The Walking Dead S05E10 – Them

The Walking Dead continued their trend of giving us some big stuff, then slowing it down a little with “Them” and really, it was to be expected. This happens every season and people still get mad. You can’t kill off a character every episode (although lately, they’ve been giving it a go), and there can’t be zombie-killing parties every week (but there were still enough zombies to make y’all happy, right? Probably not). Let’s go…..

-We open with Maggie, still being sad and leaning on a tree as a walker approaches her. She has this look of utter disgust on her face like, “NOT FUCKING NOW” and stabs it in the head….and continues to cry. Meanwhile, Daryl is diggin’ up worms in the dry dirt and eating them because, why not at this point? Sasha is walking along what looks like a former stream, but everything is dried up, as shown by the dead frogs, which she should have taken for food. Isn’t that what people do? Anyway, they really should have just named this episode, “Fed Up”.

-They walk back to the group with no food or water, and the group didn’t find any either as they’re sitting on the ground around a van. Sasha asks Maggie how she knows they didn’t have any food, but come on Sasha, you woulda heard them partyin’ from the woods if they found something.

-The group runs out of gas and keep walking, but walking in that Georgia heat for a day and a half with no water is getting weary. Rick and Daryl are up ahead a little and Rick says to Daryl something about “we’ll get ’em later, they’re not going anywhere”. I was confused on the first watch because it was 2 AM, but on the second, I noticed the walkers behind them on the road, so that makes sense. Then Rick is tryna get Daryl to talk about his Beth feelings, and Daryl is like, feed your damn baby. But Rick says that it should rain at some point, and I got to thinking, it hasn’t rained in like….I honestly can’t remember the last time it rained on The Walking Dead. At the farmhouse, maybe?

-Carl gives Maggie a music box to remind her of Beth, and thus begins a lot of interaction between characters that have been around each other for a while now, but have never really conversed. I don’t think I remember a time where Maggie and Carl have said two words to each other, with the exception of Lori’s death/Judith’s birth. Meanwhile, Gabriel tries to talk to Maggie about losing her father and sister, and she is absolutely not having it because he didn’t know them, so stop the shit, basically. Then she throws it in his face that he left his congregation outside the church to die, and it was great. The only thing stopping Maggie from going full-on nuts is Glenn, which means I now want him to die.

-The walkers are slowly catching up to the group, and Sasha wants to go back and deal with them, but Michonne tells her to conserve her energy. Then Sasha says she can do it herself, and Michonne compares her to Tyrese, saying he got mad and it made him stupid, and she’s right. Wasn’t Sasha on the brink of death at the prison? She needs to chill.

-Carol and Daryl are out in the woods looking for water, and Carol tells Daryl that Beth saved her life, and to get these feelings out. She also gives Daryl a knife that belonged to Beth and repeats her “we’re not dead” mantra. Then she gives a kiss on the forehead and says that he’ll get it out. Y’all who want Daryl and Carol to get together are creepy, bruh. She’s like his mom, or aunt, that would throw the whole thing off and besides, it would have happened by now. Stop being gross.

-The group stops at a bridge and waits for the walkers to get to them, and instead of wasting energy trying to kill them, they just push them down a hill. Shit, a couple of them just fell down the hill themselves. But then Sasha tries to act hard and starts killing walkers, which means now everyone gotta kill walkers. She ends up cutting Abe on the arm, while Daryl just rips a walker’s scalp off as he’s about to get Rick. After they’re done, Michonne grabs Sasha and says, “I told you to stop” and Sasha looks like she’s about to step to Michonne, who gives her that “you better sit the fuck down” look. You know that look Moms used to give ya? It was that. If this is the Ricktatorship, Carol and Michonne better be the VPs. They be killin’ and nurturin’ at the same damn time.

-They find a group of cars with nothing in them, although Maggie does find a walker tied up in the trunk and I would think that would make you wonder how she got there. She shuts the trunk and hears the banging and wants to go back and kill it, but of course, she can’t open the trunk that she just opened. She is about to shoot the trunk open, but Glenn stops her and when he gets it open, he kills it. I don’t know why she was so pressed about that walker, but I rarely know what Maggie is doing anymore.

-Daryl is out in the woods, where he finds a deer carcass and I was like, “Daryl about to cry over this damn deer”, but not yet. Meanwhile, the group is chillin’ on the road and they hear thunder, which means the rain is about to come. Abe pulls out a bottle of booze from God knows where and everyone acknowledges that will make things worse, with the dehydration and whatnot. Then, of course, Eugene steps up with the, “I don’t think things can get worse”. They shoulda just left him unconscious on the fire truck. Right on cue, a group of mangy-ass dogs come out of the woods and looks like they’re about to attack, but Sasha Vick steps up with the rifle and takes all of them out. PETA about to be so mad. Rick is like, well, I got no shame and gets a stick. We about to BBQ, y’all. Is it wrong that I wonder what dog tastes like? And why is Noah being a punk and not eating? I have a plan: let’s put Noah, Gabriel and Eugene in a group and see how far they get. I’d watch that.

