Big Brother Canada 2 – I’d Have A Three-Way With A Moose (April 17th)

[9:00:01 PM] Neil: Just in time

[9:00:23 PM] Holly: Alright, let’s get this messery popping

[9:00:33 PM] Holly: I think tonight is gonna be a shitshow

[9:00:47 PM] Neil: Huge POV

[9:00:55 PM] Neil: But they say that every week

[9:01:02 PM] Neil: LOL, the gremlins

[9:01:49 PM] Holly: These people are all wild cards now. There is no loyalty, which means there is no telling what people are gonna do

[9:02:07 PM] Neil: NOAP

[9:02:12 PM] Neil: Friggin’ Marsha

[9:02:28 PM] Neil: And I don’t like the partyin’ the gremlins were doing

[9:02:47 PM] Holly: She’s the only girl I would let Peter have without being jealous

[9:03:00 PM] Neil: Hahaha

[9:03:07 PM] Holly: I don’t like this new term, gremlins

[9:03:37 PM] Holly: There has gotta be a better name for ‘em

[9:04:10 PM] Holly: Wait, you had one last week

[9:05:34 PM] Holly: Pissy Pants McGee and the Human Waterfall

[9:05:44 PM] Neil: Something about Pissy Pants McGee and the Human Waterfall

[9:05:47 PM] Neil: BAM

[9:05:58 PM] Holly: WOO

[9:06:39 PM] Neil: What in the hell, Jon?

[9:06:43 PM] Neil: NO DANCING

[9:07:05 PM] Holly: OK, so do we know what’s going on?

[9:07:11 PM] Holly: Where is Jon’s head at?

[9:07:27 PM] Neil: I think he honestly wants to get rid of Sabrina

[9:07:56 PM] Holly: Hmmm…

[9:08:11 PM] Holly: Oh Allison, you can’t win shit

[9:08:19 PM] Neil: Awwwwwwww shit

[9:08:28 PM] Neil: Take down one of the noms?

[9:08:31 PM] Holly: Why is Adel using his veto?

[9:08:47 PM] Neil: Oh wait never mind, I had that screwed up

[9:08:50 PM] Holly: He’s safe this week, no?

[9:08:59 PM] Neil: Yeah, but he just explained it

[9:09:11 PM] Neil: He doesn’t trust Allison

[9:09:17 PM] Holly: Right, but even if Allison took down one of them the other would go home

[9:09:23 PM] Holly: He’s safe with Jon

[9:09:28 PM] Neil: She is PISSED

[9:09:52 PM] Holly: I don’t blame her, he just showed her that she is the first to go in that alliance

[9:09:52 PM] Neil: And here we go

[9:10:13 PM] Holly: SEE?? He just pushed her right to Pissy Pants McGee and the Human Waterfall

[9:10:29 PM] Holly: Adel is a terrible player, I don’t know why people like him

[9:10:42 PM] Neil: Because he’s a nice guy, it seems

[9:10:53 PM] Neil: #SABRINATEARS

[9:10:57 PM] Holly: Worst move so far this year

[9:11:06 PM] Neil: That voice was shakin’ like shit

[9:12:25 PM] Holly: OK, so Adel just pushed Allison over to the other side, and now Neda and Jon are going to target another person on their side?

[9:12:30 PM] Holly: Wait wat?

[9:12:55 PM] Neil: Neda sees what Arlie is doing

[9:13:01 PM] Neil: He won’t do it tho

[9:13:10 PM] Holly: Right. And I agree with her, but not right now

[9:13:34 PM] Holly: You gotta get Rachelle out. Leave Sabrina hanging so she will do whatever you want her to do

[9:13:47 PM] Neil: Hell, one of the two

[9:13:54 PM] Neil: Then next week, take out the other

[9:14:00 PM] Neil: Then fight amongst yourselves

[9:14:23 PM] Neil: Well, put up whoever survives this week and Allison

[9:14:33 PM] Neil: Go from there

[9:14:40 PM] Neil: But I do see what she is saying

[9:15:14 PM] Holly: It’s definitely a risky move this week though

[9:15:54 PM] Holly: If they did put Arlie up and he went home, Allison would have a good chance of winning HOH, because we know Adel and Heather ain’t winning shit


[9:16:05 PM] Holly: Fail

[9:16:59 PM] Neil: Hahaha

[9:17:01 PM] Holly: Oh, that makes it better

[9:17:04 PM] Neil: This has some solid potential

[9:17:20 PM] Holly: Oh he’ll fail this, the house will win

[9:18:02 PM] Neil: I thought it was making her cry

[9:18:06 PM] Holly: He just comes out and asks like that?

