24: Live Another Day – 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Ep.8)

24: Live Another Day rolls on, Still no time skip. At this point, I think this is now a two-series thing, 12 episodes each. What are they gon’ do, just decide to take a terror break for like, 10 hours? I don’t know. Anyway, let’s go……

-I honestly forgot Simone got hit by a bus. Like, HARD. Which makes it even funnier that Jack just dropped her on the ground at the hospital and pressed on that nub.

-Kate and Navarro also don’t seem to realize that SHE GOT HIT BY A MOTHERFUCKING BUS THO.

-Margot says Heller told her he would surrender if she destroyed the drones, and the son is like, the fuck are you doing? He is totally gonna double-cross his mother, who NOW decides to keep her word and have a conscience.

-“If she dies, so be it” – My buddy Mike hit me on Facebook and said there was a candidate for “Best Bauer Quote Ever” in this episode. This is guess #1.

-Navarro gets on the phone with the worst assassin in the world, who has no idea where Jordan is. How the hell did he get out of the water without dude noticing? That trail of blood ain’t good.

-Jack is so down for the cause it is hilarious, even after everything and even knowing that they will throw him in the bushes as soon as this is done.

-The meeting place is Wembley Stadium. SOCCER!

-Heller tells Jack he is resigning in an hour and he even says he won’t be a part of this, until Heller tells him about the Alzheimer’s, and gets all up in Jack’s face. He says Jack would do the same thing in Heller’s shoes and Jack is in for the plan. Shit, Audrey doesn’t even know, which means Jack will get blamed for this somehow.

-Heller goes to Mark to see if he is down with the plan, and damn, this has to be tough on Audrey. Jack and Mark knew about this and no one told her? She is about to lose her mind.

-First “dammit” when Jack calls Kate to tell her about Heller’s plan.

-“We have to find Margot, so wake the bitch up!” – Forget my other guess. It has to be this.

-Kate pulls a gun on the doctor to wake Simone up, and if Jack knew about this, he would be smiling. She does get the address tho, at least the last place Simone thinks she is at and she tells Kate about the disc Naveed told her about at the house. She starts to die and Kate gets on the phone, which is so Bauer.

-Mark needs to stop trying to talk to Jack and just figure out this plan. Jack doesn’t do well with feelings and shit. Just get shit done. Kate tells Jack about the disc and he tells her to call Chloe when she gets something.

-Heller goes to Audrey to look at a picture of his family. She doesn’t even know what is going on. Damn, Heller. She is going to be SO pissed.

-Jack and Mark sort out the plan and Jack tells Heller to meet him in five, talking to the President like a boss.

-Jordan calls Navarro to tell him that someone tried to kill him, telling him his location and everything. I can’t believe Navarro is trusting this terrible assassin.

-Jack cuts out Heller’s transponder chip, these mufuckas makin’ jokes and shit, I didn’t even know these were a thing. If there is another 12-hour joint coming, Jack will do a full-on surgery for one episode.

-They are making their way through the embassy but Jack’s map device is breaking up. He sees a fire exit, and I bet there is someone on the other side. Yep, there is a dude there and Heller tries to talk to him, but Jack punches him in the face and locks him in the bathroom. No time for talking in Jack’s world.

-I wonder how many laws Jack is breaking here? Gotta be at least 10.

-They need a chopper with no pilot? Of course Jack can fly a helicopter, BECAUSE JACK MOTHERFUCKING BAUER. I’m pretty sure we have seen him do this before.

-Navarro’s assassin is still tryna find Jordan. Come on, dogg, Navarro TOLD you exactly where he was. So of course, Jordan smacks fire out him with a crowbar or some shit and grabs the gun, and dude’s other gun. He knows that Navarro is behind this now. He gets stabbed in a fight, but he ends up shooting the assassin as well.

-Jack and Heller are coming up on Wembley, while the SWAT team get to the location Kate told them about. Hopefully this goes better than the first raid. They find a disc drive to be uploaded to Kate, who finds out that Jordan is gone, which she finds weird and she sends the shit to Chloe. Then she calls Jordan and gets no answer before talking to Navarro to ask about Jordan. Navarro tries to change the subject like shit.

-Margot is hiding out in some apartments and getting shit back online, and it seems like the son is all about getting his mother’s approval. She says stuff about justice and he is like, “fuck that, b”. He is a beast.

-Jack lands the chopper outside of Wembley because he is Jack fucking Bauer. Chloe tells Jack she is into the system, but it is going to take a few minutes since she is at a coffee shop talking loudly about drones and shit. That doesn’t seem very bright.

-Adrian calls Navarro to ask if Jordan is dead and Navarro is like, yeah I got this, even though he clearly doesn’t. Then Adrian calls Chloe to ask her to come back, and frowns through the whole conversation. What are they working on? That has to be the next storyline.

-Audrey is in the President’s room and Mark walks in. Heller left Audrey a note, then she realizes that he knew all along. Yep. She is PISSED. This is some terrible acting, but it’s so good in its terribility (it’s a word, look it up). Mark is like, “Do what you gotta do, but I listen to him, not you”. Mark made a turn this episode, I kinda fuck with him now.

-Audrey asks him who is with her father and Mark doesn’t even have to say his name, just someone he trusts. She knows who it is.

-Heller tells Jack he gave him a presidential pardon, and Jack doesn’t agree with it, but he will do whatever he is told. Then we have a split screen of like, 14 different things going on at once. Simone, Audrey, Chloe, Wembley, Jordan, basically 24 summarized in 2.5 seconds.

-Wembley! Soccer!

-Heller stands in the middle of the pitch and waits for something to happen, while Margot sees that it is him. She recognizes him, but does she fire the missile?

-Well. Shit. Goddamn. Shit. Motherfucker. That really just happened.

I’m still tryna wrap my head around what happened. We all thought he was going to get away, right? Jack is about to go all the way off now. 24: Live Another Day just went up a notch.


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