Sons Of Anarchy S07E06 – Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

The sixth episode of Sons Of Anarchy‘s final season might have been the most coherent so far, and Jax’s ridiculous schemes looks like they are actually going to work. So obviously, these second half of the season is going to be watching them go up in flames, right? Let’s go….

-We open up with Gemma walking down the road as Juice obviously didn’t kill her. He isn’t that dumb. Why make his death harder than it needs to be? But walking in those heels can’t be good for the feet, so she stops at a diner and she is also out of smokes. Can’t have that.

-The boys have a shot for the prostitutes they got merked, then it is business as usual because as Tig said, “dudes love pussy”. It was too soon, but he was dead on. Nero tells Jax that the Asians won’t retaliate yet for setting them up, but Alvarez and the Mayans are not happy about how it all went down. They are also not convinced when Nero tells them that the Asians were behind Tara getting killed. Finally, someone who doesn’t buy Gemma’s bullshit. Nero ends up in a closet at the Mayans’ place.

-Meanwhile, Juice is stealing lollipops and small brown bags of money from robbing a convenience store in Gemma’s stolen truck because, well, fuck it at this point, and he sees the Mayan clubhouse. He goes to them and offers them information on the Sons, the truck, and all of his money for a trip to Mexico, along with a new ID, but he ends up in the closet with Nero because the Mayans want to give him to Jax to facilitate other business and well, fuck a snitch.

-Jax is busy as shit as he learns that Marks is pissed about the Asian situation from Tyler, who is basically Jax’s lapdog now. So he teams up with the Grim Bastards, aka the “black guys on bikes” because they don’t have many dudes in their crew, so Jax offers protection via entrance into SAMCRO for their help against Marks. Clay is turning over in his grave right now.

-Gemma is at the diner and it is shown that she is talking to Tara’s ghost, and the waitress is kinda like, “You alright?”.  Gemma snaps on  her, but apologizes and the girl, Gertie (played by Lea Michele, the girl from Glee) gets her a danish. The two become best friends over a smoke and Gemma tells her about Tara dying (although not how she died) and they both have sons. Anyone else get the feeling that something happened to Gertie’s son? Are we going to see her again and if not, what purpose did she serve?

-Jax is tryna broker a deal with Marilyn Manson and his group of Nazis to sell heroin in Stockton via the Mayans, to make up for planting the original heroin on Lin instead of getting it to the Aryans. That whole story is convoluted as shit. But Marilyn’s crew don’t like SAMCRO because they are “nigger lovers” and the whole shootout with the cops at their first meeting. So, they quasi-settle things with a good ol’ fistfight.

-Chibbs meets up with Jarry, who tells hI’m that the Feds are tryna flip Lin, probably to tell on the club. Chibbs says thanks for last night, and she asks for what, the heads up on the Feds showing up at the SAMCRO-Lin meeting, or the sex. Chibbs hits her with, “the info, you should be thanking me for the sex”. Go ‘heads, Chibbs. That’s my dude.

-Nero and Juice have another bonding session as they’re in this closet and Nero tells Juice about the Asians-killing-Tara story and Juice is like, “oh word???? Gemma know about that?”. He doesn’t tell on her……yet.

-Wendy and Unser go to pick up Gemma after Unser makes up some awful story to Jax, and when Wendy goes to the bathroom, Unser gets the truth out of Gemma and tells her to go to the cops or he will. Unser won’t be long for this world, b. I am surprised he lasted this long. And homeboy is a poor man’s Walter White in that I keep forgetting he has cancer. Oh yeah, the surviving cop from the Aryan-SAMCRO shootout wakes up, wants to see Unser and tells him that she knows who was there.

-Jax convinces Gemma to go to Jarry and tell them about the Asians killing Tara as he thinks that will make his story to flip on the club less believable. Gemma is pissed at Unser for getting the ball rolling and tells him to get his shitty trailer off of T-M. After everything that Unser has done for her? Fuckin’ Gemma, man. I am coming up on Joffrey-levels of hate for her.

-Jax and the Grim Bastards set out to find a rival gang that Marks is planning to use against the GBs (I think, I drift in and out of the story sometimes). They do a driveby to lure the gang out, then trap them to mow them down brutally. This gets the GBs on Jax’s side even more, then he uses the pile of dead black bodies for goodwill with the Aryans after meeting with Marilyn Manson, who is actually doing a great job in his role; that “Gotta maintain the brand” line when revealing reservations about working with the Mayans was vicious. So the Aryans agree to move the heroin into Stockton now because, well, they advocate dead black people. Kurt Sutter sure is having fun with this.

-Finally, we get to Jax and the boys showing up to the Mayans, where they see Juice and Chibbs wants to fight on site. The Mayans say they want Jax to work on getting them the gun business with the Irish, SAMCRO gets Juice and help to take out Marks, who is going to head to a job site in the morning and find a pile of dead bodies due to the Sons. The Mayans also agree to work with the Aryans with the heroin. A strange episode for race relations this week. They shake on it and Jax ends the episode by walking Juice into the camera.

-Two more quick things: Nero confronts Gemma with her role in keeping Juice in hiding, and she breaks down crying. This is funny because one, she did that shit and her house of cards is slowly falling and she knows it, and two, hey, when questioned over some shit you did, just start crying. Of course, he kinda fell for it, it is what Nero does. Second, we find out via a conversation between Bobby and Wendy somewhere in the episode that she still loves Jax and Bobby knows it, but he also knows that Jax is emotional and impulsive, but they gotta back him, which is why they will all die.

The table is set for the second half of the season. Juice is probably use the truth about Tara to stay alive for a minute, but that will cause Jax to do some more digging and find out for himself. Then we have Marks, who won’t be happy about anything at all. It didn’t seem like much happened this week, but everything is always happening in Sons of Anarchy.


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