24: Live Another Day – 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET (Ep.3)

24 returned as the show we all loved (and eventually learned to tolerate near the end of it), and it continues in the third episode of Live Another Day. It was definitely a little slower than the premiere, but there can’t be explosions and crazy gun battles every week, but we get a little action. Let’s go….

-Jack and Chloe are tracking Yates and Simone, or better yet, Simone after she stabbed the entire shit outta Yates’ head, which Jack learns when he finds his body in the pub. He then gathers that she did it, and with Chloe’s help, they find out she is on the train (the tube, as the British say). Man, I’ve missed the hell outta Jack and Chloe working together. And we get an early “DAMMIT”, so things are off to a good start.

-Kate and Ritter round up the criminals from the last episode, and Navarro isn’t happy about the shootout in the projects. He orders them to let the guys walk, which they do, except for the ringleader because Kate is a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kinda gal. She also shows some nice technique when she pistol-whips the dude in the back of the head.

-Jack gets on the train and finds Simone, who is like, “who in the fuck IS this guy?”. She creates a diversion by cutting herself with her little trusty knife, smearing blood on her face and yelling that Jack is trying to hurt her. Some poor dude gets in his way and, well, you can imagine how well that works out. But that slows Jack enough for her to get away, and I’m trying to figure out how the tube worker didn’t see her slip into the tunnel. Either way, it’s 24: the hell with logic.

-Chloe loses Simone because she is looking at a family, which reminds her of Morris and her son, which I completely forgot about. Jack is about to go in on her for losing Simone, but then she tells him that Morris and Prescott died when they were hit by a truck and starts to cry, so Jack scales it back a little and gives her a hug. See, he isn’t a complete dick. He knows more than anyone what is like to lose family.

-We switch to Audrey and her Chief of Staff husband, Mark, who is basically telling her that her father ain’t shit and isn’t fit to be the President. He wants her to convince the President to back off addressing the British parliament, who are pissed about the whole drone thing, then he forges Heller’s signature on an order to hand Jack over to the Russians for some old shit he did. He’ll do anything to keep the President and Audrey away from Jack, mostly because he knows Jack WILL get Audrey back, and he might die in in the process; at the very least, get his ass whupped.

-Chloe figures out who Simone is, and then who her mother is, which is a terrorist. Damn, it’s so hard not to refer to Michelle Fairley as Catelyn Stark, but alas, her name is Margot and she has a thing for gardening. She greets Simone upon her return, but she is wary about Jack. Simone’s husband greets her as well, but he isn’t happy about her sleeping with Yates to get what her mother wanted. There is always one family member in 24 that is on some “I don’t know if we should be doing this” shit. Which means he’ll probably die, and his little conversation with Margot solidified that.

-Jack needs a new identity to get to the President and prove that the drone attack was a set-up, which means he needs more tech help, but Adrian Cross is like, “Dude, you got some nerves runnin’ up in my spot with guns and demanding shit”. But he says please and Adrian agrees to it….or does he?

-Kate and Ritter take the bad guy, Basher, to some dudes that he has beef with in order to get the information she needs, which he eventually agrees to. She’s pretty good at what she does, even Ritter has to admit to that. But he wonders how she didn’t know her husband was selling secrets to the Chinese, and she wonders the same thing. So tortured….so right for Jack. She’ll come around.

-A quick look at the U.S. Embassy sees a big-ass protest over the drones, and Tanner being driven into the lion’s den. We don’t spend much time on it, but I assume that’ll be a major part of the next episode.

-Margot expresses her concerns to Simone about being followed and being more careful, while stitching up her leg wound. Margot is NOT to be fucked with, people, not one little bit. Hell, later on, she watches her daughter seduce her husband, because she knows the husband isn’t 100% on board with the cause. Yeah, he is gon’ die.

-Audrey tries to convince Heller that he might not be up to talking to the parliament, but she has to know that he is going to do what he wants to do. He is the President of the United States, dammit. Men in power are going to do what they want. That goes just about how you figure it would.

-Jack gets his credentials and heads to the Embassy, but wouldn’t you know it? Adrian does something to make sure Jack is flagged by security, because he is sick of his shit, and fair enough. But you better make sure he gets caught.

-Heller starts to speak to the parliament, who immediately start yelling him down and asking questions about the drone attack, and like Mark said he would, he gets flustered. Don’t worry, though: he’ll be fine. Next episode, he’ll make some big speech and get the people on his side. I love this show.

-Jack does indeed get flagged by security, but it’s Jack friggin’ Bauer, so you know he is gon’ get away. He steals a guard’s gun after a good knee to the chest, but he is spotted by Kate and the chase is on. Oh yeah, Jack shoots a couple of protests to start some chaos so he can get away, so we have our first innocent bystander getting shot. Again, I love this show.

It was a good plot-building episode of 24: Live Another Day, but I still have questions about how a 24-hour day gets wrapped up in 10-12 episodes. They’ll have to start skipping ahead in time soon, but either way, I’ll be here for it.


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