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The Walking Dead S06E10 – The Next World

After coming back with a bang for the second half, The Walking Dead slowed down the pace with “The Next World”, which I was completely fine with. The pace, that is. I’m not too sure how I feel about some of the things that went down in this episode, and hopefully I’ll figure it out by the time I’m done. Let’s go….


-The episode opens with Michonne in a bathrobe, asking Rick to bring back toothpaste on a supply run, and it seems like some time has passed since Carl got his eye shot out. Then you have Denise asking Daryl to bring back pop for Tara. Rick and Michonne look mad comfortable and I raise an eyebrow. But Denise and Tara, is that a thing now? They kissed in the first half of this season, so hey, do your thing, ladies. A threesome is still in play for someone, because I’ve given up on Glenn.

-Speaking of, Maggie sees Enid and tries to get her to talk, but Enid ain’t tryna hear it. Maggie tells her that she’s around if she wants to talk. So we don’t even get a Glenn-Maggie reunion after that bullshit they pulled last week? We get Maggie and Enid? Okay then. I’ve been waiting for her ass to get eaten since she got there.

-And not eating her actual ass, you dirtbags.

-Eugene gives Rick and Daryl a map of the area and points out an agricultural-supply store, where they can hopefully find stuff to grow their own food. Look at Eugene, being helpful. This is what he is good for. As they’re driving, in a Chrysler 300 no less because if you’re gon’ ride around in the zombie apocalypse, might as well be in some nice shit. Rick said he wants to find food and new people, which Daryl counters that they haven’t seen in weeks. I’m cool with food, but what in the hell do you want to find new people for? Tell me how great that has worked out in the past?

-Michonne, while keeping watch, sees Spencer walking out into the woods with a shovel, and obviously she has to follow him. But I trust whatever Michonne does, so it’s cool.

-Rick and Daryl see a barn, and they find a truck inside. It seems awful trappy to me. Then they leave the car there and take the truck, and stop at a gas station to get more shit, which seems even more trappy. Then a dude comes outta nowhere, and they pull the heat on him. He says his name is Paul Rovia, and he said he was running from walkers. They decide that he isn’t a problem and let him do, then they hear shots from behind the gas station, which they discover are fireworks. That’s when they realize they’ve been had, and Paul Rovia is driving off with the truck. See, Rick? See what tryna be friends gets you? You got friends, bruh. Shoot anyone you see and keep it movin’. That’s why Killa Carol needs to pass the concussion protocol and be out there on these runs.

-Spencer is out in the woods, tryna draw a walker out and kill it, but Michonne steps up and kills it. Spencer is like, so you think I’m a bitch and Michonne is like, man, I told ya moms I’d look after ya bitch ass. Not in those words, but that’s more or less what she meant. Or what I meant.

-Meanwhile, Carl and Enid are in the woods, reading comic books, and even Enid is like, dogg, what are we doing out here? Carl is like, we’re kids and that’s what we do. You’ll know when you’re surrounded by walkers. You already got away with one when y’all were chillin’ in that tree. Stop wandering around in the woods. You can read comics in the house. Y’all gon’ learn, dammit.

-They hear a noise and see that it is Spencer and Michonne, and Enid is like, man, fuck this, I’m out, and Carl is like, okay. I’ll give him a pass because he is still a kid and just got his eye taken, but come on, Carl. You know she’s right. But they see a walker as they’re walking away and Carl pushes it down, but he won’t let Enid kill it, and you realize from the looks on their faces that they recognize it. You should know who it is.

-Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl are on foot and they eventually catch up to Paul and the truck, holding him at gunpoint and tying him up. They did leave the knots loose enough so he could escape, and here, I have a couple questions. Why not just kill him and take the keys? Why leave the ropes loosened? Because guess what, they’re driving away and realize that he is on top of the truck. HOW IN THE NAME OF REG AND PETE DID HE GET ON TOP OF THE TRUCK? You mean to tell me he got free that fast and climbed on top? Did he chase down the truck because he’s a really fast runner? This show is great. The Walking Dead‘s foundation is built on people making terrible decisions. Wouldn’t be shit without it.

-Anyway, they chase him down with Daryl and Paul (also named Jesus because that’s what his friends called him) fighting in the truck, which ends up in a lake. They got out before that, and Paul also saved Daryl by shooting a walker, which leads Rick to want to bring him back to Alexandria. Sure, Rick. Why the hell not?

