Sons Of Anarchy S07E4/E5 – Poor Little Lambs/Some Strange Eruption

So, here is the thing: I had this big review written out for last week’s Sons of Anarchy episode. Then, I lost it because technology hates me, so I will attempt to give a brief recap of what I had before because “Poor Little Lambs”, to me, was SOA’s best episode since maybe season 4. It was ridiculous, over the top, unrealistic and incredibly entertaining. So, I will do that, then move on to “Some Strange Eruption”.

Also, it was my birthday and I was damn tired.

Let’s go…

-I think we got Jax’s first “Jesus Christ” of the season. Took a while, but we got there.

-The crew run up on a house in a lakefront community (that looked like a tiny-ass lake, too). They break a bunch of glass to get into this house, Tig gets hit with a shotgun blast, they chase a car into the lake, then have to play lifeguard. Not a damn cop in sight. Kurt Sutter is a genius at making you give -67 fucks about realism.

-Chibbs is getting close with Jarry, which continues on to the next episode like a mufucka. I have talked to a couple people about some theories, but I think Marilyn Manson may have planted her to fuck with the Sons. He did buy his own private room at the jail and well, we all know the cops on this show ain’t shit.

-And we learn that the Asians DO NOT play games. They rolled up in that bar on some quiet shit and mowed everyone down. As soon as I saw those bags they were all carrying, I’d be on some “I think I heard a raccoon out back, lemme check that”.

-Even the old madam Jax had a thing for got murked. So basically, you have sex with Jax Teller, you gon’ die.

Now, on to “Some Strange Eruption”…

-The PVR missed the first like, 10 minutes. The Man always tryna keep a brotha down.

-I caught up when Nero was meeting with Henry Lin, who wanted him to give Jax up. He meets Jax and punches him in the face, which was a long time coming. Jax has lied to Nero 327 times, then he tells him the Asians killed Tara. He didn’t mean for it to be a lie, but it is.

-So Chibbs hit Jarry with the D? Good for him. She calls him by his government name, so now we know Chibbs and Tig’s real name. They gotta know each other from a previous time.

-Abel is a messed up kid, man. Jax tries to tell him everything is okay, then Gemma and Wendy find him in a room with Thomas, holding a hammer and throwing a tantrum because he wants to go home while hitting a wall with said hammer. He is going to grow up to be the next Jax. Either Gemma or Wendy nailed it right on the head: he is his father’s son.

-Jax comes up with this elaborate plan to trick Henry into thinking Marks was behind it all, then lures him to the docks where a bunch of dirty cops are waiting for him. Shoutout to Henry putting up a good fight against Jax, I didn’t know he had it in him. But the Feds show up and Jax has to bail out on his ultimate revenge, which means Henry is still alive and the truth is still out there, word to The X-Files.

-Poor Juice. Son was so paranoid that he killed the owner of the hotel, thinking the Asians were after him. Then Gemma tries to take him out of town to kill him, but she ain’t about that life; she is more of a schemer. But it has been brought to me (shoutout to the homie Cookie) that he will use her to get back to the club. He should do that and it will work for a minute, but he’s gon’ die, yo.

“Some Strange Eruption” was relatively tame compared to “Poor Little Lambs”, but it moved the plot along nicely. We still gotta see what’s good with the Indian Hills dude, Marilyn Manson and his crew gotta make an appearance and you know Marka will have something to say about everything. Almost at the halfway point, and I’m anxiously awaiting for the next volley of fuckery from Sons of Anarchy.


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