American Horror Story: Freak Show S04E08 – Blood Bath

It seemed like much longer than two weeks off for American Horror Story: Freak Show; hell, I almost forgot what happened at the end of “Test Of Strength”. It has been kind of a busy week for TV, but AHS jumped back into the fray with “Blood Bath”, and it might have been the best episode of the season overall. Let’s go….

-We open with Gloria Mott, smoking and lying on a coach telling a doctor about Dandy, going back to his childhood when he tied up a little black girl and cut her hair. I didn’t get this off the first viewing, but could that have been Dora’s daughter?  I think I remember her saying to Gloria that she wasn’t around a lot as a mother, so that means she was around Dandy at some point. Anyway, he didn’t like the word “no”, he killed a cat and a kid that he used to kinda be friends with just disappeared. Imagine tryna set up a playdate for this crazy little bastard. The doctor, whose face we never see, asked if something happened recently and she was like, mother’s intuition. What a damn lie and even if it was intuition, your intuition sucks.

-Back at the freak show, the group is out in the woods tryna find Ma Petite, who of course was killed by Dell at the end of the last episode. Jimmy screams when he stumbles upon a box that has been buried with her new dress in it, and Dell says that it must have been a coyote or something. So, coyotes can undress people now? And then bury their dresses in boxes? Ethel is lookin’ around like, ain’t this a buncha bullshit.

-But instead, we find that Ethel believes it was Elsa who was behind the killing and not Dell. I don’t even know how she got to that point, but my homegirl Lindsay called right off the bat. She basically calls Elsa a fake, and Elsa responds by slapping all of the fire out of her face. But Ethel doesn’t stop there; she says Elsa feels threatened by anyone taking her spotlight, and the people loved Ma Petite. Elsa wants to bring the twins in to show she has some sort of heart, and Ethel goes to shoot her, but it is in her wooden leg, which garnered a good chuckle.

-Then Elsa goes into the story of how she got her legs, which came right after she was in her snuff film. They were made by a carpenter who wanted to work in films, and he made her a pair of legs in which we fully saw her stumps (more excellent work by the make-up/design team), and I wonder if she had been more popular because of them. The two seem to come to some kind of understanding and Elsa offers Ethel a drink, but Ethel doesn’t trust her like that and still pulls the gun on her. Elsa turns around with the quickness and throws a knife directly into her eye. She is quite a shot when she isn’t drunk or high (word to Paul, who has healed up quite nicely).

-Poor Ethel. She is right about something being devious about Ma Petite’s death, it was just misplaced. She also caught on to what Jimmy was saying about Elsa far too late, but I think killing Ma Petite was even too much for her triflin’ ass. Also, she died looking like she played running back for Pittsburgh or Green Bay, some sort of cold-weather football team. Bye, Ethel. We’ll miss your shitty Baltimore accent.

-At the big top, Maggie is crying and runs to Jimmy, where she tells the story of finding Ethel in a car that had been driven into a tree headfirst. She says it’s a suicide and Desiree tells everyone about Ethel’s cancer, so they just believe it. But she wonders why Ethel doesn’t have a head and it turns out that the scene was staged by Elsa and Stanley, who tied a chain around her neck and the other end to a tree. They had to get rid of the head because, well, Ethel had a knife in her eye. Then Elsa gets to sobbing like old black women at funerals, on some “TAKE ME, LAWD” shit. It was pretty good.

-Back at the Mott house, Gloria has a present for Dandy, but he has a present for her; Regina, Dora’s daughter, who wants to see her mother. Gloria comes up with some bullshit excuse about buying squash and Regina is like, nah, I’ll wait, and her and Dandy play a board game. Gaby Sidibe in the house, but I doubt she’ll be leaving the house. She looks like a black Veruca Salt that grew up to be an elementary school principal (again, text messages get used in these recaps).

-They bury Ethel and Jimmy starts reading poetry by Emily Dickinson, which she loved apparently. Everyone leaves except for Desiree, Eve (the tall lady that fucked Dell up), Suzi (the woman with no legs) and Penny (ol’ clown hairline tattoo face), and they come up with a plan to run up on Penny’s father under the guise of some “woman power” stuff. I’ll buy that. It is 1952, women weren’t looked at well by society, but women who were considered freaks for being tall and having all of the sexual organs and tattooed faces and no legs? Shit was probably all filled with struggle. So Angela Bassett gets mufuckas on some “Set It Off” shit and they’re gon’ be a problem.

