Mad Men S07E09 – New Business

Mad Men returned last week with the first of its seven final episodes, and it felt like it never left as “Severance” put forward some solid plot lines that I was looking forward to. “New Business” threw all of those out the window and while it was still entertaining, it didn’t FEEL like Mad Men. Let’s go….

-We open with Don making milkshakes for his two sons, Bobby and Gene, and Betty walks into the kitchen as we see her for the first time in this half-season. I’m not the biggest Betty fan in the world, but she has to play a role over these final seven episodes, right? She is the mother of his children and all. I thought this was a flashback as she looks about as happy as Betty can be, and she tells Don that she is going back to school for psychology, but then Henry walks into the kitchen, so Don is playing babysitter Dad. He leaves, but turns around to see what was his family, and he looks like he was kicked in the nuts.

-He returns home to a phone call from Megan, who is tryna set up a time for the movers to get her stuff, and she has also run out of money, which Don gives her every month. Whatever happened to her saying, “You don’t know me anything?”. I guess the actress life isn’t as lucrative as she thought.

-Roger is apparently busy enough to need two secretaries, although you know he’ll still carve out time to do some day drinking. Really, Roger is never busy enough himself, the secretaries are the ones doing the heavy lifting, but even he realizes the ridiculousness of having two secretaries and three phones.

-Harry is talking to Don’s secretary, Meredith, about Los Angeles and he suggests that she go sometime, but she is worried about the Manson brothers, which is wrong and he corrects her with “family”. Is there no crime in New York for her to be worried about? And this had to be a nod to everyone thinking there was a connection between Megan and the Manson family last season because of a sweater she wore. The internet comes up with some wild shit sometimes. Speaking of Megan, when Harry gets a chance to speak to Don, he tries to get the go-ahead to talk to her as she needs help finding a new agent. Don agrees because anything to get her outta his hair, he’s down for. Even though Don has always treated Harry, not poorly, but he has always been sort of standoffish towards him, Harry still wants his permission. Don gets a phone call and points Harry out the door.

-Don goes to dinner, where he sees the waitress from the alley because Don is a stalker, apparently. He really feels drawn to Diana, whose name I’m not even sure he knows. He wants to have dinner with her, even if it’s five minutes at a time and he’s like, you’re creepy…but she does take his card. I don’t care what anyone ever says and even if I rewatch the whole series again and don’t see her, she has been in this show before. She’s just so familiar.

-Peggy tells Stan that they’re going for a new photographer, a woman named Pima, and Stan isn’t a fan of it, but Peggy doesn’t care because she is the boss and this is happening. It emasculates Stan, but hey, Peggy has seen enough of it in her day that it’s good to see her flex her muscles. Isn’t she supposed to be in Paris, though?

-Diana calls Don when she is off work, and she has been drinking. He asks her to come over and after a little minor persuasion, she does and Don gets all dressed up in a suit because he admits that he is vain, but as he says, “it’s 3 AM, you know why you’re here”, and they get it poppin’. She can’t seem to sleep with her beside him and she’s kinda skeptical about the divorce story since all of Megan’s shit is still there, and you get the feeling that Don is attracted to her because she might be as messed up as he is, which is a tall order to fill. Then we learn in the morning that Diana’s daughter died of the flu, so she had to leave her home in Racine, Wisconsin. Maybe she is as messed up as Don, who is ruining women, not getting them already damaged.

-Peggy shows up at a vermouth commercial with Stan, who meets Pima and is very sacrastic towards her as he probably still feeling the sting of Peggy putting her foot down. The males in Mad Men have a problem with taking orders from women, so this is par for the course. Peggy does feel some pride in being the boss, though, and she deserves it because she’s worked damn hard to get where she is.

-Don gets to the office, where Roger is hiding in Don’s office, drinking, because it’s Roger. He tells Don that he has to go on a golfing excursion with Pete with some clients, then Don gets some divorce papers from Megan, and Roger goes into a spiel about not letting Megan walk over him, but this is more about Roger’s divorces as he says that his second ex-wife saying that Roger squandered her youth, and he blurts out, “I thwarted her career? She’s a consumer!”. So much hurt, and yet, I laughed out loud.

-Pima is visiting the office and she visits Stan, asking to see the darkroom, but also to see his work as she has learned he is a photographer as well. He says he will, but only if she is honest. This was a confusing scene as he is short with her at the beginning, but she notices that he wants her opinion, and there is definitely some sexual tension there.

-Megan arrives at a hotel, where her mother and sister are supposed to help her with the move, but the plan, her sister says, to try and get drunker than their moth because her sister rarely gets a chance to have fun since she has a family. I’m not sure this is a fun trip, but Megan agrees anyway.

-Meanwhile, Don and Diana are getting takeout and in the elevator, they bump into Arnold and Sylvia, who Don had an affair with in the past and Arnold makes a joke about Don bringing the whole restaurant home with him. Does he happen to know that his wife has been in the Draper bed? I’m 50/50 on it because he was either an asshole for calling out Diana right there, or because he is alluding to Don bangin’ his wife, and he wouldn’t be wrong for the latter. It is then that Diana realizes that she hasn’t been the only woman with Don in the elevator. Of course, he lies because it’s Don.

-Stan and his girlfriend, which we’ve never seen before, are at their place and he complains that he doesn’t have any photos good enough to show Pima, so she takes off her nurse uniform for some sexy pictures. Do we need to know he has a girlfriend with what, five episodes left in the series? I don’t think so.

