Sons Of Anarchy S07E07 – Greensleeves

The theme of Sons Of Anarchy‘s final season thus far has been vengeance, and Jax has been adding names to the list every week. He has been getting away with being sloppy for the most part, but eventually he was gon’ paint himself into a corner, and “Greensleeves” was the corner. Let’s go….

-The boys are out by the spot where Jax’s father John had his accident, and we learn that Jax has not only let Juice live, but he gets his cut back and Juice drives off. For a split second I was like, “the fuck?”, but then it switched to, “so what is the plan”. Because Jax thinks he is Super Planner who has all this figured out.

-Juice shoots at some highway cops and that is all fine and dandy because we learn Jax wants Juice to get arrested, go to jail and finally finish off Lin. But my question is, do these cops not see the all-black van like, RIGHT BEHIND THEM? Seriously, when they stop to arrest Juice, they are literally right behind the cops. Jesus Christ, man. Anyway, I thought Juice was gon’ kill himself when he got caught and I wish he did, because if he ends this series alive, I will throw a fit.

-The boys go to check out Red Woody, where “Cox and Bagels” is getting filmed, and while Jax is having a conversation with Unser, I couldn’t help but watch the background, simply because it was ridiculous. Unser tells Jax that the cop they shot is awake, but she won’t say the club was there for the shootout because she went to high school with Jax. A couple things here: Jax went to high school? The fuck was the point of that? And two, so getting shot within an inch of your life as watching your partner die in front of you doesn’t matter because you went to high school with a gangster that doesn’t give 1/13 of a fuck about you? Every single cop in this show is the absolute worst. Unser also asks about Juice and Jax obviously lies about it. Unser sees right through it, and I am damn sick and tired of Jax thinking he is so slick.

-Jax’s speech at the table to the boys was pretty emotional as he basically said, “I have no fucking idea what I am doing, but thanks for having my back”. This is the second time he has done this, so the sympathy is starting to wear a little thin because as Bobby said, he could always slow down. But nah, that ain’t Jax’s style.

-Meanwhile, Nero is working to get out of the game as he tells Gemma he has a plan to buy his uncle’s farm. He wants Gemma to come with him and eventually, he gets an “I’ll think about it”, which is as good as he could have asked for. Katey Sagal is damn good at standing there and looking concerned while Jimmy Smits spills everything. He says they deserve something better and she hits him with the “do we?”. Nah, you don’t.

-Gemma also learns from Unser that Juice has been picked up by the cops, and he thinks Juice has been talking to Jax, which makes Gemma paranoid since he knows everything. She also lets him stay at T-M because Unser might be the only one who truly has Gemma’s back other than Nero.

-Jax visits the drugged-out preacher’s wife and her son to get them to sign some document, and to confirm that her husband is dead; Happy asks her if she wants to see a picture. He is fantastic. Jax apparently knows real estate law now, or maybe it is due to his high school education because he convinces the mom to sign said document stating that Marks threatened her to turn over the property and combined with the bodies on his property, the cops could get him for murder. You came this far on some bloody shit, Jax, now you’re punking out? He also learns that a pimp named Greensleeves (not to be confused with A Pimp Named Slickback from The Boondocks) has been blackmailing the mom with pictures of her husband being freaky, since everyone has pics of him apparently. Jax says they will take care of that, and take her up to his cabin to get clean because he is Betty fucking Ford.

-Nero knows who Greensleeves is and takes Jax and Chibbs to see him, and we meet this dude twisting one of his girl’s arms and hits her with the line of the episode: “Who puts the ‘o’ in ‘hoe’?” (The answer? She does, apparentły). That could mean so many different things and nothing at all at the same damn time. They try to confront him, but Greensleeves gets away and the boys end up with Winsome, the aforementioned lady who ends up getting a job offer from Jax because he is also a recruiter. The offer: get off the street and become an escort, and tells us where Greensleeves is. This whole thing is so unbelievable, but she’s cute, so whatever.

-Jax and Chibbs go to his apartment, where Greensleeves is chillin’ with some schwacked-out girl, who gets tossed in the bedroom after Greensleeves is shot. They get the phone with the pictures, but Jax takes it a step further and tries to throw Greensleeves out of the window to indicate a suicide, but he can’t even do that right. Chibbs looks at him like, “the fuck is wrong with you?”.

-Jax sent Happy and Rat to get Gemma and take her to the cabin to help with his Betty Ford clinic, and we learn that everyone is scared of Gemma, even Happy. That was pretty good. But Gemma gets her back up like Jax is taking her to be killed and packs a gun, which she does in a room with Thomas, and she decides to confess that she killed Tara. Lo and behold, Abel is creeping around in the doorway and he hears this while Thomas is just tryna eat his cookie in peace.

-Wendy is tryna hold this all together, telling Gemma that Jax wouldn’t hurt her. Then she goes to check on Abel, who opens his eyes when she leaves and he is slowly becoming one of those “Children of the Corn” kids. But Wendy survives another episode, so my “Wendy leaves with the kids” prediction is still on.

-I almost forgot this: Nero is taking Winsome to her new job and she asks him if he is a gangster and he says, “I don’t think so”. Sir, you are running with not one, but TWO gangs. Stop it. You want Jax to buy your stake in the escort business, and the Mayans to help you out as well. You have had multiple chances to get out, and now you see the light. This fuckin’ guy, bruh.

-Juice gets put in isolation so he can’t even do what Jax wants, and he gets a cellmate, who turns out to be one of Marilyn Manson’s boys, so they sit down to talk about politics, I assume.

-Gemma is at the cabin and she is totally ready to cap someone because she thinks she is really about to die, but it turns out she really does have to play nurse for a junkie. Come on, Gemma. Jax wouldn’t do you like that. I do know that much. But she has to know she doesn’t have long before this house of cards falls down.

-We end with SAMCRO and the Mayans at a park where they are waiting for Marks as they try to blackmail him with the signed document from the junkie mom. But Marks has other plans as he has his people tail Bobby, who is going to the cabin to check on everything. They run Bobby off the road, and well, the result isn’t good for him. His security guy gives Jax a box with an iPad that shows Bobby getting his eyeball ripped out and the eyeball is also in the box. Not gon’ front, and I love me some Bobby (even after he went rogue during the last days of Clay), but I was kinda cheering for Marks. Jax deserved this. He has been triple-crossing for so long that this was coming.

This episode seemed so damn long, don’t you think? But it sets up the big battle brewing between Jax and Marks, I am pretty sure Bobby is still alive (the eye jokes on Twitter were so real), we have to see if Juice completes his mission and of course, Abel….who is he going to tell about Gemma? The homestretch of Sons Of Anarchy is in sight.


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