-Michonne and Spencer see Carl leaving a walker behind, and the walker stumbles towards them…’s Zombie Deanna! Spencer was out here because he thought he saw her before, and he wanted to get up the courage to kill her so he could bury her. This goes into the end of the episode, when Michonne tells Carl that he should have killed Zombie Deanna, and he thought it should have been someone in her family. He’s not entirely wrong. Now stop walking around in the fuckin’ woods.

-Daryl and Rick bring Paul to the infirmary so he can be taken care of by Denise, the world’s best nurse now. Then they take him to the basement, leaving him some water and a note, which we can’t read.

-Rick then meets Michonne at the house, where he gives her mints and both of them say that they’ve had a day. Anyway, they end up holding hands and they kiss, which we’ve all seen coming for a minute now, but Rick end up up with Jessie, who is now probably a walker somewhere. It seemed kinda awkward. My big fear is now that Michonne is gon’ die. Rick’s women don’t have a good track record.

-Then there was the post-credit scene, which I didn’t see. But I guess Paul was in the basement in Rick’s house? Really, bruh? The house where your kids are at? There aren’t other houses? And where is Daryl? WHY DON’T YOU JUST KILL PEOPLE? FUCK.

“The Next World” was alright, not the best episode of The Walking Dead, but not the worst. We needed to catch our breath after “No Way Out”. They skipped over a few things, but it is what it is. Seems like Rick just got over Jessie and Michonne is the rebound? He better not get her killed. We’ll see next week what the deal is with Jesus, and what kinda trap he set for them. Because he is involved in a trap, possibly with Negan (comic readers, don’t tell me and be that person, I’m not having the spoiler conversation again). I look forward to many more terrible decisions from The Walking Dead.

The X-Files Miniseries – Babylon

The X-Files reboot has been generally pretty on point. The first episodes were definitely fire, the third was strange, but a throwback to the first run of the show, and the fourth was, for my money, the best of the bunch. So they would keep rolling with “Babylon”, right? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAP. This recap won’t be long, because I don’t have much to say, not much good, anyway.


-I’ll start with the pairing of Mulder and Scully….er, Miller and Einstein. First off, why Einstein? Of all the names you could have given Bootleg Scully, why Einstein? She was far too snarky for follow in Scully’s shoes, and while Scully was skeptical of Mulder when they started, she was never that bad. Einstein is just annoying. And Miller had all the personality of a rag dipped in chloroform. Listen, just let Mulder and Scully cook. The show went downhill when Reyes and Doggett were added. The X-Files is Mulder and Scully, with Skinner and the rest as supporting cast. Don’t mess with this. Because I’m not watching if the next miniseries is Miller and Einstein.

-I knew this was not going to be pretty when it started with the whole Muslim terror cell thing. I’m pretty skeptical on this being used as a device anyway, because it’s hard to do it right, without coming off as insanely racist. Actually, that’s impossible, but it’s important to a show like Homeland, where it has always been a part of the plot. This just seemed contrived and not handled well at all. Really, the best part of it was the makeup on homeboy in the hospital. They made his head concave and shit. I don’t know, man. None of it sat well with me. And thanks for telegraphing that the nurse was shady and up to no good when the FBI agents left, and she turned off the life-support machine. Wasn’t hard to see that coming.

-Oh, and then the Mulder-on-mushrooms sequence. On paper, I bet this was a really good idea. Then they filmed it and was like, well, we gotta turn this in. That was ridiculous. More ridiculous than anything I’ve ever seen in a show about aliens. It went about five minutes too long and it didn’t expose anything to me, even when the bomber “spoke” to Mulder. We didn’t need to see him line-dancing to “Achy Breaky Heart”. There wasn’t even any point in having the Lone Gunmen come back, although it was nice to see them. But the four-finger rings, the line-dancing, getting whipped by Smoking Man, the length of the sequence…..and then the fact that was a damn placebo? Jesus. I get the idea. The execution was terrible.

-Then there was the end of the episode, where Mulder was at the house of, I think, Sveta, who “died” when her car was blown up. Scully got out there and they had a conversation about….well, remember when I said they should have conversations like this every episode? Not so much. Chris Carter can reach a certain level of pretentiousness, and then depend on David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to make it sound normal. And they tried, God bless their hearts. Even listening to it a second time, I didn’t care. Maybe I was just tired after the rest of the episode.

