American Horror Story: Freak Show S04E01 – Monsters Among Us

The fourth volume of the American Horror Story anthology was rolled out on Wednesday as Freak Show began with “Monsters Among Us”, and it was 90 minutes long, which was a nice little bonus. It did everything that a good premiere was supposed to do, setting the table for what should be a creepy season. Let’s go….

-I wanted that milkman to die so bad in the opening scene. You walk in the house because you see some spoiled milk, then you find the body in the kitchen. Instead of going to the cops, you go upstairs with a rolling pin. What did you think you were gon’ do with that? Lucky for him, he only found a pair of conjoined twins hiding in an upstairs closet. Only in American Horror Story would that be considered lucky.

-Sarah Paulson is about to ball out this season. You could argue that she has been the best part of the last two seasons, Asylum and Coven, but she gets hidden behind the likes of Jessica Lange, and now Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates. She has been nominated for Emmys in each of the last two seasons, but this could top both of those roles. She is playing twins, but both have their own traits and really, they couldn’t be more different. Paulson should absolutely dominate Freak Show. She is just lovely.

-But it isn’t like the rest of the cast is hot garbage or anything. Lange does her thing as always, and revealing that she had fake legs at the end of the episode was pretty good, I had been trying to figure out what her hook was as Elsa, the leader and de facto star of this traveling circus and of course, she had to do a musical number because, well, Ryan Murphy does Glee and he wrote (along with co-creator Brad Falchuk) this episode, which he also directed. That better be it for the season. I basically threw Asylum in the bushes because of that “Name Game” bullshit.

-Evan Peters spent most of Coven being a braindead plaything for the witches, but he figured to be more prominent as Jimmy, who has lobster claw-type things for hands, he spends his time giving women orgasms with them and ends up rounding up the crew to carve up a cop who tries to arrest Bette and Dot (the Paulson twins) for the murder of the woman in the opening scene. We find out that was their mother and she kinda deserved it. Anyway, we will get more of Peters this season and I am not sure how I feel about that. He was good in Murder House, not so much in Asylum (but I didn’t like much from Asylum outside of Paulson and Lily Rabe, who better show up on Freak Show) and he didn’t have much to do in Coven outside of getting touched by his mother.

-Bates plays his mom in Freak Show and while she might not touch him (and that is a big “might”), she can definitely grow a better beard. Bates plays Ethel, who is all about Elsa and thinks she is doing the best for these characters, but Jimmy wants to leave, so that will be a running conflict throughout the series.

-What’s up with the rich mother played by Frances Conroy and her son? It has been suggested (shoutout to Lindsay) that there is something wrong with him as well, and that isn’t a bad suggestion. But there is definitely something up with them.

-Man, did they ever mess up that nurse that Elsa drugged when she first went to visit the twins. Just an opium-fuelled mess of hands and organs and flexible bodies and she walked out that bitch lookin’ like Courtney Love in her heyday. Good grief.

-And finally, the star of the show. We saw and heard all sorts of things about Twisty the Clown, and I thought we would only get a glimpse of him in one of the final scenes. NOAP. We see him first run up on this couple trying to have a romantic picnic, and he stabs the shit outta the dude, then his girl starts to run and I gotta say, fuck her. She didn’t even have heels on, yet trips over a blade of grass. Ol’ girl fell over easier than a Spanish soccer player. But he doesn’t kill her, he just locks her in a cage in his creepy trailer-van. She is later joined by a little boy that Twisty takes after he kills his parents, and the sight of him in the shadows as his victim goes to the bathroom was the scariest part of the episode. So he has these people in the cage and tries to do some tricks, but he looks like he has a face over his face (for real, look at those teeth, tho), so they’re kinda upset and he starts freaking out. He finds the travelling circus and has this look of, like….it’s either that he finds some like-minded strange people (he does see them cutting up the cop), or he has found a bunch of new and potential victims. That will be another storyline for the first part of the series.

I had been waiting for American Horror Story to kick off again, and “Monsters Among Us” was satisfying. I assume Angela Bassett will show up next week, so I am looking forward to that. It should be another fun season.


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