Mad Men S07E10 – The Forecast

There seemed to be a consensus that “New Business”, the previous episode of Mad Men, was at best, confusing and at worst, a waste of time. But in “The Forecast”, the women step into the spotlight and bring the show back in what was quite an improvement in my opinion. Let’s go….

-We open with a blond lady walking into Don’s quasi-empty apartment, so it’s right to assume that she is another in Don’s harem, right? Well, it’s actually a real-estate agent who is being tasked with selling Don’s place, which is now anchored by a lawn chair and a bottle of alcohol on the table. She chastises Don (who was in bed) for not having the place more presentable for her and Don is like, this is your job and while he doesn’t sell real estate, if there is one thing that Don Draper is good at, it’s selling stuff.

-Joan is awakened by a phone call from her mother, and her son is on the phone as well. It We can surmise that Joan is away on a business trip, and to tell you the truth, I even forgot she had a son. Parenting has never been a major priority on Mad Men, from the Draper kids to Roger’s hippy daughter and more.

-Don visits Roger, who has to go to Bermuda to make a speech for the people at McCann, so Don has to write something to rally the troops, which is another thing that Don, well, he isn’t terrible at it.

-Joan heads to her meeting and we see Lou, remember him from last season? A little sensitive over Don, wasn’t the biggest fan of women? Well, he seems to be a little more relaxed now, but he still manages to blow Joan off. Joan plays it cool, but she doesn’t have time for this.

-Don is going over his speech with Meredith, who mixes up “space station” for “gas station” and it is now officially a gag as she hit that “Manson brothers” last week instead of “family”. then Peggy storms in to ask Don to sign off on the Peter Pan cookie tagline and when Meredith tries to say that Don is busy, Peggy is like, I wasn’t even talkin’ to you. I’m all for Peggy getting some guts about her, but Meredith hasn’t done anything to anyone and she’s so dense that it’s almost like picking on her.

-Don goes into a boardroom to hear these taglines, which are all pretty bad, but Don picks one and keeps it movin’. They really are all terrible. But Peggy feels like they accomplished something, so I’m okay with it.

-Lou is late getting back to the office, and she learns from Dee (his secretary) that he has a meeting with Hanna-Barbara for those cartoons he was working on back in New York, but people made fun of him for it. I’m pretty sure Joan had no idea about it, so she’s surprised and a little pissed because she hasn’t done anything yet, but she does greet whom she thinks is the first person she is interviewing….but Lou shows up with the person in tow, and this man she was talking to was just a guy who went to the wrong office. But he gives her his card and tells her to holla at him because why not? It’s Joan. Shoot your shot, homie.

-We get our first glimpse of Sally, who is getting ready to go on some sort of summer trip and Betty is tryna warn her to not wild out as she was known to do, and Sally makes a joke about being pregnant. Betty tries to be mad, but on the inside, I know she was like, you asshole, you’re so much like me and your father. Keep that in the back of your head.

-Don returns home and his agent is still on him as she can’t sell the place looking like it does, and she tells Don that, to other people, it looks like a sad person lives here. You know, she isn’t wrong, but Don has to be like, so I’m not paying for your psychoanalysis, I’m paying you to sell my place. I’m all for people telling Don about himself, but not this lady for some reason.

-We skip ahead to Joan in bed with that man, whose name is Richard, and hey, good on her; the guys in Mad Men do it all time, do your thing, Joan. They shoot the shit, they’re both divorced and he seems to want Joan to stay, and she doesn’t tell him that she has a son in New York.

-Don goes to speak to Ted, and he finds out that Ted’s biggest dream is to land a bigger account, not something outside of the office and this has been a theme over the last three episodes: what is life all about? While Don has always been looking for meaning of some sort, they’re really kicking it into high gear now, using this speech that he has to write that he can really do in his sleep to show that. As for Ted, I think the whole thing with Peggy last season really scared him into being as ” normal” as possible.

-Joan gets a call from Richard, who is now in New York and wants to go to dinner. He wants to know if he should meet her at work or home and Joan is like, yeah, I’ll just see you there. He is now gone past shooting his shoot and is going for the triple-double. That’s a bit creepy, no? Fly across the country after a night and then start tryna track her at work and home? Maybe it’s me being paranoid.

-Pete and Peggy tell Don that the clients they were with earlier didn’t like the layout that was presented to them, and then the copywriters started fighting in the meeting, which is never good. Pete wants them gone and Peggy says he can’t fire them, and Pete counters that he can fire her. At this point, I honestly have no idea what the hierarchy is at the firm, I don’t know who the partners are outside of Roger, Joan and I think Pete, I thought Don was a partner, but I think they took that away from him, yet everyone still runs to him. Anyway, Peggy should have just kicked him in the balls and kept it movin’. Smarmy-ass Pete.

-Sally gets a visitor, our old friend Glen, who is older now, but looks just as creepy. He also has a girlfriend who just wants to use the bathroom, but then Betty comes out and starts a conversation with Glen and Sally is like, uhhhhhh…..what is this? Glen has ALWAYS been drawn to Betty since he was a kid, but now he isn’t a kid; he is apparently going off to war because he feels bad that the Negro kids are dying for them, and this might be the least racist thing Mad Men has ever done. Only took ’em seven-plus seasons, but hey, gotta start somewhere. Sally storms off because she’s against the war and asks Glen if he’s fucking stupid (WHICH IS AWESOME because they bleeped out Megan’s “fucking” last week, but not little Sally), but Betty tries to smooth things over and I also think that Sally is jealous of the little thing going between Betty and Glen, all while being disgusted with her mother; we’ve all seen her give Betty and Don that look before. And shoutout to his girlfriend who is in the back like, I was just tryna use the bathroom.