This was bad. Like, really bad. And that’s fine. One bad episode out of five is a pretty solid ratio with all the bullshit that is on television right now. But I rolled my eyes no less than 37 times during “Babylon”, and it was all just ridiculous. I think I’m bothered by it because they have just six episodes to do this; in a ten-episode run, this wouldn’t be as bad, but they wasted a crucial hour with this, although I know a couple people that thought last week was a filler episode. Oh well….on to the finale, which seems to be a continuation/conclusion to the first two episodes. I hope it’s good, because “Babylon” might have been the worst thing to hit TV since the Glenn fiasco on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead S06E09 – No Way Out

If nothing else in its history, The Walking Dead has shown that they can do two things: they’re great at finales, whether it be midseason or end-of-season, and they’re great at premieres. They’re especially good when venturing into the ridiculous, and in six and a half seasons, this might have been the most ridiculous of the bunch….and it was fan-fucking-tastic. Let’s go….


-It really all kicked off with the first scene, when Daryl, Sasha and Abe get stopped by that group. So, listen, I know y’all love Daryl, but are we gon’ act like he just yoked that dude up without making any noise, and then pulls out a fuckin’ rocket launcher, again, without making any noise? And that’s when I knew it was about to be some greatness on deck. At no point did I think anyone in that trio was in danger.

-Rick, Jessie, their kids, Michonne and Father Bitchass were walking through the herd covered in walker guts, when Rick decided that instead of going to the armory, they were going to get their vehicles at the quarry to lead the herd away. A few things here: Father Bitchass says he’ll take Judith to safety, and I guess he really didn’t have a choice, but Rick was like, cool, take my kid. But furthermore, and this pops up later: we’re just having a conversation in the midst of a herd? Zombies got ears, bruh. They can hear you. Sam won’t leave his moms, though. Even though that’s the best-case scenario for everyone, but more on that later.

-Tara wants to run out all willy-nilly and save Denise from the Wolf, but Rosita is like, man, if you don’t sit your ass down somewhere before we get ate up. This might have been the most sense that anyone made in this episode, they had one gun and two bullets or something. Meanwhile, a concussed Killa Carol grabs said gun to check the house for Wolf Man and Denise, but someone needs to sit her ass down. Send her to the dark room or something. Wolf Man and Denise are long gone, but they’re not too far away, they’re hiding from some walkers and he’s looking at her like a creep, like, even more creepy than he was when being held captive by Morgan. Again, we’ll get to that later.

-Then we’re back to Glenn and Enid, who manage to find a church to look for supplies, and Glenn goes on about her dead parents still being with her. This Glenn/Enid tag team needs to get the fuck on somewhere. Feed her to the walkers, bruh. But true to form, they do find a gun, which ends up coming in handy.

-Now to the best part: Rick and ’em are still walking through the herd, and Sam sees a little boy who has been turned. Then he starts to hear Killa Carol in his head, when she threatened him about tying him to a tree and no one will hear him scream. She had him so shook, and everyone was tryna get him to get moving, and then BAM……a walker takes a bite out of his head like a Chips Ahoy cookie. Seriously, I might be terrible, but I had to rewind it back to see Jessie get eaten because I was laughing so damn hard. I knew he was going to get someone killed, but he got his moms killed, and he got his bitchass brother killed because he got mad and went to shoot Rick, but Michonne hit him with the katana and let the walkers have him. But when he went to shoot Rick, he actually shot Carl in the damn eye. Rick went kinda catatonic, but he was at last smart enough to cut off Jessie’s arm because she wouldn’t let go of Carl’s hand as she was getting eaten anyway. Oh man. This was the best. That family wasn’t built for this. And yo, I was actually worried for Carl (or Coral, depending on how Andrew Lincoln says it). I’ve grown to like him, he has had to grow up a lot during this show. If Ron wasn’t a dickbag, Carl could have taught him some shit. But nah, he had to be a Big Mac meal for the walkers.

