24: Live Another Day – 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM ET (Ep.5)

You know what? It’s great to have 24 back on the air, because with the other two shows I’m watching, Game of Thrones and Mad Men, there is a lot of thinking to be done. And that is absolutely no slight on Live Another Day, because it is serving its purpose: maximum entertainment with minimal thinking, and good enough acting to carry the writing, which is pretty straightforward. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Let’s go…..

-We resume with the military taking Jack into custody, and Lieutenant Fuckboy wants to put Jack down for shooting his men, but as Kate points out, they weren’t killed because Jack didn’t want to kill them. Can we make a list of every single person that has doubted Jack or wanted him dead? Shit would go for years.

-Kate contacts Chloe, who says she will help Kate get the information she needs from the flight key Jack took from Tanner. Chloe can make anyone a super-hacker, apparently. It doesn’t seem all that difficult.

-Margot (I had to delete “Catelyn Stark” three damn times before getting it right) tries to comfort her daughter, who isn’t really receptive because, you know, her mother just had her damn finger chopped off. Then Margot goes back to the control room to intimidate Simone’s husband some more, and something is up with her son, whose name I think is Ian; he keeps looking at Naveed (the husband) on some shifty shit.

-Chloe and Adrian work together to figure out where the override code for the drones is in the deceased Yates’ program code. I still can’t shake the feeling that something went down between them on a personal level.

-Meanwhile, Kate tells Navarro everything she knows from Jack, and he calls the President to let him know, going over Mark’s head. Mark is an awful Chief of Staff, man. He might lose his job AND his girl when this is all said and done.

-No “dammits” from Jack lately, but the President hits one for the counters. Mark then tells Heller that he is bringing in Jack because he figured the President would like to talk to him directly. Everyone tryna be friends with Jack at some point.

-Navarro tells Kate when she returns to the office that even though she was right and got what she needed from Jack, she still has to leave the force. They are all but pushing her to the side of Bauer, which is never a bad side to be on. Sure, you might be an emotional mess by the end of it and hell, there is a good chance you might die, but hey, you take the good with the bad.

-Margot does an internet video to tell the public why she is about to unleash the drones on London; basically, she wants Heller to give himself up to her for the attack that killed her husband, and she will back off. That is ABSOLUTELY not happening, but she will probably earn some sympathy from more than a few people.

-Adrian is like, “yo, we helped ya boy out, let’s get outta here”, but Chloe isn’t having it. She is in with both feet now, and she hit that frown, like, a double-furrowed frown to let you know she is serious. I saw Mary Lynn Rajskub on Californication a couple weeks ago, and she smiled. It really confused me. I’m not used to seeing her not frowning.

-Naveed asks Margot to go and see Simone upstairs, where he proceeds to her that he put a trace on the video he sent out for Margot, which will get the authorities on her tail. Yeah, way to go, dumbass. I think we just figured out why the brother was looking at him all shadily.

-Audrey goes to see Jack in the room he is being held in, and they have a moment, ooooooooh lawwwwwwd, do they have a moment. How long before he gets the draws? Two hours? It will happen, I guarantee. I honestly have no idea what they were talking about because that is all I was thinking.

-The British Prime Minister shows up to speak to Heller, who tells him about the potential attack on London, but the camera switched to some blond girl beside him as they entered, so she has to be involved somehow. 24 isn’t good at hiding stuff like that. They put it right in front of your face.

-Back at Margot’s crib, the brother is giving Naveed more shady looks. Yeah, he definitely has this figured out now.

-Adrian wants Chloe to leave, but the Serbian cat steps in, so Adrian knows better than to test dude because he is absolutely not about that life. But Adrian tells Chloe that he loves her before leaving, which confirms something went down between them.

-We get footage of Navarro leading a raid at what they think is Margot’s house, but it isn’t Margot’s house. The brother figured out that Naveed put in a tracking code and tells his mother, who proceeds to get dude stomped.

-Kate gets Chloe on the horn again, and Chloe is going to teach her more computer stuff. She should really just be a professor or something, but Chloe would be the worst teacher EVER.

-Everyone is getting footage of this raid going down: the president, Kate at the CIA office, and Chloe. Kate warns Navarro that the drones are coming for them and he manages to get out, but some of his people don’t survive, I think. Yeah, that was bound to happen.

-Naveed is begging for his life with Margot, which is the worst ever because he is trying to moralize with a terrorist, and that probably won’t end well. He even manages to get a glimpse of Simone, who looks at him like, “SEE, I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN”, then Margot shoots him in the head. Son ain’t even get silent clocks. He was the worst.

So, will people FINALLY start to listen to Jack, or at least free him so he can go do his thing? How long before Kate and Jack become a team? When will Audrey throw Mark in the bushes for Jack, and how far will Mark go over the President’s head to prevent that from happening? A solid plot-moving episode of 24: Live Another Day.

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