Big Brother Canada S03E02 (March 26) – Risha Ain’t Seen A Bra Since The Early 70s

Holly: Heeeeeeeeeey girl

Holly: Grab yoself a glass of wine and come dish with me about Big Brother

Neil: Got a beer and ready to goooooooooo

Holly: Beer and Bulwark

Holly: Eviction show already. These people have known each other for 20 minutes

Neil: Cindy gon’ be tryna figure out who voted for her

Holly: So is Risha

Neil: She looks like she starts shit

Holly: I bet we’re gonna see her being cutthroat this episode

Neil: Fuck yo S

Holly: I hope the S also stands for slutty

Neil: Stupid is in the lead

Neil: But she won for fuck sakes

Holly: I think Pilar is going to go home for some reason

Holly: She might be too nice and sweet for the house

Neil: I agree

Neil: Hahaha we totally didn’t vote

Holly: HAHAHAHA we are terrible viewers

Holly: Sorry, Big Brother / Global


Neil: This mufucka, man

Holly: Risha shouldn’t have run out of the room

Holly: That’s Big Brother suicide

Neil: I think she’ll be alright

Holly: Flirting with Kevin already

Holly: Cougar in the house y’all!

Neil: She’s layin’ it on thick

Holly: Kevin knows too, he’s a poker player, he sees through that shit

Holly: Go after Zach, he looks like a dumb dumb

Neil: That slop looks like baby dook

Holly: I bet it smells like baby dook too

Holly: Just don’t eat!

Holly: Brittnee starfishes. of course

Neil: I can see that, I like it

Holly: Johnny needs to settle his hormones


Holly: That was a full-on side tittay

Neil: Risha ain’t seen a bra since the early 70s

Holly: Sindy with and S, the S stands for Shenanigans

Holly: Willow looks like an Amish man

Neil: Which one is she?

Holly: So couldn’t these idiots just lay down and have the ball on top of them, so it doesn’t touh the ground? Wouldn’t that be easy

Holly: the one that looks like a man, I don’t know

Neil: Hahaha

Neil: Oh yeah, she’s gone

Holly: Why are these people complaining about tasks? have they not seen Big Brother?

Neil: Someone’s gon’ let it fall and that person will be the target

Neil: And yeah, mufuckas are whiny

Holly: I read that as someone’s gonna let a fart

Holly: Which would also make them a target

Neil: Very true

Neil: Hahahaha at that Participaction commercial

Holly: Oh shit, I missed it talking to the peanut gallery

Neil: Don’t visit our website

Holly: (Shoutout to Thalia for being our peanut gallery)

Neil: Basically told kids they’re fatties

Neil: I got Pat over here in mine haha

Holly: Special guests!

Holly: I had a feeling they would use Kevin to do a special task

Neil: Woooooooooooooooooooooooow

Holly: But if he makes the balloon break, doesn’t he not get his stuff back?

Neil: That is a big risk

Holly: I don’t know, I would rather my stuff than a thousand bucks

Neil: It ain’t worth it

Neil: This seems like a terrible idea

Holly: He can’t just show up, touch it and then pop it

Holly: Actually that was pretty decent, holding the towel

Neil: No one noticed?

Neil: WORD?

Holly: These people might be dumb

Neil: Pat: The geek and the QB

Holly: Hahaha

Holly: That alliance will last one week

Neil: Ol’ buddy cop movie ass mufuckas



Holly: Risha is coming on too strong

Neil: Fuck avoiding looking, if they’re out there, dammit, they’re out there

Neil: Mmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmm

Holly: Oh my god the stoner girl might be smart

Neil: Yeah, see, this will come back to bite him

Holly: I thought Kevin was good at numbers, why isn’t he trying this?

Neil: That is what I was thinking

Neil: Hope that grand was worth it, bruh

Neil: You’re on side show duty

Holly: Oh lawd

Holly: I don’t know if I can watch Gary and Peter stroke each others egos for an hour straight

Holly: I’m over Peter, my crush is gone

Holly: Sorry, Peter

Holly: I can’t wait to see the houseguests get drunk together for the first time

Neil: I was wondering when the booze would come out

Holly: Hopefully when they get their stuff

Holly: Why are they taking their time with this number combo?