-The Wolf Man is tryna lead Denise through a gap in the herd, but he gets bitten on the arm, so she tries to take him to the infirmary because these people are hellbent on saving him for some reason. Not Killa Carol, though. She tells Morgan that she should have killed him, which would have led to her killing Wolf Man. Morgan tells her that she couldn’t have killed him, and I don’t care that he powerbombed her in the last episode, my long-run money is still on her. Killa Carol is crafty, and she’ll wait until you’re sleeping. Skip forward to Wolf Man and Denise heading to the infirmary, but Killa Carol snipes him from the balcony of the townhouse. See? She’ll win somehow, dammit. But Denise runs to the infirmary anyway, where Heath (Dr. Dre from Straight Outta Compton), Spencer and Aaron are chillin’.

-There, Rick arrives with Carl and Michonne, and Denise tries to go to work on saving Carl. Rick loses his damn mind and runs outside, in the midst of 7,000 walkers with a hatchet, not even a fuckin’ axe, a hatchet. I get you are mad about your son, and everything that just happened with Jessie and ’em, but come on, bruh, you’re ready to risk it all? Luckily, Michonne has his back, and she runs out to help, along with Heath and Spencer, and then Carol and ’em see him making his stand. And then everyone else comes out of the bushes, like Father Bitchass and Eugene even puttin’ in work. Morgan even kills the Wolf Man, who has since turned, and I didn’t think he actually killed him, but Wiki says he did, and Wiki is never wrong…..right? RIGHT? RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.

-Meanwhile, Glenn and Enid get to Maggie, who is still on top of the tower, and I don’t know what his plan is, other than to draw the walkers to him. But I think he got to a point where he was super surrounded and was like, shit, I didn’t think this through at all. But of course, because he’s fuckin’ Glenn, Abe and Sasha show up out of nowhere and start mowing the walkers around him down. And now as I’m watching it again… do NO BULLETS hit Glenn? He’s literally surrounded by them. Holy fuck, WHY WON’T GLENN DIE?

-And then, the scene to end it all: instead of leading the walkers away with the fuel truck like Glenn suggests, Daryl has another plan: he takes fuel from the truck and puts it into a lake, which I’ve never seen before, and shoots the rocket launcher at the lake to create a giant lake of fire, and then the walkers leave the fight and wander into the lake. Goddamn. The Walking Dead does ridiculous right, and if you’re gon’ go all out, go all out. Anyway, the episode ends with everyone sitting around in a pile of walker corpses, while Rick is with Carl, talking about how he underestimated the Alexandrians, but they’re gon’ rebuild the community and Carl squeezes his hand.

I stand by my statement that The Walking Dead isn’t good. The writing can be atrocious (go back to every scene between Denise and the Wolf Man), and the acting leaves a lot to be desired. But holy shit, when it comes to being entertaining, when it’s on its game, there aren’t many shows that are as entertaining as this one and for the most part, that’s all you can ask fo. But now, people are gon’ be mad because the next three episodes will be dealing with the fallout, which means no zombie killin’ parties. And I assume the next big baddie will be Negan, who won’t be impressed that Daryl and ’em killed his crew. Welcome back, The Walking Dead. You’ve been missed.


The X-Files Miniseries Ep.4 – Home Again

The X-Files hit us with another stand-alone episode, “Home Again”, but as was said last week, the best stand-alone episodes usually have something to do with the overall character development of the show. Last week was Mulder’s turn as he needed something to keep him going, and this week it was Scully as she dealt with a major personal tragedy, and once again confronted her feelings about William, her child with Mulder.


-Some thought we would see a sequel to “Home” when the episode list was released, and “Home” might be the most famous of the stand-alone episodes. I mean, it was co-written by Glen Morgan (written with James Wong, who wrote “Founder’s Mutation”), who also wrote this episode, and yes, he’s related to Darin Morgan, last week’s writer. It wasn’t a direct sequel to”Home”, but there was one connection and that was the theme of motherhood. That episode had a somewhat twisted (to say the least) idea of motherhood, but it was probably the first episode in which it crossed Scully’s mind. The death of her mother brings back all sorts of feelings about William, and her mother actually tells Scully (while holding Mulder’s hand) that her child’s name was William, too. The child in question is Charlie, whose voice actually got Margaret out of her coma briefly before passing, and that leaves Scully needing a bunch of questions answered. But I mean, it’s The X-Files: they’re not really in the business of answering questions.

