Fear The Walking Dead S01E04 – Not Fade Away

We finally hit a bump in the road that is Fear The Walking Dead, as “Not Fade Away” brings a conspiracy aspect to the show that I didn’t want to come, but knew it was anyway and it was just a matter of how they handled it. The introduction didn’t go so well, but hey, they can always fix it and besides, it’s only a matter of time before it all falls down. Let’s go…..

-We open with Nick, chillin’ in a pool like the world isn’t ending, Travis is outchea jogging while Pops Salazar looks at him out the window like, you’re a bitch-ass excuse for a man, and Chris is on top of the house, filming and narrating everything. He tells us about a house, another one that was burned last night, and people were taken somewhere with their shit, and there are the people outside the fence, so a perimeter has been made. We also learn that this is Day 9 since the Army swooped in, and I’m not sure any questions have been answered yet. Then as he is looking around, he sees a light flashing on and off in a house, outside the fence. So he’s obviously going to investigate it because why the fuck not?

-Madison is looking at a clock and deliberating on painting a room, and Alicia is like, are you serious right now? Then Madison and Travis start bickering about something stupid like the world isn’t ending, and Alicia is like, enough of this shit, this is not fucking normal. Then Ophelia Salazar walks in on the argument and says to Alicia, “are you ready to go?”.

-Chris is still on the roof, fuckin’ with a piece of glass to get the attention of whoever is in this house, and Travis ain’t tryna hear it at all, and he actually doesn’t see it, moreso because he doesn’t want to see it. This is Travis: the Army is here to help us, they wouldn’t lie to us blah blah blah……just look at the tape, b. Peter shoulda bit your ass last week.

-Madison rolls up on Nick in the pool and she has found a pill, and Nick is like, nah, I’m good. It’s almost like she is tryna goad him into taking it, and she has to know something is going on because he’s a little too easygoing for someone in withdrawal, especially after what we saw in the second episode, hell, even the last episode when he freaked out because Madison gave some pills to Mama Salazar, who has a broken foot.

-Some Army guy is briefing the citizens that they’re infect-free for a six-mile radius and everything is going well, and the citizens are yelling out random things like, where is the power and electricity, and people need medicine. He’s tryna tell them that they’re the lucky ones in a safe zone, and tries to make a joke about trying not to shoot them. That didn’t go over well at all. Meanwhile, we see Ophelia flirting with a soldier, and Alicia is like, should I be doing that as well?

-Army guy talks to Travis about one of his neighbors, Doug, who is a bit skeptical of all this, and he wants Travis to try and get through to him. Inside Doug’s house, his wife and daughters are all in masks and suits, and he is hiding in the bathroom. The long and short of it is that he doesn’t know how to explain to his family that it’ll all be okay…and he doesn’t even know if it’ll all be okay.

-While this is going on, Alicia looks at Madison and Chris painting the walls, and she wanders into Susan’s house, and I don’t know if I’d be doing that after she tried to eat me, but hey, that’s just me. She wanders into the garden of horrors, and I definitely wouldn’t be doing that. She sees a picture she made for Susan, who looked after she and Nick when they were kids, starts to cry and looks at the tattoo that Matt drew on her. Meanwhile, Travis has convinced Doug to get screened. We’re 17 minutes into the episode, and a lot has happened, but nothing has happened.

-Liza is playing nurse with some old man, and his wife tries to give her soup, while Nick spies on her from the place next door, which I’m now starting to think is just some random pool he has decided to chill in. Yeah, weening off the drugs, my ass. What is Junkie Boy up to?

-Chris tries to explain to Madison what he saw, and she ain’t tryna hear it, either, but then she looks at it and you know she ain’t lettin’ it slide. Meanwhile, we see what Junkie Boy is up to: he has been spying on that house because Liza has been giving the old man inside an IV drip of morphine, so Nick is laying until the bed, stealing this man’s morphine. GODDAMN. That’s a piece of shit move if I’ve ever seen it, but aye dogg, junkies gon’ junkie.

-Ophelia is now hugged up with the soldier, who is doing his damndest to get some, but she puts the brakes on that; she’s just tryna get medicine for her mom. Speaking of getting some, Madison and Travis are drinking and having sex in their car in the garage, and she uses that to bring up what Chris saw after he says some slick shit about Nick….these two families are going to come to a head at some point.

-They get interrupted by Doug’s wife because he has taken off somewhere in his stupid, precious car, so now Travis, half-drunk and post-sex, has to go out in find him. Lady, if you don’t get the entire fuck outta my garage……

-Anyway, we get to the next day and Madison is on the roof now, and she sees the light that Chris saw, while Travis finds Doug’s car, but no Doug. Alright, now we’re getting somewhere. They both seem to figure out that shit ain’t sweet outside the fence at all….so which one is going to investigate? I think we all know who.

