24: Live Another Day – 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM ET (Ep.7)

The action continues in 24: Live Another Day, and we are at the point where people are FINALLY starting to just listen to Jack Bauer, which is what you need to do in order to avoid mass casualties. Oh, and we have like, 14 moles up in this bitch. Moles on moles on moles. Let’s go….

-We jump right back to the scene of the bus accident, where Simone’s niece tells the police that Simone killed her mother. No hesitation to snitch at all.

-Back at the warehouse where Jack kicked a buncha ass last week, he frees Belcheck, who was taken into custody by MI-5, but Jack isn’t havin’ it and tells ’em they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place, which he is right about. Speaking of snitching, I suppose he’ll have to tell the President about this. Jack then goes to Kate, who doesn’t look at all like she’d just been tortured and killed two guys with her hands tied behind her back.

-Chloe finds out via surveillance that Simone was hit by a bus and tells Jack, but then she gets a message on her computer to “GET OUT OF THERE”. The British police are on their way up to her hideout. Who is tipping her off? That Alex cat?

-President Heller is conversing with his bitch-ass Chief of Staff before he gets a phone call from Jack, who brings him up to speed, especially about MI-5 kickin’ in the door on his operation. The British PM shows up and Heller gives him the business, to which the British PM is like, “Yo, you sick, bruh?”, confronting him on his dementia. Heller puts up a brave face on some “BITCH, I’M THE PRESIDENT” shit, but it doesn’t look like the British PM is convinced. He still agrees to go along with Heller, but don’t sleep on the double-cross.

-Margot calls Simone’s phone and dude in the ambulance answers, basically telling Margot everything that happened and where they are headed. So much for Jack’s earlier plan to keep Simone’s location on the low. Margot sends a dude to find out everything he knows about Simone, who is leading the “you gon’ die” sweepstakes for this episode.

-The CIA nerd, Jordan I think, he is looking through the files Navarro told him to avoid, when Navarro gets a phone call from the disguised voice he was speaking to at the end of last week’s episode. The voice tells him what is going on and to get rid of Jordan, and we learn that the mole is…….Alex, Chloe’s dude. Navarro asks Alex for a “cleaner”….Jordan jumps into the “you gon’ die” race.

-Jack and Kate arrive at the hospital to get the info on Simone, who is still in critical condition. Kate goes to talk to the young daughter, while Jack tells the doctor to stabilize Simone so he can question her. Torture in a hospital bed? I fucks with it. Meanwhile, the guy Margot sent is also at the hospital, tryin’ on these scrubs to blend in.

-Kate is talking to the daughter, who gives her the entire scoop on everything that happened. She learns that Simone has been going with “Shabazz” instead of her real name, and that Simone was trying to get them out of London, and the daughter wants Simone to die. Kate believes they can make Simone turn as she was trying to warn them, and Jack is like, “yo, we gotta wake her up NOW”. Poor Simone. She is fucked either way, because Margot is going to kill her before she tries to betray her again. She orders the house packed up and her son is like, “you ain’t gotta kill her”, but Margot points a drone towards the hospital. Tough love, my friends.

-Navarro brings Jordan into his office, and he comes up with some story about Jordan needing to go into the field to pick something up. Jordan is all “I’M IN THE FIELD, BITCH”, but he shouldn’t be so excited. I bet someone murderous is waiting for him.

-Mark and Audrey watch the British PM on TV warning his citizens about a terrorist attack, when Heller walks in and tells them the PM knows about his condition. He decides that, when they return to the United States, Mark has to set up a meeting with the Vice-President (who I don’t think we’ve even seen yet). It seems like Heller is resigning from his post.

-Jack wakes up Simone to get some info, and she recognizes him from the chase earlier in the season. Simone isn’t budging, so Jack puts pressure on her severed finger. Kate looks disgusted, but I have no idea why she is surprised. Jack JUST let her get tortured on the chance they MIGHT get information. He even tries to justify it with Kate, but man, fuck that. All bets are off. Margot’s dude finds his way to Simone’s floor, but Jack sees through his disguise easy and the gunfight is on.

-They catch the dude, but British police shoot and kill the man. Jack drops “DAMMIT” #1. They find out that he has been in contact with Margot, and they figure out that she is going to send a drone to the hospital, which needs to be cleared now. Kate goes to find the little girl.

-Chloe is in a coffee shop, setting up her laptop. Jack must have send her numbers from the phone they found on dude, but it’s a dead end. “DAMMIT” #2. Something doesn’t seem right with Chloe: she in on this shit with Alex?

-Jack drags Simone out of the hospital, and she doesn’t want to go, but she eventually says “yeah, my mom would totally kill me” and goes with Jack. Kate finds the little girl and everyone meets outside. Margot and her son see that people are evacuating the hospital and the first drone is sent. Shit is now officially ON.

-Jack, Kate and Simone find a car, but Margot sees them and another drone is sent. So now, Jack is on some Grand Theft Auto shit, outrunning drone missiles. We see the carnage that the first missile caused at the hospital, while Simone has no idea what is going on. He outruns another missile. This mufucka, b. They have one more missile left, but Jack gets stuck in traffic and drops “DAMMIT” #3 and #4 in no time. They get out of the car and we have my favorite moment of the episode: while looking for another car, Jack says to Kate, “follow my lead”….and then proceeds to punch a dude in the face. That’s his lead? That’s why I fucks with Jack Bauer.

-They continue on and they go into a tunnel, and they stop a dude in a car, take that shit and try to get Simone to the nearest CIA office. But they take the second vehicle, put a brick on the gas and trick Margot into wasting her last missile. Jack Bauer, dogg. Jack motherfucking Bauer.

-Jordan arrives at the the location where Navarro told him to go, and catches a slug to the arm, falling into the water. The assassin waits for him to come up, but eventually leaves. You know the dude isn’t dead, right?

-Mark meets up with the Russians and tells them that they’re not getting Jack until this situation is over. The Russian guy figures out that it was Mark that forged the President’s signature and he knows Jack’s history with Audrey, and that he doesn’t have much time to turn Jack over. These Russians are not playin’, b.

-Heller watches the shit going down at the hospital and calls Jack, who tells him that they have Simone and will get the info he needs. Heller says he wants to see Jack immediately, and he receives Margot’s contact information. What is Heller doing? Son changin’ sweaters on some Mister Roger’s Neighborhood shit?

-We get split-screens of Margot looking at pictures of her and Simone, and all I see is Catelyn and Sansa Stark. Shit is creepy. Also, we see Jordan get outta the water and looking in some discomfort that comes with getting shot.

-Heller gets on the horn with Margot, and I have no idea what Heller is planning. No one but the dude that gave him Margot’s number (dude is now in the running to be a mole, because we need MORE moles on 24) knows he is calling her, and the show ends with Heller saying, “my decision has already been made”. No clue what he has planned.

So, I doubt Jack will have to seriously torture Simone now, but he’ll probably give her a little nudge in the right direction. Will the Russians be patient? When is this time skip going to go down? At this point, I don’t know how they’re going to manage that. But it’s 24. They’ll figure it out.


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