-It was impressive how Scully just needed to get back to work, even though Mulder was dead against it, but that is how Scully has always dealt with this stuff. And Mulder does the same shit that Scully did for him last week: just sit back and be there for the other one. Mulder could have easily went on one of his rants at some point, but he decided it was best for Scully if he just held her and let her use his shirt as a snot rag.

-For the second episode in a row, Scully takes someone down with the quickness. Yo, did she take taekwondo or some shit over the last 14 years? Scully was never fuckin’ people up like this. It was comical how fast she did it.

-I suppose we should get into the monster, which was called the Trashman. This Trashman was literally pulling people apart at the seams, and he was going after a group that was dedicated to kicking the homeless off the street so condos could be built. He came in the form of a painting, which was done by an artist who figured he was a fighter for the homeless, and he probably was. And again, the case wasn’t really solved, although Mulder and Scully did find the artist in question. The best part of this storyline, for me, was Mulder and Scully tracking the artist down, and they had their little flashlights on, walking around in the dark. It’s like everyone involved with The X-Files never stopped, or haven’t lost, the feel of the show. All of these episodes so far wouldn’t be out of place in the first run.

-However, there was one meeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh part, when Scully was sitting there with her mother’s urn, and she was talking to Mulder about William. She drew from the conversation they had with the artist, where she called him out for being responsible for the Trashman murders, and she tells Mulder that she didn’t want William to think they threw him away like trash. Yeah, we didn’t need that line to make the connection. But hey, it can’t be perfect. Maybe non-X-Files fans needed it? I don’t know. It just felt contrived. But I mean, that is a really small beef to have.

-Also, did her brother ever make it from Germany? Man, I forgot so much about this show. Everything, basically.

-This was Gillian Anderson’s party, and it was always good to see human Scully because we were so used to the one that was brought here to debunk Mulder. Basically, Scully was a robot for the first part of The X-Files, and even though she softened as the years went on, she was always a bit reserved. This was full-on Scully, bringing out emotions that can only be brought on by the death of your mother, which is something I know all too well. I don’t think people really get how good Gillian Anderson is at what she does. And David Duchovny does his best to just get out of the way.

-All this does is set up the final two episodes, “Babylon” and “My Struggle II”, which are both written by creator Chris Carter. I would think they’ll be a conclusion to the first two episodes, but don’t quote me on that. I do know that I’ll be pissed if we don’t see William over the next couple weeks.

All I know is dammit, we need more episodes. Six is not nearly enough, but the ratings have been incredible, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this would be done again next year. They could just stop bullshitting and bring it all the way back because what the hell else on TV is fuckin’ with this, but I don’t get to make the decisions. But I do know this: as soon as this revival is done, I’m watching them all again. I’ve gotten weird looks for saying The X-Files is in my top five; this revival solidifies it.

The X-Files Miniseries Ep.3 – Mulder And Scully Meet The Were-Monster

While the alien-mythology arc is the backbone of The X-Files, some of the best episodes of the series were the stand-alones, basically, a monster-of-the-week episode in which Mulder and Scully would investigate some sort of case. Whether or not they would solve the case or not? Meh. That was more up in the air, and really, to me, that wasn’t the point of the episodes. I think they were to push forward the idea of otherworldly things being out there, which made you think, hey, maybe this alien thing that Mulder is on about isn’t so far-fetched.

That seemed to be the point of the third episode of The X-Files revival, “Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster”, which was directed and written by Darin Morgan. Morgan did the teleplay for “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”, which won a writing Emmy in 1996; the fourth episode of Season 3. He also wrote “Humbug” from Season 2, which I actually did watch a couple of months ago randomly with the girlfriend and it was one of the more humorous episodes of The X-Files, and this episode was essentially the same thing. It was weird, and dark, but overall, funny, and that’s something that you don’t think of when you think of this show.


-Shoutout to the paint-huffers who witnessed the first attack, and apparently, they’re from previous episodes. There were a ton of little easter eggs in this episode, and that’s cool, I just have a terrible memory for most things. But when you read about them, you’ll be like, oh riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Vulture has a good piece putting them all together here. Anyway, they first see the monster, which looks more like a lizard, but I guess if the lizard is human size, it’s a monster? But of course, they’re paint huffers, so it’s hard to take them seriously.

