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24: Live Another Day – 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM ET (Ep.5)

You know what? It’s great to have 24 back on the air, because with the other two shows I’m watching, Game of Thrones and Mad Men, there is a lot of thinking to be done. And that is absolutely no slight on Live Another Day, because it is serving its purpose: maximum entertainment with minimal thinking, and good enough acting to carry the writing, which is pretty straightforward. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Let’s go…..

-We resume with the military taking Jack into custody, and Lieutenant Fuckboy wants to put Jack down for shooting his men, but as Kate points out, they weren’t killed because Jack didn’t want to kill them. Can we make a list of every single person that has doubted Jack or wanted him dead? Shit would go for years.

-Kate contacts Chloe, who says she will help Kate get the information she needs from the flight key Jack took from Tanner. Chloe can make anyone a super-hacker, apparently. It doesn’t seem all that difficult.

-Margot (I had to delete “Catelyn Stark” three damn times before getting it right) tries to comfort her daughter, who isn’t really receptive because, you know, her mother just had her damn finger chopped off. Then Margot goes back to the control room to intimidate Simone’s husband some more, and something is up with her son, whose name I think is Ian; he keeps looking at Naveed (the husband) on some shifty shit.

-Chloe and Adrian work together to figure out where the override code for the drones is in the deceased Yates’ program code. I still can’t shake the feeling that something went down between them on a personal level.

-Meanwhile, Kate tells Navarro everything she knows from Jack, and he calls the President to let him know, going over Mark’s head. Mark is an awful Chief of Staff, man. He might lose his job AND his girl when this is all said and done.

-No “dammits” from Jack lately, but the President hits one for the counters. Mark then tells Heller that he is bringing in Jack because he figured the President would like to talk to him directly. Everyone tryna be friends with Jack at some point.

-Navarro tells Kate when she returns to the office that even though she was right and got what she needed from Jack, she still has to leave the force. They are all but pushing her to the side of Bauer, which is never a bad side to be on. Sure, you might be an emotional mess by the end of it and hell, there is a good chance you might die, but hey, you take the good with the bad.

-Margot does an internet video to tell the public why she is about to unleash the drones on London; basically, she wants Heller to give himself up to her for the attack that killed her husband, and she will back off. That is ABSOLUTELY not happening, but she will probably earn some sympathy from more than a few people.

-Adrian is like, “yo, we helped ya boy out, let’s get outta here”, but Chloe isn’t having it. She is in with both feet now, and she hit that frown, like, a double-furrowed frown to let you know she is serious. I saw Mary Lynn Rajskub on Californication a couple weeks ago, and she smiled. It really confused me. I’m not used to seeing her not frowning.

-Naveed asks Margot to go and see Simone upstairs, where he proceeds to her that he put a trace on the video he sent out for Margot, which will get the authorities on her tail. Yeah, way to go, dumbass. I think we just figured out why the brother was looking at him all shadily.

-Audrey goes to see Jack in the room he is being held in, and they have a moment, ooooooooh lawwwwwwd, do they have a moment. How long before he gets the draws? Two hours? It will happen, I guarantee. I honestly have no idea what they were talking about because that is all I was thinking.

-The British Prime Minister shows up to speak to Heller, who tells him about the potential attack on London, but the camera switched to some blond girl beside him as they entered, so she has to be involved somehow. 24 isn’t good at hiding stuff like that. They put it right in front of your face.

-Back at Margot’s crib, the brother is giving Naveed more shady looks. Yeah, he definitely has this figured out now.

-Adrian wants Chloe to leave, but the Serbian cat steps in, so Adrian knows better than to test dude because he is absolutely not about that life. But Adrian tells Chloe that he loves her before leaving, which confirms something went down between them.

-We get footage of Navarro leading a raid at what they think is Margot’s house, but it isn’t Margot’s house. The brother figured out that Naveed put in a tracking code and tells his mother, who proceeds to get dude stomped.

-Kate gets Chloe on the horn again, and Chloe is going to teach her more computer stuff. She should really just be a professor or something, but Chloe would be the worst teacher EVER.

-Everyone is getting footage of this raid going down: the president, Kate at the CIA office, and Chloe. Kate warns Navarro that the drones are coming for them and he manages to get out, but some of his people don’t survive, I think. Yeah, that was bound to happen.

-Naveed is begging for his life with Margot, which is the worst ever because he is trying to moralize with a terrorist, and that probably won’t end well. He even manages to get a glimpse of Simone, who looks at him like, “SEE, I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN”, then Margot shoots him in the head. Son ain’t even get silent clocks. He was the worst.

So, will people FINALLY start to listen to Jack, or at least free him so he can go do his thing? How long before Kate and Jack become a team? When will Audrey throw Mark in the bushes for Jack, and how far will Mark go over the President’s head to prevent that from happening? A solid plot-moving episode of 24: Live Another Day.

Mad Men S07E07 – Waterloo

Mad Men capped the first half of their final season with “Waterloo”, an episode that captures everything that is good and bad about the show. It was poignant and allowed the relationships to breathe, then threw something in that just didn’t seem to fit, no many how times you watch the episode (and I’m on viewing #3). Let’s go……

-The episode opens up with the launching of Apollo 11, which is the spacecraft that sent Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (and the oft-forgotten Michael Collins) to the moon, so that places the episode on July 16th, 1969. Think we’ll get to 1970 before it is all said and done? I doubt it.

-Teddy is in a plane with some Sunkist people when he cuts the engine and starts talking about how all their problems would be over if he crashed the plane. The agency seems to taking its toll on people, first Ginsberg, now Teddy, who wants the partners to buy him out so he can just leave. Things haven’t gone as planned since they joined forces to become Sterling Anderson Cooper and Friends or whatever.

-Lou shows up to try and yell at Cutler and blame Don for losing the Commander cigarettes account, but Cutler one-ups him by telling him he is a hired gun and to get to steppin’. It seems like Lou was really only brought in to help push Don out. I still wanna know what Ginsberg saw Lou and Cutler talking about in the office, though.

-Betty welcomes an old friend and her family to their house for the weekend, if only just to show that Betty has more than one friend, ol’ girl from the first episode we saw Betty in this season.

-Then we kinda go quickly through a couple scenes where Don, Peggy, Pete and Harry run through the Burger Chef pitch, then we see Peggy back at her apartment. There is a handyman working on some stuff there and he seems a little shocked that Peggy owns the building, which bugs Peggy as she has been dealing with some sexism throughout the entire season. But then the handyman gives her his number for professional reasons, and you can see Peggy on some “Stella Got Her Groove Back” shit.

-Back at the Francis house, Betty places a plate of eggs RIGHT BESIDE her ashtray. Mother Of The Year, folks! Then the older son of her friend appears with no shirt on, and Betty looks at him with some pedo eyes, while Sally enters the room before she goes out to her job as a lifeguard, but Betty notices she is wearing lipstick. The son needs to just chill and let things happen, because something good will go down if he does.

-Meredith asks Don to step into his office, where she gives him a letter from the partners on some breach-of-contract shit. As he is reading the letter, Meredith tries to comfort Don, telling him that she is his strength, and then kisses him. The look on Don’s face throughout the scene is priceless, right up there with his face during the meeting in Peggy’s office when she tells him about her ideas for the Burger Chef team. Meredith, on the low, has been the best secondary character Mad Men has added in years. That being said, Don passes it up because he has been trying so damn hard to be a good person this season.

-Don rushes into Cutler’s office, and Cutler is trying to get Don to hit him, but Don steps back and calls out the partners, who had no idea about the letter, which has to be illegal in some form or fashion. Don calls for an impromptu vote over him leaving, which he wins, but it might not matter anyway. Meanwhile, we find out that Joan is mad at Don for costing the company a million dollars when they were going to go public. However, even though Joan backed Cutler, she tells him he should have gone about it in a different way, which is fair.

-In the middle of that, Harry just runs in the middle of it because he heard that there is a partners’ meeting, but we find out he isn’t a partner just yet, so Roger tells him to get out.

-Peggy is at her apartment again, and the kid from upstairs tells her that they are moving because his mother got a job. The kid is just behind Meredith in the secondary-characters power rankings. He started off annoying, but he allowed Peggy to fulfill some maternal stuff that she claimed to be missing out on in her conversations with Don last week.

-Don calls Megan to tell her about all the stuff with the company, and then he hits her with the, “hey, maybe I’ll move out there”, which Megan throws in the bushes with an awkward silence. From there, the marriage is pretty much ended in like, 1-2 minutes. I know we have been watching this marriage dissolve for a while now, and I’m glad it is over, but it seems like they short-changed this. #DemTeef looked ill in a bikini, though, so I’ll take it, I guess.

-Roger and Bert get together to talk about the Don situation, and Bert tells Roger that he isn’t a leader. I’m not sure if Bert has always been as pragmatic as he has been this season. He probably has, maybe it was just highlighted this season. He throws out a Napoleon quote which comes in handy later on.

-EVERYONE is getting together to watch the moon landing: Don, Peggy, Pete and Harry in Indianapolis before the Burger Chef meeting, Betty and her houseguests and the kids, Bert is watching it with his black maid, Roger is with Mona and his grandson (so I assume his daughter is still off fuckin’ around in Hippyland). When it is all done, Don calls the Francis house to talk to the kids (not Betty, who said earlier she only talks to him when necessary), and Sally echoes the older boy saying that the moon landing is all a waste of money; we could be using it on Earth. Mad Men isn’t really political on the surface, but they throw you some bones every once in a while, hell, we are still having the same left-right wing/liberal-conservative arguments in this day and age. But like Betty last week with Henry, Sally’s beliefs are shouted down by Don.

-Roger gets a phone call. Nothing is ever said, but we can tell what it is: Bert is dead.

-Joan comes to the office and so does Cutler, who starts talking about getting Don out of the office. Man, this dude is just AWFUL with people. He could have easily gotten everyone on board with getting Don out if he would have handled it properly, or even let Joan handle it. Roger even says, “is this what will happen when I am gone?”.

-The younger son of the visiting guest is out looking through a telescope, and Sally comes outside to smoke. The kid tells her that smoking causes cancer, so she doesn’t light up just yet. After some talk about about the stars or something, Sally kisses the kid, who looks like he might pass out and says, “what do I do now?”. He gets called inside by his mother (whom I suspect watched all this go down), but the important thing about this scene is that we’re watching Sally Draper grow up. It has been happening all season, but here, it’s almost eerie. And was it just me, or did she kinda looked like Betty as she was smoking? Sally (and actress Kiernan Shipka, who I have been hard on in the past) is the MVP of the half-season, no doubt about it.

-Roger calls Don to tell him about Bert, and says, ““Every time an old man starts talking about Napoleon, you know he is gonna die”. He is starting to lose it a little; first Bert goes, and now Don might be out the door?

-Don calls out an audible as he visits Peggy in the middle of the night to tell her about Bert, as he says she is going to give the pitch to Burger Chef. He says to her that he wouldn’t do this if he wasn’t sure she could do it, and if you couldn’t tell from the last couple of episodes, he does really care about Peggy, if no one else in the show. But there has to be some selfish reasons involved, because it’s Don Draper.

