Sons Of Anarchy S07E03 – Playing With Monsters

The second episode of Sons Of Anarchy, titled “Toil and Till”, was a major drop-off from the super-sized premiere in which Jax laid out the plan for the final season: dead bodies everywhere. I thought I missed out on something as I fell asleep halfway through, but I watched again and was like, nah, I didn’t miss much. So here we are at “Playing With Monsters”, and the pace picked up with the quickness. Let’s go…

-Jax has turned into Clay, let’s just put that on the table right now. He didn’t want to and he said he never would, but everything Clay did was to benefit himself, and not the club. Jax’s whole thing is revenge, even though he thinks he has gotten Tara’s killer, and he has probably put the club in bigger danger than Clay ever did. I can’t even tell you who he is warring with anymore and the most annoying thing is that the mufucka thinks he is on some slick shit, some real Don shit. All of the corners he is backing himself into is going to come to light very soon, and my guess is that homeboy from the Indian Hills chapter is gon’ pop up with that shotgun sooner or later. That is where Bobby comes into play, because he knew something was up from that phone conversation he had with him and he goes to Jax to tell him that, hey, it’s alright if you don’t want to start 17 wars that we aren’t equipped to battle. But Jax ain’t tryna hear it. The flippant way with which he answers Gemma’s phone call after they JUST killed the breakaway 1-9er crew in that terrible set-up at the docks (honestly, if you didn’t see those guys getting killed, just stop watching SOA) was chilling.

-Then you have Gemma, who didn’t do a lot this episode except try to defend the porn actress from her father, which was a solid scene on its own right because that was some daddy-issues kinda shit, but that is a conversation for another day. Gemma gets slapped, which brings Nero in to beat the brakes off the father, then Gemma goes to his house to smooth things over later, but it is really just to get Jax in there so he can give dude that work…did he kill him, though? That last stomp looked pretty ominous. Just another body on Jax’s head due to Gemma, but the cops should figure it out.

-Or will they? We see another side of the new sheriff, named Jarry (last name, I assume), who basically tells Jax she can be bought. Chibs shows up to a meet with her with a stuffed envelope, and she has some tight-ass jeans on; she cleans up kinda nice. I’ve never seen Chibs that distracted before, and I wonder if she is going to try and get into the club that way. That won’t work out for her in the long run.

-Speaking of Chibs, he gets a call from his “parole officer”, but in reality it is Unser, who brings him to a diner crawling with cops to meet Juice, whose dumb ass is still in Charming. Chibs tells him to kill himself and at this point, I just want him gone, but even though we see him last at a motel, you know Juice has one more example of him being a fuckboy left. Chibs was thisclose to saying, fuck it, I am killing him now, but Unser holds him back to which I ask, what side is Unser even on? Anyway, this was my favorite scene of the episode.

-My second-favorite was the meeting in the car between August and Jax, in which August tells Jax that, basically, if he crosses Marks, everyone involved with SAMCRO is dying. When he finds out that Jax was behind everything from the killing of those 1-9ers to planting the drugs on the guys from the Indian Hills chapter, hellfire will be brought.

-Also, I don’t like the way that Tyler, he leader of the 1-9ers, is being made out to be Jax’s bitch, but I understand because he wasn’t even supposed to be the leader anyway, shit just kinda fell into his lap. I’m just waiting for Jax to drop a “nigger” or “nigga”, either way will make me shoot a vicious side-eye.

-“Playing With Monsters” comes from Gemma talking to Abel, who asks her if Jax is a bad man. Of course she lies and says no, and Jax asks him if he is okay after he walked in on the tail end of Nero’s beatdown of the porn actress’ father. Then he just walks away, Jax is slowly moving into “Don Draper Father Of The Year” territory.

This episode pushed the blood-filled story along, but there are still a bunch of questions to be answered. When is the club gon’ get caught up for the murderous church orgy they walked in on during the first episode? Will Wendy somehow continue to be the voice of reason, as fucked up as that is? Will Chibs get it in with the sheriff? And will Nero tell Gemma about his outing with the Mayans in which he let the chopper SANG? Stay tuned to Sons of Fuckery…..I mean, Sons of Anarchy.


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