24: Live Another Day – 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET (Ep.2)

I absolutely didn’t know there was a second hour to the premiere of 24: Live Another Day until I was writing the recap for the first one. So yeah, let’s go…..

-We pick back up with goth Chloe walking the streets while the CIA tries to pick up the pieces from the explosion that went down in their office. Kate gets a phone that was taken off Chloe when she was picked up and calls a contact in the British police force. I’ve seen this guy before, I’m sure it’ll come to me eventually, if you know, help me out. Anyway, she blackmails him to get the numbers she needs as he has been working for the CIA for three years. Kate is pretty good, man. She will definitely be working with Jack at some point.

-Ritter is still so damn mad about Kate working on this case as she is taking his shine. Well, bruh, if you weren’t busy getting choked by a dude in handcuffs, maybe she wouldn’t be here right now. Navarro isn’t buying it and tells him to do his job. It’s so weird watching this dude be whiny if you know anything about The Wire.

-Chloe makes her way to her hideout, where we find out she has become a “hacktivist”, which I don’t even like writing because it is a stupid buzzword, but it is what it is. She works for Adrian Cross, who tries to get his merry band of hackers to pack up and leave because, well, Jack friggin’ Bauer knows where they are and he knows that name.

-You know what needs to happen? A frown-off between Chloe and Don Draper. The world would shake.

-Right on cue, Jack busts through the door and starts yelling about Derek Yates, who he believes is the one behind the plot on the President’s life. Adrian starts talking about his organization’s credibility, but for all he says he knows about Jack, he doesn’t realize that Jack gives not one single, solitary fuck about his credibility, he also has a gun and he will get the information he wants one way or another. Chloe knows this and is like, alright, we’ll help, all you had to do was ask me, damn.

-Jack is aided in this ambush by Belcheck, who helped Jack break Chloe out and we learn was in the Serbian mob, I can’t wait to hear about how he met Jack. I’m sure that is great.

-I gotta say, Jack looks impressed with Chloe ordering around the hacker crew. He didn’t know she had that in her. I think that is a look of being impressed. Jack doesn’t have many expressions.

-We find out that Derek Yates is holed up in some apartment with a gang of drugs, and he was the guy at the end of the first hour saying, “it’s done”. We find out he is joined by some blond girl who just wants to have the sex. Who was he talking to? Catelyn Stark, y’all! You might know Michelle Fairley from other stuff, but most probably know her from Game Of Thrones (although I see here she was also on Suits, another show I have to watch, apparently). He set up Tanner for the drone hit for Margot, although I’m going to have a helluva time not calling her Catelyn Stark. She sets up the drop to pay him.

-Tanner gets asked a bunch of questions by Capt. Greg Denovo, who it seems was his friend before all this went down.It doesn’t look good for the homie; Yates did a really good job of making sure all his info-planting bases were covered. It also doesn’t look good that Tanner had JUST gotten his weekend pass to see his wife revoked, so there is motive. The captain doesn’t believe him at all.

-The President (it’s William Devane, you’ve seen him in everything) and Audrey are speaking with the British Prime Minister (Stephen Fry, who I know from the British Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but he has been in a bunch of stuff). Heller steps away and gets word of the drone attack (which is in Afghanistan), and two of the dead are British, so that is going to throw a wrench into getting this base finished. Heller wants to tell the PM himself, but he gets word from his people and gives the President a “You motherfuckers” look, although I’m sure it would have been more eloquent coming from a Brit.

-Mark, the Chief Of Staff, then gets word from Navarro that Jack escaped and took Chloe with him. Navarro says that was his goal, but Mark is pressed to pin the assassination plot on Jack and threatens Navarro’s career. This guy is an asshole. You gon’ get found out, bruh.

-The hacker crew is gettin’ their work on, and Chloe is trying to talk to Jack about what he has been doing, which he isn’t having. Chloe wants to know why Jack is doing this for a government that screwed him (them, really) over, and Jack thinks he owes Heller, which Chloe deduces to Audrey. Jack always thinks he owes someone, which often gets him into trouble. Chloe goes right back at him, which Jack needs. I think I’ve missed her more than Jack.

-While looking for Yates, a hacker that kinda looks like Lily Allen stumbles upon the drone attack, which they instantly attribute to Yates. Cross finds out where Yates is and gives Jack the address. But Chloe goes with him because Jack is going to need communications help. Just like old times, my friends. Shit is like A Tribe Called Quest getting back together.

