Fear The Walking Dead S01E06 – The Good Man

The first season of Fear The Walking Dead has had its moments and the finale, “The Good Man”, just leaves a bunch of unanswered questions that leaves me asking, “just how long do they think they can stretch this out?”. Let’s go……………

-We open with a shot panning over a desolate Los Angeles landscape, and the shot of a freeway empty on one side should bring you back to the first season of The Walking Dead, when Glenn was bombing down the highway in what I think was a Mustang. Then we get to the arena, and I don’t know about you, but those little chains shouldn’t be able to hold, what, 2,000 zombies? I’m sure those mufuckas aren’t in there organized like in single file or anything.

-Madison and Travis and ’em are packing, getting ready to leave because of what they learned in “Cobalt”, which was that the army was planning to leave, but not without killing them first. Just to quickly go back to “Cobalt” since I missed the recap of that….I’m rollin’ with Pops. While I’m still giving people the benefit of the doubt after ten days of the zombie apocalypse, he KNOWS what it is going on and this nice-guy shit that Travis is tryna pull off won’t work.

-But at least Travis and Madison are telling Alicia and Chris what is going on now, instead of hiding shit. Good for them.

-Pops Salazar is tryna figure out what to do with the soldier they more or less kidnapped, Andrew, and basically, he wants to kill him. Travis thinks he’ll be more useful alive, and I’m fine with that. But what got me is that Travis looks at Pops like, “we’re bringing him”, like he’s making the decision. Dogg, Pops will cut your throat in a heartbeat. He let you think you made that decision. If you don’t take your “jogging in the middle of the apocalypse” ass on somewhere.

-Ofelia (apparently it’s not spelled the Shakespearean way) is mad at Pops for not only this torture, but past tortures he did and yo, there should be a statute of limitations on that, no? Sometimes, you need to torture people. Like, NEED TO. I trust Pops.

-As Madison is walking out of the house, she looks at where she would mark her family’s height on a wall, and there is a “Dad” in there. So, are we gon’ learn about him in Season 2? We better. Maybe we’ll see him as a zombie.

-They’re piling out into their cars, Ofelia is on some “fuck the neighbors” stuff because they didn’t help when the Army rolled in, but I’m not sure if she noticed that the Army also fucked with them. She acts like she is the only one affected by this. She’s moving up the ranks.

-Dr. Exner is tryna organize an extraction point where they can get picked up, and Liza is tryna figure out who she can take with her. Obviously, Chris, but then it spills over to Travis, Madison and her family, and Exner is like, NAH, you can’t take all them. She gets it down to Chris and Travis….now you gotta find them. Have fun with that.

-Soldier Andrew is tryna convince Travis to let him go and that Pops is only gon’ kill him, as he probably should. Travis is like, I won’t let him again, like he has a choice in the matter, but he is thinking about it and you know he is going to and it’ll come back to bite him. I threw my hands up on the plane.

-As they drive away, they see families having dinner and playing board games like nothing is happening….because they don’t know about Cobalt. I’m not sure if I’d tell people, either. Depending on how assholish the neighbors were to me in the past. My petty levels will skyrocket in the zombie apocalypse.

-They get to the compound where Nick and Liza are, and Pops opens up the gate so they can drive in, but he also looks back at Travis, who looks at the empty seat beside him, which means he let Andrew go. This mufucka, man.

-Pops rolls up on two soldiers who are looking out for stuff, and they threaten to shoot him, but he tells them to save their bullets. Out of nowhere, ALL OF THE ZOMBIES roll up, like, thousands of them. Let’s do this.

-The crew is in an underground parking lot, figuring out a plan and Pops calls out Travis for letting Andrew go, but nah, he told Travis where he needed to go and everything. Please let him die before this episode is over. PLEASE. And then to make matters worse, he tells Chris to hold it down with Alicia while the rest go in and find Nick, Liza and Mama Salazar (who they don’t know is dead yet). I’ll trust Alicia over Chris, please and thank you.

-Strand and Nick are in the holding cells, and again, going back to “Cobalt”, I thought Strand was a bad guy on the first watch, but I was only half paying attention. Turns out he has a key that’ll get he and Nick outta here when the shit goes down. And he talks like Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of the Lambs”, so you need to trust that dude. But Nick thieved his key and Strand is like, I knew I traded my cuff links for you for a reason.

-Liza and Exner are on top of the roof, where they notice what is going on outside and Exner is like, they’re not coming for us. Meanwhile, the crew is breaking in to find everyone as Exner gets confirmation that they’re on their own.

-Chris and Alicia are waiting, and Chris is tryna be positive and Alicia is like, “you can’t save everyone”. She has made a big turn for me over the last two episodes. Then they hear something and get back in the truck.

