24: Live Another Day – 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Ep.9)

24: Live Another Day rolls on, and the action picks up right where we left off, which is with the President getting his shit blown to smithereens, we think. We haven’t seen someone get blown up in the middle of Wembley Stadium like that since…..I don’t have a good joke about the England national team on hand, but those guys suck (I’m an England fan and you’re lucky this entire blog post isn’t littered with jokes about how terrible they are). Let’s go……..

-We open with an image of smoke coming out of Wembley, where President Heller got them bombs over London dropped on him….didn’t he? Then we head to a gathering featuring the British PM, Audrey, Mark and other government figures who just watched Heller get hit. The British PM gives Audrey some spiel about her father being courageous, when he was ready to throw him to the wolves, what, two or three hours ago? But they do learn the clones are getting taken down, so Margot is being a good little terrorist….isn’t she?

-They’re also watching the bombing at the CIA office, and Ritter asks why Margot would bomb an empty stadium when Kate tells them about Jack’s plan with the President. CTU, CIA, they’re all inept according to 24. Navarro has the nerve to say that would never happen and it is impossible, which leads me to believe there could be a spinoff where Kate goes through life with people not believing her, even though she is obviously right. That is, if Jack dies, and I am not entirely sure that is possible.

-Margot and Ian are getting rid of the drones and somberly celebrating their assassination; you would think they would have cake or something. But Ian notices something funny on the video they watched, and they realize that they (Jack, Chloe and Heller) figured out a way to doctor the feed to make it look like he was there. Someone missed a chapter in Terrorism 101, apparently.

-Jack and Heller are now leaving Wembley and Chloe tells him Margot caught on to the plan with one more drone left, and she is PISSED, so now they have to avoid that. Jack puts him in a car with Belcheck and Heller tries to order him around, but yeah, this isn’t the States and Belcheck only listens to Bauer, who says no phones or contact. Heller also says something that makes me mad: “I listened to you before, Jack, not this time”. WHY THE HELL NOT? Does Jack have a track record of being wrong about things? Quite the opposite, actually. So what the fuck is the problem? Did you REALLY think Jack was gon’ let you die on these streets on his watch? Nah, you gotta suffer through that Alzheimer’s, bruh. Suck it up. He eventually listens to Jack, because he is smarter than that.

-Jack calls Kate and tells her to hook up a call to Heller’s staff, which includes Audrey, who wants this shit on speaker. He tells her that her father is still alive and lets them in on his plan, and that they also need to intercept the final drone. Jack is en route to Margot’s location, but Audrey thanks him first, Jack says, “you’re welcome”, Mark is in the background like, “I’m gon’ lose my wife to this mufucka, b”. That was some solid editing there. Mark is so mad, but I think he is coming to the realization that he isn’t stopping Jack. He just gotta walk away.

-Kate is still wondering where the hell Jordan is, but Navarro tells her not to worry about it. No one cares where this dude is at all.

-Meanwhile, Margot and Ian are furious about Heller’s plan, although they don’t know it was Jack’s plan to start with. She sets out a plan to bomb Waterloo Station, which is a part of the subway or the tube, I guess as the London folk like to call it.  She also wants Heller to be alive to know he caused this, but with the Alzheimer’s, he might just forget and this would have all been just to be petty, which we already know she is.

-Chloe is trying to focus on Margot’s location for Jack, but she needs help, so she calls Adrian, who doesn’t want to help Jack, but he’ll help Chloe. They must have had the sex, right? He is sprung for her, but they figure out where she is. Kate and Ritter get to the building and they get instantly shot at.

-So, wait a minute….Jack is in a helicopter, which just left Wembley, and Margot doesn’t think to go after that? Jack just flying around with no cares in the world, chillin’. Catelyn Stark ain’t built to be a terrorist.

-Jack gets to the building and starts doing what he does, while Kate and Ritter are getting rained on with gunfire. Margot and Ian are doing the last few things they need to do to hit that tube station. Jack finds out Margot is on the fifth floor, but gets shot at and says he needs to figure out another way to the apartment unit. Meanwhile, Audrey and the British PM and ’em start to evacuate the station. A lot is happening here, but not a lot is happening here. It is one of the best parts of 24.

