Sons Of Anarchy S07E10 – Faith And Despondency

The tenth episode of Sons Of Anarchy’s final season was up and down as “Faith and Despondency” tried to focus on a lot of secondary characters, but by the end of it, we were right back on track for a helluva finale. Let’s go..


-For a show that features a brothel/porn studio, there hasn’t been a lot of sex on SOA this season outside of Chibbs and Jarry. It seems like they were saving it all for the opening of this episode as we roll through all of the sex, although I didn’t catch the opening couple. Gemma and Nero don’t like they wanna bother having sex, Tig is gettin’ it poppin’ with Venus, which they’ve been moving towards for a couple seasons now, while Chibbs and Jarry make an appearance, of course. Rat doesn’t heed Gemma’s advice of not being a dick as he cheats on Brooke with an escort, while Happy takes one in an alley on the hood of a car. Wendy has graduated from junkie to the most sensible person on the SAMCRO side, and she has her vibrator, while Juice is getting pillaged by Tully Manson in jail. I guess they have to get over Bobby somehow. Except for Juice; he is just getting fucked.

-The first couple was Jax and Winsome, apparently, and we have barely seen her since Jax rescued her from the pimp named Greensleeves. She gives her condolences about Tara and goes to leave, but a tearful Jax asks her to stay. Right, Jax. Like you have time for this right now.

-Jax and Nero meet at Diosa, and Jax says he can’t see SAMCRO without Bobby, while Nero says Gemma is a mess, which is fair as she has known Bobby forever, but she is so responsible for his death. Nero sees this as a time to talk about him leaving, and while
Jax is hesitant, he seems to understand. Nero leaves and Jax turns his attention to Rat, who is walking his escort out and Jax tells him to meet T.O., the leader of the Grim Bastards. I honestly have no idea what Rat’s thing is. They continue to show him way more than I thought they ever would. By “they”, I hope you know that I’m talking about Kurt Sutter and his crew of writers and directors.

-Winsome comes out and says Jax is a decent person for rescuing her and such. I laugh out loud. She has no idea what this dude has done. But her bar is probably pretty low.

-Tig and Venus have a scene and I’ma be honest, I zoned out like shit here. Y’all know I don’t like Tig at all and unless it has to do with him dying, I don’t care, but more on that later on.

-Breakfast is being had at Gemma’s, and Abel has a scratch over his eye. He says that Thomas did it to him, but come on. Thomas is such a mild-mannered kid that he wouldn’t or couldn’t do that, and if he did, Abel would fuck his entire life up. So automatically, I assume he did it himself because, well, Abel is SO messed up.

-Back at the cabin, Grant and his mom wanna go home as they have given their statement to the DA, but Quinn and Montez advise against it. I just realize that ol’ girl’s name is fucking Loutreesha. Kurt Sutter, boy, I tell ya, he is something else.

-Gemma drops Abel off at school, and Courtney Love notices the scratch above his eye. She knows something is going on due to her last meeting with Gemma, and she takes Abel inside to get the truth. She gon’ die, b.

-Jax goes to meet Tully Manson, who says that he’ll get Juice close to Lin, but it might take a couple days. There is also a new guy, Otis, who is replacing crazy Leland in the Nazi ranks, says Tully, who also tells Jax what he is doing to Juice. Jax is like, “he needs some lovin’ anyway”. DAMN.

-Moses wants Tyler to find out where Grant and his mother are, and that he knows that Tyler rolls with the Sons heavy. Tyler says that T.O. might know where they are in a solid case of black-on-black snitching. He might gotta die, too. Moses doesn’t trust him obviously, and they all head to the Bastards’ headquarters.

-Abel goes to the bathroom at school, and in a stall, he takes out a fork, which made me sit up straight. But I have a couple questions about this. Would you give a child like Abel a metal fork to do anything? Give him a knife, maybe even a small chainsaw. And two, Courtney Love is all up in his shit, but she doesn’t notice him going to the bathroom with his lunchbox? Details, I guess, but jeez.

-Jax goes to meet the new Leland, Otis, and one of Leland’s boys aren’t happy about the change. Otis says he has more guys on the way, but the attention is on this guy, who calls Tig a tranny-humper; how he would know this, I have no idea. Chibbs says this isn’t the time, but Otis is like, “I got no problem with the time”. So Tig steps to him and asks for an apology, and when he doesn’t get it, he shoots homeboy in the dick. All the guns come out, and Jax shoots another guy in the head. Otis calms the situation and they also learn that Leland is late for this meeting because he is en route to kill the female cop in the hospital. He gets killed and the boys head to the hospital. Working with Nazis sounds like a hard knock life.

-Moses, Tyler and ’em find the Bastards and Rat and throw them all in the back of a van. I also forgot that the Bastards are now SAMCRO, which explains why Rat was with them. A lotta shit goin’ on in these streets, bruh.

-Leland sneaks into the hospital, all the way to the room in which she is supposed to be, and it is pointed out that he would have been stopped by a nurse who walks right by him as he is past a secure point. However, details schmetails. He sees the bed empty, and goes in the bathroom, where he finds Unser in the shower. After a brief struggle, Unser shoots Leland in the chest. Dogg, Unser is old as shit and has cancer. Leland deserved to die.

-In the ensuing investigation, Unser tells Jarry that he got an anonymous tip and you can see the steam coming out of her ears. She tells Unser that the boys are in the lobby, and Unser is shaken up as he never had to kill anyone as a cop. But seriously, how did he know though? That Otis guy?

