Sons Of Anarchy S07E09 – What A Piece Of Work Is Man

From the very beginning, you had an idea that this was going to be a different episode of Sons Of Anarchy. Each week has been wildly chaotic to the point where you have no idea what is going on, but with “What A Piece Of Work Is Man” (a line from Hamlet, which SOA has always been a modern retelling of, or at least the foundation on which the story was built), they managed to slow everything down and come up with the best episode of the season. Let’s go….

-Your first clue that this was about to be some shit, was that there was no music during the opening montage like there usually is. Jax was laying in bed with Abel in probably the most parenting he has done all season, while Wendy pops in to take Thomas. Gemma is smoking and fiddling with her hands while Nero sleeps, and she lies about sleeping because with everything on her plate, there is no way that she has been sleeping. Juice and Bobby are being contrasted in their jails as Juice is moved to Stockton, while Bobby is just sitting, smoking with one eye and one hand. It just all seems very tense, and the lack of music did a good job in accomplishing this.

-Gemma tells Abel to say thank you at the breakfast table, and he gives her this look like, “Bitch, who are you talkin’ to like I don’t know you killed my moms”. I love the kid who plays Abel, man. He just looks stunned all the time, but after going through everything that he has by, what, five years old, he should be stunned. And murderous. Very murderous.

-Jax wants Abel to go up to the cabin along with Gemma and Wendy, and he was going to come there later. If he is sending everyone out of Charming, you know shit is about to go down. Abel asks if someone has died, which is a very pertinent question because, well, someone always dies.

-At the cabin, Jax gets his Godfather on and tells Grant, the preacher’s son, the new plan to make Marks think that he is getting the video to get leverage for Bobby, and Grant is like, your plans suck, b. I thought he was gon’ jump across the table when Jax says, “trust me”, which is SOA-speak for “something awful is about to happen”. Then Tyler shows up and Jax asks him to set up a meeting with Marks, but he is distracted when Montez the prospect (I was gon’ call him the Latin prospect…..RESEARCH!) runs in because Grant hit him in the head with a pipe and took off. Hell, we didn’t have a chase scene in the last episode, did we?

-Grant runs Happy off the road, so this isn’t gon’ end well for him. The bikes eventually catch up to him and they get Grant out of the car. The nerve of Jax yelling at him like he has a leg to stand on and has been right this entire time. Meanwhile, Grant was gon’ do the honourable thing and give himself up to Marks so his mom would be safe, but Jax is like, nah, we got this, because they have done alright so far. Happy punches Grant in the face to make things even, because even though I get why he did it, still, you don’t fuck with Happy. Man, fuck Jax. I know this is all Gemma’s fault and she put him in this position, but Jesus, his plans are just terrible, b. TERRIBLE.

-Gemma gets tipped off from Unser that Jarry will be looking to question her about Juice’s story before she goes to the cabin. She doesn’t want to, but Rat was listening to the conversation and tells Gemma that Jax is behind Juice in jail. Then his chick, Brooke, comes out and he yells at her to get in the kitchen, and Gemma’s basic lesson to Rat is to not be a dick because finding a good old lady is hard in these streets. She would know, I guess, having gone through two SAMCRO presidents and the third is her son.

-Gemma goes to the office and looks through some pictures for Jarry, who is starting to piece things together, but Gemma calls her out on being on the club’s dime AND fucking Chibbs. Jarry slaps her and man, Gemma pushed her like a WWE wrestler, legs in the air and everything. For me, the moment of the episode is seeing Nero outside, and he just throws his hands in the air like, “are you fucking kidding me?”. Jarry tells her cops to go outside because it’s not like Gemma isn’t right, and the two exchange threats before Gemma is allowed to leave.

-Jax meets with Marks with everyone else there, and he shows Marks the video, but says Marks won’t get it or the pastor’s body until they get Bobby, and he doesn’t want Marks to kill the mother and son, to which he agrees, but he still wants to meet with Grant. Is Jax STILL tryna outsmart Marks? Jesus Christ. I wrote as I watched this, “How does Marks know that Jax has been helping Grant”. It might be because Marks has eyes everywhere, but it is worth keeping in the back of your mind, I think.

-Jax told Marks that they saw the pastor and he was cut into pieces, so now these mufuckas gotta dig up the bodies again on some Weekend At Bernie’s shit, because why not? It is good to see Jax digging up a body though; at least he is getting his hands dirty in this stupid, stupid plan. The boys take the bodies back to Red Woody and start sewing parts together on some Frankenstein shit, and it looks like they are putting a bomb in the body, right? RIGHT?

-The new president of Indian Hills comes by with his VP to tell Jax that he is setting up a jury of impartial SAMCRO members to figure out what to do about the Jax/Jury thing, because we seem to forget (as Jax does) that Sons Of Anarchy is more than just the Redwood chapter. One more thing that Jax has to deal with. Awesome. So the plan is to get Juice to record a conversation with Lin……IN JAIL, mind you…..that puts Jax in the clear for what he did. Jesus Christ.