-Roger meets with the McCann guy from the sauna last week, and gives him an idea about buying the agency to push Cutler out, or at least wrest back some of the control Cutler has. He also knows how much McCann loves Don and wants him involved, which would keep Don in the company and give Roger a friend.

-Peggy looks like she is going to throw up before giving the pitch, and Don sees how nervous she is, so he takes the reins and introduces her using Peggy’s own words on how she is going to introduce Don. Peggy then proceeds to use the moon landing and the collective experience of everyone watching it to push their “everyone is welcome” tag on the Burger Chef guys, who eat it up. Happy and confident Peggy is so much better than angry Peggy.

-Roger is waiting for Don when he gets back from Indy to tell him about the McCann stuff, but Don doesn’t seem to be on board at all. He doesn’t like the McCann people at all, so I’m sure there is something I am forgetting that happened in the past.

-At the office, the partners are gathering to tell the employees about Bert, but Roger gathers everyone to tell them about McCann buying 51% of the company, with Roger in charge. However, McCann wants Teddy to be involved as he was a major part of the Buick account, and as we saw earlier, he wants out of advertising, even though he could make as much as $6 million from this. Don proceeds to pitch Teddy on the dangers of wanting out, which he has seen firsthand, and this is why he is Don motherfucking Draper. Son could sell ice to an eskimo. He also probably saved Teddy’s life, because he wouldn’t have made it out of the office alive if he refused, starting with Joan. Meanwhile, Cutler eventually gives in and agrees because, well, it’s a lot of money he stands to make.

-During this scene, Harry pops in on some “So, I hear there is a partners’ meeting” and gets shut down again. Two solid comedic moments from Harry.

-Peggy tells Don that they got Burger Chef, and she is so proud. It’ll be interesting to see where it picks up next year.

-Then, we come to the end as Don hallucinates and sees Bert, who puts on a song-and-dance routine to “The Best Things In Life Are Free”. I’m sure this has some sort of connection to Don, maybe it was some sort of goodbye from Bert to Don, but I just think it was out of place and didn’t serve a purpose. Hell, there is a good chance we really won’t know what it means until it returns, which I could see this show doing.

So, now we wait until next spring when Mad Men drops the curtain on their run. The first half of season 7 has been good to very good to straight up confusing at points, but they have done enough to keep me interested until it comes back. Does it end well for Don Draper and the crew? Will Roger end up being the leader Bert didn’t think he was? Will Betty EVER be a good mother? Who else will die? A lot of Mad Men questions still left to be answered.

24: Live Another Day – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (Ep.4)

We’re still waiting for the time lapse that is supposed to take place in 24: Live Another Day. I figured there would be one every couple hours if they’re gonna fit 24 hours into 12 episodes, but we’re on the fourth episode and nothing yet. Anyway, let’s go…..

-Jack just caused a bunch of chaos by shooting a couple people in the leg (creating a diversion, he calls it). Poor dude that ran up on Jack while he was running through the embassy. Son went to sleep with the quickness and when Chloe was like, “you need a passkey”, Jack yoinked that shit up. Chloe then tries to guilt Adrian because he got Jack caught on purpose, but she should know by now that an international hacker leader doesn’t care about that sort of thing.

-Belcheck is trying to figure out how Chloe is going to get Jack out of the building, but we learn that the two have something in common: Jack saved both of their lives. I can’t wait to hear his story about the Serbian mob.

-Kate and Ritter get into the embassy and start the hunt for Jack, while the military is on the lookout as well. Meanwhile, Jack finds Tanner in a room, and lies to the guy who is watching Tanner. Dude doesn’t buy Jack’s story, so he gets pistol-whipped for his trouble and Jack takes Tanner’s flight key anyway. Mufuckas gon’ learn, dammit. He escapes and while Kate and Ritter try to get Tanner to tell them where Jack is, he won’t budge since no one would listen to him except for Jack.

-Jack is in the basement of the embassy, realizing that he can’t get out. Chloe is the best, man. She stays telling Jack that he can’t get out, he is going to prison, etc. etc., and she should know better than anyone that Jack doesn’t care. He is going to find out what is on that flight key, with or without her help. Some solidly terrible acting in this scene. I love this show.

-Skip to Margot’s house, where her daughter Simone and her bitch-ass husband are in bed and he is concocting a plan for them to leave. Right….that is going to go very smoothly and y’all will just ride off into the sunset without her looking for you. Jesus. He knows when the security guard is gone and he has keys, so don’t worry, everything will be fine. Because she rose to the top of the terrorist ranks by being compassionate. Did we mention you’re going to take her daughter as well? Dumbass.

-Kate calls Navarro to tell him what is up, while Jack finds the communications room and finds a few hostages along the way. He makes Chloe promise to give the information he finds to President Heller if something happens to him, then they realize the flight key is encrypted and they don’t have time for that, especially with the military bearing down on him. So he gets a hostage to open the door and shoots a couple Marines, but he doesn’t kill anyone, Jack knows better than that.

-Margot and Simone are in the kitchen, and Margot gets her to spill the beans about her husband’s plans to split. Simone is all, “I love him”, but that isn’t going to help her at all in this situation. When are people in 24 going to realize that terrorists don’t care about anything but terrorism?

-Heller gives a rousing speech to the British parliament about the drone attack, and it seems to be working out well. Mark gets a call from Navarro about the whole Jack-hostage situation, which is right up Mark’s alley; anything to make Jack look like the bad guy.

-Jack is still uploading the information, and it’s taking a while, which makes Chloe think Adrian is trying to screw Jack again, but we learn that something is going on between Chloe and Adrian because he says, “I’m doing this for you, not him”. Well, that answers that question. Mufucka is jealous.

-Jack then talks to the marine leader outside, saying to stay back and everything will be good or he will kill the hostages, which he won’t do at all. Son all but gives them some orange slices and shit. He just needs time to upload his stuff and they’re giving him that time. The marine dickhead outside wants blood, though.

-Kate and Ritter try to talk to Tanner, who doesn’t want to hear it because Jack is the only one that trusts him, and Kate buys it. Ritter doesn’t, but he has been wrong far too much already for me to give a fuck what he thinks. Kate starts putting two and two together, so she is finally coming over to the side of Jack. All it took was a couple conversations and a headbutt to the face.

-Heller finishes his speech and finds out about the Jack situation, and Audrey damn near falls over at the sound of his name. But she is the only one who thinks this is for real, while Mark obviously isn’t a fan of this and Heller doesn’t know what the hell is going on anyway. Can you see where this is going yet?

-Simone enters her husband’s room, his name is Naveed, it turns out. But Margot is with her, and Naveed is going to find out what she is all about. She gives him a chance to back out of leaving and pilot the drones like he said he would, but Naveed says he won’t. So what does Margot do? Orders her security to cut off one of Simone’s fingers…not Naveed’s…..Simone’s, her own daughter. If you ain’t know Margot was about that life already, you do now, dammit.

-Shoutout to the guys at the Bald Move podcast calling Margot and Simone “Catelyn and Sansa Stark”….I never realized how much Simone does look like Sansa. It’s kinda eerie.

-Kate and Ritter talk to the marines to try and talk to Jack, but the marine guy isn’t having it. Kate calls Navarro to try and get them to hold off, and he’ll try, but he tells her that the President is going to call Jack directly. Jordan, the IT guy with the thin moustache, tries to get Navarro to listen to Kate, but we learn he has feelings for her and might be biased. Feelings never work out for anyone in 24 and besides, she’s gon’ end up sleeping with Jack anyway.

-Jack and Heller talk on the phone, and Jack tells him the plan of the impending attack. The best part of this is when Heller asks Jack why he didn’t come to him first and Jack is like, “Um, y’all made me into a terrorist after I saved this country a thousand friggin’ times and I had to go into hiding, so forgive me for not trusting you”. Fair e-fucking-enough. This buys Jack a little more time, and Audrey is the only one who is like, “he has been right plenty before, what if he is right now?”. Mark is frownin’ pretty good.

-Chloe shows Adrian what these drones can do, and he still gives no semblance of fucks. He’ll have to die at some point, my guess is Belcheck. The marines make their plan to go in and get Jack, they’re just waiting on Heller’s word, while Kate talks to Navarro and tells him she thinks Jack is innocent; hell, all of her information about Margot and family checks out. She makes a plan to get into the com room through the ceiling. Very Bauer-ish.

-Audrey flips out on Mark for not telling her sooner that he knew where Jack was. There are personal agendas all over the place here. He is scared of losing Audrey to Jack, Audrey is scared for her father’s presidency, and there is the whole threat of a terrorist attack, plus the personal history between them.

-The standoff is coming to a close, with the marines getting ready to blow the door, Jack inside holding it down, Kate crawling through the ceiling and Ritter outside trying to hold off the marines. Kate yells to Jack, who shoots and that speeds up the marines looking to blow said door. She manages to get into the room and tell Jack that she does believe him and she has a plan to get him out of this alive, which entails him becoming her prisoner, and Kate taking the flight key. The marines are mad they don’t get to kill Jack, who has to be pissed Heller gave the word to go get him.

-We end with Naveed sitting at his desk, controlling drones and such, while thinking what an idiot he was to think he could get out. He better not be thinking of another plan or else it’s his head, and probably Simone’s.

So, 24: Live Another Day rolls on. How pissed will Audrey be at her father? When will he realize he was wrong? Does Jack have anyone on his side besides Chloe and now Kate? Does he even need anyone else? And who else will Margot hurt in her pursuit of terror? Stay tuned.


Mad Men S07E06 – The Strategy

As we approach the unwanted midseason break of Mad Men, I’m afraid the show will lose momentum. They’ve been on a bit of a roll, even though last week’s “The Runaways” was just strange, and “The Strategy” was an absolutely excellent episode, if only for the end of it. Let’s go….

-Peggy is out at Burger Chef, surveying customers on why they go there and this one lady just can’t be bothered at all, but she does answer Peggy’s questions. She is trying to come up with the right strategy for the account, and she doesn’t really look comfortable in this position of power, which is fair as she seems to be always getting shitted on by someone or something. But has Peggy ever been REALLY sure of herself?

-Pete and Bonnie are flying to New York, and Pete has #DatHairline nicely hidden by a solid combover. He has to go see his daughter, Tammy, and Bonnie wants to come, but Pete doesn’t want to confuse Tammy. He really doesn’t know how to talk to people, especially women.

-Don is carrying a bunch of stuff to the office, typewriter, papers and all. Looks like he has been working hard on Burger Chef; he has taken Freddie’s advice and is being a good little soldier.

-Joan is getting ready for work, and I totally forgot that her mother lives with her AND she has a son.

-Bonnie goes into Don’s office and Meredith is like, “who is THIS bitch?”. Lowkey, Meredith has been AWESOME this season. A solid addition. Anyway, Pete also finds Bonnie in Don’s office because he has to be scared that Don will sleep with her, which, quite frankly, he will. He then tells Don that Peggy will be leading the Burger Chef meeting, but he wants Don to be there.

