The Walking Dead S05E12 – Remember

Our favorite group gets to a new spot, Alexandria, and they have a few questions they need answering. They get a lot of those answers in “Remember” as The Walking Dead rolls on through its fifth season, but there are some left on the table by the end of the episode. Let’s go…..

-The group stands before the gate, and Carl is now seeing things, he thinks; a girl in the window of a house. One second she is there, the next, she’s gone. Great, just like his pops. They hear a noise in the woods, and Daryl spins around with his crossbow to shoot a possum, says the recap. I had no idea what it was, I was gon’ say a cross between a skunk and a raccoon. I’m not much about that animal life. The guy at the gate looks at Aaron and is like, are these mufuckas serious? The same guy asks them to turn over their weapons and Rick tells him that they would have used them already, then Sasha turns around and snipes a walker from distance, right in the head. Did we ever get an explanation as to how Sasha became a sniper? I feel like it has come up before.

-Rick meets the leader of the Alexandria people, Deanna, who tells Rick she was a congresswoman in Ohio before everything went down. She tells him that Alexandria was created before everything turned, a completely sustainable community with its own grid and sewage. She seems tough, but fair. They all seem that way when Rick and ’em first meet them.

-They do eventually turn over their weapons and you can tell, the Alexandria group is like, holy shit that is a lot of guns. Carol takes her two guns out, but she acts like she’s weak as she is doing it and then Rick gives her a look. Keep that in the back of your head.

-Aaron shows two houses to Rick and Carl, the houses in which they’ll live. The two go inside of them and Carl starts running the water. The first thing Rick does is get in the shower and man, lemme tell you something, that would probably be the best shower in the history of showers. No one would have any hot water left when I was done. And then you know what’s next……THE RICKTATORSHIP BEARD GETS GONE! I forgot how Rick looked without the beard. Less murderous, but I prefer murderous Rick. A woman comes to the door, Jessie, and she has paper towels and a buncha other toiletries for Rick and the group, but she also cuts hair, so she offers Rick a haircut. Shit, why not?

-Jessie also says she has two kids, one of whom is Carl’s age, so she is on the recruiting trail. Meanwhile, Daryl is getting interviewed by Deanna, who is videotaping all of these, by the way. Daryl is still holdin’ the possum he shot….that’s my dude right there. She asks Daryl if he wants to be there and he is like, meh, the kids deserve a roof, I guess. Daryl has never trusted anyone. Shit, in the group right now, he probably only trusts, like, for real FOR REAL, trusts Carol and Rick, and maybe Glenn and Maggie. After he leaves, he goes to the house and guts the possum right on the steps, blood everywhere and no fucks to give.

-Carl and Carol are inside, and Carol finds it weird that they’re just giving these houses away. She meets with Rick and Daryl to decide that they’re getting split up after their weapons are taken away, so Rick says everyone will stay in one house for the first night, which is fair, I think. Meanwhile, Carl hears a noise upstairs, and grabs his knife to investigate. He finds a room with comics and CDs and all sorts of fun stuff that he probably thought he’d never see again.

-The group are all in one house, chillin’. Michonne has been brushing her teeth forever, apparently, and she sees Rick with no beard. She’s like, okay then, that’s what you’ve been hiding. Michonne tryna smash, bruh, but first, she stays tryna convince Rick that this is a good place. Just then, Deanna stops by and says they’re smart for staying together, but not in a threatening way, which still makes me leery. She also says she has jobs for everyone, even Rick and Michonne, while she is close to something for Sasha and she is figuring Daryl out; you can tell Daryl wants to give her the finger.

-Michonne gets interviewed by Deanna and says the group is ready for a place like this, ALL of them. Look at her, becoming a leader and speaking for everyone. I’m still on the fence with new Michonne.

-They decide to go out and explore the community, everyone except for Daryl obviously, which is good, he can stay back and watch to see if anyone tries to fuck with the houses. Rick says he and Lori used to dream about neighborhoods like this, but he has to think, even back when the world was normal, Daryl probably never came near places like this, so he is going to be very uneasy….and he should be.

-Rick starts to freak out because he lost Carl and Judith, and he finds Jessie, who takes him to see that the kids are visiting with some elderly people who are partyin’ because they ain’t seen a baby in God knows how long. Then she asks him if he wants to see the sculpture he just knocked over, and that Carl should meet Ron. She is working really hard on this.

-Then, for me, the most interesting part of the episode goes down. Carl meets Ron and a couple of other kids, Mikey and Enid. They ask Carl if he wants to play video games and do a buncha stuff, and he just sits there stunned, not knowing how to act and he keeps looking at Enid. This is tough for everyone, but remember, Carl is a kid. His time growing up wasn’t spent learning how to talk to people, it was spent not dying, warding off zombies and worse, other people, so he has no idea how to handle all this. And he sees a girl? His age? SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT. Carl’s head is a mess right now. And he also learns that the room he discovered earlier was where the kids hung out.

-Then Carl gets interviewed with Judith, and he tells Deanna he was the one who killed Lori, his mother. After that, we see him laying on a bed and Rick enters; Carl asks him what he thinks of the place. Carl believes the Alexandria people are weak and he doesn’t want them to be weak, either. Believing that the new people are weak might be a little misplaced, but I get what he is saying about them becoming weak as well.

