Big Brother Canada 2 – Don’t Trust Anyone Who Is Always Positive And Happy (May 2nd)

[10:13:35 AM] Neil: Okay, so, Sabrina and Adel on the block, so we really can’t lose

[10:16:21 AM] Holly: Yep, I’m completely fine with either one of them going home, but it’s a hard decision for the houseguests to make

[10:16:44 AM] Neil: I think it’ll be Sabrina, finally

[10:16:49 AM] Neil: Her luck has run out

[10:17:23 AM] Holly: See, I think the opposite. Heather and Neda are voting, and if they were smart they would get rid of Adel so there is no way Jon will take him to the final two

[10:17:53 AM] Holly: Wanna place a bet? If you’re right, you have to wear pants for the rest of today, International No Pants day

[10:18:11 AM] Neil: Well, I have to go to work in the rain

[10:18:19 AM] Neil: So I have to wear pants today, sadly

[10:18:34 AM] Holly: Oh well, that doesn’t work, and Im too lazy to come up with anything else

[10:18:37 AM] Neil: Haha

[10:18:43 AM] Holly: So if you’re ready, let’s hit play on this show

[10:19:00 AM] Neil: I am good to go

[10:19:09 AM] Holly: NOW

[10:19:23 AM] Neil: Fucking advertisement, haha

[10:19:33 AM] Holly: Right off the bat? Not me

[10:19:38 AM] Neil: I have two

[10:20:01 AM] Holly: Slice website gotta get that money

[10:20:10 AM] Neil: On to the show

[10:20:30 AM] Holly: Shoutout to that baby outift

[10:20:38 AM] Neil: That was pretty good

[10:20:49 AM] Neil: I’d pee myself at least four times just to see what it’s like

[10:21:06 AM] Holly: I wonder if it’s a real diaper

[10:21:29 AM] Neil: Neda looks so evil haha

[10:22:14 AM] Holly: I love Neda, especially after watching her meeting with her sister last episode. She was more concerned with how she looked on TV and how cute her sister’s skirt was than actually seeing her sister

[10:22:25 AM] Holly: Priorities, she’s got them

[10:23:47 AM] Neil: Yep, first thing she says

[10:24:02 AM] Holly: Did they just do the Hitler wave?

[10:24:04 AM] Neil: Jon, fuck off, you could have sent up Neda

[10:24:28 AM] Neil: DAT’S RACES

[10:34:39 AM] Neil: 44:13 is the runtime

[10:34:49 AM] Holly: Oh there are commercials, see those little arrows

[10:34:55 AM] Holly: Along the stream line?


[10:35:02 AM] Holly: Every arrow is two commercials

[10:35:15 AM] Neil: GET DAT MONEY, SLICE

[10:35:55 AM] Holly: Man, Sabrina is THE WORST player

[10:36:09 AM] Holly: “Ok, I would like to campaign” man, just shut the hell up

[10:36:30 AM] Neil: I’d be like, alright, one strike gone

[10:36:47 AM] Neil: Haha Jon: she’s nuts

[10:36:58 AM] Holly: She really is though

[10:37:23 AM] Holly: I can’t believe she doesn’t see that the reason they are keeping her is because she’s terrible at comps and easy to beat

[10:38:09 AM] Neil: That is the only reason why she has gotten away with being there for the last like, five weeks

[10:38:16 AM] Neil: She’s so damn vain tho

[10:38:26 AM] Holly: Sabrina is going without food for a week????

[10:38:36 AM] Holly: This is gon’ be the best week

[10:38:45 AM] Neil: They should have said, “You can’t cry for a week”

[10:38:54 AM] Neil: Fuck it, 24 hours

[10:39:15 AM] Holly: That was a dumb move on her part. She’s gon’ be weak and tired for the HOH

[10:39:44 AM] Holly: And I feel for Neda. If someone told me I couldn’t have makeup and hair products for a week I would stab them

[10:40:18 AM] Neil: Come on, dogg, you know she could have eaten a giant dinner while drinking Red Bull and doing cocaine and she still wouldn’t be able to win a comp

[10:40:43 AM] Holly: Hahahaha

[10:40:45 AM] Holly: Very very true

[10:40:49 AM] Neil: All of her personal belongings?

[10:40:56 AM] Neil: Neda gon’ be nekkid?

[10:41:05 AM] Neil: *watches intently*

[10:41:23 AM] Holly: I’m pretty sure since the show is on TV that they will give her at least one outfit


[10:41:52 AM] Holly: I’m just throwing this out there, and you can do what you will with it

[10:42:04 AM] Holly: Adel is more annoying to me than Sabrina

[10:42:30 AM] Holly: Also, Sabrina and Adel are gon’ bang after the show

[10:42:39 AM] Holly: Talmabout getting naked next to each other

[10:42:50 AM] Neil: Some solid hate-fucking will go down when they get in the jury house

[10:43:08 AM] Holly: I would put money on it

[10:43:15 AM] Neil: As for annoying?