-They walk into the meeting and Peggy has a look like, “what is HE doing here?”. Lou straight up asks what he is doing here, because he is a dick like that. Pete hasn’t been in the office to see what has been going on, but Don really just wants to chill in the background and let Peggy do the heavy lifting. Lou sneaks in his usual sexism with the “Who gives moms permission? Dads.”. This fuckin’ guy, man.

-Peggy pitches the idea and everyone likes it, but then Pete asks Don what he thinks and you can feel the tension in the room with Peggy and Lou, who both think Don is trying to undermine everyone, but he just wants to do his job and get back in the good books. Hell, he even says it is a good idea and gets a smile out of Peggy, which we haven’t seen in a while. But how trustworthy is Don Draper?

-Roger gets rolled up on in a sauna by a rival from another agency, McCann, I believe it is. He seems like he is recruiting Roger, and perhaps Don, to join his team, and Roger shuts him down, but the idea is out there now.

-Pete tells Peggy that he wants Don to lead the pitch to Burger Chef, which burns her to no end. Basically, it is because Don is a man. Then to make matters worse, Ted is on the phone from California co-signing all of this, and Peggy wants to crawl in a hole. Pete is trying to encourage her with, “You know she is as good as ANY woman in this business”, but it is condescending as hell, especially coming from a fuckass like Pete. The look on Peggy’s face when she leaves Lou’s office was just awful: Ted sparked a lot of her downfall when he moved, which Don caused, you have Pete being Pete with their history, and Lou, another condescending asshole. Peggy is like, “what do I have to do around here?”.

-BOB BENSON IN THE HOUSE! We haven’t seen this creep all season, but he rolls up in the spot with the Chevy boys in tow. Ken Cosgrove pokes his head out with his eye patch, and Joan makes an appearance as well, which the Chevy boys appreciate because, JOAN. Bob makes plans with Joan to see her and her family, and I forgot they had a thing, not a sex thing, but some sort of thing.

-Peggy goes to tell Don he is wanted to lead the pitch, and he immediately thinks something is up, asking whose idea it was because she did such a good job in the preliminary pitch. Poor Peggy: even when she is trying to be fake-nice, mufuckas don’t take her seriously. Don is like, “fine, whatever you want”, but then he throws out a new idea about catering to kids, which plants the seed in Peggy’s mind that her idea isn’t good enough. Have I been too hard on Peggy this season?

-She then sees Megan at the office, and one of the secretaries is like, “I didn’t even know he was married”, so that has to tell her something. Stan stops in and gives Megan a hug, and when Peggy says she is in for a visit, Stan is like, “Thanks for the subtitles”. DAMN….I’m surprised Peggy hasn’t punched someone in this episode. Don seems to be surprised when Megan shows up, and the look on his face is, “what the hell is she doing here?”.

-#DemTeef, tho.

-Cutler tells Roger he wants help with the Philip Morris people, and Roger doesn’t look like he trusts Cutler one bit when he says, “stop thinking about Don and start thinking about the company”.

-Bob gets a late-night call from one of the Chevy guys, who, um, got arrested for trying to blow an undercover officer and he needs to be bailed out. He says he calls Bob because he could keep it a secret, which made me think Bob was gay, which I suspected, but Bob says something about “I am not of your stripe”, so now I’m confused as to what he is. Anyway, he then learns that Chevy is taking their account away from Sterling Cooper Dikembe Mutumbo and Co., but there is probably going to be a promotion in it for Bob, which means a permanent move to Detroit. But then the Chevy guy asks Bob how he lived in New York with so much temptation and Bob replies, “it was hard”. Is he gay or not”?

-Peggy can’t sleep with her mind racing, in quite a sexy piece of lingerie, because it’s the 1960s. She is so damn frustrated with the work situation.

-Pete shows up at Trudy’s, and while she is gone, Tammy is there. It doesn’t matter though, because she wants no parts of her father and would rather stay with the help. Even his child knows how much of a fuckass Pete Campbell is.

-Don awakens to Megan making breakfast and offers to take her shopping. She misses him, but not New York. They’re trying to pull it together, but you can see the cracks showing and no amount of threesomes can help that (although it doesn’t hurt to try).

-Peggy is at the office on what I think is a Saturday, and she is smoking; I don’t remember ever seeing Peggy smoke before. She calls Stan for some reason, but he isn’t coming in. She is so insecure after Don threw out his idea that she asks Stan if he has been “noodling” (Don’s word) with new ideas and Stan doesn’t have time for her games, he’s just tryna eat this banana. He does at least ask her if she wants him to come in, but you get the feeling that he wouldn’t and besides, Peggy says that his baby is calling, which reminds you that she’s lonely.

-Pete brings Tammy back, but Trudy still isn’t home. He cancels his date with Bonnie to stay and wait for her, which sounds like something stupid that Pete would do. #DatHairline went back about three inches throughout the episode.

-Don’s phone rings as he and Megan are getting ready for dinner, and for a brief second, I thought it was Bonnie because she looked up to no good, so props to the editing team for fooling me. It’s actually Peggy, who has been drinking by herself in the office and decides to call Don and tell him his idea was shit. Don is like, “Dude, I don’t care, do it your way” and she asks why he is undermining her, because she doesn’t trust him either. Now I don’t, and I don’t know which way to go with this. That was a solid petulant look Peggy gave when Don hung up on her, though.

-Pete is drunk when Trudy gets home, and has the nerve to shit on her for being out all night, possibly out on a date because Pete isn’t fucking Bonnie at all. What a dickhead. Son is like, “I don’t like you carrying on like this, it’s immoral” and she hit him with that, “you’ve seen your daughter for the year, don’t you have a plane to catch?”. Now #DatHairline goes back to the back of his neck, and he plops his beer bottle down in a cake, because that’s what fuckasses do.

-Bob arrives at Joan’s to take the family out, getting something for her mom and son, but nothing for her….stay tuned.

-Megan is taking some stuff back to Los Angeles, but is it for good? She wants to meet somewhere neutral, not New York or Los Angeles. The gap is getting wider.

-Bonnie doesn’t seem to like New York, or Pete in New York as he is always busy and way more of a dickhead than he is in L.A. Welcome to the real Pete, sweetheart. He is well on the way to fucking this up, too.

-Don stops by Peggy’s office and she is still giving him grief. And then we reach the crux of their beef: Don says he is there to help her do whatever she wants, and she replies, “well, how am I supposed to know?”. Even he is like, “that’s a tough one”. She wants his help, but doesn’t really know how to ask and Don recognizes that. He takes her through the process he would use to figure it out, which she has seen before since she worked for him, and Don drinks at the office, which is against the rules, but Peggy doesn’t know that and she doesn’t care. Even though I don’t know if I trust Don, it is good to see him back and working because Pete said something to Lou earlier like, “you’ve never seen Don Draper at his best”. He is damn good at what he does, and Peggy knows this better than anyone.

-After family day, Bob decides to surprise Joan with her gift: he proposes to her. It seems like he is only doing it because it would look good as he moves up the ladder at Buick, but not for love and that is what Joan wants, although Bob saying, “my face doesn’t please you?” is pretty good. Joan says he shouldn’t be with a woman, and he is like, “you’re old and you live with your mom”. It’s like dudes in this show are trying to piss the women they love off. She then learns that the agency is losing Buick, which is another matter entirely.

-Don and Peggy are still kicking around ideas, and she doesn’t seem to know the concept of family because she just turned 30, she is single, and has no one. Don says he worries about a lot of things, but not Peggy, but he has a lot of the same worries that she does. Then it hits her: Burger Chef is a place where it doesn’t matter who you are with, because they are family. Don and Peggy have been through a LOT on Mad Men, and he looks at her as a sister or maybe even a daughter, which is why I don’t want to think he undermined her on purpose. I might throw Don in the bushes if he double-crosses Peggy. They end the scene slow-dancing to “My Way”, which is fitting. My favorite Mad Men scene is back in Season 5 when Peggy told Don she was leaving the agency, and he kissed her hand and wouldn’t let it go….shit got dusty in the room for a second. This dance sequence is going up there. I’ve missed the Don/Peggy relationship.

-Bonnie is on a plane back to L.A. without Pete, because fuck him, while Megan is on the same plane. Does Don have another threesome awaiting him on his next trip out west? He is bangin’ both of them, whether they know about each other or not.

-The partners meet to talk about Buick leaving, and Cutler wants to run a spot in the paper with their computer, and their new partner, Harry Crane. Roger and Joan are pissed about it, but is voted down by the rest of the partners, and Don has to be cool about it since Harry told him about the meeting with the tobacco guys. Roger and Joan meet in his office, and Roger starts scheming, which I figure we will see next week.

-Don, Peggy and Pete meet at a Burger Chef, where she wants to shoot the commercial. Pete puts up a fight and looks to Don, who is like, “she is doing it her way, deal with it”. We end with it looking like the actual ad in Burger Chef, Peggy wiping food off Pete’s face, smiling, the whole nine. Mad Men is brilliant at shots like this; they know how to frame a scene.

I didn’t realize how much I missed the Don/Peggy dynamic until I was writing this, and for that alone, I think “The Strategy” was great. But I can’t help but think this won’t end well for them, and there will be some sort of cliffhanger as we reach the halfway point of Mad Men‘s final season.

Game Of Thrones S04E07 – Mockingbird

After a string of incredible episodes, Game Of Thrones manages to dial it back a bit with “Mockingbird”, although that isn’t to say that is a bad episode; it is just that we have been spoiled this season with at least two candidates for “Best GoT episode ever”. A ton of stuff still happens, too. Let’s go….

-We begin with Tyrion and Jaime, who is chastising his little brother for his tirade at the end of his trial as Jaime had a deal with Tywin to keep him alive. But Tyrion knew that was what Tywin wanted: Tyrion out of sight at Castle Black and Jaime at Casterly Rock continuing the Lannister name, which is why Tywin agreed to it so quickly. We also see how jealous Tyrion is of Jaime, who “could kill a king, lose a hand, fuck your sister…” and Jaime is like, “hold up now, I’m the only mufucka that still likes you, watch ya mouth”. The show is being very explicit in letting us know that people know about Jaime and Cersei, much moreso than the books, I think. It was also good when Jaime hit Tyrion with that “BRILLIANT speech…they’ll be talking about it for days”. I’m sure it felt great for Tyrion to get that off his chest and it made for a helluva speech, but the people won’t remember it for long and it would have been all for naught.

-Tyrion was really angling for Jaime to fight for him, but ol’ One-Hand McRapecest isn’t about that life anymore and after all the jokes, Tyrion realizes that. Especially as he knows who Cersei is looking at to fight for her.

-Man, The Mountain is fucking HUGE. Son kills for fun. That one dude tried to bow for mercy, and The Mountain killed him for no damn reason. The last two blows with the sword didn’t even make any sense. He doesn’t care who he fights at all. I’m not a big fan of the word, but could you be any more of a cunt, Cersei?

