Big Brother Canada 2 – 21 Signs You’re A Basic Bitch (April 23rd)

[8:57:53 PM] Holly: So…

[8:59:13 PM] Holly: I would like to start this recap off with the following video

[8:59:23 PM] Holly:

[9:00:00 PM] Holly: If you ever wanted to see Sabrina attempt to twerk (you don’t) then this is the video for you

[9:01:47 PM] Neil: Oh, I bet this is rich

[9:02:10 PM] Neil: What in all of the fucks was that?

[9:02:19 PM] Neil: Does she do that out in front of people?

[9:03:22 PM] Holly: I would assume

[9:03:36 PM] Holly: Did I just see Emmett on the screen?

[9:03:41 PM] Neil: You did

[9:03:52 PM] Holly: Wait, pause that thought, let’s discuss Adel being a dick

[9:03:55 PM] Neil: He and Jillian are hosting a strategy session or something

[9:04:01 PM] Neil: LET’S

[9:04:13 PM] Holly: Listen to him being a loud mouth, acting like he’s hard or something

[9:04:28 PM] Neil: Well damn, that’s harsh for someone who didn’t do anything until JUST NOW

[9:04:53 PM] Holly: Wait a minute

[9:05:04 PM] Holly: He’s gonna lie about Sabrina being against his religion

[9:05:26 PM] Holly: Let;s rewind to the first week, when Paul accused Andrew of being racist, remember how well that worked for him

[9:05:38 PM] Neil: This is true

[9:05:51 PM] Neil: There are some things you don’t do

[9:06:06 PM] Holly: Its dirty gameplay, even for Big Brother

[9:06:27 PM] Holly: Oh here comes Rachelle! You tell him girl!


[9:07:00 PM] Holly: He just backtracks!

[9:07:01 PM] Neil: How can this possibly benefit him?

[9:07:18 PM] Holly: I’ve been saying this the whole season, he is the worst player in the house.

[9:07:31 PM] Neil: I love how he thinks his plan is so good

[9:07:53 PM] Neil: if he wins, holy crap, I don’t know anything at all

[9:08:22 PM] Holly: Are you drinking

[9:08:26 PM] Neil: #SabrinaTears

[9:08:29 PM] Holly: Hahaha

[9:08:38 PM] Neil: I am not, sadly

[9:08:39 PM] Neil: I’ll bank them and drink a 40 for the finale

[9:09:06 PM] Holly: Oh here she goes!

[9:09:13 PM] Holly: She’s a-hollering

[9:09:45 PM] Holly: I hate to say it, but I’m taking Sabrina’s side on this one. And that hurts so so so much to say

[9:10:03 PM] Neil: Haha, I was just about to say something similar

[9:10:24 PM] Holly: That being said, I’m kind of glad it happened because Sabrina is having an all out meltdown

[9:10:43 PM] Neil: This is an all-time classic

[9:11:50 PM] Neil: I kinda lost some sympathy for her holding the jury vote over his head

[9:11:58 PM] Neil: But I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same

[9:14:10 PM] Holly: Well, I think everyone knew Sabrina was going to vote emotionally anyway. Her, Rachelle and Allison will for sure

[9:14:32 PM] Neil: Yep

[9:15:09 PM] Neil: But even still, I don’t think anyone respects Adel’s gameplay anyway

[9:16:18 PM] Holly: Nah, he’s getting by on sheer luck and idiocy

[9:16:31 PM] Holly: Is Neda waxing Jon’s stomach?

[9:16:42 PM] Neil: She sure is

[9:17:05 PM] Neil: She had cheese in her hair!

[9:17:09 PM] Holly: Jon just farting right on Neda

[9:17:28 PM] Neil: He got that fart face on

[9:17:30 PM] Neil: So focused

[9:17:37 PM] Neil: She loves it too

[9:17:41 PM] Neil: Don’t lie, girl

[9:18:06 PM] Holly: Nothing breaks the serious tone of a convo like a good loud fart

[9:18:45 PM] Neil: Combined with a good musty smell, serious convos can definitely be ended

[9:18:58 PM] Neil: Why is Alan Thicke standing beside a carrot?