[9:18:19 PM] Neil: WHAT THE SHIT

[9:18:21 PM] Holly: Really though!! Get Sabrina to cry, ask Heather on a date

[9:18:56 PM] Neil: I was gon’ say

[9:19:01 PM] Neil: Say you gotta poop

[9:19:13 PM] Holly: Adel is terrible at this, the house doesn’t even have to try to make him fail

[9:19:32 PM] Neil: FUCK, SHE IS GOING TO CRY

[9:19:48 PM] Neil: She won’t even realize she is doing it

[9:20:01 PM] Holly: She didn’t cry. It’s a god damn miracle

[9:20:19 PM] Neil: I thought he was gon’ say, “finally, a heaux”

[9:20:31 PM] Neil: Stupid hope

[9:21:10 PM] Neil: Damn, he was me in first-year stats

[9:21:54 PM] Holly: Hahaha, Marsha calling for Peter

[9:22:07 PM] Neil: She gon’ take your man!

[9:22:20 PM] Holly: I’d have a three-way with a moose

[9:22:32 PM] Neil: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we have our title

[9:22:40 PM] Holly: Hahaha damn

[9:23:21 PM] Holly: Did he just rip his shirt off?


[9:23:24 PM] Holly: NO

[9:23:38 PM] Holly: Oh I missed the robot because of the shirt ripping!

[9:23:40 PM] Neil: Oh man

[9:23:48 PM] Neil: All that was gooooooooooooood

[9:24:02 PM] Neil: See, I missed the shirt rippin’ because of the robot

[9:24:18 PM] Neil: Son looked like the random black dude from Chappelle’s Show

[9:24:25 PM] Holly: Well, between the two of us, we see it all

[9:24:28 PM] Holly: We make a good team

[9:24:42 PM] Holly: Oh that dude is my favorite!

[9:25:26 PM] Neil: I will forgive Rachelle if they scissor

[9:25:54 PM] Neil: Heather is hammered haha

[9:26:01 PM] Holly:

[9:26:24 PM] Neil: The drinking on this show is incredible

[9:26:26 PM] Holly: Oh I think this is where Allison gets trashed

[9:26:33 PM] Holly: Like, worse than Talla last year

[9:27:14 PM] Holly: Puking!

[9:27:16 PM] Neil: Hahahahaha

[9:28:15 PM] Neil: I’m totally doing the robot thing at Osheaga

[9:28:29 PM] Neil: And Jon absolutely isn’t backdooring Arlie

[9:28:39 PM] Neil: Guaran-damn-teed

[9:29:08 PM] Holly: Here’s the video of Allison SHITFACED after that dinner

[9:29:09 PM] Holly:

[9:30:22 PM] Neil: That is amazing

[9:31:10 PM] Neil: They could have talked on top of her and she wouldn’t have understood

[9:33:36 PM] Holly: Lol at Sabrina thinking she can win

[9:33:40 PM] Holly: Poor girl

[9:35:22 PM] Neil: These mufuckas are awful at comps

[9:35:25 PM] Holly: Tittays everywhere

[9:35:38 PM] Holly: Well, Rachelle’s tittays

[9:36:53 PM] Neil: SWOSH

[9:36:57 PM] Neil: Oh, Jon

[9:37:14 PM] Holly: He can’t count to 10

[9:37:19 PM] Holly: Poor guy

[9:37:47 PM] Neil: He’s gon win, tho

[9:38:01 PM] Neil: None of these people seem overly great in comps

[9:38:08 PM] Holly: Well, he is up against Rachelle, Adel and Sabrina

[9:38:10 PM] Neil: Which is good because it makes things interesting

[9:38:13 PM] Holly: The odds are in his favour

[9:41:14 PM] Neil: Sabrina in the background lookin’ like she’s going to die

[9:41:46 PM] Holly: Jon’s losing his mojo

[9:41:54 PM] Neil: Jesus, these mufuckas are AWFUL

[9:42:41 PM] Holly: Once again, I’m not sure why Arlie ever thought Jon wouldn’t be good in competitions

[9:43:23 PM] Neil: Isn’t he a hockey player?