-Travis goes to Army guy, who is working on his golf game, and Travis wants him to send out one patrol to try and find Doug, but Army guy says they found him and it doesn’t seem convincing. Then he brings up the light that Chris saw and Army guy is like, HE AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’. Oh yeah, some shit is goin’ on out there. They didn’t really hide it well, but I wonder if that’s because we know what eventually happens. Fear The Walking Dead is going to run into that problem a lot over the next two seasons.

-Liza goes to see the old man and runs into an Army doctor, Dr. Exner, who seems shady right off the bat, but she calls Liza on not actually being a nurse; still, she knows what she is doing and they can use her. Dr. Exner looks super familiar, and that’s because Sandrine Holt has been in a ton of shit that when you go to her Wiki, you’re like, OH HER….also, she’s Canadian (born in England), so points for her.

-Of course, Madison is the one to go exploring, and she wanders into the desolate wasteland that is outside the fence. It’s a ghost town, littered with “MISSING” signs and abandoned cars and houses, and then it hits her: the stench of death. There are dead bodies EVERYWHERE, but she has to hide as a tank rolls through the town, and she ends up under a car beside a dead body. Not gon’ lie, I kinda wanted the body to turn right there.

-After the break, Liza and Dr. Exner are looking over Mama Salazar, and they decide that she is going to the facility, and Pops says he’s going with her, and Exner agrees, but he gives her all kinds of side-eye. The Salazars be knowin’.

-Then they find Nick chillin’ in the sun and they go over his junkie-ness, and Exner knows something is up as she offers him methadone, and no one believes that he has kicked the habit. Nick puts this on Liza, says she told Exner he is the neighborhood dope fiend….which he kinda is.

-Alicia makes an actual tattoo of the heart (I think it’s a heart) that Matt drew on her arm. We gotta see Matt again before the end of the season, right?

-Madison returns home and Pops starts grillin’ her like he’s her dad and she just came home late. But Madison spills everything about what she saw outside the fence, and Pops is like, yup, something is going on. He tells some story that I’ve heard twice and still don’t know what the story was about, only that people do evil out of fear, so the Army fears something. That’s what I got out of it. The writing in this episode left a lot to be desired. Then he goes on to say if it happens, it’ll happen quickly and that he’s going with his wife, but if he doesn’t come back, Madison has to take care of Ophelia, who is a grown-ass woman she points out, but Pops ain’t havin’ it and Madison is like, aight, fine. I’m not quite sure I’d trust Madison with my child if I had one, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers in the zombie apocalypse, I guess.

-Nick is in the old man’s room and he’s pressed because they took him, which means there are no drugs, and Madison puts things together that he has been stealing his painkillers. She says, “you have no idea” and in possibly my favorite scene in the series so far, beats the ever-lovin’ shit out of him. Hey man, she’s tried the be-a-nice-mom-to-your-junkie-son route, and that didn’t work. If there was ever a situation in which child abuse is okay, this is it.

-Nick is in the bathroom now and Alicia tries to talk to him, but he won’t let her in and Travis tries to intervene, but Alicia is like, dogg that’s my brother, you’re not even blood and he walks away like, shit, you’re right. She sees the bruises and figures out what is going on. Madison is drinking in the garage because that’s what we’re doing now, but they’re interrupted by the Army bumrushing the house, and they take Mama Salazar, but not Pops, and they also take Nick. Liza mouths to Chris that she loves him and leaves with the Army, and Madison is on the warpath because she thinks/knows that Liza had something to do with this. Travis is like, these girlfriend/ex-wife problems got a brotha stressed.

-Alicia is under a blanket, reading a note to someone named Patrick, and the person saw something that they thought was unnatural, and what that person saw was a prophecy. That person will also see Patrick soon, and they’re sorry, and they love him. While this is going on, Travis goes to the roof and sees the light that Chris and Madison both saw.

So, did Alicia write that note or did she find it? Who is Patrick? What did the note-writer see? Travis finally has to believe that something ain’t right…..right?

Overall, this was probably the worst Fear TWD episode so far, but the end saved it from being a disaster, which the original TWD has been known to do, but I also know that these episodes are necessary in the grand scheme of things, and every single episode is not going to be on fire all the time. It seemed to jump around a lot and no one is focusing on the big problem, although the ending seems to have everyone on the same page. Madison and Pops are tryna get their people back (does anyone know where Ophelia is?), Travis is coming around, Alicia seems to be the only one making sense (and I never saw that coming at all), and yo, what about Doug? On to Episode 5.


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