think they have the numbers

[9:08:47 PM] Holly: Heather’s two voices are weirding me out. Pick a voice, girl

[9:09:22 PM]  Neil: The dumb voice makes people think she is dumb

[9:09:26 PM]  Neil: It’s a good plan

[9:09:31 PM]  Neil: Annoying, but good

[9:09:32 PM] Holly: Arlie’s doubling dipping is gonna get him busted real soon

[9:10:04 PM]  Neil: He thinks he is too smart for his own good

[9:10:24 PM] Holly: Alright veto picks, let’s hope for Adel, Arlie and Neda

[9:11:06 PM]  Neil: From Pat: you don’t try to win ANY challenges, arlie!

[9:11:17 PM]  Neil: Man

[9:11:26 PM]  Neil: That sucks that she can’t control her bladder

[9:11:28 PM]  Neil: Good grief

[9:11:39 PM] Holly: If he could make it believable that he’s trying to win it would be a smart move, but everyone is on to him.

[9:11:42 PM] Holly: He’s a terrible actor

[9:11:50 PM]  Neil: Awful

[9:11:56 PM] Holly: Rachelle?

[9:11:56 PM]  Neil: Well, that sucks for heather’s plan

[9:12:03 PM]  Neil: Yep

[9:12:54 PM] Holly: Kenny has a good chance of winning against Sabrina and Rachelle, that’s for sure

[9:13:12 PM] Holly: Hey, we’re 12 minutes in and Sabrina hasn’t cried yet. What gives?

[9:13:22 PM]  Neil: I said fuck it and took a drink

[9:13:26 PM] Neil: Because fuck her

[9:13:42 PM]  Neil: So heather gotta win

[9:13:45 PM] Holly: She’s crying on the inside

[9:16:20 PM]  Neil: If it’s a memory game, Heather is good

[9:16:21 PM]  Neil: Anything else?

[9:16:26 PM]  Neil: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[9:17:09 PM] Holly: oh here we go, drinking and partying

[9:17:22 PM]  Neil: Not one lick of rhythm up in that mufucka

[9:18:05 PM]  Neil: I don’t know who this is

[9:18:08 PM] Holly:

[9:18:34 PM] Holly: Wait, who the hell is this guy? Candice called and I missed who that was

[9:18:49 PM]  Neil: That “white people” gif is so amazing

[9:18:55 PM] Holly: Is Jon wearing shoulder pads?

[9:18:58 PM]  Neil: He’s the host of Yukon Gold

[9:19:07 PM]  Neil: Whatever the hell that is

[9:19:12 PM] Holly: Oh, OK. The hell is a Yukon Gold?

[9:19:22 PM] Holly: I assume a show about gold in the Yukon

[9:19:32 PM]  Neil: One can only assume

[9:19:44 PM] Holly: ZOMG A GOLDEN NUGGET

[9:19:54 PM] Holly: Get that nugget, girl!

[9:20:36 PM] Holly: So this veto comp they just dig for gold?

[9:20:59 PM] Neil: Yep

[9:21:00 PM] Holly: Ohhhh…spelling veto! These ones always go so very wrong

[9:21:07 PM] Holly: Because people do not know how to spell

[9:22:59 PM]  Neil: Kenny ain’t got shit

[9:23:03 PM]  Neil: Fuck

[9:23:06 PM]  Neil: That refocus

[9:23:08 PM]  Neil: He gon’ win

[9:23:59 PM] Holly: Allison is freaking right out.

[9:24:17 PM]  Neil: Yep

[9:24:19 PM]  Neil: She is fucked

[9:25:24 PM] Holly: So Arlie’s gonna throw it by spelling “cat” or something, Allison didnt get a word

[9:25:28 PM] Holly: Sabrina is French

[9:25:47 PM] Holly: Rachelle and Heather have a combined IQ of 84

[9:25:53 PM] Holly: This isn’t looking promising

[9:25:54 PM]  Neil: 8.4

[9:26:03 PM] Holly: My mistake

[9:26:09 PM] Holly: Haha

[9:26:52 PM]  Neil: As soon as Kenny hit that refocus, I figured that was that

[9:27:31 PM] Holly: All I can think about is if they are going to address Rachelle peeing in the pool, we need to see the reactions.

[9:28:10 PM] Holly: Rachelle spelled crest?

[9:28:29 PM] Holly: FARTING

[9:28:36 PM] Holly: Go Arlie

[9:28:37 PM]  Neil: Extra points for FARTING

[9:29:06 PM] Holly: I KNEW IT

[9:29:16 PM] Holly: Heather can’t spell for shit

[9:29:22 PM]  Neil: YOU FUCKING FUCK

[9:29:25 PM]  Neil: HOLY SHIT

[9:29:38 PM] Holly: We had so much faith in Heather this week!

[9:29:54 PM] Holly: Who doesn’t know how to spell wishful?

[9:30:01 PM]  Neil: My goodness

[9:30:20 PM]  Neil: She wouldn’t have won anyway, but that isn’t the point

[9:30:22 PM]  Neil: FUCKING SPELL

[9:30:50 PM] Holly: I blame the school system

[9:31:39 PM] Holly: Arlie’s creativity with his body hair is getting out of control

[9:32:10 PM] Holly: Oh, Kenny talking to Heather, this is always a delight

[9:32:23 PM]  Neil: I knew he was gon’ say Jon

[9:32:32 PM] Holly: He has a one track mind

[9:33:17 PM] Holly: So he tries to convince her to put up an ally, and then begs for Sarah not to go up? IDIOT

[9:35:18 PM]  Neil: So, Sarah is going up

[9:35:33 PM]  Neil: Rachelle manages to stay in the house despite the fact that she’s a pissy pants

[9:35:36 PM] Holly: Well, Kenny made that an easy choice

[9:36:13 PM]  Neil: Heather would be stupid NOT to put her up now

[9:37:00 PM] Holly: She may not be able to spell, but she can’t be that stupid

[9:37:02 PM] Holly: Can she?