-Michonne wakes up in the middle of the night to find Rick, who says he is still on guard and Michonne says he doesn’t have to be, but Rick responds with, why are we still awake yet……touche, mufucka, touche. Michonne is also a little worried that she hasn’t gotten a job yet, but she’ll get one or Rick will march the group right the fuck outta there. Rick leaves to go for a walk and he meets some dude who says, hey, my wife cut your hair….welcome to Alexandria. He’s also smoking in the shadows and we can barely see his face. Jesus, if this dude isn’t shady, then director Greg Nicotero is an asshole, because he went through a lot to make us think that. Anyway, Rick returns to the house, but he wakes up out of his sleep, like he discovered something.

-Carol gets her interview and she is actin’ good, saying that she was a domesticated woman who misses her husband (yeah right….well, in a messed up way, she actually might, but not that much) and she just became the group’s denmother (that had to rescue them from a buncha cannibals). This Carol reminds me of the Carol we first met, which makes me believe this is all a ploy to make them think she is weak. Weakness, perceived or otherwise, is a big part of this episode.

-She comes out in a cardigan and some khakis as her job is to make dinner for the elderly, and she tells Daryl to shower and keep up appearances, so yeah, this is definitely a ploy. Daryl looks disgusted and says she looks ridiculous. Someone gotta hip Daryl to the plan.

-Glenn says in his interview that they have to make this work because he thinks they were almost out there too long. Rick leaves the community to check out the perimeter, while Carl watches Enid sneak over the wall, so these walls ain’t shit. Now, Ron said that Enid didn’t speak for three weeks when she got to Alexandria, and now she’s sneaking out. What’s her story? You know she has one. I also figure out that it was her who was in the window that Carl saw before they entered. Hey man, it was late and I was watching House Of Cards all weekend, my brain was a little fried the first time I watched this.

-Glenn, Tara and Noah meet Nicholas (the guy who opened the gate for them) and Aiden, who is head of running for supplies; they’re about to go for a test run and gives them some handguns and they’re like, we’re not impressed by this, y’all see what the fuck we brought in here? Meanwhile, Carl is following Enid, which means these walls really ain’t shit, but he loses her. Elsewhere, Rick is wandering around and finds a couple walkers, but he instead locates the blender in which he left a gun before they entered….and the gun is gone, so someone saw him hide it. Carl finds Rick, who doesn’t ask him why the hell he is out here, but Rick has never been father of the year anyway. The two fight like, four or five zombies and make it seem a lot more difficult than usual. Shoutout to the zombie that grabbed Rick’s leg from under a blanket or a rug or something. He had a clean shot at Rick’s Achilles, but instead Carl puts a pole through its head.

-The supply-run group are out and we learn that Aiden has chained up a zombie (or deadhead as they call them; it’s interesting to hear all the different names that groups have for zombies) that killed their friend, but it has escaped. The walker then appears out of nowhere, and Aiden and Nicholas try to chain it up again, but it finds its way to Tara, who is fighting it off before Glenn says fuck all this and stabs it in the head. Aiden, who we learn is a bit of a douche (which he admits to), is pissed and freaks out on Glenn for not following his orders. He has NO fuckin’ clue who he is fuckin’ with, b, tryna stare down Glenn, who is on some, “BITCH, WHAT” shit.

-They get back to the community and dude tries to call out Glenn again, who is like, man, you better walk away and obviously y’all don’t know what you’re doing or else your friend would still be alive. Aiden starts shoving Glenn, who warns him and Deanna (who is his mother, apparently) comes out to break it up, but Aiden takes a swing at Glenn, who ducks and punches dude in the face. Nicholas tries to do something and Daryl tackles him, while Aiden gets up to do something and Michonne steps up. See, the Alexandria people have only seen the weak part of Rick’s group. They don’t know what they’ve done out here. Maybe these Alexandria people ain’t built for this…..maybe. Deanna tells her group that Rick and ’em are equals, and that Rick will be the constable, along with Michonne. Daryl is like, y’all some suckas and walks off. Deanna thanks Glenn for punching Aiden, while Carl hits Enid with the, “you don’t like me, do you?”. Going right in, atta boy.

-Rick comes downstairs in his cop uniform, looking so much like Season 1 Rick it’s funny. Daryl is on some “I don’t fuck with cops” shit, while he, Rick and Carol are outside. Carol also brings up that this place could make them weak, just like Carl said, But Rick said nah, we can’t be weak anymore after all we’ve seen, and if we can’t work with these people, we’ll just take it over. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

The Walking Dead has built in this paranoia about everything and everyone the group comes across that it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they (or viewers) feel that way. Rick was starting to get comfortable before he realized his gun was gone, so that’s why he said what he said at the end, and it gives some credence to people who said that this group is becoming the “bad guys”. But in this era of TV, where we have watched Tony Soprano, Walter White, Omar Little, Don Draper, Dexter Morgan, the list goes on…..I don’t know if there is good and bad on TV anymore, just who the show is focusing on and who we find most interesting. I guess it’s up to the viewer to place that moral judgement on the character.

Anyway, this was another solid episode for The Walking Dead; shit has been pretty good since they returned. Now, we sit back and wait for the Alexandria group to try and pull some bullshit to set it off. But just because the beard is gone, doesn’t mean that Rick won’t pull the choppa out and bust his guns.


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