[10:43:15 AM] Neil: Um

[10:43:22 AM] Neil: That’s a tough call

[10:43:32 AM] Neil: I’d say Sabrina, but it’s like, 52/48

[10:43:41 AM] Holly: Sabrina is pathetic annoying. Adel is loud and cocky annoying

[10:44:10 AM] Holly: Hey Adel, ain’t nothing wrong with spending your money on drinking and going out. Don’t hate

[10:44:13 AM] Neil: Them fucking would be like, a big ol’ Godzilla of annoyance

[10:44:21 AM] Neil: And sweat

[10:44:24 AM] Holly: Imagine the noises coming from that bedroom

[10:44:34 AM] Neil: Well, there goes my day

[10:44:39 AM] Holly: And the sex stank wafting through the house

[10:44:45 AM] Neil: SO MUCH WAFTING

[10:44:56 AM] Holly: Poor Allison and Arlie

[10:45:15 AM] Neil: I was talking to someone at work last night

[10:45:24 AM] Neil: We’re pretty sure they banged the first night

[10:45:41 AM] Holly: Who, Allison and Arlie?

[10:45:44 AM] Neil: Yep

[10:45:49 AM] Holly: Or Sabrina and Adel

[10:45:55 AM] Holly: Oh, reeeeaaallly

[10:46:09 AM] Neil: Why not?

[10:46:14 AM] Neil: You’re there

[10:46:16 AM] Neil: No more stress

[10:46:20 AM] Holly: Yeah, that’s true

[10:46:23 AM] Neil: A buncha food and booze

[10:46:26 AM] Neil: Get it poppin’

[10:46:38 AM] Holly: Ugh, Sabrina

[10:46:57 AM] Neil: Neda ironing her hair on the board haha

[10:46:57 AM] Holly: If you have to say “I 100% mean it, it’s true”, it’s not true

[10:50:14 AM] Neil: Heather lookin’ at Sabrina like, “bitch, if you don’t get the fuck on”

[10:50:21 AM] Holly: Heathers DR session is hilarious over this

[10:50:27 AM] Neil: I love her so much

[10:57:15 AM] Holly: I’m so glad that everyone in the house is on the same page with Sabrina’s insufferableness

[11:00:50 AM] Holly: I give these people props tho, if I was in that house I would lose it on Sabrina. I would literally ruin my gameplay because I wouldn’t be able to hold it in and end up telling her off

[11:01:01 AM] Neil: Absolutely

[11:01:05 AM] Holly: THAT NEDA SIDE EYE THO

[11:01:28 AM] Neil: We need that gif, innanetz

[11:02:08 AM] Holly: Oh god here comes the Adel show

[11:02:15 AM] Holly: Doing a buncha stupid shit that I don’t care about

[11:02:40 AM] Neil: I’d laugh if he slept through the eviction ceremony

[11:02:57 AM] Holly: He only has to stay up for 36 hours. That ain’t shit

[11:03:17 AM] Holly: I don’t find him funny or entertaining at all

[11:03:31 AM] Neil: I did when there were like, 247 people in the house

[11:03:50 AM] Neil: But now that are less people

[11:03:52 AM] Holly: What is this Wallah shit?

[11:03:59 AM] Holly: Did I miss something?

[11:04:01 AM] Neil: It’s something religious, i think

[11:04:08 AM] Neil: I’m not touching that haha

[11:04:15 AM] Holly: “Wallah Bro” is NOT something religious

[11:04:35 AM] Holly: Maybe Wallah is, but all these shirts and hats that say “Wallah Bro”

[11:04:40 AM] Holly: I don’t get it

[11:04:49 AM] Neil: Oh, that’s some shit he and his boys think is cool, I bet

[11:05:06 AM] Neil: I bet the whole crew got ‘em

[11:05:18 AM] Holly: Oh, Urban Dictionary describes it as meaning “I swear to God, brother”

[11:05:25 AM] Neil: Well then

[11:05:55 AM] Holly: OMG, STFU with this hockey dream

[11:05:57 AM] Neil: Jesus, how long does Jon have to have this diaper on?