-The Hound and Arya roll up on a burned-down farmhouse, and they find a man who is dying of a wound to the stomach. He doesn’t seem to know the people who burned his hut down, and the Hound wonders why he hasn’t killed himself yet to end the pain; at this point, you know Hound is gon’ kill him, this old man doesn’t have the heart to do it himself. It also turns out to be a lesson for Arya as the Hound stabs the old man through the heart, so she knows where it is now.

-This comes in handy as the Hound is attacked by a man who gets his neck snapped for his troubles, although he did manage to bite Hound’s neck. The second attacker tells him the Lannisters have a price on his head for his whole “Fuck The King” steez, and all the killing, of course. He also tells them of Joffrey’s death. Arya recognizes the second attacker from when she was getting taken to the Wall, and he apparently said that he would fuck Arya bloody with a stick, so this won’t end well for him. He tells Hound his name, which gets him on Arya’s little list of death, then he gets Needle in his heart. Cold-blooded Arya reminds me of Natalie Portman in “Leon: The Professional”, which is an excellent movie if you haven’t seen it.

-Jon Snow returns to Castle Black, greeted well by his boys, but not by Allister Thorne, who continues to be a bitchass. Jon tells him and the council that he recommends sealing the tunnel at the Wall to stop the wildlings, and it is probably a good idea, but Thorne isn’t having it. All these dudes are gon’ die because Thorne is a spiteful prick. Nice. I can’t wait for Jon to kill him. That has to happen.

-Bronn is sent to Tyrion, who asks him to fight for him as he did once before, but Bronn is in a good place now. He has some new clothes, and he got hooked up with a girl who will inherit a castle when her sister dies, which Bronn says might happen by accident, because he is shady like that. This is all courtesy of Cersei, who knew Tyrion would ask Bronn, who really wants to help him, but what is in it for him? He’ll probably die fighting the Mountain, and if he somehow beats him, he’ll be fucked up OR Cersei will have him killed anyway. And really, would Tyrion risk his life for Bronn? He has already done it once; twice is asking too much. It was sad to see Bronn leave and say he wants to hear a song one day about Tyrion beating the Mountain. Bronn is a sellsword; he is in this for himself, and Tyrion has to respect that.

-Dany goes to her private quarters, where Daario is waiting with some flowers. Uh…….do you see how big that pyramid is? This mufucka is Spiderman. Basically, he tells her that he is only good at fighting and fucking, and he hasn’t done either. So Dany is like, “pull it out”, and while we don’t see it, we can be pretty sure that she gets the D. It’s good to see a woman in the place of power when it comes to sex in Game Of Thrones, which is usually getting roasted for objectifying women and being mad rapey. And I’m sure the female viewers were happy to see some Daario ass.

-Then we switch to Melisandre in the bath, because you gotta have balance and I am not arguing with this. Stannis’ wife, Selyse, comes in to have a chat and Melisandre basically admits that her magic shit is all an illusion to make people believe, but we’ve seen her birth a demon out of her vagina, so there has to be some truth to the shit. Selyse also wants to leave her daughter, Shireen, behind when they go to King’s Landing, but Melisandre says she is needed. Will Stannis be down with sacrificing his daughter? It doesn’t seem likely, but she does have a certain hold over him.

-Dario is leaving Dany’s room when Jorah walks by, and Dario is like, “gimme a pound, playa” and Jorah is like, “this mufucka….”. He obviously tells Dany that Dario can’t be trusted because he is a cockblocker (I submit “Lord Cockblocker” as a new Jorah nickname), and Dany reveals that she told Dario to take the Second Sons and go back to Yunkai to wreck shop, but Jorah recommends against this and Dany tells him to take the credit for it. She loves Jorah, but he still won’t get in those draws, no matter how good of an advisor he is.

-The Hound and Arya are chillin’, and Arya wants to burn where he was bitten so it won’t get infected, but we know how he feels about fire. He then proceeds to go off on her for getting him in trouble, even though this all could have been avoided if he had, you know, NOT KIDNAPPED HER. But he does have a soft spot for her or he would have killed her long ago, and he tells her the story of how his brother, the Mountain, burned his face for playing with one of his toys, but it hurt more because his brother did it and his father lied for him. Hound has been betrayed by the people he loves his entire life, so that is why it is hard for him to let Arya in, but he does let Arya dress his wound, which is a start.

-Brienne and POD DA GAWD continue their journey and they end up at an inn, where we see….so, when first saw dude, I knew he was familiar and I wanted to say his name was something to do with him being fat, like Fat Boy or Fatty or something. Turns out it is Hot Pie, who was last seen giving Arya a big-ass piece of bread as they parted ways, and while he goes on about his pies, Brienne tells him that they’re looking for Sansa Stark, which makes Hot Pie go, “Um, yeah, no Starks outchea in these streets”. Pod recommends that they shouldn’t be going around telling people they’re looking for someone who is accused of killing the former king and the daughter of a traitor, but then Hot Pie comes out as they’re leaving to tell them that Arya is still alive (Brienne thought she was dead) and that she is with the Hound, possibly en route to the Eryie, where crazy-ass Lysa lives. Hot Pie also wants them to give Arya a wolf-shaped bread, which I’m pretty sure was what he gave her the last time he saw her. Has he been holding on to this bread? He just keeps wolf-shaped loaves on deck? But it was nice to see Brienne trusting Pod a bit when he tells her what he knows of the Lysa situation, and it was always going to happen that they would get their buddy-cop on.

-Oberyn visits Tyrion, who has no options left, and he tells him of a story about when he visited King’s Landing as a boy and Tyrion was a baby. Cersei always hated Tyrion for killing their mother as he was born, and made him out to be some sort of freak show, and Oberyn says she pinched his penis so hard, he thought it would rip off. Tyrion knew that Cersei has always wished ill upon him, but not this much and not for this long, and he is genuinely hurt for the second episode in a row. But as he continues to tell Tyrion how badly Cersei wants him dead, Oberyn says he wants justice for his sister and her children, and the wheels are turning….who is Cersei getting to fight for her? Who does Oberyn hate the most in this world outside of the Lannisters? Yep, he’ll volunteer to fight the Mountain. Tyrion is like, “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD”….you know he did a little dance when Oberyn left.

-Sansa is hangin’ out, building a replica of Winterfell in the snow, when Robin joins her. He just wants to hurt people, like a little breastfeeding 14-year-old Joffrey-in-training. He stomps on her snowcastle and she slaps him, causing him to run off and tell his mother, which is never good, but at least Sansa stood up for herself for once. You can’t have anything around this weird little bastard. Littlefinger sees this and says he deserves it, and then when she asks him why he killed Joffrey, Littlefinger goes on some spiel about how much he loved her mother and he could have been her father, but since he isn’t, he’ll try to put the moves on her since she is hotter than Catelyn ever was. Littlefinger is taking the creep factor to a whole new level, and that is saying something in Game Of Thrones. So, he kisses her, but guess who sees it?

-Lysa calls Sansa to her chambers, and Sansa tries to apologize for slapping Robin, but Lysa gives no fucks about that. All she knows is that young hussy is outchea tryna steal her man, and she flips the fuck out, grabbing Sansa and threatening to throw her down the moon door. But Littlefinger steps in to stop it, and soothingly gets Lysa to step back from the ledge; he’ll send Sansa away and everything. That gets Lysa to drop her guard, and then you see it coming from a mile away: Littlefinger says that he has only loved one woman and Lysa thought he was gon’ say her. NOAP….it was Catelyn, and then out the moon door Lysa goes.

Overall, “Mockingbird” was a solid episode, but it was a little too obvious for me, and not because I’ve read the book: I have an awful memory and don’t remember 97% of it. But you saw the whole Oberyn thing coming, as well as the Lysa thing. It is only because all of it was so well-acted that it gets a pass, especially Pedro Pascal, who has balled out as Oberyn this season. He has stolen almost every scene he has been in and has more than held his own with the likes of Peter Dinklage, Lena Headley and Charles Dance. Hell, a subpar episode of this season still gets like, an 8.4 outta 10 or something, so calm down.

No Game Of Thrones next week because of a holiday, so I’ll be back in a couple weeks with the beginning of the three-episode homestretch, and you should get ready, because shit is about to go down.


24: Live Another Day – 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET (Ep.3)

24 returned as the show we all loved (and eventually learned to tolerate near the end of it), and it continues in the third episode of Live Another Day. It was definitely a little slower than the premiere, but there can’t be explosions and crazy gun battles every week, but we get a little action. Let’s go….

-Jack and Chloe are tracking Yates and Simone, or better yet, Simone after she stabbed the entire shit outta Yates’ head, which Jack learns when he finds his body in the pub. He then gathers that she did it, and with Chloe’s help, they find out she is on the train (the tube, as the British say). Man, I’ve missed the hell outta Jack and Chloe working together. And we get an early “DAMMIT”, so things are off to a good start.

-Kate and Ritter round up the criminals from the last episode, and Navarro isn’t happy about the shootout in the projects. He orders them to let the guys walk, which they do, except for the ringleader because Kate is a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kinda gal. She also shows some nice technique when she pistol-whips the dude in the back of the head.

-Jack gets on the train and finds Simone, who is like, “who in the fuck IS this guy?”. She creates a diversion by cutting herself with her little trusty knife, smearing blood on her face and yelling that Jack is trying to hurt her. Some poor dude gets in his way and, well, you can imagine how well that works out. But that slows Jack enough for her to get away, and I’m trying to figure out how the tube worker didn’t see her slip into the tunnel. Either way, it’s 24: the hell with logic.

-Chloe loses Simone because she is looking at a family, which reminds her of Morris and her son, which I completely forgot about. Jack is about to go in on her for losing Simone, but then she tells him that Morris and Prescott died when they were hit by a truck and starts to cry, so Jack scales it back a little and gives her a hug. See, he isn’t a complete dick. He knows more than anyone what is like to lose family.

-We switch to Audrey and her Chief of Staff husband, Mark, who is basically telling her that her father ain’t shit and isn’t fit to be the President. He wants her to convince the President to back off addressing the British parliament, who are pissed about the whole drone thing, then he forges Heller’s signature on an order to hand Jack over to the Russians for some old shit he did. He’ll do anything to keep the President and Audrey away from Jack, mostly because he knows Jack WILL get Audrey back, and he might die in in the process; at the very least, get his ass whupped.

-Chloe figures out who Simone is, and then who her mother is, which is a terrorist. Damn, it’s so hard not to refer to Michelle Fairley as Catelyn Stark, but alas, her name is Margot and she has a thing for gardening. She greets Simone upon her return, but she is wary about Jack. Simone’s husband greets her as well, but he isn’t happy about her sleeping with Yates to get what her mother wanted. There is always one family member in 24 that is on some “I don’t know if we should be doing this” shit. Which means he’ll probably die, and his little conversation with Margot solidified that.

-Jack needs a new identity to get to the President and prove that the drone attack was a set-up, which means he needs more tech help, but Adrian Cross is like, “Dude, you got some nerves runnin’ up in my spot with guns and demanding shit”. But he says please and Adrian agrees to it….or does he?