-Instead of eating, Don and Diana start kissing and eventually have sex, but in the middle of it, Diana says she has a twinge in her chest. Is it guilt for something? She seems to be a hot mess.

-In the morning, the phone rings and it is the movers to get Megan’s stuff, so Don is like, we gotta be out and she suggests he come to her place that night. I would have bet that they would all meet up at some point, which would have been very awkward, but nothing.

-Pete is annoyed that Don isn’t dressed to go golfing, nor does he have clubs and Pete looks disgusted when Don says he’ll rent some. I’ma miss Pete’s smugness when this is all over.

-Back at the apartment, Megan, her sister and her mom are there, and her mom notices the red wine on the floor; a woman has been there. She does an awful lot of judging for someone that blew Roger at a party like, two seasons ago, while married, at that. Her sister tries to help and mentions that Megan’s divorce means she has failed, and Megan is like, bitch, please. Her sister is religious, which is why she is against divorce, but this is the United States and this shit happens. She storms out and Megan has to get ready for her meeting with Harry, telling Marie (her mother) she only wants a few things, but Marie wants her to take everything. Megan’s family is tryna treat this as a vacation, while Megan is tryna move on her with her life. This entire family needs a therapist.

-Pete and Don are driving, and Pete is still mad until Don tells him he wasn’t tryna go back to his crib because Megan was there, and Pete understands he is either going through a divorce, or it’s done with Trudy, I can’t remember. He then says, “Jiminy Christmas” and I remember what a dickbag he is. I’ll still miss him, but he is a dickbag.

-At the apartment, Marie has the movers take EVERYTHING, but she doesn’t have the money to do it and calls Don’s office. When she can’t find Don, she calls Roger and demands he come over with $200, which he does.

-Pima meets Stan in the darkroom and he shows her the pictures of his girlfriend, which she kinda tears apart and says that she can tell that his girlfriend doesn’t wanna tell him the truth. It’s right about here that I wrote, “Odds of Stan bangin’ ol’ girl in the darkroom? HIGH”, and I don’t even think I was finished the sentence before they started going at it.

-Roger shows up at the apartment with money and pays the movers, and Marie….well, again, I wrote down, “Odds of Roger banging her in the empty apartment? HIGH” and what happens? You know she takes pride in doing this in Don’s apartment, too.

-Harry meets Megan and he starts hitting on her within minutes, so I gave him medium odds, even after he says that he has a room upstairs and Megan is obviously disgusted when he puts his hand on top of hers. She storms off and I never knew Harry had that kinda scumbag in him.

-Megan returns to the empty apartment and realizes what Marie and Roger were doing. They even bleeped out a “FUCK”, which means they still have a couple left for the season, so I hope the last five episodes are loaded with F-bombs. Megan starts yelling and Marie is all, “DON’T JUDGE ME”, which is hilarious given their earlier conversation. Megan yells at Roger that Marie is married and he’s like, man, I gotta go to this meeting. Don’t get involved with this family, Roger, please.

-Harry tells Don that Megan is crazy and she might say something, and then he calls her stupid for quitting her soap job. You know, maybe Megan just isn’t a good actress, but calling her stupid and then lying because she wouldn’t give you some? Come on, Harry, I thought you were better than this.

-Pima is at the office with Peggy, looking over stuff, and then she starts touching Peggy’s hand, and I don’t know if this was makeup or Elisabeth Moss being great, but Peggy got flushed as hell when Pima says she wants to take her picture. I gotta find out if that was on purpose, because that was good shit.

-Don and Megan meet at a lawyer’s office and she starts calling him all sorts of names and he looks like, the fuck did I do? Don is like, you know what? Take this million and we’ll be done with this, I’m tired of fighting and she didn’t put up much of a fight when she took that cheque. Is this the end of Megan? Everything says that it is, but I feel we’ll see her again for some reason.

-Stan is all psyched when he walks into the office and drops a buncha hints as to what happened with Pima, but Peggy said she tried the same thing on her and Pima won’t be getting any work with them anymore, which bothers Stan. I thought he liked Peggy last season, then he has a girlfriend and then has sex with Pima. And again, why are we getting all this about him with five episodes left?

-Megan meets her teary sister at the hotel and Marie has told her to go home, that she is leaving her father for a man in New York who I assume to be Roger, but Megan is like, I got this million, I’m chillin’, you do what you need to do. The Roger/Marie thing is why I think we’ll see Megan one more time before this is done.

-Finally, Don gets to Diana’s place, which is in the ghetto, and they start making out and drinking, but she already has and the attitude changes when she admits that she has another child, but she just up and left Racine anyway. Don made her forget about her daughter, I’m not sure which one, and she wants Don to leave. Don is just stunned, but he doesn’t put up much of a fight and leaves to go home to his empty apartment, wondering what in the hell just happened.

I was relatively entertained by “New Business”, but just for the fuckery that was involved. When it comes to the show itself, there was a lot of stuff in this episode that we just didn’t need to see with so little time left. The stuff with Stan and Pima probably didn’t need to happen, and if they’re planning to do anything with Roger and Marie, that probably doesn’t need to happen, either. Even though I’m not a fan, we should be getting more Betty, Joan wasn’t in this episode and will we even see Sally ever again? And what about the Ken Cosgrove revenge tour?

It wasn’t the worst episode of Mad Men, but it certainly wasn’t the best.



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