[11:06:20 AM] Holly: You and 95% of Canadian men have the dream to be a professional hockey player, who cares

[11:06:27 AM] Holly: Until after the eviction

[11:06:33 AM] Neil: Ohhhhhhhhh

[11:07:26 AM] Holly: This eviction is gon’ be JUICY

[11:07:29 AM] Neil: Oh lawd

[11:07:32 AM] Neil: Here comes the piano

[11:07:56 AM] Holly: Neda wants Sab to stay, Jon wants Adel to stay, here’s where we find out who has the most power

[11:08:01 AM] Neil: Yep

[11:08:12 AM] Neil: Yhey hit those raindrops on the window, tho

[11:08:20 AM] Holly: Oh god, the alliance break up music they are playing

[11:08:47 AM] Holly: They are filming this like it’s a rom-com

[11:08:57 AM] Neil: I know, right?

[11:09:44 AM] Neil: i forgot we were the seventh jury member

[11:10:04 AM] Holly: Thats why Adel has to go before final two

[11:10:10 AM] Neil: Yep

[11:10:22 AM] Holly: Oh you may be right! Arlie and Allison are looking kinda close

[11:10:24 AM] Neil: Oh yeah, Arlie hit that

[11:10:31 AM] Holly: Definitely hit that

[11:10:47 AM] Holly: Allison looks like the type of girl to put out after seven drinks

[11:10:55 AM] Holly: And you know she had seven drinks that first night

[11:11:02 AM] Neil: He rubbed those feet

[11:11:15 AM] Neil: Okay, Arlie, listen

[11:11:19 AM] Neil: Fuck the $100,000

[11:11:22 AM] Neil: New mission

[11:11:24 AM] Neil: THREESOME

[11:11:44 AM] Holly: Rachelle is ratchet, Allison is a goddamn drunk, YES, that happened too

[11:11:59 AM] Holly: You hear that, Peter? Rachelle and Allison probably banged and you missed it

[11:12:21 AM] Neil: haha

[11:12:56 AM] Holly: Allison, quit pretending like you know what’s going on in that house, you haven’t the whole time

[11:13:18 AM] Holly: talking like she knows what everyone in the house should be doing…get outta here

[11:13:32 AM] Neil: Basically

[11:13:52 AM] Holly: I really don’t know what’s gonna happen right now!


[11:14:18 AM] Neil: The fuck?

[11:14:35 AM] Neil: That is a solid onesie tho

[11:14:46 AM] Holly: ADEL

[11:14:48 AM] Neil: A garbage bag haha

[11:14:53 AM] Holly: Man, Jon is gonna be pisssssssed

[11:15:00 AM] Neil: Motherfucker

[11:15:06 AM] Neil: She stays in the fucking game

[11:15:09 AM] Holly: They really didn’t give her clothes!

[11:15:48 AM] Neil: Sabrina has like, 978 lives

[11:16:24 AM] Holly: Nah, she’s just being used because she can’t win comps

[11:16:44 AM] Holly: You might as well consider the house at final three now. Sabrina just doesn’t count

[11:17:10 AM] Neil: But I now wouldn’t be surprised if she got to the final two

[11:17:16 AM] Neil: BECAUSE FUCKERY

[11:17:56 AM] Holly: She would have to win two out of three parts of the final HOH comp to go to final two. I really REALLY can’t see that happening

[11:18:26 AM] Holly: I don’t think anyone will take her to final two. She has got Allison, Rachelle and probably Arlie’s vote. Its too risky

[11:18:57 AM] Neil: I can see that

[11:20:31 AM] Neil: I will give Adel one thing tho

[11:20:36 AM] Neil: He is painfully positive

[11:20:44 AM] Neil: That isn’t necessarily bad

[11:20:50 AM] Neil: But I’m not about that life

[11:21:08 AM] Holly: That might be one of the reasons I find him annoying

[11:21:19 AM] Holly: I don’t trust anyone who is always positive and happy.

[11:21:24 AM] Neil: Not at all

[11:21:40 AM] Neil: That is now in the running for this entry’s title

[11:22:30 AM] Holly: If Sabrina wins this HOH I will cry #sabrinatears

[11:24:52 AM] Neil: TEAM HEATHER

[11:25:01 AM] Holly: I want Neda to win

[11:25:31 AM] Neil: Fuck

[11:25:36 AM] Holly: I never know the answers to these questions, even though we watch religiously

[11:25:46 AM] Neil: I wouldn’t remember these in the slightest

[11:25:51 AM] Holly: Oh god Oh god Oh god

[11:26:09 AM] Holly: I’m legit nervous

[11:26:26 AM] Neil: MOTHERFUCKERS

[11:26:40 AM] Holly: Oh for fucks sake

[11:26:53 AM] Holly: Want me to find out who won?

[11:26:57 AM] Neil: Um

[11:27:27 AM] Holly: Rachel Reilly is gon be on the show Sunday? NOAP

[11:27:32 AM] Neil: I wanna know, but I don’t

[11:27:45 AM] Neil: Rachel Rachel?

[11:27:48 AM] Holly: yeah


[11:28:02 AM] Holly: ok, I know who won HOH.


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