The Walking Dead S05E06 – Consumed

The Walking Dead hit a little bit of a lull over the last two episodes, but it picks back up with “Consumed”, following the wacky adventures of Carol and Daryl. Y’all know how I feel about Killa Carol; her evolution, to me, has been the best part of the entire series. Daryl is good people too, all they need is Michonne and they could send everyone else home for the season. If I graded episodes, this was getting a 7.5 off the jump because of who was the focus, but it was even better than that, let’s say an 8.5 to 9. Let’s go….


-We open with Carol driving away from Rick, who put her out of the group for killing Karen and someone else, which is some bullshit. I know she had to die, but Carol watched Rick kill her daughter, Sophia, cut a girl some slack. Carol pulls over on the side of the road to cry and just screams on a walker that rolls up on her.

-She finds an abandoned law firm to kick it at and sets up shop. Carol has gotten quite self-sufficient as she makes noise to draw out any walkers, and sets up a thing to catch rain water. I wouldn’t have even thought that far ahead. Then she sees smoke in the sky from the direction of the prison and decides to save the people that banished her. Another reason why Carol is better than me.

-In the present, Carol and Daryl are following the car they were chasing three episodes ago and Carol just wants to run them off the road, but Daryl wants to be all stealth-like. I would feel as though the car in front would be able to see Carol and Daryl, especially in that shot as they were just driving into the city of Atlanta, but meh, details.

-I love how they’re doing more stuff in the city. I understand why most of the series has been set outside of Atlanta to minimize the amount of people/walkers, but I think they’ve done a great job of showing how decayed Atlanta is, and it’s a nice change.

-The car stops and so does Carol and Daryl, and as a cop (I still don’t think the people at the hospital are even cops) is messin’ around, a walker comes up and starts banging on their car. Another hint that these people aren’t cops: the guy doesn’t do anything at all, doesn’t go to check what is going on, nothing. You would think most of all that cops would be more likely to investigate that shit.

-The cop drives away and the two try to follow, but their car is out of gas; FINALLY, someone runs out of gas in The Walking Dead. Daryl figures they should chill for the night and Carol says she knows a place, but first, she stabs the walker that was banging in their car because fuck ’em, that’s why.

-They find the place and grab some keys off a dead walker, and Carol says it is temporary housing; apparently she has been there, but she didn’t stay. The two have a back-and-forth about trying to start over, and Daryl asks what would have happened if he hadn’t shown up when Carol was outside that night; she says she still doesn’t know. I love the interaction between these two. Not a lot of words, just quick and to the point, and neither of them have a bullshit bone inside them.

-They hear a sound and go to investigate, and it is a pair of walkers, I think it’s a mother and a child, but Walking Dead Wikia says it is two children. Carol wants to bring the Killa out, but Daryl stops her and says she doesn’t have to. I say BOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

-But it turns out that Daryl kills the walkers as Carol sleeps, and she wakes up to find him burning the bodies. Daryl did that so Carol ain’t have to go through that (word to Jay-Z – Izzo).

-Carol and Tyreese are burying crazy Lizzie and Mika, and Carol turns to see smoke billowing from God knows were, I would assume Terminus, maybe. Carol and that smoke, tho. Stays following her.

-In the present, the two construct a plan to get to a tall building so they can look around for an idea of where Beth is. They go outside and get past a bunch of walkers, into a building where there is a skybridge. But as they go through a door, you see someone watching them. I hit that pause button and sure enough, it was Noah, who obviously ain’t make it that far after he and Beth executed their escape plan. He does have a bum leg, remember.

-At the bridge, the two find a bunch of walkers in sleeping bags, along with tent walkers and while Daryl and Carol made short work of them, shit was pretty cool to look at. They find an office to take a breather and Carol tells Daryl that he still hasn’t asked about what happened with her, Tyreese and the girl. He says he knows what happened to the girls, I assume he thinks they turned or got eaten, but Carol says it was worse that that. She wants to tell you, fuckass, but again, they don’t use many words. They also manage to find some Peat’s potato chips an some water in a cooler that was probably warm as shit. But warm-as-shit water is better than none, I suppose.

-Before they got to the office, we see Noah watching them again; he be creepin’ like shit.

-Daryl sees a white van in the distance and since the van has those white crosses on it, he thinks that will point them in Beth’s direction. But as they make it to the walker bridge again, Noah ambushes them as Carol put the rifle through the door first, which is a rookie move, but shit happens. He gets the rifle and Daryl’s crossbow, and then proceeds to cut open the walker tents before leaving. Daryl still has a knife and Carol has a pistol and they wreck shop on the walkers, but she goes to shoot Noah and Daryl hits her hand away. I’m not sure I’m fuckin’ with new Daryl. Merle lookin’ down him like, “Why you aint shoot that nigger tho?”.