-Dandy is at the doctor’s office (we still can’t see his face) and the doctor is asking him a bunch of questions about what he sees in a few pictures. Dandy replies with blood being smeared on walls and all kinds of shit that would make you think, hey, this mufucka kills people. He then throws some shit out about cannibals in Papau New Guinea that eat souls through the flesh and bathe in blood. Hold on to that…..

-He then goes home to yell at Gloria for sending him to a psychiatrist, but Regina is there and she will go to the cops if her mother isn’t back soon. So Dandy is like, I’ll go to this doctor for a month if you kill Regina. I’m not sure if this will work. Gloria is awful at telling lies, I doubt she is much better at murder.

-Elsa goes to a wellness center and finds a very fat lady who is trying to lose weight, but Elsa tells her about a place where being fat will make her the focus of positive attention. Then she eats a chocolate bar in front of her, because Elsa is an asshole.

-The revenge crew is gearing up for their plan, and there is a pot of black stuff bubbling on the stove as we jump to the girls breaking into Penny’s house, where her father wakes up and hears a noise. He grabs his shotgun and confronts Penny on the steps, but he gets jumped and Eve slings him over her shoulders on some wrestling shit.

-Elsa and Jimmy are at the big top and the latter is hammered, and Elsa introduces him to the new girl, Barbara. Elsa is tryna put these two together because I’m not quite sure she trusts Maggie like that, but Jimmy is still distraught over Ethel and yells about his family being broken. Jimmy is an absolute mess this season, b. Just awful. I’ve always had a problem with the characters Evan Peters plays on AHS anyway, but maybe I’ll save those for after the season.

-The women have Penny’s father undressed and tied up in a trailer, and the plan is to tar and feather him, cut off his penis and throw him in the swamp for the alligators. Penny jumped in and was like, yeah, I wanna do this because fuck him, and I’m ready for it. But Maggie hears some screams and runs in to stop it, saying that these women don’t know what they’ll turn into if they do something like this. Are we really taking morality lessons from Maggie? Apparently so, because Desiree decides to let him go, but not before Penny warns him to stay away from her or she’ll kill him. But can’t he just go to the cops anyway? Maggie said something about them going to jail, but that can easily happen anyway. And I don’t believe Maggie’s character. Like Evan Peters’ characters, I’m not sure about Emma Roberts’ characters, or maybe it’s just her as an actress (same with him).

-Gloria calls the doctor to say that Dandy won’t be coming to him again, and it seems like she is planning to send him away, which seems like a terrible idea. But Dandy overhears this and tells her that Dora told him the story when he was five, of his father, who is Gloria’s second cousin and used to kill young girls (or maybe it was molest them, but I’m going with kill because Dandy doesn’t seem like much of a molester, he’s all about that killin’). But apparently it was Gloria who was going away, and Dandy threatens suicide, to which his mother begs him not to do so because she won’t be able to live if he does it. So what does he do? Shoots her in the head. What the fuck did she was gon’ happen? Something logical? Jeez.

-Maggie runs up on Jimmy, who is drunk again and for someone who watched his mother drink a lot and says he doesn’t really like it, Jimmy has been drunk a lot this season on Freak Show. Anyway, Maggie asks him to sober up because they still have a plan to escape and he yells at her to get away from him because he ain’t shit. A special shoutout to when he was talkin’ about rolling up his feelings, and he was rollin’ his claw hands, I don’t know why, but that shit made me laugh for a minute. Anyway, Barbara was there the whole time and Jimmy just looks at her and then puts her head somewhere in the bosom area because she is all bosom and stomach, and starts to cry, and she’s like, fuck it, I’ll be a rebound. Ol’ girl caught that shit like Dennis Rodman, with a piece of chicken in her hand at the same damn time. I salute her.

-We close with Dandy walking up to a tub, and he gets into it as it is filled with, you guessed it, his mother’s blood. Subtlety isn’t a strong suit of American Horror Story; they’ll beat you over the face with that shit.

As I keep saying with this show, I’m not predicting anything that I think is going to happen, because it is impossible with AHS. Right now, the focus is on Dandy and where he ranks in the pantheon of AHS fuckery (I’ll figure that out during the holidays, but it’s high); I have a theory about how he’ll die, as well that involves Regina and revenge for cutting her hair, because you don’t fuck with black womens’ hair. Will Penny’s father go to the cops? Will Maggie come clean with everything she knows about Stanley? How will Dell die (brutally, I hope)? Who was Dandy’s doctor; they refused to show us his face for a reason. Oh, and this episode was so good that I didn’t even miss the twins, so you know they’ll be back next week. There seems to be just four episodes left in Freak Show (there might be five, you never know), and rest assured, they’ll be be messed up.


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