The Walking Dead S05E13 – Forget

In Ep. 12, The Walking Dead wanted you (and the crew) to “Remember”, which I took to mean remembering what it was like to be around “civilized” people. In Ep. 13, they’re asked to “Forget”. Some of the crew are willing to do it; others, not so much. Let’s go……

-We start with Sasha lying in the dark, staring at pictures of some family she doesn’t know, and she has been well on her way to snapping. Morning comes and she goes to where they keep the guns, where the woman watching them (Olivia) asks if Sasha can bring her back a boar leg and Sasha is like, man, what? Sure, just lemme go and do this thing. She goes out to the woods with all the pictures she was staring at because hey, she needs something for target practice. It sounds like she hears something in the woods, but it seems to be all in her head, fueling her anger. Then she sits on a stump and says, “come and get me”. Shit, two episodes ago, she was ready to take on a horde by herself. Now she got a little food in her? Sasha gon’ fuck someone up.

-Rick, Carol and Daryl meet out by where Rick stashed his gun in the blender, which is now missing, of course, and start planning to take their weapons back. A walker rolls up and Carol shoots it multiple times because the story is that the guys are taking her out to learn how to shoot, which is hilarious. Carol says that she’ll leave a latch open for the guys to get guns, then they notice the “W” on the walker’s head….or is it an “M”? Probably a “W” with the Wolves connotation and all. Just a thought I had as the camera panned around.

-Michonne is trying on her uniform, and she and Rick try to figure out if this is all a plan. He wonders if it’s for “then” or “now”, and Michonne says, “this IS now”. She’s so tired. She just wants to be somewhere and chill. That’s not good for anyone.

-Daryl is out in the woods and he hears Aaron sneaking on him, and Aaron is surprised that he can tell that Daryl can tell the difference between a human and a walker. Dude, it’s not hard, one is usually moaning, dragging its feet and not being sneaky at all. Then Aaron asks if Daryl can tell the difference between a good guy and a bad guy, to which Daryl says there’s no difference anymore. Aaron talks a whole fuckin’ lot. But apparently he wasn’t following Daryl, Aaron was hunting rabbits. Yeah, right. Something doesn’t sit right for me with this cat.

-Deanna is explaining to Rick and Michonne that they’re in charge of enforcing rules, while Maggie is going to help her form a government of sorts. The three begrudgingly agree that this could work, but they’re alarmed at the lack of security, starting with the walls and there are no lookouts? WHAT? These people are either insanely naive or the real danger is inside the walls. Sasha volunteers to be a lookout and Deanna is skeptical, but she says she is having a party, so she wants Sasha to come.

-Carol is going around, taking food orders, smiling so good like she cares about what the fuck they’re eating. She meets with Rick and they decide that tonight, they’ll get some guns. Meanwhile, Daryl and Aaron come across a horse, which he and the kids have named Buttons. Daryl tries to lasso the horse, but he gets spooked by some walkers and runs off, while the guys kill them off and chase the horse.

-Carol then goes to Olivia, who is in charge of the food as well as the guns. Carol scopes out the room for a way to get in, while two men ask her if she’s okay with guns and she’s all, oh, you know, not the best, definitely not with big guns and I’m just dying at this point. She was smiling when that Tobin guy said he would teach her how to shoot, then she turns away and BAM, Killa Carol face.

-Daryl and Aaron are still out there, and Aaron learns that Daryl rides bikes, but the two of them are outsiders. Aaron is working so hard to get Daryl to open up and asks him to go to the party, and he’s pressing a little too much for my liking.

-It’s party time and everyone shows up, there is wine and beer, to which Abe is like, yeah, I’m in. He might need an intervention at some point. Rick meets Deanna’s husband, Reg, aka the guy who built the wall backwards. He tells Rick that he is impressed that he led these people (via the recorded interviews) to safety all this time and even though Rick is hesitant, he tells him to have a drink. Have we seen drunk Rick before? I bet he likes to fight. And right on cue, in walks Jessie and her brood, including her threatening-ass husband that might end up in a triangle choke if he looks at Rick wrong.

-Meanwhile, the horse whisperers are still out tryna catch Secretariat and Aaron gets tripped by a walker. However, the horse gets caught somehow, I thought horses were smarter than that, but I guess not. The two kill the feasting walkers before Aaron puts the horse out of its misery. Aaron says, “he always ran”. WELP, not this time.

-Back at the party, Noah is by himself, being anti-social and wants to leave, but Glenn and Maggie make him stay. Daryl looks at the party, but decides against it and Aaron walks out; turns out he wasn’t even gon’ go to the party and Daryl is like, the fuck you tell me to go for? He invites Daryl in for dinner, so I figure Daryl is gettin’ drugged.

-The party is bumpin’, Olivia shows up so Carol figures it’s the best time to go to the storage place. Jessie introduces Rick to her husband, who says he is a doctor, and he offers to get Rick a refill and when she says she’ll do it, he says, “I’m on it” through gritted teeth. He beats her or something. Ol’ shadowy ass mufucka. Anyway, they’re talking and Rick is lookin’ like, what will it take to get you to cheat? Jessie went on some speech about strangers being in each other’s lives and losing something, but getting something back, which fits for every single person in that room. Jessie’s youngest kid runs up hollerin’ about more cookies and Rick is like, I’ll get ya some more and the kid (Sam) gives him a stamp. Rick looks around like, I gotta be more on top of things.