Holly: Just bang em out

Neil: Yep, and why is this all on him?

Holly: Crybaby crying over a buncha numbers on day 2. Jeez louise

Neil: Hahahahaha the QB walks up and does it randomly


Holly: LOL they have to put their own furniture back???

Neil: Big Brother is not fuckin’ with these people

Holly: Ask me to do this? NOAAAAP

Neil: Duvets are the devil’s work


Holly: No joke, I threw mine out the minute I start living by myself. Trying to put a duvet cover on by yourself is not what’s hot in the streets

Holly: Risha is digging her grave

Holly: join the group, its friggin day

Neil: I was gon’ say, isn’t she supposed to be bonding?

Neil: What has she done again?

Holly: I’m the first to say nah to yoga, but I’d be out there doing it for show

Holly: And now Risha talking about yelling at Pilar? WHA?

Neil: Goddamn she is crazy as shit haha

Holly: Thalia just said Risha looks like a broke down Brigitte Neilsen

Neil: Hahahahaha

Neil: Unless we’re missin’ something, all Risha has done is set dem thangs out and fail at a comp

Holly: Ahe has been highly disappointing

Neil: Yeah, I’m not impressed

Neil: Mad at Pilar for what? She’s just chillin’

Neil: Being nice is a good strategy

Neil: Although we’re the ones voting

Holly: Being quiet is a good strategy too

Holly: That’s true, but they don’t know that

Holly: Goddammit I eat so many twistos during bb season

Holly: I ate a whole bag of them today at work. The. Whole. Bag

Neil: We need a sponsor dammit

Neil: Well this is interesting

Holly: Our sponsor should be Brothers Pepperoni

Neil: Hahahaha how could they NOT see that?

Holly: What are these two people doing? They are massively stunned

Neil: Good grief

Holly: Well that was a useless vault

Holly: Go in, unlock safe, leave. OK cool

Holly: HAHA Look at Risha’s face, realizing she shouldn’t have acted like a twat for the past two days

Neil: Pat just brought up a good point: your self-esteem should be shot if Canada votes you out

Holly: yep

Holly: That’s why Big Brother UK is so entertaining, because people think the public loves them and then BAM, voted out. They look shattered

Holly: And you just laugh and laugh

Neil: That’s pretty damn good

Neil: But this is just for this week, I bet

Holly: Yeah i think so

Neil: I honestly have no idea who is going home

Holly: I really don’t know what’s going to happen

Holly: Hahaha

Neil: BAM

Neil: Risha GONE

Holly: Well, maybe she shoulda kept her tittays under wraps

Neil: I might create a goodbye montage to them

Holly: Oh my word, she is bland

Neil: Yeah, I don’t care how close it was

Neil: Here I am

Neil: Ass the fuck out

Holly: Is she really trying to tell us she tried to bond with people?

Neil: We missed all of the bonding

Neil: Awwwwwwwwwwwww yeah

Neil: Bring ’em back!

Holly: #bringthetittaysback

Neil: Hahahahahahahahaha

Neil: And we have the title

Neil: So will we find this out tonight?

Holly: Uuhhh…I wasn’t listening to her there at the end

Neil: That’s fair

Holly: I need to learn how to focus

Neil: Arisa will tell us

Holly: Give it to us Arisa

Holly: Shoutout to KFC!

Neil: I thought they said KFC

Neil: I now want KFC

Holly: Me too

Holly: They should have a HOH challenge where you have to eat as many popcorn chicken as you can

Neil: My God these people don’t listen

Holly: They all look completely stunned

Holly: Um, those positions don’t look flattering

Neil: Not at all

Neil: Dan BACK!

Neil: That mufucka is on everything Big Brother related

Holly: Dan is living off this BB money, sheesh

Neil: Good on him, smart

Holly: Alright, another one in the books, convene next Wednesday

Neil: Yezzir


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