-Heller wants to talk to the British parliament and police and hand over Tanner to them for interrogation. Mark thinks that isn’t a good idea. Heller says something about apologizing from the heart and Mark is like, “ain’t no one tryna hear that shit”. He then says Heller isn’t at the top of his game, which seals it: Heller is now doing this to prove a point. Great. That always works out. Mark wants Audrey to talk to him, but Audrey wants to give her father a chance, doing a debate prep session.

-Yates and his girl watch the drone attack on TV, and he tells her they’re going to kill the President with them. He wasn’t supposed to say all this stuff to her, which means he gotta die. Heroin is a helluva drug.

-Kate tells Navarro she knows where Jack and Chloe are, which is where Yates is, so shit is about to go down.

-Tanner is being transported to London, while the debate prep session begins and everything is going well for Heller, but he makes a mistake about the number of soldiers killed and Mark starts going IN on him, much like those in the British parliament would. Audrey yells at him to stop, while Mark is getting off on this, it seems. Dude’s evil comes out in this scene; he is no Stamper from House Of Cards, that’s for sure. Heller is like, “fuck this, I’m the President, I’m out, and oh yeah, here is dude’s name, he was a married father of three, eat a dick”. Audrey walks out on Mark, and I may have clapped.

-Back to the Yates apartment, and Jack makes his way through the building with Chloe’s help. This shit is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 24. I love it.

-The guys protecting Yates notice on their cameras that one of their men is hanging from something. Well done, Jack, well done. He gets to the unit where Yates is and confronts the men, and hits them with a deal for their lives: “Look, I can tell you consider yourself a pretty intimidating group. You probably think I’m at a disadvantage. I promise you, I’m not. Give me Derek Yates and I’ll give you the opportunity to walk out of here unharmed. I suggest you take it.”. That was on some Taken shit. See, I know I’m not about that life because if someone said that to me, I’d be like, “yeah, dude is RIGHT in there, second door on the right”.

-Of course, the dudes don’t take it and inevitably get their ass kicked, faces and necks slashed, shot in the chest, all kinds of shit, because MUFUCKAS DON’T LISTEN. Yates hears this, packs up his shit and peaces out through a window. Jack just misses him (of course) and starts to follow. Yates and the girl walk RIGHT BY Kate, Ritter and the police (who just miss Chloe, of course), even telling them that Jack is upstairs with a gun and he is crazy. I have no idea how 24 has gotten away with making police look inept for eight-plus seasons, but shit is kinda funny. Dexter did the same thing for Miami police. I’d be so pissed.

-Kate and ’em trap Jack, who offers to surrender if they just go after Yates, but then he is shot (less than two hours? That didn’t take long) by one of the dudes from upstairs and a firefight ensues, allowing Jack to escape to the basement, so naturally, Kate follows him. Jack snatches her up and tries to tell her about the plot to kill the President, why he has been tracking Yates, etc. She tries to fight back and catches a headbutt for her troubles, but at least Jack planted the seed in her head. He breaks out of the basement and Chloe is waiting with a car that she hotwired and stole. Again, Jack is impressed. She asked Jack what he has been doing for four years; Chloe, what have YOU been up to? I fucks with it, whatever it is.

-Jack did manage to get a USB drive from Yates’ room, and Chloe finds drone designs to confirm their suspicions, but Yates built in a self-destruction program and she can only save a little of it.


-We wrap up with Yates and his girl at some random bar, hiding out, and he says he is looking for a new buyer for his work, calling Margot a devious bitch. Something doesn’t seem right here. He goes to the bathroom and the girl busts in, and he thinks he is going to get lucky. What does he get? A small knife through the brain. She even turned that shit. That was a solid TV kill. She takes the case with the device takes off her wig and calls Margot, telling her that Jack (some American, she says) followed them, almost caught them and Yates was planning to double-cross her. We find out the girl (the 24 Wiki says her name is Simone) is Margot’s daughter. Of course she is, because 24.

So, 24 is back and if you are a hardcore fan, you should have been happy with the return. It felt like it never left. Some people have complained about the obvious stuff we see (they haven’t alluded to it yet, but there HAS to be a mole in the CIA), but at this point, in the ninth season, 24 fans aren’t here for new shit, especially since it has been gone for so long. Just let Jack cook.


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