[9:19:11 PM] Holly: Hahaha SHIT I missed that

[9:19:29 PM] Holly: PETER

[9:20:33 PM] Neil: Haha

[9:20:50 PM] Holly: If I was in that veto comp, I would fail miserably. I would just stop trying and go put the moves on Peter

[9:21:00 PM] Neil: What did he do before BB?

[9:21:06 PM] Holly: Nothing

[9:21:12 PM] Holly: Youtube videos

[9:22:21 PM] Neil: He threw that shit in the bushes as soon as this came around

[9:22:58 PM] Holly: He probably hit on Rachelle though, he has the hots for Pissy Pants Magee

[9:23:11 PM] Holly: Doesn’t help that her tittays are hanging out

[9:23:18 PM] Holly: Rachelle, put some damn clothes on

[9:23:23 PM] Neil: They are, aren’t they?

[9:23:27 PM] Neil: NOAP

[9:24:07 PM] Neil: wait

[9:24:08 PM] Neil: what?

[9:24:26 PM] Neil: This is the strangest gameplay I have ever seen

[9:24:45 PM] Holly: If you’re throwing a comp, at least make it look like you tried

[9:24:54 PM] Holly: Adel is so cocky

[9:24:58 PM] Neil: Especially if you’re HOH

[9:25:48 PM] Neil: You normally want your noms to stay the same if you make them

[9:27:00 PM] Holly: Yep

[9:27:20 PM] Holly: Throwing the veto comp when you’re HOH is mad shady

[9:27:51 PM] Neil: Some would say stupid

[9:28:41 PM] Holly: Seriously, Rachelle’s tittays are all the way out

[9:28:58 PM] Neil: Same with Heather’s

[9:29:03 PM] Neil: I approve of this game

[9:29:50 PM] Neil: Honestly, Heather has played the best game of anyone so far

[9:30:02 PM] Holly: So does Peter, staring at Rachelle’s tittays

[9:30:27 PM] Neil: Haha so jealous, I love it

[9:30:33 PM] Holly: Yes she has, Heather has done a really good job all the way through

[9:31:08 PM] Neil: That HOH proved that she was truly ’bout that life

[9:32:13 PM] Neil: Hahaha, they are PARTYIN

[9:32:35 PM] Holly: Giving no fucks about what the gremlin think

[9:32:50 PM] Neil: But that has been known to come back and bite mufuckas

[9:32:57 PM] Holly: See, Heather is throwing that comp good

[9:33:21 PM] Neil: Yep

[9:33:26 PM] Neil: She could have won that easily

[9:34:01 PM] Neil: #SabrinaTears

[9:34:06 PM] Holly: So many tears

[9:35:01 PM] Holly: I like how Sabrina instantly thinks it is Rachelle that’s going home.

[9:35:13 PM] Holly: So much for being humble

[9:35:24 PM] Neil: I know, right?

[9:35:45 PM] Neil: If I were Rachelle, I’d be like, um, they hate you WAY more

[9:35:54 PM] Neil: And I don’t know

[9:36:05 PM] Neil: They’ve had 37 chances to evict sabrina

[9:36:24 PM] Neil: I’m afraid if they keep putting it off, she’ll fuck around and end up in the final two

[9:37:01 PM] Holly: I dont think there is any way she could go final two. I don’t think she’d win any of the parts of the final HOH

[9:37:36 PM] Neil: Stranger shit has happened on this show

[9:38:15 PM] Neil: Poor Neda

[9:38:23 PM] Neil: Always getting some extra shit

[9:38:40 PM] Neil: Both of her HOHs this season, she never even got a room 😦

[9:39:17 PM] Holly: She hasn’t complained about it though, good for her

[9:39:45 PM] Neil: She tryna get this threesome poppin’ tho

[9:40:41 PM] Holly: In true Jillian fashion, she just stands there not giving any advice because Emmett played for her all season

[9:40:57 PM] Neil: Haha

[9:41:05 PM] Neil: She came up big when she had to

[9:41:11 PM] Neil: She’s from Scotia too, isn’t she?