-Ian tells Margot that they gotta go, but she wants to stay and watch the missile hit the station. He tries to leave, and she pulls a gun on him. He must have thought, “nah, she wouldn’t do to me what she did to Simone, she didn’t even want to kill her, but I’m special, I’ll be fine”. Yeah, not so much.

-Jack is repelling outside to come in through the window, and Ian gets to shooting at him, but he is terribly overmatched and when he comes to the window, Jack tosses that mufucka out the window like it is nothing and then shoots Margot. While holding Margot with one hand, he manages to override the missile with Chloe’s help with the other hand and send it into the Thames River (I am pretty sure that is the Thames River, don’t get mad at me if I’m wrong because I’m not here for geographical accuracy). Margot tries to guilt Jack and say that people died today and that it was on his hands. He says, “the only death I have on my hands is yours” and proceeds to throw Margot out the window like he was throwing trash in a dumpster. Actually, the trash would probably get more respect.

-Heller asks Belcheck his name and Belcheck tells him it is one word, like Madonna. This dude got jokes now, huh? We still need to see his backstory. Maybe that is another spinoff? He drops Heller off at the embassy and the Secret Service pulls guns on him, and Heller is like, put those fuckin’ things away, he is with me. He should be asking how they got tricked so easily. He reunites with Audrey, Mark and the British PM, who has the scene of the show. He thanks Heller for doing what he did and Heller is like, “I’m sure if the situation was reversed, you would do the same” and the British PM gives him this look like, “I absolutely wouldn’t have done this, you nutcase”.

-Jack is at Margot’s spot, they’re taking everything out when Heller calls Jack to tell him he is safe and everything is cool. Mark gotta be sweatin’ like shit. Kate and Jack shake hands on a job well done, and Kate gets a call from her contact in the British police force, we saw him in the first or second episode. He calls to tell her that Jordan has been found dead in a garage, along with the bullshit assassin, so her and Ritter head there. Kate calls Navarro to tell him and he is like, “Fuck, I’m screwed”. Navarro calls Adrian to tell him what is going on and Adrian is like, “I have nothing to do with this”. Navarro wants to leave the country, but Adrian wants the override device in return. Bam, something to carry us through the last four episodes.

-Kate and Ritter get to the garage where Jordan is, and they’re all putting the pieces together, with Kate grabbing Jordan’s phone. Meanwhile, Jack tells Chloe that he needs her back at the CIA office to look at the override device, but Chloe is like, “I’m done, b”. Jack can’t believe that everyone isn’t about that life like he is. Chloe gets in a car with Adrian, who thanks her. Hell, he wanted the override device….was he just keeping Chloe out there to keep tabs on that?

-Navarro shows Jack to a room with the override device, and he tells him about Jordan, and Jack is like, “hmmmmmmm, something is up, b”. Jack tells Kate that the dude with Jordan is a professional, and gets her to send him a fingerprint. Navarro is like, “we got this” and Jack is like, “okay, it’s a race now”. Jack Bauer is fucking awesome.

-Navarro, Jack and some IT guy are in the room with the override device, and all I am thinking is, “Jack, you better not leave that room”. The IT guy tells Jack that this device is about more than the drones, but then Jack gets a call from Audrey to thank him, aka, he gon’ get dem draws. Then he gets a call from his buddy about the fingerprint, while Navarro puts the IT guy in a sleeperhold. Jack gets the information that the assassin has ties to Navarro, and the lightbulb goes off. However, by that time, Navarro is already gone with the device.Jack gets to some security guard, says “make a sound and I will kill you”, takes his passes and punches him in the face anyway because he is JACK FUCKING BAUER. The chase is on now, and Navarro only makes Jack angrier by shooting at him.

-Chloe and Adrian are at a gas station, while Adrian talks to Navarro and they set up a meeting spot to exchange stuff, override devices, passports, etc.Chloe kisses him, so there is that.

So, three episodes left and still no time jump. I figured Jack had time for a nap or some shit, but Navarro is fuckin’ around now. Did Simone die? She gotta come back. Something doesn’t sit right with me about Chloe, I don’t trust her all of a sudden. But it’s 24, you shouldn’t trust anyone but Jack, EVER.


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