Big Brother Canada – If She Wins The Game, I’m Moving To Mexico (May 7th)

[8:50:57 PM] Holly: We never used that “RIP Rachelle” pic I made

[8:51:51 PM] Neil: I’ll put it in this one, since it’ll be our last one of the season

[8:53:12 PM] Neil: Maybe put “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” under it or some shit

Rachelle RIP

[8:55:47 PM] Holly: Before we get started

[8:55:51 PM] Holly: Here is why BB UK is awesome

[8:55:53 PM] Holly:

[8:56:45 PM] Neil: OH WORD?

[8:56:57 PM] Holly: Yeah dude

[8:56:58 PM] Holly: Yeah

[8:57:11 PM] Neil: This is friggin’ nuts

[8:57:28 PM] Neil: This is quasi blue nuit shit

[8:58:56 PM] Neil: So what is going on?

[8:59:05 PM] Neil: I feel like I haven’t watched in like, two weeks

[8:59:36 PM] Holly: Me too actually, I think because Sunday’s episode was so boring it feels like it’s been a while

[8:59:50 PM] Neil: I didn’t even bother to watch it

[9:00:17 PM] Neil: I meant to, but with all the other shows I’ve been watching, shit got lost in the shuffle

[9:00:24 PM] Holly: It was just a bunch of montage clips from the season and a houseguest dinner where Sabrina cried a bunch

[9:00:27 PM] Neil: Eviction episode!

[9:00:40 PM] Neil: So I would have been hammered then

[9:00:51 PM] Holly: Yeah definitely

[9:01:28 PM] Holly: I’m just crossing my fingers that Sabrina doesn’t win part 1 or 2 of the final HOH comp

[9:01:45 PM] Neil: Haha, Sabrina was partyin’ when she won

[9:01:46 PM] Holly: Who do you think will go home?

[9:02:01 PM] Neil: Jon

[9:02:10 PM] Neil: I think Heather wins POV

[9:02:34 PM] Holly: Haha Sabrina thinks she’s making an impact this week. What she doesn’t realize is that one of the 3 of them was going home whether she won hoh or not

[9:02:54 PM] Holly: its always been the plan to take her to final 3, amongst all the final two deals in the house

[9:03:18 PM] Holly: I think the opposite you think. Let’s keep it interesting

[9:03:34 PM] Neil: That is fair

[9:03:48 PM] Holly: Um

[9:03:58 PM] Holly: Why is Neda dressed like she’s going square dancing?

[9:04:02 PM] Neil: Why is Neda dressed like Little Bo Peep?

[9:04:08 PM] Neil: Haha

[9:04:09 PM] Holly: Haha

[9:04:18 PM] Holly: Oh she has no clothes!

[9:04:32 PM] Holly: So she’s basically wearing costumes from the veto comps

[9:04:33 PM] Neil: Oh riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

[9:05:04 PM] Holly: It’s a good think shes cute and can pull that off.

[9:05:12 PM] Holly: Imagine if Jon had to do that? haha

[9:05:13 PM] Neil: Absolutely

[9:05:28 PM] Neil: No one needs to see that

[9:05:41 PM] Neil: Y’all shoulda got her out

[9:05:52 PM] Neil: So many chances

[9:06:04 PM] Holly: Ya know what?

[9:06:11 PM] Holly: I think Neda might go tonight

[9:07:05 PM] Holly: I love how every year, everyone has a final two deal with everyone else

[9:07:13 PM] Holly: So redundant

[9:07:18 PM] Neil: Yep

[9:07:27 PM] Neil: Everyone lying

[9:07:43 PM] Neil: So does everyone play in this?

[9:07:44 PM] Holly: Jon just summed it up

[9:07:53 PM] Holly: The veto? Yep

[9:08:10 PM] Neil: I love Heather

[9:08:33 PM] Neil: Oh we’re on some girl power shit now?

[9:08:48 PM] Neil: Mufuckas gon’ start singing “Wannabe” and shit?

