The Walking Dead S05E02 – Strangers

After last week’s fiery premiere, The Walking Dead took its foot off the gas a little for “Strangers”, but I expected that because I have watched all of it so far. But it was only a little; it was still a well-executed set-up episode. Let’s go….


-We open with the group continuing their journey, and there was a bunch of slow-motion shots that I didn’t really care for, but I wasn’t really bothered or anything. Of course, I was focused on Killa Carol, who can’t bring herself to tell Daryl about killing Lizzie in “The Grove”, which might be my favorite episode of The Walking Dead. Then Rick almost hands over the reins to Carol, asking her if they can join up with her. He still isn’t over her killing Karen and the other dude at the prison, but he seems to be willing to move past it. That’s a start for stubborn-ass Rick.

-Michonne gets a little speaking time and says she doesn’t miss her life pre-zombie apocalypse, but she does miss Andrea (God, she was awful) and Herschel (who absolutely had to die). There is no time in this new life to worry about the past, because you never know what it is front of you.

-Daryl and Carol are keeping watch in the woods while everyone sleeps, and they hear something, but they don’t see anything. However, we get the viewpoint from a shadowy figure in the bushes, whom I instantly thought was Morgan. More on that later.

-The group, which is like, 15 deep at this point, hears some screaming and they run up to see a priest (y’all might wanna call him a minister, I’m not arguing semantics) on top of a large rock, kicking away walkers. The priest is Seth Gilliam, who I know as Carver from The Wire, my all-time favorite show, so I hit that Birdman handrub. He gets frisked by Rick and they ask him the requisite questions: who are you, how many people a and/or walkers have you killed, etc. He says none and everyone is like, “bruh, you lyin’ ‘”. He says he has a church, of course, but something doesn’t sit right with anyone, myself included.

-The group examines the church and it seems to be safe, so they figure the next step is to get food, to which the priest says there is only one place left that he hasn’t cleaned out. I raised an eyebrow because this dude said he hasn’t killed anything or anyone, but you can’t survive as long as he has without killing something. You just can’t. Zombies don’t care about the word of God, son.

-Rick gathers Michonne, Sasha and Bob to go with him and the minister, who Rick doesn’t trust at all. He tells Carl that they are not safe anywhere in this world because Carl trusts the priest, he thinks that not everyone can be bad. While Carl has grown up a lot, he still has some child-like naïveté about him because, well, he is still a kid. He is learning, though.

-Bob tries to talk Rick into listening to Abraham’s Washington plan because he thinks there is a world outside of zombies and death. Poor Bob. He has been my pick to die for a while and Rick walkin’ with all these black people? Yeah, someone gotta die, especially since the priest came on board. AMC has far reached their quota for black people in a show. Have you seen Breaking Bad and Mad Men?

-Far more interesting to me were the other scavengers, like Glenn, Maggie and Tara as Glenn finds some silencers in a store. Tara tells Maggie that she was with the Governor before joining them, and remember, he killed Herschel, who was Maggie’s father. She seems to forgive her, saying that she is with them now. That is big of her. Wouldn’t be me.

-Can we talk about how Maggie hasn’t asked ONCE where her sister is? I know she is happy to see Glenn and shit, but damn. Beth is her sister. I don’t even think they separated on bad terms. Shit is off.

-Carol and Daryl are getting some water and they run up on an abandoned car. Daryl knows that Carol doesn’t want to talk about what happened to the girls, but he wants to start over. Everyone wants to start over. Good luck with that.

-Rick and his crew get to a food bank with the priest and find a bunch of walkers in a hole in the ground, just marinating in sewer water. I bet they smell just terrible. The problem is, the canned food is down with them. So they head down there and the priest is freaking out, scrambling to get away from them and Rick is like wow, this dude is really bitchmade like that. My theory is that he recognized the zombies as people from his congregation and he did something to them.

-We learn that something indeed happened as Carl leads Rick to the back of the church when he returns with a whole bunch of food. We see scratches on the paint, which is fair enough because there were probably walkers outside. But then we see “YOU’LL BURN FOR THIS” scratched into the paint as well, Yeah, the priest definitely did some shit.

-They’re feasting inside the church, and Abraham finally hits them with the “follow Eugene to Washington” plan, where Eugene says the infrastructure is there to start over, which sounds like it is full of shenanigans, but whatever, it’ll become more clear soon. But I have never trusted that crew and I would be happy if they got merked in their sleep. Except for Rosa; she’s fine. Anyway, Rick says they will go with him and everyone is merry and happy, which means something bad is about to happen.

-Bob gave Sasha a kiss and then walks outside to cry, because going outside by yourself in the dark is a great idea. Honestly, I think he got bitten when he fought the underwater zombie and he deserved it for two reasons: one, he knows we don’t do well with water and two, did he not see the bubbles in the water? Fuck Bob, b. He gets bopped over the head by the shadowy figure from earlier.

-Meanwhile, Daryl finds Carol outside messing with the car they found earlier, and it looks like she is tryna bail. However, they get distracted by the same car that kidnapped Beth. Somehow, their car magically gets power and we are in for a high-speed chase.

-We learn who hit Bob: it was Gareth, and I didn’t think we would see the Terminus people for a while yet. Turns out Tyreese didn’t kill that guy in the shack, stupid ass and Bob comes around to find out that he is missing the bottom half of his left leg….and Gareth is just chowing down on that shit like he is at a cookout. I was more shocked at the dude being alive than that. They did stitch up Bob pretty good, though.

So, we get to see something about Beth in the next episode, and I assume Rick and ’em will go hunting for Bob and probably run into some shit. Just another day in the life of The Walking Dead, where good people try to be good and it never goes right for anyone.


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