Big Brother Canada S03E08 – The Delaware How Do You Do

Holly: So what has happened since Wednesday that’s worthy of mentioning?

Neil: Well, I think Britnee’s backdoor plan was pretty good

Neil: That shit rarely works out from beginning to end

Neil: Well actually, let’s see if he goes home

Holly: They got a little sloppy when they spent the whole night before the veto ceremony hanging out with Johnny though. If they wanted Graig to think they were putting up Johnny, they shouldn’t have been so buddy-buddy with him

Holly: Shout out to Naeha and her resting bitch face

Holly: I’ll miss that

Neil: Willow looks like she could take over the crown

Holly: Willow is the absolute worst

Holly: I would rather watch Johnny flail around all day then listen to her talk

Neil: OH

Neil: Ginga Ninja


Neil: I forgot about that name, that shit is terrible

Holly: Anyone who willingly calls themselves ginger ninja doesn’t deserve to be on tv

Holly: And who talks in hashtags

Holly: Hashtag get the hell outta here

Neil: Uh oh

Neil: Willow gon’ be on fire if she finds out about Zach and blondie

Holly: Oh, Zach and Ashleigh did stuff in the have not room, I’m currently looking for the video

Holly: could be hand stuff, could be butt stiff

Neil: Butt Stiff works

Holly: Hahaha

Neil: Kevin gotta stay on the low for a minute

Holly: you think Graig is gonna go ham on the house?

Neil: He’s been a little too in the spotlight for the first couple weeks

Neil: It seems like something he would do

Holly: Yeah kevin has, he needs to go take a nap or something

Holly: So wait, did Graig actually say that stuff about Britnee or did Johnny make that stuff up

Neil: I’m pretty sure he did

Neil: But don’t quote me, again, it seems like something he would do

Holly: haha … hes right though. Bobby and Graig are dumb and dumber

Neil: But Bobby is smart enough to sit back and chill

Holly: Bobby looks like a muppet

Neil: Here is the thing: how often does the target NOT go home?

Holly: Pretty often actually

Neil: Really?

Holly: Well sometimes i guess

Neil: And is Zach tryna pimp her out?

Holly: I don’t even know anymore

Holly: Oooooohhhhh Bobby likes Ashleigh and Willow likes Zach, LOVE SQUARE

Neil: Okay, hand and mouf stuff is on the table

Neil: Butt stuff next week

Holly: They definitely have done hand stuff

Holly: Wayament

Holly: What is kevin doing

Neil: Bobby was like, what in the eternal fuck are you doing?

Holly: Kevin is a nancy boy

Holly: I had such high hopes for him

Holly: I always get it wrong

Neil: Sarah has been so impressive

Holly: Yep, she’s the best player in the house so far

Holly: See, Bruno is makin’ a good point. If they keep Graig, Graig will be going after the other side and the other side will keep going after Graig

Neil: Oh definitely

Holly: I’m sorry, but Zach looks vacant

Holly: Like he’s looking at you, but hes off in fantasy la la land, no idea what anyone is saying

Neil: He’s done with whatever the group decides and whatever will put him in the best position for a handie


Neil: This Unfriended movie looks like some Grade-A emu shit

Holly: I can’t even with that movie

Neil: We should do a live watch of that, I guarantee we wouldn’t get through 20 minutes

Holly: The first 20 minutes will probably be a bunch of teens havin’ sex and showing their tittays

Holly: Before the killing and fuckery

Neil: I’m here for that



Holly: Oh here we go, Zach worried about the hand/mouf stuff he did with Ashleigh

Holly: Whatever they did was so raunchy they wouldn’t show it on TV, good for them

Neil: Hey dogg, good on ya

Neil: Hahaha how much time do you have on your hands to figure that out?

Holly: A whole bunch… a whole bunch

Holly: We have to remember that even if Graig gets evicted this week he could still come back sadly

Neil: I’d bet on S Club 7 first

Holly: Hahahaha, I had to think about that for a minute

Holly: Good one

Holly: Oh.My.God. Graig, shut the hell up

Neil: Has he even done anything in this episode or just rely on Bruno to try and get him out of trouble

Holly: He just talks and talks

Neil: Well, I think he’s gon’ go, which will make for one annoying sequester room

Holly: who do you think will come back in?