-Sasha shows up at the party and meets Deanna’s other son, Spencer, not the douche who got his face rocked by Glenn. He mentions Mrs. Niedermayer and her affinity for pastamakers. Sasha is like, all you mufuckas are awkward, b.

-Meanwhile, Daryl is goin’ to town on Aaron’s spaghetti, eating loud as shit as Aaron and Eric are lookin’ at him like he’s an animal. Aaron takes Daryl to the garage, where he sees a bike in a million pieces, which is a huge coincidence, a little too huge for me. Aaron then says he wants Daryl to be a recruiter with him because he doesn’t want Eric outchea in these streets anymore after he wrecked his ankle; that’s why Deanna hasn’t given him a job yet, Aaron told her not to. Still don’t trust this dude. Oh, and he also made another reference to Mrs. Niedermayer and her pastamaker. Is this a code word? Am I missing something? Are we ever gon’ meet this Mrs. Niedermayer and will someone get her a damn pastamaker?

-Michonne is sitting outside and Abe comes out, lookin’ like he’s s tryna holla. Abe is just tryna punch some people, get someone to a place, find something to drink or have as much sex as he can. Ya know, he has kinda grown on me. As long as he doesn’t talk a whole lot.

-Carol sneaks into the window she left open to get the guns, and she realizes that she was followed by Sam, Jessie’s son. He wants cookies, but he has to tell his mom that Carol was in here and BAM…..KILLA CAROL IN THE HOUSE. This is the speech, verbatim: “One morning, you’ll wake up and you won’t be in your bed. (Sam: where will I be?) You’ll be outside the walls, far, far away, tied to a tree and you’ll scream and scream because you’ll be so afraid. No one will come to help because no one will hear you. Well, SOME THING will hear you. The monsters will come; the ones out there. And you won’t be able to run away when they come for you. And they will tear you apart and eat you up while you’re still alive, all while you can still feel it. And then afterwards, no one will ever know what happened to you. Or you can promise not to ever tell anyone what you saw here and then nothing will happen. And you’ll get cookies. LOTS of cookies. I know what I think you should do.”

-BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Man, listen, she backed him up against that wall and you could tell a little bit of pee came out. And then she hit that smile at the last line? Yeah, I apologize to Melissa McBride for thinking anyone else was touching her on The Walking Dead. Good grief. And you know she’ll do everything she said to Sam. She watched Rick shoot her daughter and then the whole thing with Lizzie. You think she gives a damn about this kid she JUST met. Everyone will die, b. EVERYONE. I fucking love her.

-Rick is getting and Jessie walks up holding Judith (side note: I’ve been tryna figure out where I know Jessie from. She’s played by Alexandra Breckenridge, who I know from American Horror Story as the younger redheaded nanny in Murder House and target practice for Cordelia’s husband in Coven). She goes to give Judith to Rick, who kisses her on the cheek. Yep, Rick is that dude at the bar that hits on your girlfriend and wants to fight when you get mad.

-Sasha is at the party, hearing people talk about some trivial shit like favorite meals and flips the fuck out like, THIS IS THE SHIT Y’ALL ARE WORRIED ABOUT? All the while, she sees Bob, Tyreese and Beth, so yeah, the slope is getting more slippery for her. The next morning, Deanna catches her to find out what’s up and Sasha says Alexandria isn’t real. Deanna was like, yeah, that’s cool, but that is bullshit, before she gives Sasha bullets for more target practice or to man the lookout. There is more than meets the eye to Deanna. She’s tougher than people think.

-Rick, Carol and Daryl are in the woods again and Carol tries to give out guns and Daryl is like, do we really need these? Carol is lookin’ at him like, bitch, man the fuck up. Rick takes one, but looks a little uncertain. Michonne is in her house, where she finds a place for her sword above the fireplace. The trio returns and goes their separate ways, but I wonder, the girl who opens the gate for them (we don’t know her name, I don’t think), will she get suspicious and tell Deanna? I would if I were her.

-Rick waves to Jessie and her husband, and she flashes the stamp that Sam gave her as well as Rick, and it’s an “A” for Alexandria, I would think. Her husband, I think his name is Pete, immediately places his hand on her back like, I see you, mufucka. Rick glares at him and goes for his gun, but decides against it for now. He hears some banging, but it’s just a walker on the other side of the wall. Shouldn’t he kill it before it makes enough noise to attract more?

-Question: where were Eugene, Tara and Father Bitchass in regards to the party? I mean, I wouldn’t invite them either, but I figure Deanna would just to keep up appearances. We didn’t see her douche son, either. Some

There is no forgetting in the world of The Walking Dead. These people can’t forget all the shit they’ve gone through to get to this point and there are plenty of reasons why they’re skeptical. Some are trying to forget (Michonne, a little of Daryl and possibly Rick, who got them googly eyes for Jessie), some are not fuckin’ around (Killa Carol, obviously). Three episodes left, I’m ready for the other shoe to drop.


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