The Walking Dead S06E04 – Here’s Not Here

The Walking Dead knows when to take it down a notch, and after the furor of last week’s episode, “Here’s Not Here” gears down. I thought it was solid, although I’m not sure we needed 90 minutes of it. Let’s go….

-We open with Morgan staring at the camera, and he is talking to the Wolf that he captured, the one that he let go before, at least I think it’s the same one. Morgan reminds the Wolf that he wanted to take everything from Morgan, who gives him everything in the form of a story. So now we get to see why Morgan is the way he is now. I’ve been waiting for this joint.

-He is laying in the place where he was found by Rick, Michonne and Carl, and he is a mess, talking to himself, and we see the word, “CLEAR” written on the walls. “Here’s Not Here” is also written on the walls, but Morgan should be paying attention to the lantern that has fallen over, and is setting his place on fire. But after the credits, we see that Morgan has gotten out, but everything he has is gone. All he seems to have is a gun, which he is using to beat the shit out of walkers, which he then piles and burns. That has to just stink to the high heavens. Shoutout to the walker that rolled right through the fire, tho. That shit looked tight.

-As he continues to hunt walkers, two men are following Morgan, who obviously knows they’re tracking him and he fucks their entire lives up. One dude gets the end of a sharpened spear through his neck, and Morgan just chokes the life out of the other guy. He continues along his way, building another camp like the way he had before, but instead of barbed wire, he used sharpened sticks, and he uses walker blood to write “CLEAR” and “POINTLESS ACTS” on rocks and trees. We knew it before, but Morgan has lost his damn mind. But as he is hunting, Morgan hears a goat and he stumbles upon a cabin, and then he hears a voice telling him to put his gun down. Morgan is like, nah, and starts to survey the cabin, but then he gets hit upside the head and apparently, he gets outsmarted by a mufucka in a robe.

-Morgan wakes up in a cell, with tomatoes and patties of some sort, and the man walks in the room. Morgan starts pleading with the man to kill him, and this man ain’t shook at all. He gives Morgan a book called “The Art of Peace”, and we learn his name is Eastman. We also learn that the goat’s name is Tabitha. Eastman has built a makeshift fence around his cabin to keep walkers out, but they obviously hear Tabitha, so he has to kill ’em every once in a while. He does bring her in for the night, tho, and Eastman is like, you can come after me, but I fed you, don’t hurt her. Damn, Tabitha gon’ die at some point.

-Morgan is watching Eastman outside practicing with his bow staff….so that’s how he learned. He’s just in his cell, watching, while Eastman is tryna make goat cheese and it just isn’t working at all. Eventually, Eastman tells Morgan that he was a forensic psychiatrist, while Morgan tells Eastman that he clears….walkers, people, anything in his past and Eastman is like, that’s horseshit. He tells Morgan that he met one bad person on his job, and humans aren’t built to kill. That’s awful utopian of you, Eastman, and I think you’re wrong, but that is where Morgan gets this from. Morgan is also tryna figure out a way to escape, but Eastman tells him that the door to his cell has been unlocked the whole time, and Morgan is like, you gotta be kidding me. Eastman then tells him he can sleep on the couch, or he is free to leave, but Eastman doesn’t want any beef. So of course, the first thing that Morgan does is charges at him and the two fight, and he breaks what looks like a child’s drawing. Eastman gets mad, so this had to have been his daughter’s or something, and eventually gets on top, but instead of fuckin’ Morgan up, he leaves with the painting, while Morgan retreats to his cell.

-After the two cool off, Eastman tells Morgan that he learned Aikido, and he also has a rabbit’s foot that was given to him by his daughter; he got a flyer for an Aikido class right after that, so that rabbit’s foot is lucky to him. Eastman asks Morgan to watch out for Tabitha while he goes looking for stuff, and Morgan starts reading “The Art of Peace”; on the first page, we learn that the goal of Aikido to completely avoid killing at all costs, even the most evil person. Was this book written for the zombie apocalypse? I don’t think so. Anyway, he hears walkers outside and he saves Tabitha from them as she just watches them like, YEAH, YOU GET ‘EM, DOGG. I really thought he was gon’ let the walkers live. I would have been livid. So he drags the walkers into the woods like he saw Eastman do, and he finds a cemetery. Eastman takes the walkers that he kills, buries them and takes their license, so he can write their names on a cross. What a guy, bruh. I wonder how he dies?