[9:41:24 PM] Holly: Yep

[9:41:28 PM] Neil: SCOTIA

[9:41:35 PM] Holly: Jillian is a basic bitch tho

[9:41:45 PM] Holly: Nice leopard print shirt

[9:42:18 PM] Neil: “Basic bitch”….that’s being incorporated into the lexicon

[9:42:27 PM] Neil: I don’t know what it means, but I will figure it out

[9:42:32 PM] Holly: I’m surprised it’s not already

[9:43:03 PM] Neil: Um

[9:43:12 PM] Neil: Why is Emmett wearing an African chain?

[9:43:23 PM] Holly:

[9:43:37 PM] Holly: Because he was just in Africa

[9:43:45 PM] Holly: On Big Brother Manzi

[9:43:55 PM] Neil: Bet the fuck outta here

[9:45:31 PM] Neil: SON

[9:45:34 PM] Neil: 4. You tweet: “It’s 11:11. Make a wish!”

[9:45:59 PM] Holly: This is pretty funny

[9:46:00 PM] Holly:

[9:47:03 PM] Neil: I’ll check it out after we’re done….I feel I need to do some serious research on basic bitches

[9:47:28 PM] Neil: Pedo bunny?

[9:48:51 PM] Holly: I hope there is an all out riot looking for these eggs

[9:49:00 PM] Holly: Throwing elbows, tripping people

[9:49:56 PM] Neil: Neda tryna ruin Easter boooooooooooooo

[9:50:12 PM] Holly: Hahaha I like it

[9:50:30 PM] Holly: Cynicism

[9:50:50 PM] Holly: Adel, calm the hell down. He’s screaming in everyone’s face

[9:50:55 PM] Neil: I bet he gets Screech

[9:51:04 PM] Neil: And I really don’t like him now

[9:51:11 PM] Neil: Adel, that is

[9:52:16 PM] Holly: AW SHIT

[9:52:35 PM] Holly: They just showed Rachelle falling out of the hammock

[9:52:49 PM] Holly: That was this week’s segment of Shit Rachelle Did

[9:53:04 PM] Neil: And the shitty rapping

[9:53:23 PM] Neil: Is she is a basic bitch?

[9:56:43 PM] Neil: I implore everyone to watch the trailer for that “Devious Maids” show…..holy shit, that was BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD

[9:57:45 PM] Holly: Wh wow that is terrible

[9:58:53 PM] Neil: Wow

[9:59:24 PM] Neil: Sabrina really has no concept of the idea that SHE could go home

[10:00:25 PM] Holly: Noap

[10:00:30 PM] Holly: She is delusonal

[10:01:11 PM] Neil: My prediction for tomorrow night: she gets voted out and slips on her tears walking through the door

[10:02:21 PM] Holly: Sadly, I think we’ll have to endure her for another week.

[10:02:36 PM] Holly: But it may be interesting to see how she acts all by herself in the house

[10:03:11 PM] Neil: Yeah, you’re right

[10:03:19 PM] Neil: She’s of more use to people than Rachelle

[10:03:30 PM] Neil: Who is around to be hot and gross at the same damn time

[10:04:33 PM] Holly: She’s a ratchet hoe

[10:05:20 PM] Neil: Well, over the next week before we do this again, I will have basic bitches figured out

[10:05:43 PM] Neil: Maybe she’ll grow into basic bitchery

[10:05:48 PM] Neil: She’s still young

[10:06:02 PM] Holly: Word ‘em up


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