The Walking Dead S05E15 – Try

“Try” was a strange episode of The Walking Dead, especially as the penultimate episode of Season 5. I think I knew what they were tryna do, but I’m not sure they pulled it off. Maybe I’ll be more clear about it after I write this. Let’s go………

-There is a walking slothing around in the woods and he walks past a broken picture of, I’m not exactly sure who. Maybe it’s that Enid girl and her people? Were they the people that got killed with Aiden and Nicholas? Meanwhile, Deanna, Reg and Spencer are mourning Aiden’s death, and she throws on what I assume is a CD of Aiden’s, and I think it’s Nine Inch Nails. Unpopular opinion: I don’t like Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor seems like an alright guy, though.

-The family mourning is being cut with Carol baking a tuna casserole, which looks basic and tasty as hell. She is tryna think of what she can write on a note as she is giving it to the family, and then she sees Sam outside, staring in the window. Kinda creepy, but he gets a pass because he is going through some shit. The family turns off the music and Deanna opens the door to find the casserole and a note saying “We are truly sorry for your loss”. But she ain’t here for your sympathy, Carol, and Deanna leaves the casserole out on the step, comes inside and burns the note. Lines have officially been drawn in the sand if they weren’t before.

-While all this is happening, Sasha is going through a PTSD (or something similar, if anyone has a better term for it, holla) bout as the walker approaches and starts banging on the wall, which will surely attract more. She finally shoots it and then we see Daryl killing another one out in the field with Aaron, and the pair sees a light off in the distance before they hit the opening. Dem Wolves out?

-The episode returns with Nicholas lying on camera to Deanna about what happened to Aiden, while Glenn is telling the truth to Rick. Deanna doesn’t seem to fully buy what Nicholas is saying, though, and orders Nicholas, along with Glenn, to stay inside the walls until she sorts this out, so she must have had suspicions of her own anyway. Glenn pleads with Rick that they have to make this place work because while these people are some putzes, it’s better than being outside, in theory anyway. Carol sees Jessie, Sam and the older son and she asks Rick what he thinks about the whole “plotting to kill Pete” thing, and that Sam told her he has found his mother unconscious after a fight with his dad. Carol isn’t going to let this go and I have a feeling that if Rick won’t do it, she will. All she sees is what she used to go through with Ed, and she says she wouldn’t be here if the walkers hadn’t gotten him. Rick says that she would have, but would she?

-Rick is walking around in the dark as he is known to do and runs into Pete, who stays being drunk and he tries to talk to Rick, who is holding a gun and he tells Pete to walk away. It takes Pete a minute to figure out that Rick ain’t fuckin’ with him, so this shit has to come to a head soon.

-Michonne wakes up and lays out her uniform, then Rosa tells her that Tara is hanging in there, but the real problem is that no one has seen Sasha, so they go out in the woods for the first time since they got to Alexandria. Michonne also feels responsible for Noah dying, but that’s all I really got out of this exchange between her and Rosa. This isn’t the best written episode of The Walking Dead I’ve ever seen, which is strange because Angela Kang wrote “Four Walls And A Roof” and “Coda” from this season, along with a bunch of other episodes from previous seasons.

-Rick rolls up on Deanna at Aiden’s gravesite and tries to bring up the Pete/Jessie thing, which I found to be in really bad taste. I know it’s an important situation, but dogg, she’s tryna mourn her dead son. Deanna tells Rick that she knew about it, but Pete is a surgeon, which is a good point; you kinda need a doctor in these times, but Rick isn’t havin’ it and suggests that they separate the two of them and if Pete isn’t down with that, he’ll kill him, which Deanna knew was coming anyway. Deanna is like, come on, dogg, we civilized, we don’t do this, we kick mufuckas out, but Rick won’t let it go. I mean, I get where Rick is coming from and I don’t necessarily disagree, but he’s kind of an asshole about it.