-Moses, Marks’ security guy, readies Bobby to go to Jax, but first, he wants his boys to break his jaw and one tries, but Bobby laughs it off. Moses says that he respects Bobby, a fellow former army guy and a soldier, and then proceeds to punch the everlovin’ shit outta him.

-Back at T-M, Nero tells Gemma that he is going to sign some shit to get his plan in motion, and Gemma was like, “are you really doing this?”, like he is the one with the bad idea. Nero then asks Chucky to keep Gemma out of trouble until he gets back and Chucky is like, “are you serious right now, bruh?”. Just then, Jarry rolls up to talk to Unser, and she tells him that the guy they are tryna pin Tara’s murder on was arrested in Vegas the same night, so he couldn’t have done it. And the proverbial house of cards loses its foundation, because Jarry and Unser gotta know something is seriously up now.

-The two sides meet again, and Jax asks that everyone leaves so it is just he and Marks. Marks agrees, almost like he knew Jax would request this and after the two leaders are frisked, everyone leaves with the assets there. Jax shows the body of the pastor and the video, while Bobby is brought to him by Marks, but Bobby’s jaw was broken so he couldn’t tell Jax that Marks put a gun in his back, which is then turned on the boys. Marks tells Grant that if they get the idea to betray, that this will happen and he shoots Bobby while he is in Jax’s arms. He then tells Jax that this is on him. Yep, outsmarted again by Marks. Jax gotta be what, 0-for-15 now? And he is still gon’ win somehow, for fucks sakes.

-The boys take Bobby’s body and put it in the van, and Happy cries, which was a motherfucker to watch, Jax tells Chibbs (who could barely talk) to give the mother’s statement that Marks killed someone or something; seriously, that body has been transported so much, I have no idea what the plan is now. All I know is that Jax wants Marks arrested. Chibbs wants to give the statement to Jarry instead and the two part ways.

-Wendy is chillin’ with the mom, because it is always good to leave one junkie in charge of another, and don’t front, we all thought Wendy was going to eat those drugs, but Abel comes in and asks her to fix the TV, so she just rubs it on her shirt (thanks for that, director and Drea De Matteo, we appreciate it). Rat sort of apologizes to Brooke in the kitchen and tells her that he loves her, and we learn that Brooke is bipolar, and I gotta wonder why we wasted three minutes of screen time on that; are they going to be prevalent over the final four episodes? I already had a theory on Rat posed to me by a couple of people.

-All the while, Juice has been in jail, putting knives in tubes up his ass from Tully if he is gon’ kill Lin, but instead of getting moved to general pop, he gets taken to solitary until Jarry can figure this thing out. Juice is not feeling solitary at all, and my money is that he has to kill himself. At this point, I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t.

-Jax tells Gemma, Nero, Wendy, Rat and Brooke at the cabin that Bobby is dead, and Gemma gets up and walks out right away. Wendy asks Jax if this is ever gon’ end, and he says it already has, but that’s some bullshit. He then tells the mother about his plan to get Marks arrested and says that he will continue to keep his promise to keep them alive, but really, at this point, does it even matter? Is dying that much worse than the life he is giving them now?

-Chibbs meets Jarry and gives her the statement, and she tells him about confronting Gemma, which didn’t work out for her. Then they have a moment about this being a mistake, so Jarry tells Chibbs to take her right there if he has any feeling for her. So, a criminal biker bangs a cop on her car in a parking garage, while another biker (Quinn) watches. Sons Of Fuckery, ladies and gentlemen! I could have done without this scene, but it does show Chibbs getting close to Jarry, which again, isn’t gon’ work out well, for her or anyone.

-No song plays us out as we get to the end of the episode, just the coroner digging up the pastor’s body, while Unser is figuring shit out. Gemma visits Bobby’s body and tells everyone to leave so she can have a moment with him, and in typical Gemma fashion, confesses and apologizes for everything because it’s all her fault. All of this. Every single part of this. But Abel, of course, was watching them dig a grave from his bedroom and goes down to get a cookie, and overhears all this. Little stealthy bastard. This kid knows EVERYTHING.

-Jax and Chibs go to watch Marks be arrested, and they make sure they are seen by Marks and Moses. What a fuckin’ dummy. Jax got those glasses on, tryna look sophisticated and shit. Good grief.

Overall, “What A Piece Of Work Is Man” isn’t as good as I immediately thought, but I still think it was the best episode of the final season thus far. Jax is setting up for a showdown with Moses next week, I would think, Unser has to figure this shit out with Gemma sooner than later, right? Juice is still in play. And Abel has to tell someone about everything he knows soon, right? The final act of Sons Of Anarchy is here; let’s ride.


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