Sons Of Anarchy S07E08 – The Separation Of Crows

Sons Of Anarchy moved closer to its end game with “The Separation Of Crows”, and they actually slowed things down a little compared to most of the season. Hell, there wasn’t even a chase of any kind; just one death and a little more dismemberment, nothing major. Let’s go….

-The episode opens with Jax sitting on a roof, which is something we haven’t seen in a while. He is finally joined by Chibbs, and he admits that Marks is smarter than him, that he underestimated him. Chibbs tells him to man up and stop being a punk because this is no time to be shook. Jax has had multiple chances to slow this down, and he didn’t take them. Shoot, Bobby said they could back off, Jax said nah, and we see Bobby being contrasted against Juice in jail, missing an eye. Chibbs said they all knew the risks they were taken when they started this revenge mission for Tara, and all I can think is, man, they’re gon’ be soooooooooooo pissed when they find out this is all Gemma’s fault. Like, ALL OF IT. Meanwhile, Gemma is still chillin’, playing nurse for the junkie mom and being paranoid as hell, and Abel is quietly coloring and stewing over the knowledge that his grandmother killed his mother, which we will get to later.

-Tyler continues to be Jax’s errand boy, giving him the scoop on Marks’ security guy, who dropped off Bobby’s eye. Dude’s name is Moses and he is ex-military, along with ex-Blackwater, which I never knew was a thing until I read a book on them a few years ago. Tyler also said that Marks is planning to send another piece of Bobby every 24 hours if he doesn’t get the mom and the son from the church, and that he is shook by being around this angry group. Jax chastises him, even though he just got finished saying something similar and Tyler is risking his life as a double agent for the club. What a guy.

-The club continues to look for the body of the kid they killed early in the season, that turned out to be the son of the Indian Hills president, Jury. They find out that the kid’s mom lives out in the boonies and they get shot at when they show up, but fortunately, her younger son shows up and becomes a hostage, which ends the situation. They finally learn that the kid was indeed Jury’s son and put together that Jury ratted them out because they killed him, or so they think. I am pretty sure he did, but there are so many stories going in SOA that I can’t be bothered to keep track of it all and we all know what is going to happen anyway.

-The boys set up a meet in the middle of nowhere with Jury and his VP, and Jax calls him out for ratting, which Jury denies and goes on this rant about how Jax has become what his father was trying to get SAMCRO away from. Jury was friends with Jax’s dad and wasn’t even in the club when he died, and he thinks JT killed himself, instead of the story that Clay sabotaged his bike. Jax ain’t tryna hear this truth and punches Jury, who pulls his gun and gets a bullet to the cheek. His VP is livid and said Jax is gon’ get it, so keep that in the back of your head. But the boys have to go to Gemma’s right away.

-Moses sits down with Bobby and tries to get the location of the bodies they buried at one of four possible construction sites. He tries to level with Bobby, who was in the reserves, but was never deployed, but Bobby sees through it, which is why they took “the smart one”. They just want the location, but Bobby laughs when asked to put his smoke out on the correct one, even as he is threatened with losing his clutch hand.

-But there is other stuff going as Juice meets with Jarry and Unser and says he will give names and details to them about Tara’s murder in exchange for a deal. Unser knows something is going on and figures out that Jax wants Juice in the same place as Lin so he can kill him and get back into SAMCRO. Unser knows how this works: Juice would have been dead by now if the club didn’t need him, and he also figured out Gemma is involved. He is not long for this show; Gemma gon’ kill him, bruh.

-Gemma is called back to town because Abel is in trouble at school again, and apparently he hit a kid in the head with a metal lunchbox. Two things: one, anyone else find it hard to take Courtney Love being serious and making sense as the teacher? And two, who the hell sends their kid to the school with a metal lunchbox? Jesus. Anyway, Gemma doesn’t take kindly to Ms. Love and says Abel will hit her next, but she knows she has to talk to Abel. She asks Abel something to the effect of, “do you know what an accident is?” and he replies, “do you!”. SON. All he had left to say was, “BITCH, YOU KILLED MY MOM!”, and I would have fallen out of my chair. But this gets cut off as Gemma goes to Thomas’ bedroom to find “No Son Is Safe” written on the wall with a stuffed animal also on the wall, with a knife stuck on it. In her room, she finds her birds dead in her bed. Marks told Jax that no Son was safe if he was betrayed, so we can pin that on him, although we all probably thought it was Abel for a brief minute.

-This is when the boys were called to the house, and Jax tells Chibbs to call Tyler and set up a meeting with Marks. He will give up the location of the bodies, but not the mother and the son, who Marks will kill anyway. This gets back to Moses, who gets told the information by……Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks? Holy random. Anyway, Moses tells Bobby that the terms were non-negotiable and proceeds to cut off his hand, or fingers. We didn’t get to see it, but the screaming and the crunching of bones was enough to let you know that some shit is going down.

-The boys are back on the rooftop, and Chibbs asks Jax if Jury actually confessed, and this could mess up relations with the other chapters of SAMCRO. Jax wants to know what Chibbs saw, and Chibbs said it was complicated, but he should be ready for blowback. Who ISN’T Jax fighting now? But that conversation ends when Tig brings up another box, which has some of Bobby in it, but Jax doesn’t even bother to open it because he can’t face what he is doing.

A relatively tame episode by SOA standards, but the final act is almost set. Gemma is still frantically trying to keep her secret, while Juice sits on a cell, crushing roaches with his hand. The boys are still looking for Bobby and that will come to a head very soon, possibly with Bobby’s head. Abel is going to kill someone or something. Unser gotta die. The body count over the last five episodes of Sons Of Anarchy is about to be enormous.


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