[9:08:57 PM] Holly: Yeah Neda! Screw that all-girls alliance

[9:09:04 PM] Holly: Girls are a pain in the ass

[9:09:37 PM] Neil: Sabrina might get to second and win something

[9:09:41 PM] Neil: Actually

[9:09:47 PM] Neil: Jury votes

[9:09:58 PM] Neil: To be honest, she only has one

[9:10:05 PM] Holly: I reeeeally dont think anyone is stupid enough to take her to final two

[9:10:27 PM] Holly: Rachelle, Arlie and Allison will vote for Sabrina

[9:10:40 PM] Holly: And I don’t feel safe that Canada wouldn’t vote for her

[9:11:00 PM] Holly: If she wins the game, I’m moving to Mexico

[9:11:12 PM] Neil: Haha

[9:11:19 PM] Neil: Burning the flag and shit

[9:13:06 PM] Neil: Fuck, I want Jon to win now

[9:13:20 PM] Neil: I want him or Heather to win it all

[9:14:02 PM] Holly: I think it would be great if Heather won it. She really didn’t have anyone to help her through until recently

[9:14:20 PM] Neil: NOAP

[9:14:27 PM] Neil: Fought through that shit like a G

[9:14:52 PM] Holly: MARSHA

[9:15:24 PM] Neil: She hasn’t been around a lot this year, which I’m good with

[9:15:52 PM] Holly: She’s only funny if she’s dealing with a funny houseguest

[9:16:08 PM] Neil: Why is she dressed like a drag queen?

[9:16:23 PM] Holly: Who, Marsha?

[9:16:29 PM] Neil: And why is Heather a big squirrel?

[9:16:31 PM] Holly: They are all dressed in weird costumes

[9:16:38 PM] Holly: The hell is going on?

[9:16:49 PM] Neil: Maybe solidarity for Neda?

[9:17:07 PM] Neil: If there is one thing about this group, they do seem like they genuinely like each other

[9:17:41 PM] Holly: Hahaha Sabrina never gets anything right

[9:17:49 PM] Holly: How she won that HOH comp is beyond me

[9:18:19 PM] Holly: No showering for the rest of the season?? EASY

[9:18:43 PM] Neil: Not a problem

[9:19:04 PM] Holly: Ok, Heather just made a huge mistake

[9:19:13 PM] Neil: What the shit is she doing?

[9:19:26 PM] Holly: I would wear that squirrel costume every day for 100 grand

[9:19:27 PM] Neil: what she just said doesn’t make sense

[9:19:47 PM] Neil: I would wear it for a month for $14

[9:20:04 PM] Holly: Throw in a slice of cake and I’m in

[9:20:16 PM] Holly: Neda making sperm jokes

[9:20:38 PM] Neil: What is heather doing?

[9:20:40 PM] Neil: I’m so confused

[9:21:04 PM] Neil: Jon is on fire

[9:21:26 PM] Holly: Yeah see, Heather shoulda chose to wear that costume

[9:22:16 PM] Holly: Sabrina won something again?

[9:22:28 PM] Holly: What world are we living in?

[9:22:30 PM] Neil: Steroids

[9:23:18 PM] Neil: Stampede again?

[9:23:24 PM] Neil: The fuck?

[9:23:32 PM] Holly: Lolololol

[9:23:39 PM] Neil: HAHAHHAHHA

[9:23:53 PM] Holly: Jon is gonna have nightmares about stamps for the rest of his life

[9:24:09 PM] Neil: I would never mail a letter again

[9:24:30 PM] Neil: I love how Neda tried to touch him and he was all, if you don’t get the fuck on

[9:25:11 PM] Holly: He means business

[9:27:38 PM] Neil: I want him to win now because they’re ganging up on him

[9:28:49 PM] Holly: I would die if he won it and voted Neda out

[9:30:25 PM] Holly: One more question!

