Sons Of Anarchy S07E11 – Suits Of Woe

The gloves are off now as we reach the homestretch of Sons Of Anarchy, and “Suits Of Woe” was as heart (and gut) -wrenching an episode as we’ve gotten out of this series. My stomach was in all sorts of knots watching this go down. Let’s go…

-After last week’s Fuckfest 2014 to open the show, this week’s opening was muted. Jax is sitting on Abel’s floor processing what his son just told him, while Gemma is talking to Tara again and I didn’t even mind it this time. Besides, I’m always here for Katey Sagal fidgeting and smoking. Juice is talking to himself in his cell, and he thinks all will be good if he just kills Lin. Oh, Juice. One way or another, you’re gon’ die.

-Chibbs is sneaking out of Jarry’s crib and I wonder what her neighbours think about seeing a SAMCRO member walk outside of her place in the morning, but everyone in Charming tends to mind their business for the most part. It’ll be so awkward when this relationship blows up in their face, possibly in a literal way.

-Jax walks out to see Wendy in the kitchen and he changes his shirt, because Jax apparently keeps his white tees in the kitchen. Wendy feels like she has to tell a truth since Jax told Abel about his real mother, and it is that Juice was staying at her place thanks to Gemma. You can see all of the wheels turning as Jax puts the pieces in place.

-She also tells Jax that Unser knew about it, so he books over to his trailer and starts bangin’ on the door like the damn police, ironically. He tries to engineer a sit-down with Juice and Unser is tentative to help him, for good reason. Unser also tells Juice about the dude Gemma accused of Tara’s murder being in a Vegas drunk tank that night, and another piece falls. While I’ve been critical of the way Jax’s revenge plan has been written this season, the way they are revealing the truth has been pretty good.

-Unser tells Jax that he’ll talk to Jarry about the Juice meeting, but if he burns him, all ties to the club are cut. Jax says they can pull the tape of the meeting, but come on dogg, you lyin’. Won’t be no tape.

-Back at the jail, Juice gets word that the Lin thing will go down after breakfast, so he gets his shit ready. He gets walked down to a boiler room, which seems to take 45 minutes, but there is Lin, chained up to the ceiling. He tells Juice that it was Barosky who ratted about the heroin, not Jury. I never saw that coming, I actually forget he is there from time to time. Juice told Lin he would be fine if he gave up the rat and didn’t leverage SAMCRO into a deal, but stabs him anyway because why wouldn’t he be a liar as well as a rat? He raises a very good point. Shoutout to the guard who left Juice some clean clothes because the blood would probably be a giveaway.

-Gemma gets to T-M and Unser tells her that Jax is looking for her, that Wendy told him about hiding Juice and that the dude she identified was in Vegas that night. Gemma is like meh, they all look the same, but she gets freaked out when Unser tells her that Jax is en route to see Juice. You could just see Gemma’s face getting hot. She leaves and Unser tells Chucky to follow her.

-Chibbs and Tig meet the rest of the club, and the rest of SAMCRO isn’t happy about the way the Jury thing was handled. Basically, if they find out Jax is lying, he will die. See what happens when you don’t think things through, Jackson? You paint yourself into a corner like the writers on the final season of Lost.

-Jax is at Stockton, where Tully him a phone with Lin’s confession of Barosky, and to make sure the room is secure which Jax called ahead to do because he is a fuckin’ liar. Juice gets brought in and Tully hits him with that, “oh, I’ll see you later baby”. Juice is like, oh goddammit, but he sits with Jax and pleads his case that he did what the club wanted him to do. That is all fine and good, but Jax has other ideas.

-Jax tells Juice what Abel told him and says he is about to send his kid to a psychiatrist, so what is the truth? For a split second, I thought Juice was gon’ lie, but I think he figured what’s the point and lays everything out for Jax. So, I did watch this scene again and man, listen…that was Charlie Hunnam’s Emmy scene right there. He wasn’t angry, he didn’t wanna scare Juice, he just wants the truth about some shit he doesn’t want to admit: that his mother killed the mother of his children and the love of his life. I dare you to look at his face and not be like, damn, maybe he isn’t a piece of shit, even though we know he is.

-But then Jax comes back as he tells Juice that Bobby was tortured and murdered, and not to say sorry because he is gon’ die for his part in the lie that set all this off. At least Jax tells him that he’ll make sure it is quick. Juice calls Gemma to tell him that Jax knows the truth and she hangs up on him with her flip phone. Never trust anyone on a flip phone, bruh. They’re usually on some shady shit. If you pause it, you can see Gemma saying, “FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK” internally.

-Chibbs and Tig are pouring over the books, which Bobby used to take care of, so Tig suggests they patch in another Jew because we needed some humor after watching Jax and Juice. Jax arrives to tell them that Lin is dead and Barosky is the rat, but priority #1 is to find Gemma and the two are like, huh? Tig asks if she is okay because remember, he has known Gemma as long as he has been in the club. Shit, Tig, Chibbs and Bobby went back to the days of Jax’s father at least, so this is some real family shit.

-Gemma is obviously packing her shit to get outta dodge, but Wendy shows up at the house and I’m like, shit, there goes my “Wendy survives” theory. I thought it was on when Wendy explains why she told Jax the truth, but I think Gemma knows the kids need someone to raise them (because we all know Jax won’t) and Chucky comes in with a shitty-ass Thomas. Gemma plays with Thomas and you get the feeling she won’t see him again. But dammit, change the kid’s diaper.

-At Diosa, Nero and Alvarez are completing the notary and we learn that Lyla knows shit about notarizing things and real estate stuff. Not just a pretty face and a porn director. Montez and Quinn swing by looking for Gemma, and it begins.