-So then we have a montage of Eastman teaching Morgan how to use the bow staff, while he tells him about the philosophies of Aikido, which I’m not sure are true or not because I’m not looking it up, but let’s just say that it is. As they’re having dinner, Morgan asks Eastman why he has a cell, and Eastman tells him a story of the one bad person he met at his job, a psychopath named Wilton, who was up for parole, but Eastman advised against it. So Wilton broke out of jail and killed Eastman’s family for no other reason than to fuck his life up. Eastman made the cell with the intention of kidnapping Wilton and starving him to death, but he didn’t because all life is precious. Man, that’s some ol’ bullshit. He is about to die in the stupidest way.

-Eastman wants to go looking for supplies and Morgan is like, hey, I had a campground before you hemmed me up, so they go out there to grab that shit. Eastman asks Morgan the names of those he lost, so that would be his wife Jenny and his son Duane. Morgan didn’t have the heart to shoot Jenny, who then ate Duane (or something like that) so that’s a major reason why he was the way he was. He starts to get all choked up and Eastman tells him to practice his Aikido; Morgan doesn’t want to, but Eastman insists. Just then, a walker emerges, and it’s the man that Morgan choked to death in the woods. Morgan freezes and Eastman pushes him out of the way, but in the process of killing the walker, he gets bit, of course. Morgan freaks out and says it wasn’t for Eastman to do, and then he yells “not here”, which I assume was about the impromptu Aikido practice. Eastman replies with, “here’s not here”. Man, if you don’t get outta here with your fake-deep bullshit.

The Badlands and The Preacher look terrible. This Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462, however, I’m in. They can keep that shit rollin’.

-Morgan is back to hunting, and he rolls up on a walker, who is creeping up on what has to be the deafest couple in the world. How are you not hearing this thing behind you? Anyway, it looks like Morgan is about to kill them, but he’s on his “All Lives Matter” shit now and lets them go. Ol’ girl gave him a can of soup and a bullet. Uhhhhhhhhh…….thanks? He gets back to the cabin and a walker is feasting on poor Tabitha, so after killing the walker, Morgan takes them both to the graveyard, where Easton is already digging. Morgan notices the name “Wilton” on one of the crosses, and Eastman tells him that he did, in fact, get his revenge on Wilton by starving him, but he didn’t get peace from it. But yo… got it, tho. Good for you, buddy.

-Eastman also realizes what needs to be done, and we can deduce that he was digging his own grave. He tells Morgan where his gun is and tells him that there is enough at the house for him to survive, but he’ll be alone. He then gives Morgan the rabbit’s foot, which is what we first saw when Morgan reappeared in “Conquer“, the Season 5 finale. So after he kills and buries Eastman (which we don’t see), Morgan wanders down the tracks and sees the sign for Terminus, and that is that.

-The dude from the Wolves is like, man, that was a good story and all, and I’m happy you think I can be saved, but I got bit or scratched or some shit, and I’ma kill all y’all mufuckas. So what does Morgan do? Closes the door, locks it and walks out. SOOOOOO……who is this Wolf gon’ kill? Is it Morgan? One of the Alexandrians? Because he’s going to turn, and he’s going to kill. DOGG, HE JUST TOLD YOU HE WOULD. THE FUCK ARE WE TALKIN’ ABOUT HERE?

-Just then, Morgan hears Rick yelling to open the gate, so that’s where we should pick next week, I think.

This was an excellent piece of character development for Morgan, even though I don’t agree with any of it; at least we now know what happened to turned him into Gandhi. But again, the shit is maddening because nice people aren’t going to get through in The Walking Dead. Eastman tried to help Morgan and he died. Morgan is letting these mufuckas live, and they’re going to kill people. He couldn’t kill Jenny and she ended up eating their son. Mufuckas won’t learn, b. That’s why I’m with Rick: kill everything, figure it out later. If you die in the process, shit happens.

But again, overall, a very good episode. Lennie James kills it, as usual, and YOOOOOOOOOOO…….Eastman is played by John Carroll Lynch, who played Twisty The Clown on American Horror Story: Freak Show and John Wayne Gacy in this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel. Well played. The episode didn’t need to be 90 minutes, but it didn’t feel like it dragged a lot. Good job, The Walking Dead. Season 6 has been pretty damn good so far.


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