-Carol says she was aiming at his leg, which was probably a lie, and Daryl is like, he’s just a kid. Carol says that they now have no weapons and they, along with Beth, could die. She raises a good damn point. Carol is practical; all about gettin’ shit done.

-In a flashback, Carol is watching the bodies of Karen and David (I guess) burn at the prison. Oh, Carol and her crazy fire. Did she ever tell Tyreese about what happened? I can’t remember.

-Daryl and Carol find the van, which is half off and half on a bridge, and with walkers converging on them, they realize it is a hospital van. Carol knows there is a hospital around, but the walkers get there and there are far too many, even for Carol and Daryl. They get in the van and as the walkers push it off the bridge, Daryl tells Carol to buckle up. They fall for the ground and are banged up, but alright. I personally think the seat belt is what hurt Carol’s shoulder. Lesson, kids; never wear seat belts, especially in the zombie apocalypse.

-A couple of walkers fall on the van as the two scurry away, but only two. Apparently walkers get distracted by fire, but are smart enough to not follow other walkers off a bridge. We need walker intelligence consistency, dammit (I’m just playin’, I don’t care).

-They chill for a minute and Carol realizes that her shoulder is fucked, but that they did make good time falling off the bridge. Makin’ jokes and shit; I love Killa Carol.

-They go into a building and find a machete, and see where the hospital is. Carol also tells Daryl that she stayed at that temporary housing place because it was actually a shelter, and she took Sophia there for a day and a half before going back home to more abuse. At the prison, however, she was able to take control of things and this is Carol to a tee because in this episode, at least twice, we saw Carol with some sort of “dealing with abuse” book. She didn’t have the strength to walk away from her abusive husband, then she lost Sophia. Now, she is not fuckin’ around and if she sees you as a threat to her or the people she loves, you’re dying; “this world consumes you”, she says, hence the name of the episode. I admire that.

-They hear a noise and find a walker pinned against a wall with an arrow, so Daryl kills it, but they also heard gunfire. They see Noah fighting a walker and losing, but he manages to get away and the walker attacks Carol. Daryl kills it and Carol tells him to go after Noah, and after the briefest of struggles, Noah ends up with a bookshelf on him because it’s Noah vs. Daryl, for fuck sakes. Keep in mind, this bookshelf was blocking a door and there is a walker on the other side.

-Noah is begging them to save him and asks why they were following him, which is some shit because he followed them, stuck them up and took their weapons. Daryl finds a carton of smokes and I cheered because I would have smoked the entire carton right there on the spot. Daryl walks to let the walker get to Noah, but then Carol decides they can’t let him die and kills the walker. These two have the good cop/bad cop routine on lock, because you have no idea which one is which.

-In the final flashback, Carol is walking away from Terminus and she takes off her blood-smeared walker disguise, and she rubs blood off her face. She looks exhausted after SHE SAVED EVERYONE WHO ABANDONDED HER, but she keeps on movin’ as Terminus burns and of course, there is smoke billowing.

-Noah tells them that the people from the hospital probably heard the shots and were on their way, and he mentions Beth, so they know they are close. They try to leave, but Carol runs outside and gets smoked by a car, to which I wrote, “OH MY FUCKING GOD CAROL”. I gasped and shit. That car hit the almighty fuck outta Carol. Daryl wants to go save her, but Noah says the hospital people (who picked Carol up and put her in the car with the quickness, they have this down to a science now) have numbers and guns, and they can help Carol because they have a doctor and medicine. Daryl is like, yeah bruh, wait ’til you see my clique.

-Daryl composes himself and distracts walkers with fire again; so much fire and smoke in this episode. He and Noah find a truck somewhere (don’t ask) and peace out to head back to the group.

That was a really quick 42-45 minutes, even on my second watch. I would honestly watch a spinoff of Carol and Daryl runnin’ around and wildin’ out (again, along with some Michonne). So that answers the “who was with Daryl in the bushes” question and I think people were right for the most part. So the final two episodes of The Walking Dead for 2014 will revolve around rescuing Carol and Beth, and if they’re smart, taking over the hospital because the people there don’t seem very bright.

Melissa McBride is still the reigning MVP of The Walking Dead heading into the final two episodes, but Andrew Lincoln’s beard and Lauren Cohan’s sweat/dirt mix are still in the hunt. ‘Til next week, folks.


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