-Gabriel takes off his collar and throws it in the fire, which Maggie notices. I don’t care if he takes off 13 collars, that still don’t make him any less of a bitch. He’ll try to prove he’s tough and either get killed, or get someone killed. I can’t wait.

-Maggie tells Glenn that she never thought Beth was alive after the prison, then she thought that she was, then she wasn’t, and man, I’m actually starting to believe her. She wants to give up, but Glenn isn’t havin’ it. Abe tries to tell Sasha that she’s a time bomb, and Sasha tells him that they’re not friends. Abe is like, whatever, more booze for me. Glenn then tries to talk to Daryl, but Daryl refuses his water and wanders off in the woods, where he has a cabin. He sits by a tree and has a smoke, and I’m waiting for the tears. NOAP. He puts the cigarette out on his hand, and then he starts to cry. I wonder if Norman Reedus just needs to burn himself with smokes to fake-cry. That would SUCK.

-He returns to the group and Rick gives him a sign that says, “From A Friend”. There is also a bunch of water and while everyone else thinks it’s a trick, he says they’re already in it (fine, fair enough) and tries to drink it, but Abe slaps the bottle out of his hand. Still tryna protect Eugene, but Abe is a soldier. But like Rick said, the rain is a-comin’ and it starts to pour. Everyone is partyin’ except for Judith who is like, “y’all don’t get me the fuck inside”. They smartly fill up their water bottles, but Gabriel asks for forgiveness. Grab a bottle, fuckboy. Anyway, Daryl tells them about the barn/cabin thing and they head there for shelter.

-They’re sweeping the place, and Maggie finds a Bible along with a walker that can’t seem to get up. A walker that can’t stand, one tied up in a trunk….something ain’t adding up. Carol and Maggie have a little conversation about not being able to give up as the walker had a gun, but didn’t shoot herself; another conversation between people that don’t talk often (and my memory is terrible, so I might be completely overblowing this).

-Abe is drinking in a corner and lookin’ at Sasha, and he might be catchin’ that jungle fever. The rest of the group are sitting around, and Michonne shows a little weakness, saying this isn’t the world while everyone is like, until we see otherwise, this is it. Rick tells a story about his grandfather telling himself while he was in the war that he was already dead before each battle, which made it easier to do the things he had to do to survive. This is a speech that makes me wonder if it was lifted right from the comics and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was; the writer of “Them” is Robert Kirkman, who created The Walking Dead comics. When Rick says, “we are the walking dead”, that’s almost a dead giveaway, right?

-Daryl is pacing around when he hears a noise outside, and oh would you look at that, a whole BUNCHA walkers are headed for the door. Luckily, Maggie hears as well and goes to help because Daryl apparently can’t yell (seriously, what are you tryna be quiet for?), and everyone else eventually comes to help as well. It’s the group against the walkers, tryna keep them at bay, and the rain is pouring and the lightning is crashing; yeah, it’s cheesy, but it was an effective scene for what they were tryna portray. Shoutout to the director, David Boyd, who also did “Strangers” , the second episode of this season and some other TWD episodes.

-And then, everything stops, and Maggie is laying beside Glenn, and everything is apparently okay. Daryl is still awake and Maggie goes over to him, and they have their little moment and I’m starting to realize that maybe, it’s just Maggie. She has been basically focused on Glenn since they met, then her father died and she thought her sister was dead. Lauren Cohan is at least in the MVP running now. A darkhorse, but hey, anything can happen.

-You’re damn right anything can happen, because apparently a tornado or something swept through and knocked all the trees on all of the walkers, which is a little bit….um, yeah, it’s The Walking Dead, you just gotta let some shit slide. Maggie and Sasha are chillin’ outside, and Maggie is all positive again and listening to the little music box and everything is sunshine and rainbows….until a dude comes out of nowhere, says that he is a friend, and he would like to speak to Rick. He says his name is Aaron and kinda looks like a cross between Shia LaBoeuf and a young Ben Savage. Maggie and Sasha are like, how you know Rick’s name, though? And the episode ends.

I thought this was a solid, well-written episode and it showed that, when given good material, the actors and actresses on The Walking Dead can carry their weight. But now, onto the important stuff: last week, I saw people talking about the walkers having a “W” scrawled in their forehead. Then, I stumbled upon a screen capture someone did of a barn that the group drove by. On the barn was written, “Wolves Not Far”. So, I’m guessing this Aaron cat is the leader of the Wolves, and nothing good is going to come of this. When has this group ever met some good people? The preview for next week looks like some hot fire.

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