[9:30:40 PM] Holly: It was him, wasn’t it?

[9:31:00 PM] Neil: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

[9:31:06 PM] Holly: Oh see, I was wrong, I would suck at those trivia questions

[9:31:11 PM] Neil: Go get ‘em, newf

[9:31:22 PM] Neil: I would be awful at trivia

[9:32:04 PM] Neil: He better not take her

[9:32:15 PM] Holly: Awwwwe, this might very well be the end of Heather

[9:32:37 PM] Neil: It looks like it

[9:32:42 PM] Neil: She’s gon cry

[9:33:06 PM] Neil: I don’t even wanna watch this

[9:33:12 PM] Holly: Ya know. I hate to say this

[9:33:39 PM] Holly: But if Neda wants to win she needs to take Sabrina to final two

[9:33:45 PM] Neil: Yep

[9:34:05 PM] Neil: I honestly don’t think Sabrina has more than one vote

[9:34:18 PM] Neil: Arlie knows the game is the game

[9:34:20 PM] Holly: Allison and Rachelle definitely

[9:34:29 PM] Neil: Okay, I will give you that

[9:34:32 PM] Neil: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

[9:34:37 PM] Neil: I hate this

[9:34:41 PM] Neil: At least he told her tho

[9:35:03 PM] Holly: Yeah this sucks

[9:35:06 PM] Holly: Poor Heather

[9:35:25 PM] Neil: I just wanna give her a hug

[9:35:36 PM] Neil: And maybe the D

[9:35:38 PM] Holly: You just wanna smush your face in her tittays

[9:36:10 PM] Neil: I’d be at least holding kleenex to her face while doing so

[9:36:12 PM] Neil: But yes

[9:36:30 PM] Neil: That was sad, holy crap

[9:37:12 PM] Holly: Don’t start crying over there

[9:37:14 PM] Holly: Man up!

[9:37:28 PM] Neil: IT’S DUST

[9:37:30 PM] Neil: I mean

[9:37:33 PM] Neil: What?

[9:38:47 PM] Holly: Just wipe your dress on your dress and keep it moving

[9:39:02 PM] Neil: Done

[9:39:34 PM] Neil: Ya know what grinds my gears?

[9:39:43 PM] Neil: Arisa wearing 19-inch heels

[9:39:55 PM] Neil: She already looks like she is tall

[9:40:02 PM] Neil: Help a short brotha out

[9:40:13 PM] Holly: They ain’t comfortable ether

[9:40:21 PM] Neil: They don’t look it

[9:40:40 PM] Neil: With her hair and those heels, she’s what, 6’6″?

[9:40:46 PM] Neil: Damn

[9:41:02 PM] Neil: Why is Neda even talking

[9:41:07 PM] Neil: You’re not going home

[9:42:40 PM] Neil: That speech by jon ain’t need to be that long

[9:42:55 PM] Holly: Well it is only 10:42, they gotta get some filler in there

[9:43:06 PM] Neil: This is true

[9:43:28 PM] Neil: he better have at least shown her the tip last night

[9:43:42 PM] Holly: You know Heather in her head is dreaming of punching Sabrina right in her forehead

[9:43:57 PM] Neil: yep

[9:44:15 PM] Holly: So side note: The veto was played on Saturday

[9:44:22 PM] Holly: Jon hasn’t showered since then

[9:44:49 PM] Neil: That’s pretty ripe

[9:45:33 PM] Holly: Three HOH comps to play…. nervous sweats during the jury house asking questions… out on that stage under those hot lights

[9:45:51 PM] Neil: Wearing tight ass pants

[9:45:53 PM] Neil: Yeah

[9:45:59 PM] Neil: Shit is frowsy, b

[9:47:25 PM] Neil: So will they have an HOH tonight?