-Michonne and Rosa figure out that Sasha is hunting walkers as she is shooting them in the back of the head. Meanwhile, Carl is following Enid, who hears him and tells him to go back and that he scares her, which is fair, he is kinda creepy. But so is she, so they’re a perfect match. Rick and Carl are so pressed to have a woman in their life since Lori that they’ll try and bang married women and follow girls out in the woods where they shouldn’t be. Jeez.

-Carl and Enid see a walker, and she throws a timer out to distract it. It’s around this point that I want them to get eaten.

-Glenn finds Nicholas cleaning blood out of the rave van and tells him that it was his fault that everyone died from Noah to Aiden to the people they let die before, and Nicholas fronts like he’s gon’ do something, but he’s pussy and Glenn can smell it. He tells Nicholas not to leave the place and that he is saving him, and he’s right. I would have liked to see Nicholas try something, though. Glenn woulda tore his ass up. Lucky Glenn didn’t leave you there to die, fuckboy.

-Carl and Enid take a rest in the woods because they’re runnin’ around like shit is sweet in these streets, but it’s obvious that something happened to her, Carl can see that. Then they hear a buncha walkers coming and they hide in a tree, and this whole scene made me angry. If we know one thing about walkers on The Walking Dead, it’s that they have a good sense of smell, but they can’t smell these kids. I guess this scene was put there just to get Carl and Enid close and they hold hands and shit. I don’t know. I don’t care. But one good thing came from this scene: we see another walker with a “W” in his forehead. DEM WOLVES COMIN’.

-Nicholas is diggin’ up what I think is the gun Rick hid in the blender a few episodes ago. Well, that answers that.

-Sasha is huntin’ the walkers like Michonne said, and she looks insane. Michonne and Rosa catch up to her and there is a horde coming, and Sasha just isn’t listening to reason. Michonne flashes back to when she was angry as Sasha is, and the three of them take on the horde. Sasha woulda died if they weren’t out there, and personally, I woulda left her out there if she ain’t wanna listen. Is there a therapist or some shit in Alexandria? She needs to talk to someone.

-Daryl and Aaron find a dismembered body that was recently killed, and they find a woman tied to a tree with her guts hangin’ out and a “W” on her forehead. She turns into a walker, but Daryl deads that shit with the quickness. Who or what in the fuck are these Wolves?

-Rick runs up on Jessie and tells her that he knows about Pete and that he wants to help her, and this scene gets super creepy really quick. He basically turns into Shane and is like, I wouldn’t do this for anyone else, which makes him a terrible cop. Again, not the best written scene. But Pete walks in and figures out, hey, Rick is tryna bang my wife and the brawl is on. Sasha is up in the watchtower and notices that everyone is runnin’ towards something.

-They’re runnin’ towards Rick and Pete tryna kill each other with chokeholds and punches. Jessie tries to pull Pete off and gets punched, while Carl tries to do the same to Rick, who throws him away and gets this messed-up look in his eyes. Deanna finally breaks it up, but Rick pulls a gun on everyone and you can see, he has totally lost it, lookin’ like Ric Flair after a steel-cage match back when wrestlers were allowed to bleed. He goes on some rant about the Alexandria people being naive to what is going on outside the walls, and he is right, but dude, you completely went about it the wrong way. Deanna kinda suggests that he is gon’ get the boot and Rick is like, oh fuckin’ word? YOU AND WHAT ARMY???? Then Michonne comes outta nowhere and bops him on the head.

After a run of very good episodes, “Try” was a bit of a letdown until the last 15 minutes or so, basically starting with Daryl and Aaron finding that girl and then the fight that is obviously going to force Deanna’s hand to make a decision. I don’t think Michonne is switching sides, but someone had to shut Rick the fuck up. I’m more interested in what Aaron and Daryl are doing and where these Wolves are, if that is even a thing. There is a lot left with one episode (which is about to be 90 minutes, so set ya PVRs), and it’ll be interesting to see what The Walking Dead decides to focus on.


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