24: Live Another Day – 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (Ep.6)

We reach the halfway point of 24: Live Another Day at a critical point. I’m still wondering about the time change because there are only six episodes left, but 18 hours in 24 time. Is everyone just gon’ stop and go to sleep for eight hours at some point? Is Jack finally going to get let off the leash? Let’s go…..

-Navarro and Ritter aren’t dead, I didn’t think they were. President Heller and the British PM just figured out it was an ambush, but hindsight is a bitch. The Americans aren’t endearing themselves to their hosts at all, and the British request all the information on the drones, to which the general doesn’t have a choice but to hand them over.

-Heller calls Jack to his office, and it’s about damn time. Meanwhile, the blond British lady, Caroline is her name, tells the PM about Heller’s condition….I knew there was something about her when I first saw her.

-Heller agrees to give Jack full autonomy to do his thing. He calls Navarro to let Jack go and he know he wants Kate working with her. It’s like she is getting promoted to the big leagues, but working with Jack Bauer? You might end up dead, or worse.

-Simone’s brother questions his sister’s devotion to the cause and gets a slap in the face for it. But he has a point because Margot goes straight to Simone, who is watching the boys wrap up Naveed’s body. She didn’t even have a choice in this, and killing Naveed in front of her might have been the worst move Margot has made so far.

-They see that Naveed called his sister to say they were leaving London, and Margot freaks out, ordering Simone to go and find out what she knows. “If she knows stuff, kill her” is the basic idea. If Margot is willing to kill this many people over her husband and a handful of others, and cut off her daughter’s finger, there is no telling what she will do.

-Jack got his artillery….shit is about to go down. Mark goes to visit Jack and tells him to stay away from Audrey. Two things: one, you better get outta Jack’s face because you have no idea who you are messin’ with and two, Jack is busy saving the world (AGAIN), leave that man alone and let him cook.

-Jack then calls Chloe and Belcheck to make a plan, and we switch to the British PM getting a call from Heller, who tells him to hold off on sending the army into the streets right now because Jack has a plan. The British PM knows who Jack is and is pretty skeptical of it all.  Caroline gets in his ear again. I don’t like the cut of her jib.

-Kate meets up with Jack,and he learns about her husband and Kate’s bitterness towards herself for letting it happen. Bitter towards yourself? Jack knows something about that.

-Mark goes to see Audrey about her visiting Jack, and he tells her Jack said he’ll be gone soon. Mark is so damn insecure about this. There are WAY more important things to deal with right now and like Jack said, he’ll either end up dead or in jail at the end of this (50% chance, anyway). Selfish bastard. Ain’t no one tryna worry about you right now.

-Mark gets a call from the Russians, who get an order from Heller to take Jack, the one that Mark forged in Ep.1 or 2. Mark is like, “Slow down, homie, we kinda need him right now”, but the dude wants Jack bad. Mark buys some time and sets up a meeting, but the Russian guy knows something is up. See where being insecure gets you?

– Jack lays out the plan: he needs Kate to be a pawn for Karl Rask, who knows Margot, but the guy wants him dead because Jack tried to pull a fast one on him. Kate might have to get tortured until Jack gets the information he needs. Nothing like some good ol’ 24 torture. The liquid pain with Chloe was just the appetizer. He wants to inject her with something to make her pass out, and she is down with the plan. This chick is fuckin’ nuts: Kate and Jack HAVE to end up together, but I get the feeling one of them will die when this is over.

-The CIA nerd, Jordan, finds some information pertaining to Kate’s husband’s case, and he wants to do more digging, but Navarro puts him off on some “we busy right now” shit. What’s this shit about now? 24 just doesn’t throw this shit out there for no reason.

-Simone meets up with the sister to find out what she knows, and her niece comes to give her a hug. Her conscience is getting destroyed right now.

-The British PM and Caroline, via surveillance, find Jack and they see him putting a passed-out Kate in the trunk, so instead of telling the Americans, they decide to handle it themselves. This won’t end well. The Americans are doing a good enough job of screwing it up already, do you really need more cooks in the kitchen?

-Jack gets to Rask, who is out $200,000 and one of his men, who Jack concocts a story about being a rat (it was really Jack) and takes some lumps for it. They get Kate out of the trunk, but they have something to counter the drug Jack stuck her with. How convenient….fuck did Jack get Kate into? We learn Belcheck has tracked them and is pointing a sniper rifle at them.

-Simone tells Margot that Naveed’s sister doesn’t know anything, but Margot is like “Fuck that, kill them all, everyone”. Margot does not give a third of a fuck about anyone. Simone gets a dinner invite, so shit is about to go down.

-Speaking of, Kate gets woken and chained up, and they want to know what she told their guy (Jack’s story) to make him snitch. We see the tools of torture getting laid out, and this is NOT going to end well for Kate, who gets slashed on the leg for starters. Any other show, you would think that she is getting rescued, but not 24; this is going to get rough. She is probably having second thoughts right about now, and if she isn’t, she does when she gets doused with water and the jumper cables come out. Kate gets the dogshit shocked out of her, Belcheck is like, “Y’all need to hurry the fuck up”.

-Jack is put through the ringer by Rask, who wants to know who helped Jack set up the account his money is supposedly in. Chloe can’t find the name in the employees’ section, so she tells Jack that Rask is bluffing, which he is.

-Side note: Jack got frisked….no one saw the earpiece? These villains ain’t shit.

-The drill comes out now and Belcheck tells Jack they’re going to kill Kate, but he gets gun-butted by a British MI-5 agent. They’re about to raid Rask. Kate looks in all sorts of pain, good Jesus.

-Rask thinks he is extracting money, but he is really doing is allowing Jack and Chloe to access their network and get information on Margot. Kate is pleading for her life in the other room, or at least buying some time. Right before Rask hits enter, MI-5 rush in, just before Kate is about to get a drill in the forehead. She ends up attacking the dude and stabbing him in the back, with all with her hands tied behind her back. Hmmmmm….she should get her own series.

-Jack fights his way to hit enter on the computer and succeeds, because he is Jack fucking Bauer, while Kate avoids getting shot (who knows HOW she got her hands free) and shoots the second guy. Yeah, they’re lining her up for a spinoff if Jack dies.

-Jack gets to Rask, but MI-5 get involved and ruin everything, and Rask takes a grenade and blows himself up; some murder-suicide action in the house.

-Chloe tracks the bank account to Simone’s phone number, and she is getting ready to have dinner with the sister. She pulls out the knife, but first she tries to warn the sister and tells her to take her daughter and get the fuck outta dodge. The sister knows something is up and goes to call the police, but Simone stops her and in the struggle, kills her, of course. The young daughter sees this and runs outta the house, and I think she is going to get hit in traffic, but instead it is Simone. She basically falls right into the police’s lap. I see a torturin’ in her future.

-Navarro goes to a quiet place and calls an obviously-masked voice to tell them about Jordan finding some issues with Kate’s husband’s case. Turns out Navarro was most likely the mole who sold the secrets to the Chinese that her husband was accused of Of course he was. Because, 24: There Is ALWAYS a mole.

I got my wish, as this episode sets everything off. All we needed was undercover Jack to get things poppin’, but the British are getting in the way, now the Russians are getting involved, who knows where the Navarro thing is going to go and I still wanna know Belcheck’s backstory. 24: Live Another Day is starting to come into focus now.


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