[9:49:06 PM] Holly: I think they will start the endurance comp tonight

[9:49:26 PM] Neil: That sounds right

[9:49:30 PM] Holly: Oh this music

[9:49:38 PM] Neil: DAT PIANO THO

[9:49:57 PM] Neil: I wanna take her out for poutine and a slurpie

[9:50:22 PM] Holly: Her boyfriend is cute

[9:50:50 PM] Holly: I’ll divert him while you take her to McDonald’s for a happy meal

[9:51:00 PM] Neil: Done

[9:51:24 PM] Holly: Uh

[9:51:37 PM] Holly: Oh she’s telling them about Canada

[9:51:45 PM] Neil: That’s not really a big twist

[9:52:01 PM] Neil: Hahahha they didn’t know it was tomorrow

[9:52:27 PM] Holly: See, that’s why JoNeda might decide to take Sabrina to final two instead of each other

[9:52:34 PM] Neil: Oh wait, they’re talking to us tonight?

[9:52:35 PM] Holly: Because Canada won’t vote for her

[9:52:40 PM] Neil: Not at all

[9:52:40 PM] Holly: Yeah

[9:52:44 PM] Neil: Well shit

[9:53:00 PM] Neil: And you are right

[9:53:07 PM] Neil: They absolutely will

[9:53:24 PM] Holly: But then Sabrina wins the second-place money, and the other person gets shit

[9:53:37 PM] Neil: Meanwhile, Sabrina gon’ take that 20 Gs to Saint Hubert’s or some shit

[9:53:56 PM] Holly: I don’t know, if it were me, I would rather the person I worked with the whole way possibly beat me, then have some pain in my ass all season get that money

[9:54:37 PM] Neil: So, if you and I were Jon and Neda, you’d take me and not Sabrina

[9:54:43 PM] Neil: Be honest

[9:54:46 PM] Holly: Definitely

[9:54:49 PM] Holly: 100%

[9:55:07 PM] Holly: I would be thinking of it more along who deserves anything, not just that I want to win

[9:55:23 PM] Neil: You just hit me with that slo-mo smush for being selfish

[9:55:45 PM] Holly: And that’s pretty big, because I am as selfish as they come

[9:56:01 PM] Neil: Well

[9:56:02 PM] Neil: Shit

[9:56:13 PM] Neil: I want a redo of this question haha

[9:56:22 PM] Holly: Plus, I’m cuter and would probably get more of that after BB cash

[9:56:41 PM] Neil: There ya go, that’s the Holly i know

[9:56:45 PM] Holly: You know, night club appearances and whatnot

[9:56:58 PM] Holly: OH THIS MUSIC

[9:57:18 PM] Neil: Can I apply to be the music director next season?

[9:57:20 PM] Holly: What is Sabrina doing with her hands?

[9:57:26 PM] Holly: I was JUST about to say the same thing

[9:57:29 PM] Neil: I’d play godzilla music behind her

[9:57:43 PM] Neil: Okay, Neda isn’t getting my vote

[9:57:52 PM] Neil: Voting for Jon, fuck it

[9:58:14 PM] Holly: Neda is awesome

[9:58:26 PM] Holly: What? Neda was funny

[9:58:34 PM] Holly: Why you gotta hate on her b?

[9:58:45 PM] Neil: She just grinds my gears

[9:59:02 PM] Holly: Jon’s speech is grinding my gears

[9:59:14 PM] Holly: Just spouting off his wins

[9:59:35 PM] Neil: The beginning and end of Neda’s speech made me wanna throw my drink off the balcony

[9:59:50 PM] Neil: I don’t even remember what she said in the middle

[9:59:55 PM] Neil: and she got a long face

[10:00:21 PM] Holly: She said Neil is a fart face, and everyone should mail him their poop

[10:01:18 PM] Holly: Alright, my TV just changed to Alan Thicke working out and I’m taking that as a cue to go to bed

[10:01:39 PM] Neil: Copy that, we’ll chat tomorrow about a possible finale plan

[10:01:43 PM] Neil: You suck

[10:02:07 PM] Holly: Last word getting’ mufucka



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