The Walking Dead S05E01 – No Sanctuary

The Walking Dead returned to AMC on Sunday night with the fifth-season premiere, “No Sanctuary”, and they moved things along much faster than usual. Will that mean the pace will pick up? Probably not. Are they done with Terminus? I have my thoughts about that. Let’s go….

-We pick up right where we stopped season four, with Rick and crew locked in a container. They think they’re slick, making weapons for when the containers are opened, but the Terminus people flip the script, coming in from the roof with knock-out gas. Then, Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Bob are dragged into what I am calling the prep room, because we pretty much figure out these people are cannibals. I mean, we all knew they were, right? Ol’ girl talkin’ about “come and get y’all a plate” last season. Come on, now.

-When all the guys were lined up by the trough, I couldn’t figure out who the first two or three guys were, which meant they were time-wasters until we got to the first important character, Glenn. This dude probably should have died at least 67 times in this show, and lives through not one, but two close calls, but survives because the prep cooks, one with a bat and the other with a knife, are distracted. By what, you ask?

-Killa Carol back y’all!!!!! We first see her, Tyreese and baby Judith walking down some tracks before they find a horde of walkers, which are distracted by some gunfire and the trio find an old shack, which is inhabited by a truly annoying Terminus guy whom I want to die instantly. Carol takes him by gunpoint and gets some information from him, and leaves him with Tyreese and Judith. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

-Carol then smears herself with walker guts and  blood so she can walk amongst the horde, and she sees Rick and the guys being dragged into the prep room. So she shoots and blows up a propane tank. It seems like it is logical, but then I remember I am watching The Walking Dead, a show with motherfucking zombies, and stop thinking too hard about it.

-Anyway, that explosion allows the horde to breach the fence around Terminus and man, the zombies get to partyin’. Zombies on fire are eating faces and limbs, treating the Terminus folks like a buffet. Meanwhile, this allows Rick a second to kill the prep cooks with a knife he snuck in, thus freeing our heroes.

-Let’s talk about Rick for a second. He started to lose it last season and bit a dude’s throat to save Carl. He has been ready to battle the Terminus people since they met. Then as Gareth is threatening to kill Bob if Rick doesn’t tell him what is in his bag which is hidden in the woods, Rick tells him everything that is in there, then adds that he is going to kill him with it. I like “no fucks to give” Rick, which has been expedited by his thought that Judith is dead.

-So, we go back to Judith, who gets taken hostage by the guy Tyreese is supposed to be watching, but he turns his head for a second. Tyreese does about 13 things wrong during this whole thing, and why Judith wasn’t by his side the entire time, well, that is just poor form. Terminus guy, who has been playing street psychologist with Tyreese and telling him that as a good guy, he is going to die, orders Tyreese to go outside with some walkers. Little does he know that Tyreese can get his Hulk on when he gets mad, so Tyreese kills the walkers and then his captor. Tyreese is trying to hang on to his humanity, but man, there is no place for that in The Walking Dead. At least he can turn it on and off.

-Now Terminus looks like a “Call of Duty” map with their people tryna take out the walkers, while Rick and friends are killing everything they can see. Well, Glenn tried to release some people in another container, one dude talkin’ crazy shit with long hair and shit all over his face, but he got murked by a walker. More on that guy in a little bit. Gareth tries to shoot at Rick from a rooftop, but gets shot himself and escapes. More on that soon, as well.

-Carol gets met by Mary, aka ol’ come get a plate lady, and they have a brief tussle before Killa Carol wins. Mary starts going on about science and how Terminus was supposed to be a sanctuary, but ended up as something else, like a cannibal farm. Killa Carol is not here for her speech, and shoots her in the leg because she knows her people are around here; she found a watch that Herschel gave to Rick, as well as Daryl’s crossbow and Michonne’s swords. Anyway, Carol leaves an open door for the walkers to get them a plate of Mary.

-Rick and ’em find the container with their people and free them, and everyone gets the fuck outta dodge. So they are all walking in the woods and are reunited with Carol, Tyreese and Judith, and I won’t lie, I started looking at the ground on some “oh, my shoe” shit. Y’all keep talkin’ about how The Walking Dead is supposed to be a zombie party, but it never was that; the shit is a story about human survival and it always has been. Anyway, they leave and Rick writes on the sign outside of Terminus, “No Sanctuary”.

-Eugene tells a story about how he was a part of a group that was growing diseases to fight diseases or something. I won’t lie, I wasn’t really paying attention to that. They’ll explain it again; he said as much.

-Two final things I wanna touch on: the flashbacks at the beginning and end of the episodes, which showed that Gareth and his crew being brutalized by another group, which is where that guy Glenn tried to rescue came from, I am pretty sure. We definitely have not seen the end of that storyline, and I think that they will just drop hints and scenes here and there, and not spend whole episodes on it like the Governor arc.

-Two, and my PVR cut off before I got to see it, but Morgan the barbed-wire king back?

The Walking Dead usually hits us with dope premieres, but “No Sanctuary” is up there with the best. I’m ready for season five.


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