-Kate and Ritter take the bad guy, Basher, to some dudes that he has beef with in order to get the information she needs, which he eventually agrees to. She’s pretty good at what she does, even Ritter has to admit to that. But he wonders how she didn’t know her husband was selling secrets to the Chinese, and she wonders the same thing. So tortured….so right for Jack. She’ll come around.

-A quick look at the U.S. Embassy sees a big-ass protest over the drones, and Tanner being driven into the lion’s den. We don’t spend much time on it, but I assume that’ll be a major part of the next episode.

-Margot expresses her concerns to Simone about being followed and being more careful, while stitching up her leg wound. Margot is NOT to be fucked with, people, not one little bit. Hell, later on, she watches her daughter seduce her husband, because she knows the husband isn’t 100% on board with the cause. Yeah, he is gon’ die.

-Audrey tries to convince Heller that he might not be up to talking to the parliament, but she has to know that he is going to do what he wants to do. He is the President of the United States, dammit. Men in power are going to do what they want. That goes just about how you figure it would.

-Jack gets his credentials and heads to the Embassy, but wouldn’t you know it? Adrian does something to make sure Jack is flagged by security, because he is sick of his shit, and fair enough. But you better make sure he gets caught.

-Heller starts to speak to the parliament, who immediately start yelling him down and asking questions about the drone attack, and like Mark said he would, he gets flustered. Don’t worry, though: he’ll be fine. Next episode, he’ll make some big speech and get the people on his side. I love this show.

-Jack does indeed get flagged by security, but it’s Jack friggin’ Bauer, so you know he is gon’ get away. He steals a guard’s gun after a good knee to the chest, but he is spotted by Kate and the chase is on. Oh yeah, Jack shoots a couple of protests to start some chaos so he can get away, so we have our first innocent bystander getting shot. Again, I love this show.

It was a good plot-building episode of 24: Live Another Day, but I still have questions about how a 24-hour day gets wrapped up in 10-12 episodes. They’ll have to start skipping ahead in time soon, but either way, I’ll be here for it.

Mad Men S07E05 – The Runaways

The complaint about Mad Men that I hear from most people is that it is too slow, things don’t move along quickly enough and I get what they’re saying; I touched on this a few weeks ago. But they have been pushing the pace of the show as of late, and “The Runaways” takes that to a whole new level. I’m pretty much working this out in my head as I go, because I’m not quite sure what I just watched. Let’s go…..

-We start in the office, where Stan is smoking weed and reading some comic he found in the Xerox machine, and it is Lou’s. Oh, the 60s. The offices were like a nightclub, apparently. Anyway, Stan gets a chuckle out of it and you know this isn’t gon’ end well.

-Peggy tries to get on a civil level with Don in the elevator, asking about his weekend plans and such. Where did this Peggy come from, after spending the first four episodes being cold and telling Don he wasn’t missed? At least she is putting forth the effort.

-Shirley chastises the guys for making fun of Lou’s comic. This really isn’t gon’ end well. They’re not smart enough to keep it under wraps.

-Don receives a call from Stephanie Horton, who is Anna Draper’s daughter, but when we first see her, I’m thinking she’s some girl Don knocked up, because why not? It took a minute to figure out who she was, it has been a while since we saw her. She calls him Dick at the end of the conversation, which is a bit telling.

-Don then calls Megan to tell her that he is coming out this weekend, and Stephanie will be going to her house as well. Again, everything seems to be cool between Don and Megan. Did I miss an episode? It seems like Don is now cool with everyone outside of Lou. I don’t get it.

-The guys show Don Lou’s comic, and he warns them to keep it under wraps, but again, these guys aren’t that smart.

-Henry is on the campaign trail, and Betty is trying to be a good little housewife by making food for visitors, although the help still has to do the homework. Not everything at once, I guess. I suppose she is making an effort, like Peggy.

-Stephanie arrives at Megan’s, and this whole situation is just weird. It seems like Stephanie is fishing for something. Megan acts like she is cool with it, but she also seems kind of uncomfortable, which is fair, considering some pregnant woman you’ve never heard from your husband before today just shows up at your house.

-Finally, the bubble bursts as Lou is in the bathroom when the guys start making jokes at his comic’s expense. All you had to do was just do it smartly, you can still have fun. Now, they have to go to a meeting in Lou’s office, and he isn’t happy at all. We learn that Lou used to work with some guy named Chet, who created a character named Underdog to sell cereal. Lou wants to be the next Chet, but now the guys are dumping on his dream and Lou comes back firing. Lou is a dick on his best day; now, he’s pissed. He makes the crew stay late, which throws a wrench into Don’s plans to go to L.A. tonight.

-Henry and Betty are having visitors, but their beef comes to the surface when Betty answers a question about the Vietnam war in the wrong way, while she learns he is on Nixon’s side when it comes to ending the war, which is news to her. The rift is getting wider.

-Lou forces Don to stay late and miss his flight, and Lou is just being petty for no reason other than he doesn’t like Don, who gives him advice on how to handle people, but Lou doesn’t care.

-He breaks the news to Megan that he can’t make it out, then Stephanie enters the room and the two have this strange conversation. We learn that Stephanie got pregnant by some musician who is now in jail for selling weed, and Megan sort of chastises Stephanie for getting in this situation, but it is all very awkward. Megan writes a cheque for $1,000 to basically get her out of there. Stephanie says something about knowing all of Don’s secrets, which has to plant a seed in Megan’s head.

-Henry and Betty start fighting about what happened early, and he basically tells her to shut up and look pretty while they’re out on the trail. Then we see Bobby outside the door listening to them argue. Poor Bobby, just getting shafted this season so far.

-Lou, on his way out, tells Don he doesn’t even need the work right now, which means, “you could have left on your flight tonight, but fuck you, I’m petty”. At this point, I just want him to catch a piledriver through a table. What an ass.

-Betty gets a call from Sally’s school, and all she says is, “is she okay?”, but it doesn’t sound very motherly. It’s almost like she can’t be bothered, because she probably can’t.

-Don arrives in L.A. to find Megan’s friend Amy at the house, as the two were going to the market. So basically, Don came out to L.A. for nothing, Stephanie is gone, Megan is going out with other people and having a party, he must be like, “why am I even here?”. It’s a question Don has been asking himself all season.

-Ginsberg is at the office, trying to do work, when he spies on Lou and Cutler having a conversation about something. He looks strung out on something. Son is starting to lose it a little.

-Henry picks up Sally, who hurt her nose sword-fighting with golf clubs with friends, which sounds like a complete lie. Betty calls her an idiot for messing up her face, which is her most valuable asset, then Sally says, “where would she be without her perfect nose? She wouldn’t find a man like you. She’d be nothing.”. Betty just seems mad that she gave Sally said nose, then threatens to break Sally’s arm, because she is the mother of the GD year, but Sally continues to be smart with her, and I respect it. All this scene needed was a few Funkmaster Flex bombs dropped on it.

-Ginsberg goes to Peggy’s to get away from the humming of the computer, which is obviously making him crazy. He comes up with a theory that the computer is making Lou and Cutler gay, which doesn’t even make any sense. At this point, I think he’s on drugs, like, hard shit. Peggy is just trying to have a relaxing Saturday and she gets this, and the kid upstairs comes down to watch TV. She is doing so well, just leave her alone, shit.

-At Megan’s party, Amy and Don are outside and I got the feeling that they’re going to have the sex. Some band at the party start playing what I recognize as the loop from “Phone Tap” by The Firm; the original song it samples is “Petite Fleur” by Chris Barber’s Jazz Band. Megan starts dancing with some guy and Don doesn’t look very comfortable with it. Is Megan on some swinger shit now and didn’t tell Don? Then, in walks Harry Crane, who goes for a drink with Don.

-We then cut to the Francis house, where Bobby goes into Sally’s room and tells her Betty and Henry have been fighting a lot lately, and he has a constant stomachache. Bobby is stressed the fuck out, b. He wants to go back to school with Sally, and it’s a nice moment between the siblings.

-Ginsberg is creepily watching Peggy sleep, then tries to force himself on her to ward off the gayness that the computer is causing. He has officially lost his mind, folks. But you just wait, it gets even more crazy.

-After a few drinks, Harry tells Don that Lou and Cutler are trying to bring on Commander cigarettes, which would essentially end Don at the office since he has shit all over the tobacco industry in the newspapers. Harry is giving Don the heads up, so he does have a couple people on his side at Sterling Cooper Neil Patrick Harris and Co. But what is Don going to do about this?

-He’ll figure that out in New York; for now, he is in L.A., and back at Megan’s house. Megan and Amy are smoking weed, and Don just wants to go to bed, where he is joined by Megan….and Amy. Yeah, Megan may be on some swinger shit now. Don tries to fight it for whatever reason, but that is just stupid. Get ya threesome on, Don.

-In the morning, he speaks to Stephanie on the phone, and when he says he is worried about her, Megan slams a dish. She is obviously not comfortable with Stephanie. This whole episode has been pretty uncomfortable. But you just wait: there is so much more.

-Betty and Henry have yet another fight, and Betty is mad that people think she is stupid, but she isn’t because SHE KNOWS ITALIAN. Solid argument, Betty. She might know Italian, but she has no common sense. I get where she is coming from, though. She wants to be more than a pretty face, which is slightly ironic since she used to be a model.

-Back at the office, Ginsberg goes to Peggy and apologizes for his actions, but he has it figured out now. He really does have feelings for Peggy, but needed a way to release his feelings. How does he do that, you ask? By cutting off his nipple and giving it to her in a box. Peggy is like, “yeah, I’ma need you to just chill right here”, and gets out of the office, past her secretary and goes to call someone, I assume it was the cops.

-Don bursts in on Lou and Cutler having a meeting with the cigarette people, which has to be breaking the rules that the partners set up for him. But Don tells them that he will step away from the company if the account goes to them, not to mention, he knows how to beat the anti-tobacco people as he has worked with them before, and he will even apologize in public. Basically, Don is at their mercy. All I can think is, what is the end game? Don is smarter than Cutler or Lou, there has to be an end game.

-Back at the office, Ginsberg is being wheeled out on a stretcher, so Peggy called a hospital, either mental or a regular one. Either way, Ginsberg’s crazy ass is on the way out, but he yells, “get out while you can!” before he is gone. Then Peggy gives the computer some teary-eyed side-eye, and I have no idea what she is thinking.

-Don puts Lou and Cutler in a cab, and Cutler says, “You think this is going to save you, don’t you?”, to which Don slams the door in his face and calls his own cab.

This was one of the stranger episodes of Mad Men I can remember. I’ve watched it twice and I have no idea where they are going with this. How will the rest of the partners react to Don’s stunt? What is Stephanie’s angle, if we even ever see her again? Will Henry and Betty fight more? Will Betty threaten more of her children? Will the computer make it out of the office alive? I still don’t know how I feel about this episode of Mad Men, but I’ll give it one thing: it made me think.