-Gemma is about ready to go as she hears motorcycles outside. Chucky comes up with a plan for Gemma to punch him so he can tell whoever is outside (Happy and Rat) that she stole his keys. I wonder why Gemma hasn’t questioned Chucky on following her, but he came up with that plan and it worked, buying Gemma some time. Chucky calls Gemma his best friend, but he has NO idea what she has been up to.

-Jarry shows up at T-M to talk to Unser to tell him that Lin is dead and there is no tape of the Jax/Juice conversation, then Jax and the boys roll up. Jax asks Chibbs what’s up with Jarry and he’s like, meh, she’s cool. Again, that’ll be awkward when it blows up in their face. But the boys here that Gemma is on the run, so Jax asks Unser to call Gemma and pretend like he wants to meet her at T-M. Unser LOSES it and tells Jax that he doesn’t give a shit about Tara, that he should spend more time being a father and not being a thug; he gets a shove and a warning. But Unser keeps going and is like, whaddya gon’ do, kill me and add to the body count and Jax punches the shit outta his face. Chibbs and Tig are like, yup, saw that coming and get Jax outta there. Unser tells Jarry to put an APB out on Jax for assault, and while it was pretty low of him to mention Tara and he deserved the punch…..Unser wasn’t wrong. Finally, someone stood up to Jax.

-Unser and Jarry go to see Juice in jail, and they wanna know what he talked about with Jax. He tells them to check the tape and Jarry is like, don’t be an asshole. Juice retorts with, “in here, all I am is someone’s asshole”. At least he still has a sense of humor about life, or what is left of it. But then he fires shots at the cops, telling them they don’t know what is going on even though it is right in front of them, and that Gemma knows the truth about everything; she is the gatekeeper. He also says that it is too late for everyone involved, and it’s weird to see Juice not being a bitch about something. All it takes is some prison rape, love poems, a cleansing of the soul, drugs and impending death.

-Gemma calls Nero to meet her, and she goes on about some story with her father, who used to go to the church where they’re at. She says she wasn’t a good wife, but she was a good mother, which is kinda up for debate like shit if you ask me. Nero is like, what did you do now, and he gets a call from Jax, who asks if he has talked to Gemma and then tells him everything. Nero is looking at Gemma completely speechless and shocked, but manages to ask her if it was true after he hangs up. Jimmy Smits be actin’, bruh. He shuts Gemma down when she tries to give him some “it’s complicated” bullshit, then he tells her that he thinks she should go. Then he sits on the curb and breaks down because finally, he learns that the woman he loves ain’t shit. She might be the queen of ain’t shit.

-Meanwhile, Jax is as Barosky’s, not parenting and being a thug, but his target isn’t there. But the cops show up to arrest him and he bails out the back, stealing a car in the process because, well, Sons Of Anarchy. The cops in Charming are terrible drivers and Jax gets away because again, Sons Of Anarchy. And that musical choice? Jazz? Probably the worst thing about this episode.

-Gemma goes to Abel’s school to give him a Sons ring that belonged to JT first, then to Jax when he was patched into SAMCRO. What was that about being a good mother, Gemma? Fuck outta here. Tara was tryna get them away from it and you destroyed that. I get that it was the life she knew, but that doesn’t make it right. Anyway, Courtney Love comes over to break it up and say that she’ll report this to child services, and Gemma leaves before asking her to take care of Abel. She walks away and so does Abel, but he turns around and says, “goodbye, Grandma”. For me, Abel (and the twins that play him) is at least top three in the SOA Season 7 power rankings.

-Jax gives Alvarez the car stole in a trade for a hideout, and the rest of the crew comes over to learn the truth. Earlier, Chibbs asked him and Jax snapped at him to not ask again, and this is where I’m like, fuck Jax. No one ever questioned him when he was executing his fuck-ass plan, and now he gets salty? They have followed him to the bottom of hell and back. But anyway, Jax tells the table about everything and they’re shocked, obviously. He realizes that he has been an ass and takes responsibility for a change, which is nice of him, and suggests that everyone take some time to think.

-Unser and Chucky are sitting at Gemma’s and Chucky asks if she is ever coming back; Unser just sits in silence. Poor Chucky. Meanwhile, Abel comes in to miss Wendy and Thomas good night, and I really thought Abel was about to do something stupid.

-I think it is here where we see the prison guards go to Juice and tell him he is taking a ride on the Orient express before beating the shit outta him. The plan is to take him to the infirmary where I assume the Asians are waiting for revenge for killing Lin. If he survives this show, I’ll be wild-eyed.

-Nero finds Jax and the two have their moment. Nero more or less cops to the fact that he did speak to Gemma, but he couldn’t talk to her so he actually doesn’t know where she is, which Jax understands I think. Then Nero suggests that he avoid killing his mother because that is some shit that he won’t come from, but at this point, does it even matter? Jax will never come back from this, and we know he isn’t a long-term thinker. Jax knows this and says through all this, he still loves her; she is his mother, which I think everyone can understand and as someone that has lost their mom, I get it. He cries and the British accent came out for just a second. The two hug and when you think about it, Nero is the closest thing to a father Jax has ever had, not mention he has mad love for Gemma.

-The episode closes with Gemma driving and singing hymns on some Underground Railroad shit, and she is driving to Mexico, I think, says the highway sign.

So, that was that. I was drained by the end of “Suits Of Woe”, but this will end up being a top-five SOA episode when it is all said and done. The first thing I said was that I can’t watch the Jax/Gemma scene. I’ll be a wreck. Shoutout to all the actors in this episode as they took their craft to another level. And we still have to deal with Barosky, Juice, the meeting of the SAMCRO presidents and I’m sure something else will pop up.

Oh, if you missed it, no Sons next week because of American Thanksgiving. It’s gon’ be a long two weeks.


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