Holly: I really hope it’s Naeha

Neil: Depends on the comp

Neil: Physical? S Club

Holly: are we voting them back in though?

Neil: Mental? Botox

Neil: Um, I’m not sure, I thought it was a comp

Holly: For once in our lives, I think you are paying more attention to something than i am

Holly: It’s all topsy turvy up here

Neil: I focus on the important things in life

Holly: Like tittays and big brother


Holly: What’s worse? Sindy with an S or Ginga Ninja

Neil: Ginga Ninja

Holly: Because at this point i would prefer hearing Sindy with an S

Neil: Way too close to the N-word

Holly: I didn’t even think of that

Holly: But you’re right

Holly: And I bet he doesn’t say ninja around his friends

Neil: Hahahaha

Neil: So, what was the point of that comp?

Holly: Um, commercial time for oxi clean


Holly: I don’t know a single person who uses Oxiclean

Holly: but i do know these KFC commercials are making me hungry for some popcorn chicken

Neil: BRUH

Holly: I would do hand stuff with the Ginga Ninja for some popcorn chicken

Neil: I would murderize a bucket right now

Neil: Jesus

Holly: OK, maybe not


Holly: Maybe just mouf stuff

Neil: Stick with the hand, you can get AIDS of the mouf

Holly: There is not a good looking guy in that house. How did they manage that?

Neil: Is he just giving shoutouts?

Holly: Shoutouts


Neil: He hit that Namaste at the end and in his head, you know he did a fist pump

Neil: Okay, mission for next week: find out what the hell Newport is


Holly: I think Jordan is in an alliance with himself called Newport

Neil: What the hell did Kevin just do?

Holly: i don’t even know

Holly: If I was on the show I would have a one person alliance, and I would call it the Delaware How Do You Do, and every time I voted I would put my finger up my nose and say “how do you do?!”

Neil: Hahahahahahaha

Neil: The Delaware How Do You Do

Neil: Thanks for that

Holly: it was either that or the Kennebunkport Surprise, but that ain’t TV friendly

Neil: You had to Google Kennebunkport, didn’t you?



Holly: I can neither confirm nor deny that

Neil: Damn she is small

Holly: These hand gestures in the diary room have got to stop

Holly: Soon people will be going in there doing whole dance routines

Neil: Yup

Neil: With microphone stands and shit

Neil: These mufuckas love them some shoutouts

Holly: Willow rehearsed what she was gonna say in the diary room all day and still fucked it up

Neil: Hahahaha she was so pressed to get that out

Holly: She sucks

Holly: And the shoutouts have to fucking stop

Neil: Damn, he ain’t shake no hands or anything

Neil: GOOD

Neil: BE MAD

Holly: LOL at Graig running up the stairs away from everyone like a child

Holly: Thalia’s trying to tell me that Graig looks like someone I used to have relations with

Neil: I’m texting guesses to you

Holly: If that’s true, I need to re-evaluate my life choices

Holly: If your first guess is right, Thalia is gonna lose it

Neil: No, you’re not a bully, you’re just an asshole

Holly: There’s a difference between a bully and a dumb dumb loud mouth

Holly: Oh i can’t wait for Peter to meet Graig on the side show. I may have to watch that

Neil: Peter could tear him apart

Holly: First guess was right yo, Thalia is partying on that

Holly: And y’all can go fuck yourselves

Neil: I just got up on the floor from laughter

Neil: And that is why we’re your best friends

Neil: SIR

Neil: A monkey movie narrated by Tina Fey? You just might as well may them a cheque now

Holly: Whoa, I missed that commercial

Holly: There’s a monkey movie starring Tina Fey?? Hot damn

Neil: Monkey Kingdom, go check the Youtubes

Neil: Goddamn, Oxi Clean is goin’ HARD

Holly: Oh snap its real monkeys???

Neil: Yezzir

Holly: Movie of 2015. OSCAR WORTHY

Holly: so what are these guys doing for HOH?

Holly: Those are some short ass shorts the guys have on

Neil: There ya go

Neil: You might see some junk

Holly: Why does Kevin run like something is up his butt?

Neil: Shoutout to Johnny?

Holly: Zing!

Neil: And on that note….


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