Game Of Thrones S04E06 – The Laws Of Gods And Men

The fourth season of Game Of Thrones has had a theme of justice weaved throughout the story, and in the sixth episode, “The Laws Of Gods And Men”, we get to the trial of Tyrion. After a week of no Peter Dinklage, I was ready to get back to this. Did he disappoint? NOAP. He dropped the mic with a speech that rivals his father to him from last season. Let’s go……..

-Before we start, actually, we caught a teaser of The Knick, a medical show which stars Clive Owen (I know him from “Closer”, but he has been in a gang of stuff) and will be directed by Steven Soderberg (“Traffic”, “Ocean’s Eleven” and the rest of the series). It sounds like some True Detective shit, and that went over well. I’m intrigued. Read up on it.

-Stannis, Davos and his people are sailing for Braavos, the newest city on the map in the opening credits. Actually, I think it was there last week, possibly before, but I can barely keep track. But man, that shot of them sailing under that giant statue and then the wide shot of the city? Yeesh. That had to cost a pretty penny. Speaking of, the Iron Bank is located in Braavos, and Stannis is there to get this loan, but they keep him waiting because they’re the bank and that is what banks do. Banks and doctors’ offices, man…your phone better be charged up, you might be there for a while.

-The bank dudes show up and Stannis tries to plead his case as he needs money to fight the Lannisters for the Iron Throne, but they’re backing the Lannisters as Tywin told us. That being said, the Lannisters owe a rack of money as we know, so the Bank could be pulling out soon. They try to tell the Bank that Tommen, like Joffrey, is a bastard born out of incest, but they don’t seem to care. No one cares about some regular ol’ incest in Game Of Thrones. Davos steps in to argue for Stannis, telling the Bank he is good for it and that he pays his debts, using his chopped-off fingers as evidence. Friend or foe, Stannis does what he says. The bank guys are like, well, shit, you have a case.

-They must have given him something, because Davos rolls up on a brothel where he finds the pirate, Salladhor Saan. I never knew this dude’s name, just as the pirate who doubles as the only black guy on the show who isn’t a slave, but he is about his money. Davos knows that and throws gold at him to buy some ships and help them against the Lannisters. 

-Next, we have Yara, Theon’s sister who took a crew of people to go and rescue him at Ramsey’s, who is gettin’ it poppin’ with some girl, possibly one of the girls who lured Theon into getting his junk cut off. They get to Ramsey’s crib and manage to get to Theon in the cells, but he is an absolute mess. Hell, he thinks his name is Reek. Ramsey hears the dogs barking in the dungeons, plus, Theon is screaming his head off (the top one since the other one is, well, GONE). Son comes in with no shirt on and blood on his chest on some Rambo shit. Ramsey is genuinely scary, but for some reason, he lets Yara and her people get back on their ships to leave. Doesn’t seem like something he would do, but he did it.

-Ramsey rewards Theon/Reek with a bath, and as he was undressing, I was like, y’all better not show that shit because it’s Game Of Thrones and these mufuckas showed some rapecest two weeks ago. But they didn’t, so that’s cool, although Ramsey smiling when he looked down at the lack of penis might have been more disturbing than anything. Ramsey wants Theon to pretend to be his former self to help him take over the castle that Roose asked him to take over a couple episodes ago. Alfie Allen, who plays Theon/Reek, has done an excellent job of portraying a man who is absolutely broken and now he has to go back to being Theon, a true test of his acting skill.

-We move to some dude with some goats on a hill, and everything is lovely. There is a waterfall, a kid is throwing rocks in the water and everything is just wonderful. Then, the kids and the goat seem to notice something. What could it be? How about DEM DRAGONS! Well, just one, but it’s the biggest one, and this mufucka is HUGE. He burned like, five goats, picked one of them bitches up and kept it movin’. We haven’t seen them since the season premiere, I think, maybe the second episode, but from what I’ve gathered from this is that they’re ornery as fuck. I think this was the same dragon that growled at Dany, and he is big as shit. I don’t know how dragon years match up with human years, but this mufucka seems like a pissy teenager….who can burn your whole life up and carry you the fuck away.

-We get to Dany’s new digs, a big-ass pyramid in Meereen, and she is agreeing to speak to her new subjects. The guy from the last scene approaches and is like, thanks for freeing us from the slavemasters and all, but your dragons are fuckin’ up my goats, so Dany pays him three times what they’re worth. The next dude steps up and asks Dany if he can take his father’s body down off a cross because he wasn’t down with the slavemasters, but got nailed up anyway. This goes back to Dany’s whole “fighting injustice with justice” speech, and how she was so amped to get her crucifixion on, she didn’t worry with details like facts and shit. She is still learning how to lead, remember. She tells dude to go get his dad, but something doesn’t sit well with me about dude, named  Hizdahr zo Loraq. We also saw him when Dany and ’em first rolled up on Meereen. We learned his name; son will come up again for some reason. Then she learns that another 212 people want to talk to her. Jorah (aka Lord Friendzone, says the internet, what an excellent nickname) looks at her on some, “you asked for this shit”. Someone get Dany some coffee.

-A council meeting is being held and when Tywin enters the room, everyone stands except for Oberyn, who gives -736 fucks. Varys tells him that the Hound has been spotted, killin’ mufuckas for chickens, so Tywin puts a hit out on him because remember, Hound was on some “Fuck The King” shit. Then Varys tells the council that Dany is runnin’ shit in the east, she has an army and some big-ass dragons. Cersei tries to act tough and be like, “you scared of a little girl?” and Varys is like, “She got dudes that know how to fight and a huge army”, but he forgot to say, “SHE GOT SOME BIG-ASS DRAGONS, LIKE, MULTIPLE”. Oberyn testifies to the skill of the Unsullied as well. When it comes to battle, Cersei needs to shut all the way up. Then, Tywin wants his pen and paper, which means a letter, which means shit is about to go down.

-Oberyn and Varys meet by the Iron Throne, and Oberyn is just trying to get a read on Varys, who says something great about desire and what it has done to the country. Oberyn asks him if he likes boys or girls, not knowing that Varys doesn’t have a penis. Seems to be a lot of that going around. Varys then says that not having desire for some things leaves him free to pursue other things, then looks at the Throne. What the hell?

-Jaime retrieves Tyrion from his cell to take him to his trial, where a packed house is waiting for him. Tywin takes over for Tommen, and sits in the middle of Oberyn and Mace Tyrell. Tywin looks so comfortable on the Iron Thrones. He has been waiting to sit there for a while now. I bet he sneaks in there in the middle of the night just to sit in it. The first part of the trial was a whole slew of fuckery, no one is on Tyrion’s side, obviously. Tyrion just has this look on his face like, “can you believe this shit”. We do get to see the necklace that was used to poison Joffrey, then it cuts to Margaery looking slightly guilty. Cersei rats on him for keeping whores in the Tower of the Hand, which is just one motive for him killing Joffrey. This isn’t looking good for the homie.

-During a recess, Jaime approaches Tywin and says he will give up the Kingsguard and go to Casterly Rock (which, remember, Tywin offered to Tyrion) and continue the Lannister name if he just doesn’t execute Tyrion, just send him to the Wall as part of the Night’s Watch. Tywin was like, “cool”, which should have made Jaime wonder because he agreed to that WAY too quick. Jaime goes to tell Tyrion this, just don’t freak out and accept your punishment. But then, when the trial resumes, who walks in? SHAE. Where the hell, how did they find her….I assume Varys? This is one of the few times we’ve seen Tyrion absolutely speechless.

-Not only that, Shae proceeds to lie all over Tyrion, saying she knew of the plan Tyrion and Sansa created to kill Joffrey in revenge for Robb and Catelyn’s murders, then she gets personal with it, telling the court all the details of their relationship, how she was made to call him “her lion” (a lie), she was his property (also a lie), and he wanted her to fuck him like it was his last night on earth (well, that is true, but who wouldn’t want that?). Man, listen…when he was like, “Shae, don’t”…..that was uncomfortable as hell. The entire scene. You could just see Tyrion’s heart breaking. She also throws it in his face that he did call her a whore when he was trying to get her to leave. The whole thing was humiliating.

-You could just see it bubbling inside Tyrion, and I was all, “Aw shit, here we go”. He starts by telling the audience he saved their lives in the Battle of Blackwater (which he did), and he should have let them die. Then he turns to Tywin and says he has been on trial his whole life for being a dwarf, and he didn’t kill Joffrey, but he wishes he had, looking at Cersei and saying that watching her bastard son die gave him more relief than a thousand lying whores, then looking at Shae. No one is safe now, Tyrion is on his 2Pac “Fuck The World” shit (seriously, it was like Peter Dinklage listened to the “Me Against The World” album getting ready for this speech. “MATW” is the best Pac album out there, but I digress). Then, he turns back to the crowd and says he would give his life to watch them all swallow the poison that killed Joffrey. He wants his justice, and he demands a trial by combat, which worked out for him at the Vale. But can Bronn fight for him again? Maybe Jaime? Anyway, I watched this scene like, five times. I wanted to flip a damn table. I hit a fist pump and yelled, “GET ‘EM” at the television, like I hit an “and-1” in basketball. I’m far too into this show.

-You’ll see this scene again when Dinklage is nominated for an Emmy again. So, there is that.

I don’t even know what else to say. I thought “Oathkeeper” was a great episode, like, in the top two or three in Game Of Thrones. It probably won’t even end up being the in the top two or three this season if it keeps going like this, and I’m pretty sure it will. My goodness.


Big Brother Canada – If She Wins The Game, I’m Moving To Mexico (May 7th)

[8:50:57 PM] Holly: We never used that “RIP Rachelle” pic I made

[8:51:51 PM] Neil: I’ll put it in this one, since it’ll be our last one of the season

[8:53:12 PM] Neil: Maybe put “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” under it or some shit

Rachelle RIP

[8:55:47 PM] Holly: Before we get started

[8:55:51 PM] Holly: Here is why BB UK is awesome

[8:55:53 PM] Holly:

[8:56:45 PM] Neil: OH WORD?

[8:56:57 PM] Holly: Yeah dude

[8:56:58 PM] Holly: Yeah

[8:57:11 PM] Neil: This is friggin’ nuts

[8:57:28 PM] Neil: This is quasi blue nuit shit

[8:58:56 PM] Neil: So what is going on?

[8:59:05 PM] Neil: I feel like I haven’t watched in like, two weeks

[8:59:36 PM] Holly: Me too actually, I think because Sunday’s episode was so boring it feels like it’s been a while

[8:59:50 PM] Neil: I didn’t even bother to watch it

[9:00:17 PM] Neil: I meant to, but with all the other shows I’ve been watching, shit got lost in the shuffle

[9:00:24 PM] Holly: It was just a bunch of montage clips from the season and a houseguest dinner where Sabrina cried a bunch

[9:00:27 PM] Neil: Eviction episode!

[9:00:40 PM] Neil: So I would have been hammered then

[9:00:51 PM] Holly: Yeah definitely

[9:01:28 PM] Holly: I’m just crossing my fingers that Sabrina doesn’t win part 1 or 2 of the final HOH comp

[9:01:45 PM] Neil: Haha, Sabrina was partyin’ when she won

[9:01:46 PM] Holly: Who do you think will go home?