-Chibbs gets a call from Wendy, and he tells Jax that he has to go to Abel’s school. Meanwhile, T.O. and Rat are in the Bobby room and when they don’t tell Moses what he wants, his men punch the shit outta them while Tyler watches. Man, after last week’s brilliance, SOA is back to jumping all over the place. It’s a bit off-putting.

-Meanwhile, Juice gets a package from Tully consisting of a book of Emily Bronte love poems, which I thought was fantastic as “Wuthering Heights” is one of my top five favorite books of all time. You wanna talk about fuckery? Read that shit, bruh. Anyway, he also gets some K-Y and drugs, so yeah, Juice about to be on some bitch shit for the foreseeable future.

-Jax gets to Abel’s school, where Child Services have been called, as well as Gemma. Abel comes out and shows that he has cuts all over his arm from his fork and when he is asked who did it, he says “Grandma”. Awwwwwwww shit, another brick falls in Gemma’s failing house of cards.

-Moses gets out his eye-extracting spoon, and T.O. is like, fuck that, mufuckas are at this location. Moses says he is disappointed that it was the brotha that broke, and this whole season could be a segment of “Fuckin’ With Black People”, word to The Black Guy Who Tips podcast.

-At Gemma’s, they try to figure out what in the hell is wrong with Abel, and Jax says he is taking Abel to his house, and he wants Wendy to watch him. You can see Gemma pee herself a little bit, because she knows what is coming. Nero thinks it’s because Abel thinks Gemma is tryna to replace Tara. He isn’t completely wrong there, but we know there is far more to it than that. Gemma’s palms gotta be sweating like Patrick Ewing.

-Also, let’s take the messed up child to the house of his murderous biker leader father. But I guess the alternative is Gemma. Abel never had a fuckin’ chance.

-Moses leaves Tyler with one of his boys with Rat and T.O., and shoots the dude in the head to free the SAMCRO boys. Moses is en route to Otis’ house unbeknownst to him, and after a sweep, they don’t find anyone or anything but a camper. They open the door to the camper and it is rigged, of course. Out come the Nazis, along with SAMCRO, and they proceed to gun down Moses and crew. Moses is hit, but only in the knee so Jax can exact revenge. He rips out Moses’ eye with his bare hands, which seems extremely hard to do, then cuts off his fingers, then shoots him in the head.

-So, here are my issues with this. Tyler must have called Jax when Moses left for the cabin, but why wouldn’t Moses take him as well? That doesn’t sound like something he would do, even though we haven’t known him that long. Second, who came up with this plan? Jax? The same dude that has spent all season getting outsmarted by damn near everyone? Okay. But I am alright with it because he is the protagonist and he was supposed to win, no matter how unlikely. Besides, his whole world is about to get flipped upside down.

-Jax thanks Otis for the help and for getting rid of the bodies, while Otis thanks him for getting rid of Leland, which Jax ain’t have anything to do with, but whatever. Jax tells Rat he is proud of him for standing strong, but still, something doesn’t sit right with me about him. Also, Happy kept one of Moses’ fingers as a souvenir. I fucks with that dude.

-After that, a buncha shit happens quickly. Grant and Loutreesha (Jesus Christ) learn they can go home quasi-safely, while Unser hangs out with the cop he saved. Juice is snorting drugs and listening to Tully read him Bronte poems, because, romance.

-Jarry tells Chibbs that she thinks this is over, and Chibbs is like, okay, and she freaks out. Chibbs tells the truth: she is a cop, he is a criminal and they’re not gon’ be a normal couple. She pushes him, he smacks her and they end up having mad sex on the floor. I don’t like where this is going for Chibbs. At some point, he will have to make a choice between her and the club, unless she leaves her job to be an old lady, in which case I will throw my fuckin’ hands up.

-Tig and Venus have, like, a seven-minute scene about him not knowing who he is, and how he wants to go away with her or something. Look, I’ve wanted Tig to die for like, four seasons now. And they give him a relationship with three episodes left in the series? NOAP. Not here for it. I don’t care if it’s with a male turned female, a hot female, six hot females and a baby elephant, I don’t care. Kill him.

-Nero goes to Gemma’s, where Brooke is patching up Rat and Nero is lookin’ like, she don’t know he was fuckin’ someone else this morning, but he is no snitch. He finds Gemma sitting on the floor, fidgeting and smoking (which I will miss about this show strangely). Gemma is like, yeah, I think I should go with you now and says, “I don’t know why you’re still here”. None of is know, Gemma; it’s the million-dollar question.

-Finally, we get to Jax’s, where Abel comes out and Jax decides this is the perfect time to tell him that Wendy is his birth mother. I get what he was trying to do, but this vaults Jax into the pantheon of terrible TV dads alongside Don Draper, Tywin Lannister and Frank Gallagher (honourable mention to Dexter Morgan). Like the kid isn’t confused enough. Wendy is shocked, but thanks Jax and at this point, you assume they gon’ smash. Jax might have that in mind, but he goes to tuck in Abel, who hits him with, “Is Wendy my first mommy because I came out of her tummy?”. Jax says, “Yeah.” Then Abel drops, “Is that why Grandma killed my other mommy, so my first mommy could be here with me?”

-SOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN….Jax almost hit him with a, “I beg your pardon?”. Abel did it so innocently because he really is a kid tryna make sense of this all. And in doing so, he came through and crushed Gemma’s buildings like Snoop in the “New York, New York” video. So fucking good.

Overall, I thought “Faith and Despondency” was inconsistent, they gave too much time to secondary characters and I will always be mad about them tryna make me feel sympathic towards Tig. But that ending, DAMN. That is all I needed to see. Three episodes left in Sons Of Anarchy, who ya got?


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