[9:43:24 PM] Holly: Ok, If Jon and Neda believe that Sabrina and Rachelle wouldn’t put them up I will fly out to that house and spit on both of them

[9:43:29 PM] Holly: Yes, yes he is

[9:43:49 PM] Neil: Buncha underestimatin’ ass mufuckas

[9:44:20 PM] Holly: Those two girls can’t dance to save their lives

[9:44:29 PM] Holly: Literally, save their Big Brother lives

[9:45:03 PM] Neil: I bet they’re just a joy at the club

[9:46:35 PM] Neil: But I have a feeling he is just fuckin’ with them

[9:46:39 PM] Neil: And one of them will go home

[9:48:24 PM] Holly: Hhmmmm

[9:48:59 PM] Holly: I think he’s going up

[9:49:00 PM] Neil: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

[9:49:19 PM] Holly: This has been the season of big moves, might as well keep it going, I guess

[9:49:41 PM] Holly: I don’t think it’s smart though

[9:50:17 PM] Neil: Me neither

[9:50:52 PM] Neil: Of course she’s gon be on board with them

[9:51:12 PM] Holly: I will give Allison some credit, shes got a great poker face

[9:51:26 PM] Holly: She’s really good at just looking like she’s going with the flow

[9:51:34 PM] Holly: If she was only a smarter player

[9:51:58 PM] Neil: Maybe that is her thing

[9:52:19 PM] Neil: Falling ass backwards into shit

[9:52:39 PM] Holly: I think either her or Adel are gonna win the game

[9:53:07 PM] Holly: Because everyone is forgetting about them. Peeps should be worried about the likable people at this point

[9:53:44 PM] Neil: Adel ain’t even on mufuckas’ radar

[9:55:19 PM] Holly: Uh oh

[9:55:38 PM] Holly: This house is about get go topsy turvy

[9:55:52 PM] Neil: Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

[9:56:20 PM] Neil: DAMN

[9:56:27 PM] Holly: Well then

[9:56:30 PM] Holly: Arlie is up

[9:56:34 PM] Neil: He is FURIOUS

[9:56:40 PM] Holly: I don’t blame him

[9:56:42 PM] Holly: Wait for it

[9:56:45 PM] Holly: Waaaait for it

[9:56:47 PM] Neil: Like, kill mufuckas in their sleep furious

[9:56:54 PM] Neil: OH SHIT

[9:57:03 PM] Holly: I knew it!

[9:57:32 PM] Neil: Allison just slammed the table and yelled, “DOMINO, MUFUCKA”

[9:57:49 PM] Holly: TOPSY TURVY

[9:57:52 PM] Neil: #SABRINATEARS

[9:58:16 PM] Holly: And there you have it, Sabrina and Rachelle down, Adel and Arlie up

[9:58:21 PM] Neil: I may need to watch After Dark tonight

[9:58:31 PM] Holly: And this is all because Adel said that to Allison

[9:58:53 PM] Holly: Er, took her out of the veto

[9:59:19 PM] Holly: I’ll tell you this though, if Allison doesn’t win HOH this week she’s going home

[9:59:55 PM] Holly: Because she will get nominated, and she won’t have her veto. She’ll feel right dumb then

[10:00:21 PM] Neil: And all because she is petty

[10:00:26 PM] Neil: I can fucks with that

[10:00:44 PM] Neil: Well, that was just great

[10:01:09 PM] Holly: Well, I would like to end this blog entry with a new segment I’m calling “Things Rachelle did this week”

[10:01:22 PM] Holly: Take a look

[10:01:22 PM] Holly:

[10:02:08 PM] Neil: Son

[10:02:11 PM] Neil: SON

[10:02:28 PM] Neil: Like, a knuckle and a half deep!

[10:02:41 PM] Holly: It’s not just the picking

[10:02:48 PM] Neil: The saving and the eating!

[10:02:48 PM] Holly: I wish it was just the picking

[10:03:08 PM] Neil: She had time to contemplate how she was gon’ do it most inconspicuously


[10:03:50 PM] Neil: I bet there are all kinds of Rachelle boogies on the bottom of those couches and tables

[10:04:19 PM] Holly: But she’s eating them! That’s why she’s doing so well on slop

[10:04:26 PM] Holly: She’s snacking on boogies

[10:04:36 PM] Neil: Shit is like crackers to her slop soup

[10:04:40 PM] Neil: Fuckin’ hell

[10:05:20 PM] Neil: At this point, I would like her to stay in as long as possible

[10:05:32 PM] Neil: Because this segment has the chance to be brilliant

[10:06:14 PM] Holly: Well we have at least one more week of tomfoolery

[10:06:44 PM] Holly: At this point, she has peed in the hot tub, eating her boogies, I’m afraid of how she will outdo herself

[10:06:59 PM] Neil: We’ve seen her tampons hangin’ out

[10:07:02 PM] Neil: Next week

[10:07:04 PM] Holly: Oh right

[10:07:06 PM] Neil: She shits on something/someone

[10:07:18 PM] Holly: I was just about to say that!

[10:07:31 PM] Holly: Next week’s edition: scat play

[10:07:38 PM] Neil: Good Lord

[10:07:40 PM] Neil: I like it

[10:07:54 PM] Neil: Til then, bitches


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