[9:37:31 PM]  Neil: She can

[9:37:54 PM] Holly: Here comes the secret veto

[9:38:18 PM] Holly: And dumb as rocks Allison finds the clue

[9:38:22 PM]  Neil: SECRET VETO

[9:39:31 PM]  Neil: You about to get caught!

[9:39:31 PM] Holly: She doesn’t want to look suspicious, so she goes in the pool in her clothes?

[9:39:45 PM]  Neil: Fuck, they went in

[9:39:51 PM] Holly: This girl….I don’t know about her


[9:40:31 PM]  Neil: FUCKING RACHELLE

[9:40:59 PM] Holly: Mike sent it to me, I can’t find the picture online

[9:41:29 PM] Holly: And for everyone who’s confused about what we’re talking about, it’s a picture of Rachelle bending over with her tampon string hanging out

[9:41:39 PM] Holly: Keeping it classy in the Big Brother house

[9:42:59 PM]  Neil: It’s like she doesn’t know cameras are always watching her

[9:43:29 PM] Holly: So the secret veto is in the war room, which Allison already knows about

[9:43:33 PM] Holly: Booorrrrring

[9:44:19 PM]  Neil: Well shit

[9:44:49 PM]  Neil: I want her to pull that shit out and slam it on the table like dominoes

[9:45:34 PM] Holly: On a side note, I did know Allison found it earlier in the week

[9:45:44 PM] Holly: And it actually took her almost all day to find that damn room

[9:45:57 PM] Holly: It was a comedy of errors

[9:46:17 PM]  Neil: So she can use that three times?

[9:46:46 PM] Holly: I think she can only use it once, but for the next three veto comps

[9:47:01 PM] Holly: But maybe she can use it three times, it was pretty unclear

[9:47:32 PM]  Neil: Well, she already couldn’t tell anyone about the room

[9:48:07 PM] Holly: It would have been great if someone else found the room though, they may have realized that’s where Allison was before she was in the house

[9:51:06 PM] Neil: That would have been good

[9:51:24 PM]  Neil: And Rachelle peeing would have been more entertaining than that segment

[9:51:40 PM] Holly: Arlie is the worst liar!

[9:53:08 PM]  Neil: And he thinks he’s sooooooooooo good

[9:53:24 PM] Holly: He thinks he’s safe

[9:53:34 PM] Holly: But the other side would get rid of him first as well

[9:53:42 PM] Holly: He’s sitting in the worst possible position right now

[9:54:12 PM]  Neil: How can you trust someone like that?

[9:54:52 PM] Holly: You can’t, and he’s only getting worse as he lets it go to his head

[9:55:14 PM] Holly: Cockiness will get you booted from the house. Ask Andrew, and Tom from last season, and sadly, Peter.

[9:55:43 PM]  Neil: Peter was who I thought of first

[9:55:55 PM] Holly: Sigh, yeah.

[9:56:00 PM] Holly: He’s still cute though

[9:56:48 PM]  Neil: Haha

[9:56:52 PM]  Neil: You and your nerds

[9:57:19 PM] Holly: Sarcastic spiteful nerds win my heart

[9:57:33 PM] Holly: Why is Rachelle looking like a goth queen from 1987?

[9:57:49 PM]  Neil: Fuck, we’re just gon shit on her until she leaves

[9:58:01 PM]  Neil: And if Allison doesn’t use this, she’s insane

[9:58:07 PM] Holly: She’s making it easy for us

[9:58:24 PM] Holly: You think Allison will use her veto before tomorrow night?

[9:58:37 PM]  Neil: Oh, i thought she had to use it tonight

[9:58:46 PM]  Neil: But yeah, we will see tomorrow if she uses it

[9:59:01 PM] Holly: No, she can use it after the veto ceremony, so I assume she can use it just before the voting tomorrow

[9:59:32 PM]  Neil: PAWNS GO HOME

[9:59:56 PM] Holly: If she goes because she didn’t use her power, I will laugh and laugh

[10:00:36 PM] Holly: Well, tomorrow is a big night.

[10:00:40 PM]  Neil: Yep


[10:00:53 PM]  Neil: They gotta know it is coming

[10:01:01 PM] Holly: Oh, I think they do

[10:01:46 PM]  Neil: It is just sheer numbers

[10:02:01 PM]  Neil: And no #SabrinaTears

[10:02:13 PM]  Neil: I don’t know what to think about life anymore

[10:02:33 PM] Holly: Yeah, way to let us down sabrina

[10:02:53 PM]  Neil: Now I gotta drink this beer on my own

[10:03:01 PM]  Neil: Half warm and shit

[10:03:06 PM]  Neil: Yet another reason to hate her

[10:06:31 PM]  Neil: Alright, we’ll reconvene Friday morning

A last minute edition which I stumbled upon as I was posting this. Shoutout to Big Brother Spice. A little context for PeeGate.


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