-Richard and Joan are at dinner, and he seriously thinks she is hiding something, like a marriage, but it is really her son. Now, here is the thing: if you really thought she was married, you still flew across the country to see her, bruh. So even if she is or she isn’t, you might be a slight dirtbag.

-Sally tries to call Glen, but leaves a message with his mother and yeah, she is definitely jealous, with a tinge of “my friend is going to war and I might never see him again”. Maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, I felt bad for Sally. She should have been Dana from Homeland.

-Richard and Joan gets back to her hotel and she stays for a bit after persuading her babysitter to stay at her place. But then Richard says he doesn’t want to deal with a kid because he already raised his and gets a little….I don’t know, he’s assuming an awful lot from one night in Los Angeles and a dinner. Taking it slow is not in his arsenal. He actually gets mad and Joan is like, well, I guess I’m out. Yeah, he’s all up in Dirtbagville for no damn reason, either.

-Peggy asks Don to give her a performance review, which Don is like, you know you did well, but Peggy wants to hear it from him because she has always wanted Don’s approval, whether she likes it or not, and it might lead to more money. Then Don starts asking her what she thinks for the future, which I thought was a fair question, and Peggy kinda snaps on him, telling him that he is in a mood and he should write down his dreams so she can shit on them (TWO CURSES!). I honestly don’t think Don meant anything by it, unless I missed something.

-Joan’s babysitter shows up late because she was in class, and Joan is in a mood anyway because of last night. The babysitter then says to Joan that she (Joan) needs a vacation and he snaps, yelling, “YOU RUINED MY LIFE”, which was definitely directed at Kevin, her son, who says bye-bye to her as she left and made her feel like an asshole. GOOD. I think this might be my first anti-Joan moment in the entire show.

-Pete, Peggy and the copywriters get another chance at a meeting, and one of them, Mathis, I believe, does something that Don told him to do earlier, telling the Peter Pan execs that they had big balls for returning after embarrassing themselves. Don had done this in the past somewhere along the line and it probably sounded better coming from him, but Pete and Peggy are mortified and the other copywriter might have been quietly partyin’ on the inside. I don’t even know what Mathis is thinking, but it was the wrong way to go.

-Don is working on his speech with Meredith when Mathis storms in and berates Don for giving him the wrong advice, that Don never has to apologize for anything and that his main skill is being handsome and charming and the like. I mean, the kid might even have a bit of a point, but guess what: you are not Don Draper and that was NEVER going to work. So of course, Don fires him and the kid is lucky he didn’t get his ass kicked. He was tryna spit some ether at Don and came off looking like a complete asshole. Don might have to cuss someone out, mufuckas are startin’ to test him a little bit too much.

-Richard shows up at the office to apologize with flowers and now he wants to be a part of Joan’s life, and he wants to buy property in New York. I can’t be the only one who finds this kinda insane, am I? I’m all for love at first sight and all that, but good grief, let’s take it down a gear.

-Glen shows up at the house, but not to see Sally, who has left for her trip. He gets a beer from Betty and starts putting the moves on her, and she ALMOST reciprocates it, but she shows remarkable restraint and backs away. It turns out that he was joining the Army because he flunked out of school and it made his dad happy, but he also thought that would bring Betty into the Glen party, which is an odd way of thinking, especially when they haven’t seen each other in years, he’s a kid and she’s a grown-ass woman. She actually tears up and I’ve never been a huge Betty fan, but I think if this was her big episode to go out on, it was a good one.

-Don is out with Sally and her friends, one girl who is obviously flirting with Don and he’s tryna keep it as PG as possible, but Sally is steaming because she knows how her father is and as they’re walking to her bus, they get into it. Sally says that her dream (which Don has been asking everyone about) is to get away as far from Betty and Don as possible, but Don is like, I won’t be talked to like this by my damn kid, and tells her the truth: she is more like the two of them than she wants to admit. We all go through that stage growing up, hell, I’m still realizing how much I’m like my parents, even though my biological parents got divorced when I was mad young. No kid wants to come face-to-face with that, but we’ve seen it with Sally as we’ve watched her grow up; go back to “A Day’s Work“, the second episode of this season, and you see it. She knows it, too; she’s just a stubborn teenager.

-Betty takes Bobby’s toy gun away and yeah, she’s having second thoughts about the war, which might play into her husband’s political career, so keep an eye on that.

-Don returns home to see that the place has been sold, which he said he had a feeling would happen. But he’s kinda looking at the place and everything that has gone on there; if I’m not mistaken, this has been his home since Betty divorced him and all sorts of feelings are hittin’ the Draper streets.

This is a fantastic episode of Mad Men and when it is at its best, it deserves all the credit they receives and more. Don is still tryna figure life out, Joan is tryna figure out how to be a mother and get what she wants, Peggy just wants someone (preferably Don) to tell her she’s doing a good job, even though she knows she is, and Sally, honestly, I’d watch a spinoff of her. Sally goes to college? Come on, bruh. That shit would be so good and it’s not like AMC is averse to spinoffs. Four episodes left, and if they’re all as good as this one, we’re in for quite the finale.


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