-Strand unlocks their cell and they walk out, and while everyone is yelling for them to be released as well, Strand says that the key isn’t one size fits all, and they’re probably better off in here than out there.

-As Chris and Alicia wait in the truck, their window is broken and it’s not zombies, but soldiers….zombies probably would have been better, although there would have been a lot more of them. They just want the truck and Chris is like, you’re not getting the keys. The sight of the soldiers pushing him around and eventually hitting him made me laugh out loud. Fuck you think you were gon’ do?

-The crew makes their way to where Adam said everyone would be, while the army is fighting the infected, and Liza is running through the place after Exner told her to get out. She gets outside and sees the army getting overrun, and they get through the fence. As she sees a couple of zombies starting to feed, that’s’ when she is like, oh shit. All of these characters need a couple of “oh shit” moments and Liza gets hers.

-Strand and Nick are also making their way through the compound and they run into the soldier who took Strand’s cuff links, but he is currently a buffet for a walker. So Strand says some slick shit to him, takes the cuff links and his gun and peaces out. Yup, I’m rollin’ with that dude.

-The crew gets to the holding cells and they find out that Strand and Nick just left, and they manage to open a few cells. Before I forget, tho: can we get Nick a change of clothes? He has been wearing that dead old man’s clothes for like, two weeks now. Come on, bruh.

-Anyway, they get trapped with a herd of walkers coming towards them, and this was actually pretty suspenseful because those walkers got close as shit. Also, the crew just happens to be on the other side of the door and they can’t get it open because you need a pass……and who shows up? Liza, who keeps swiping and swiping and finally gets it to work. So now they’re all together and they have a few run-ins with more infected, like Madison almost gets bit a couple times, Liza has to fight off a couple, but of course, everyone gets out unscathed…..or are they?

-Liza then tells Pops what happened to his wife, and Ofelia wilds out and wants to see her body and Liza is like, nah, ain’t nothin’ left, bruh. Meanwhile, Exner is shooting all of the patients in the head so they don’t turn and Liza is like, come with us, but Exner is in shock and Madison is like, she’s lost, let’s go. So they get some supplies and peace out. Madison also asks who the fuck Strand is and he’s like, got a house on the water with supplies and shit, let’s go there, and they’re like, bet.

-The crew walks by where they think Mama’s body is and Ofelia has a moment, but they keep heading towards the parking garage because they’ve been gone for a while now. And who pops out of nowhere with a gun? Andrew, the one that Travis was like, nah, he’s cool. I pray he shoots Travis, I think he’ll shoot Pops, but he ends up shooting Ofelia in the arm and Travis beats him to, if not death, close to it. Remember I said something about an “oh shit” moment? This is Travis’ second or third now. Get your shit together, bruh.

-They drive towards Strand, passing a slew of walkers on the deserted freeways, and when they get there, they see that Strand lives in a damn palace. Strand also said something about “Abigail”, which Nick probably assumed was a human, but it’s a yacht off the shore. Liza is walking away from everyone, and Madison goes after her, so Travis is like, nah, I gotta get in between this. He walks up right after Liza tells Madison that she has been scratched, and shows the mark. She wants Madison to shoot her because it’ll kill Travis, who protests and says they have antibiotics. Liza is like, I’ve seen this shit, that won’t work. But to his credit, Travis mans up and takes the gun from Madison and does the deed, and everyone hears the gunshot. Chris is crushed, and now everyone knows what the hell they’re dealing with. If they don’t by now, fuck ’em.

The first-season Fear The Walking Dead “Who Should Get Eaten” power rankings:

Chris (because he’s gon’ do some dumb shit next season where he is mad about his moms)

Travis (he might take that crazy-Rick turn after killing Liza)

Ofelia (see Chris)

Madison/Alicia (they’re ready for war now)

Some combination of Nick, Strand and Pops (I’m good with all them. Ruben Blades, who plays Pops, is the first-season MVP, by a wide, wide margin)

A few questions I have going into Season 2: How are they going to get to the yacht? That shit was far out. What’s good with Madison’s ex? I assume that’ll be a talking point. Is Travis ready to listen to Pops and do what needs to be done now? After everything they’ve seen and done already? And finally, the biggest question for me: how long can they stretch this out for? Fear The Walking Dead was supposed to be what happened before Rick woke up in the hospital, and that’s fine. But the apocalypse is here now, and I fear that if this goes longer than one more season (two, MAX), then we’ll just have two versions of the same show on TV and really, what would be the point? They’ll merge at some point, right?

Overall, I’m okay with Fear The Walking Dead. I didn’t like as much as the first season of the original, but it was better than Season 3 and the first half of Season 4 at the very least. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here. As long as Nick gets a change of clothes, I’m good.


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