[9:02:01 PM] Neil: Jon

[9:02:10 PM] Neil: I think Heather wins POV

[9:02:34 PM] Holly: Haha Sabrina thinks she’s making an impact this week. What she doesn’t realize is that one of the 3 of them was going home whether she won hoh or not

[9:02:54 PM] Holly: its always been the plan to take her to final 3, amongst all the final two deals in the house

[9:03:18 PM] Holly: I think the opposite you think. Let’s keep it interesting

[9:03:34 PM] Neil: That is fair

[9:03:48 PM] Holly: Um

[9:03:58 PM] Holly: Why is Neda dressed like she’s going square dancing?

[9:04:02 PM] Neil: Why is Neda dressed like Little Bo Peep?

[9:04:08 PM] Neil: Haha

[9:04:09 PM] Holly: Haha

[9:04:18 PM] Holly: Oh she has no clothes!

[9:04:32 PM] Holly: So she’s basically wearing costumes from the veto comps

[9:04:33 PM] Neil: Oh riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

[9:05:04 PM] Holly: It’s a good think shes cute and can pull that off.

[9:05:12 PM] Holly: Imagine if Jon had to do that? haha

[9:05:13 PM] Neil: Absolutely

[9:05:28 PM] Neil: No one needs to see that

[9:05:41 PM] Neil: Y’all shoulda got her out

[9:05:52 PM] Neil: So many chances

[9:06:04 PM] Holly: Ya know what?

[9:06:11 PM] Holly: I think Neda might go tonight

[9:07:05 PM] Holly: I love how every year, everyone has a final two deal with everyone else

[9:07:13 PM] Holly: So redundant

[9:07:18 PM] Neil: Yep

[9:07:27 PM] Neil: Everyone lying

[9:07:43 PM] Neil: So does everyone play in this?

[9:07:44 PM] Holly: Jon just summed it up

[9:07:53 PM] Holly: The veto? Yep

[9:08:10 PM] Neil: I love Heather

[9:08:33 PM] Neil: Oh we’re on some girl power shit now?

[9:08:48 PM] Neil: Mufuckas gon’ start singing “Wannabe” and shit?

[9:08:57 PM] Holly: Yeah Neda! Screw that all-girls alliance

[9:09:04 PM] Holly: Girls are a pain in the ass

[9:09:37 PM] Neil: Sabrina might get to second and win something

[9:09:41 PM] Neil: Actually

[9:09:47 PM] Neil: Jury votes

[9:09:58 PM] Neil: To be honest, she only has one

[9:10:05 PM] Holly: I reeeeally dont think anyone is stupid enough to take her to final two

[9:10:27 PM] Holly: Rachelle, Arlie and Allison will vote for Sabrina

[9:10:40 PM] Holly: And I don’t feel safe that Canada wouldn’t vote for her

[9:11:00 PM] Holly: If she wins the game, I’m moving to Mexico

[9:11:12 PM] Neil: Haha

[9:11:19 PM] Neil: Burning the flag and shit

[9:13:06 PM] Neil: Fuck, I want Jon to win now

[9:13:20 PM] Neil: I want him or Heather to win it all

[9:14:02 PM] Holly: I think it would be great if Heather won it. She really didn’t have anyone to help her through until recently

[9:14:20 PM] Neil: NOAP

[9:14:27 PM] Neil: Fought through that shit like a G

[9:14:52 PM] Holly: MARSHA

[9:15:24 PM] Neil: She hasn’t been around a lot this year, which I’m good with

[9:15:52 PM] Holly: She’s only funny if she’s dealing with a funny houseguest

[9:16:08 PM] Neil: Why is she dressed like a drag queen?

[9:16:23 PM] Holly: Who, Marsha?

[9:16:29 PM] Neil: And why is Heather a big squirrel?

[9:16:31 PM] Holly: They are all dressed in weird costumes

[9:16:38 PM] Holly: The hell is going on?

[9:16:49 PM] Neil: Maybe solidarity for Neda?

[9:17:07 PM] Neil: If there is one thing about this group, they do seem like they genuinely like each other

[9:17:41 PM] Holly: Hahaha Sabrina never gets anything right

[9:17:49 PM] Holly: How she won that HOH comp is beyond me

[9:18:19 PM] Holly: No showering for the rest of the season?? EASY

[9:18:43 PM] Neil: Not a problem

[9:19:04 PM] Holly: Ok, Heather just made a huge mistake

[9:19:13 PM] Neil: What the shit is she doing?

[9:19:26 PM] Holly: I would wear that squirrel costume every day for 100 grand

[9:19:27 PM] Neil: what she just said doesn’t make sense

[9:19:47 PM] Neil: I would wear it for a month for $14

[9:20:04 PM] Holly: Throw in a slice of cake and I’m in

[9:20:16 PM] Holly: Neda making sperm jokes

[9:20:38 PM] Neil: What is heather doing?

[9:20:40 PM] Neil: I’m so confused

[9:21:04 PM] Neil: Jon is on fire

[9:21:26 PM] Holly: Yeah see, Heather shoulda chose to wear that costume

[9:22:16 PM] Holly: Sabrina won something again?

[9:22:28 PM] Holly: What world are we living in?

[9:22:30 PM] Neil: Steroids

[9:23:18 PM] Neil: Stampede again?

[9:23:24 PM] Neil: The fuck?

[9:23:32 PM] Holly: Lolololol

[9:23:39 PM] Neil: HAHAHHAHHA

[9:23:53 PM] Holly: Jon is gonna have nightmares about stamps for the rest of his life

[9:24:09 PM] Neil: I would never mail a letter again

[9:24:30 PM] Neil: I love how Neda tried to touch him and he was all, if you don’t get the fuck on

[9:25:11 PM] Holly: He means business

[9:27:38 PM] Neil: I want him to win now because they’re ganging up on him

[9:28:49 PM] Holly: I would die if he won it and voted Neda out

[9:30:25 PM] Holly: One more question!

[9:30:40 PM] Holly: It was him, wasn’t it?

[9:31:00 PM] Neil: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

[9:31:06 PM] Holly: Oh see, I was wrong, I would suck at those trivia questions

[9:31:11 PM] Neil: Go get ‘em, newf

[9:31:22 PM] Neil: I would be awful at trivia

[9:32:04 PM] Neil: He better not take her

[9:32:15 PM] Holly: Awwwwe, this might very well be the end of Heather

[9:32:37 PM] Neil: It looks like it

[9:32:42 PM] Neil: She’s gon cry

[9:33:06 PM] Neil: I don’t even wanna watch this

[9:33:12 PM] Holly: Ya know. I hate to say this

[9:33:39 PM] Holly: But if Neda wants to win she needs to take Sabrina to final two

[9:33:45 PM] Neil: Yep

[9:34:05 PM] Neil: I honestly don’t think Sabrina has more than one vote

[9:34:18 PM] Neil: Arlie knows the game is the game

[9:34:20 PM] Holly: Allison and Rachelle definitely

[9:34:29 PM] Neil: Okay, I will give you that

[9:34:32 PM] Neil: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

[9:34:37 PM] Neil: I hate this

[9:34:41 PM] Neil: At least he told her tho

[9:35:03 PM] Holly: Yeah this sucks

[9:35:06 PM] Holly: Poor Heather

[9:35:25 PM] Neil: I just wanna give her a hug

[9:35:36 PM] Neil: And maybe the D

[9:35:38 PM] Holly: You just wanna smush your face in her tittays

[9:36:10 PM] Neil: I’d be at least holding kleenex to her face while doing so

[9:36:12 PM] Neil: But yes

[9:36:30 PM] Neil: That was sad, holy crap

[9:37:12 PM] Holly: Don’t start crying over there

[9:37:14 PM] Holly: Man up!

[9:37:28 PM] Neil: IT’S DUST

[9:37:30 PM] Neil: I mean

[9:37:33 PM] Neil: What?

[9:38:47 PM] Holly: Just wipe your dress on your dress and keep it moving

[9:39:02 PM] Neil: Done

[9:39:34 PM] Neil: Ya know what grinds my gears?

[9:39:43 PM] Neil: Arisa wearing 19-inch heels

[9:39:55 PM] Neil: She already looks like she is tall

[9:40:02 PM] Neil: Help a short brotha out

[9:40:13 PM] Holly: They ain’t comfortable ether

[9:40:21 PM] Neil: They don’t look it

[9:40:40 PM] Neil: With her hair and those heels, she’s what, 6’6″?

[9:40:46 PM] Neil: Damn

[9:41:02 PM] Neil: Why is Neda even talking

[9:41:07 PM] Neil: You’re not going home

[9:42:40 PM] Neil: That speech by jon ain’t need to be that long

[9:42:55 PM] Holly: Well it is only 10:42, they gotta get some filler in there

[9:43:06 PM] Neil: This is true

[9:43:28 PM] Neil: he better have at least shown her the tip last night

[9:43:42 PM] Holly: You know Heather in her head is dreaming of punching Sabrina right in her forehead

[9:43:57 PM] Neil: yep

[9:44:15 PM] Holly: So side note: The veto was played on Saturday

[9:44:22 PM] Holly: Jon hasn’t showered since then

[9:44:49 PM] Neil: That’s pretty ripe

[9:45:33 PM] Holly: Three HOH comps to play…. nervous sweats during the jury house asking questions… out on that stage under those hot lights

[9:45:51 PM] Neil: Wearing tight ass pants

[9:45:53 PM] Neil: Yeah

[9:45:59 PM] Neil: Shit is frowsy, b

[9:47:25 PM] Neil: So will they have an HOH tonight?

[9:49:06 PM] Holly: I think they will start the endurance comp tonight

[9:49:26 PM] Neil: That sounds right

[9:49:30 PM] Holly: Oh this music

[9:49:38 PM] Neil: DAT PIANO THO

[9:49:57 PM] Neil: I wanna take her out for poutine and a slurpie

[9:50:22 PM] Holly: Her boyfriend is cute

[9:50:50 PM] Holly: I’ll divert him while you take her to McDonald’s for a happy meal

[9:51:00 PM] Neil: Done

[9:51:24 PM] Holly: Uh

[9:51:37 PM] Holly: Oh she’s telling them about Canada

[9:51:45 PM] Neil: That’s not really a big twist

[9:52:01 PM] Neil: Hahahha they didn’t know it was tomorrow

[9:52:27 PM] Holly: See, that’s why JoNeda might decide to take Sabrina to final two instead of each other

[9:52:34 PM] Neil: Oh wait, they’re talking to us tonight?

[9:52:35 PM] Holly: Because Canada won’t vote for her

[9:52:40 PM] Neil: Not at all

[9:52:40 PM] Holly: Yeah

[9:52:44 PM] Neil: Well shit

[9:53:00 PM] Neil: And you are right

[9:53:07 PM] Neil: They absolutely will

[9:53:24 PM] Holly: But then Sabrina wins the second-place money, and the other person gets shit

[9:53:37 PM] Neil: Meanwhile, Sabrina gon’ take that 20 Gs to Saint Hubert’s or some shit

[9:53:56 PM] Holly: I don’t know, if it were me, I would rather the person I worked with the whole way possibly beat me, then have some pain in my ass all season get that money

[9:54:37 PM] Neil: So, if you and I were Jon and Neda, you’d take me and not Sabrina

[9:54:43 PM] Neil: Be honest

[9:54:46 PM] Holly: Definitely

[9:54:49 PM] Holly: 100%

[9:55:07 PM] Holly: I would be thinking of it more along who deserves anything, not just that I want to win

[9:55:23 PM] Neil: You just hit me with that slo-mo smush for being selfish

[9:55:45 PM] Holly: And that’s pretty big, because I am as selfish as they come

[9:56:01 PM] Neil: Well

[9:56:02 PM] Neil: Shit

[9:56:13 PM] Neil: I want a redo of this question haha

[9:56:22 PM] Holly: Plus, I’m cuter and would probably get more of that after BB cash

[9:56:41 PM] Neil: There ya go, that’s the Holly i know

[9:56:45 PM] Holly: You know, night club appearances and whatnot

[9:56:58 PM] Holly: OH THIS MUSIC

[9:57:18 PM] Neil: Can I apply to be the music director next season?

[9:57:20 PM] Holly: What is Sabrina doing with her hands?

[9:57:26 PM] Holly: I was JUST about to say the same thing

[9:57:29 PM] Neil: I’d play godzilla music behind her

[9:57:43 PM] Neil: Okay, Neda isn’t getting my vote

[9:57:52 PM] Neil: Voting for Jon, fuck it

[9:58:14 PM] Holly: Neda is awesome

[9:58:26 PM] Holly: What? Neda was funny

[9:58:34 PM] Holly: Why you gotta hate on her b?

[9:58:45 PM] Neil: She just grinds my gears

[9:59:02 PM] Holly: Jon’s speech is grinding my gears

[9:59:14 PM] Holly: Just spouting off his wins

[9:59:35 PM] Neil: The beginning and end of Neda’s speech made me wanna throw my drink off the balcony

[9:59:50 PM] Neil: I don’t even remember what she said in the middle

[9:59:55 PM] Neil: and she got a long face

[10:00:21 PM] Holly: She said Neil is a fart face, and everyone should mail him their poop

[10:01:18 PM] Holly: Alright, my TV just changed to Alan Thicke working out and I’m taking that as a cue to go to bed

[10:01:39 PM] Neil: Copy that, we’ll chat tomorrow about a possible finale plan

[10:01:43 PM] Neil: You suck

[10:02:07 PM] Holly: Last word getting’ mufucka


24: Live Another Day – 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET (Ep.2)

I absolutely didn’t know there was a second hour to the premiere of 24: Live Another Day until I was writing the recap for the first one. So yeah, let’s go…..

-We pick back up with goth Chloe walking the streets while the CIA tries to pick up the pieces from the explosion that went down in their office. Kate gets a phone that was taken off Chloe when she was picked up and calls a contact in the British police force. I’ve seen this guy before, I’m sure it’ll come to me eventually, if you know, help me out. Anyway, she blackmails him to get the numbers she needs as he has been working for the CIA for three years. Kate is pretty good, man. She will definitely be working with Jack at some point.

-Ritter is still so damn mad about Kate working on this case as she is taking his shine. Well, bruh, if you weren’t busy getting choked by a dude in handcuffs, maybe she wouldn’t be here right now. Navarro isn’t buying it and tells him to do his job. It’s so weird watching this dude be whiny if you know anything about The Wire.

-Chloe makes her way to her hideout, where we find out she has become a “hacktivist”, which I don’t even like writing because it is a stupid buzzword, but it is what it is. She works for Adrian Cross, who tries to get his merry band of hackers to pack up and leave because, well, Jack friggin’ Bauer knows where they are and he knows that name.

-You know what needs to happen? A frown-off between Chloe and Don Draper. The world would shake.

-Right on cue, Jack busts through the door and starts yelling about Derek Yates, who he believes is the one behind the plot on the President’s life. Adrian starts talking about his organization’s credibility, but for all he says he knows about Jack, he doesn’t realize that Jack gives not one single, solitary fuck about his credibility, he also has a gun and he will get the information he wants one way or another. Chloe knows this and is like, alright, we’ll help, all you had to do was ask me, damn.

-Jack is aided in this ambush by Belcheck, who helped Jack break Chloe out and we learn was in the Serbian mob, I can’t wait to hear about how he met Jack. I’m sure that is great.

-I gotta say, Jack looks impressed with Chloe ordering around the hacker crew. He didn’t know she had that in her. I think that is a look of being impressed. Jack doesn’t have many expressions.

-We find out that Derek Yates is holed up in some apartment with a gang of drugs, and he was the guy at the end of the first hour saying, “it’s done”. We find out he is joined by some blond girl who just wants to have the sex. Who was he talking to? Catelyn Stark, y’all! You might know Michelle Fairley from other stuff, but most probably know her from Game Of Thrones (although I see here she was also on Suits, another show I have to watch, apparently). He set up Tanner for the drone hit for Margot, although I’m going to have a helluva time not calling her Catelyn Stark. She sets up the drop to pay him.

-Tanner gets asked a bunch of questions by Capt. Greg Denovo, who it seems was his friend before all this went down.It doesn’t look good for the homie; Yates did a really good job of making sure all his info-planting bases were covered. It also doesn’t look good that Tanner had JUST gotten his weekend pass to see his wife revoked, so there is motive. The captain doesn’t believe him at all.

-The President (it’s William Devane, you’ve seen him in everything) and Audrey are speaking with the British Prime Minister (Stephen Fry, who I know from the British Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but he has been in a bunch of stuff). Heller steps away and gets word of the drone attack (which is in Afghanistan), and two of the dead are British, so that is going to throw a wrench into getting this base finished. Heller wants to tell the PM himself, but he gets word from his people and gives the President a “You motherfuckers” look, although I’m sure it would have been more eloquent coming from a Brit.

-Mark, the Chief Of Staff, then gets word from Navarro that Jack escaped and took Chloe with him. Navarro says that was his goal, but Mark is pressed to pin the assassination plot on Jack and threatens Navarro’s career. This guy is an asshole. You gon’ get found out, bruh.

-The hacker crew is gettin’ their work on, and Chloe is trying to talk to Jack about what he has been doing, which he isn’t having. Chloe wants to know why Jack is doing this for a government that screwed him (them, really) over, and Jack thinks he owes Heller, which Chloe deduces to Audrey. Jack always thinks he owes someone, which often gets him into trouble. Chloe goes right back at him, which Jack needs. I think I’ve missed her more than Jack.

-While looking for Yates, a hacker that kinda looks like Lily Allen stumbles upon the drone attack, which they instantly attribute to Yates. Cross finds out where Yates is and gives Jack the address. But Chloe goes with him because Jack is going to need communications help. Just like old times, my friends. Shit is like A Tribe Called Quest getting back together.

-Heller wants to talk to the British parliament and police and hand over Tanner to them for interrogation. Mark thinks that isn’t a good idea. Heller says something about apologizing from the heart and Mark is like, “ain’t no one tryna hear that shit”. He then says Heller isn’t at the top of his game, which seals it: Heller is now doing this to prove a point. Great. That always works out. Mark wants Audrey to talk to him, but Audrey wants to give her father a chance, doing a debate prep session.

-Yates and his girl watch the drone attack on TV, and he tells her they’re going to kill the President with them. He wasn’t supposed to say all this stuff to her, which means he gotta die. Heroin is a helluva drug.

-Kate tells Navarro she knows where Jack and Chloe are, which is where Yates is, so shit is about to go down.

-Tanner is being transported to London, while the debate prep session begins and everything is going well for Heller, but he makes a mistake about the number of soldiers killed and Mark starts going IN on him, much like those in the British parliament would. Audrey yells at him to stop, while Mark is getting off on this, it seems. Dude’s evil comes out in this scene; he is no Stamper from House Of Cards, that’s for sure. Heller is like, “fuck this, I’m the President, I’m out, and oh yeah, here is dude’s name, he was a married father of three, eat a dick”. Audrey walks out on Mark, and I may have clapped.

-Back to the Yates apartment, and Jack makes his way through the building with Chloe’s help. This shit is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 24. I love it.

-The guys protecting Yates notice on their cameras that one of their men is hanging from something. Well done, Jack, well done. He gets to the unit where Yates is and confronts the men, and hits them with a deal for their lives: “Look, I can tell you consider yourself a pretty intimidating group. You probably think I’m at a disadvantage. I promise you, I’m not. Give me Derek Yates and I’ll give you the opportunity to walk out of here unharmed. I suggest you take it.”. That was on some Taken shit. See, I know I’m not about that life because if someone said that to me, I’d be like, “yeah, dude is RIGHT in there, second door on the right”.

-Of course, the dudes don’t take it and inevitably get their ass kicked, faces and necks slashed, shot in the chest, all kinds of shit, because MUFUCKAS DON’T LISTEN. Yates hears this, packs up his shit and peaces out through a window. Jack just misses him (of course) and starts to follow. Yates and the girl walk RIGHT BY Kate, Ritter and the police (who just miss Chloe, of course), even telling them that Jack is upstairs with a gun and he is crazy. I have no idea how 24 has gotten away with making police look inept for eight-plus seasons, but shit is kinda funny. Dexter did the same thing for Miami police. I’d be so pissed.

-Kate and ’em trap Jack, who offers to surrender if they just go after Yates, but then he is shot (less than two hours? That didn’t take long) by one of the dudes from upstairs and a firefight ensues, allowing Jack to escape to the basement, so naturally, Kate follows him. Jack snatches her up and tries to tell her about the plot to kill the President, why he has been tracking Yates, etc. She tries to fight back and catches a headbutt for her troubles, but at least Jack planted the seed in her head. He breaks out of the basement and Chloe is waiting with a car that she hotwired and stole. Again, Jack is impressed. She asked Jack what he has been doing for four years; Chloe, what have YOU been up to? I fucks with it, whatever it is.

-Jack did manage to get a USB drive from Yates’ room, and Chloe finds drone designs to confirm their suspicions, but Yates built in a self-destruction program and she can only save a little of it.


-We wrap up with Yates and his girl at some random bar, hiding out, and he says he is looking for a new buyer for his work, calling Margot a devious bitch. Something doesn’t seem right here. He goes to the bathroom and the girl busts in, and he thinks he is going to get lucky. What does he get? A small knife through the brain. She even turned that shit. That was a solid TV kill. She takes the case with the device takes off her wig and calls Margot, telling her that Jack (some American, she says) followed them, almost caught them and Yates was planning to double-cross her. We find out the girl (the 24 Wiki says her name is Simone) is Margot’s daughter. Of course she is, because 24.

So, 24 is back and if you are a hardcore fan, you should have been happy with the return. It felt like it never left. Some people have complained about the obvious stuff we see (they haven’t alluded to it yet, but there HAS to be a mole in the CIA), but at this point, in the ninth season, 24 fans aren’t here for new shit, especially since it has been gone for so long. Just let Jack cook.