-Scully walks in on Mulder, throwing pencils at that same damn “I Want To Believe” poster from the old days, and Mulder is disillusioned, to say the least. He says that the unexplained is explainable now, and whether or not he wants to do it anymore, and Scully asks him if he’s off the meds, which is far. But he has shaved, so he doesn’t look like a slob anymore. He doesn’t wanna look for monsters, but Scully is like, yo, we gotta look for these monsters, bruh. Dogg, you JUST got back to work and you’re mad already? Jeez.

-We also get an appearance from Kumail Nanjiani, who is a comedian and on Silicon Valley (which I don’t watch, but I’ve heard it’s very good). But I know him from The X-Files Files, his podcast on, well, The X-Files. He’s a huge nerd of the show and has had many people involved with The X-Files on there, which I assume is how he got this gig. Anyway, he’s a scaredy-cat animal-control worker, but he saw the monster, or something similar to the monster and was like NOOOOOOOOAAAAAAPPPP and peaced out. That left Mulder to run around a field taking pictures with his phone, which he has no idea how to use. Mulder also runs into the lizard, which manages to spray blood in his mouth, which is just about as gross as it sounds. Mulder did get a nice picture of it tho.

-Mulder gets woken up by a disturbance in his motel and hears someone yelling “monster”, but the manager is like, nah, we good….although I’m drinking what looks like rubbing alcohol, which seems kinda poisonous, doesn’t it? Anyway, he tells Mulder to go to bed, which he obviously doesn’t do, because Mulder, but he finds a peeping-tom room in which the manager would poke the eyes out of animal heads hanging in each room, then look through the eyes. As he is recanting his story to Mulder, who tells him he is a cop and can fuck his life up, we see that he watched a man transform into the lizard, which startled him, he made a noise, the lizard catches him, but doesn’t kill him. We also see him looking at Mulder in a speedo; another easter egg. Mulder now believes it and in a 180 from his earlier rant to Scully about everything being explained, he wakes her up to give her another spiel about stuff that is explainable, we just don’t know how yet, and he even says everything she is going to say to him. When she finally gets to say anything, it is, “that’s how I like my Mulder”. They still got it, man. They’re made for these roles.

-Scully finds out this man works at a nearby cell-phone store, but freaked out when she wanted to ask some questions, and trashes the place. Mulder tracks the man down at a graveyard, where the man tells Mulder that……he’s not a man, he is ACTUALLY a lizard. So he tells him the story of how he got to be a man who transformed from a lizard, and I won’t regale you with the details because honestly, it was fuckin’ long. That was probably my biggest problem with the episode; how long this scene was. I also didn’t recognize that it was Rhys Darby, who was in Flight Of The Concords, another show I’ve never seen, but I heard it’s very good. But while the scene was long, the gist of it was that Darby, whose name was Guy Mann, knew all of the human instincts that we have, but he found them to be ridiculous. He figured out that he needed a job to pay for a mortgage, but he really didn’t know why. It’s just what we do. And he said that life was hopeless; “A few fleeting moments of happiness surrounded by crushing loss and grief”. I mean, it’s a terrible way to look at things, but is he really all the way wrong? The only happiness he found was in his companion, Dagoo, a dog, and if you ask anyone with a dog, they’ll tell you that dogs are pretty much better than humans. Again…..not all the way wrong.

-Mulder did catch him when, in his story, it had him being seduced by Scully in the backroom of his store, and Mulder was like, NAH HOMIE. There was some jealousy there. But Gillian Anderson looked like she had a ball with that scene. She’s so wonderful.

-Anyway, he wants Mulder to kill him so he would stop going back and forth between a lizard and a human, but Mulder won’t do it. The moon was the culprit, as his transformations were based on its cycles. I’ve never been into the science behind The X-Files, so I’m probably getting some details wrong, but you can figure it out if you saw it. I’m more interested in Mulder being so empathetic to a man, er, a lizard, that was turned into a man because he was bit by a human.

-What human, you ask? The animal-control guy, who Scully went to visit and he attacked her with his little net, but in the next scene, Mulder shows up with the cops and Scully has already taken him down. So, the prior scene was Mulder, who had drank himself to sleep, wakes up to Scully’s phone call, and we learn that his ringtone is The X-Files theme song….which may or may not have been one of my first ringtones when phones started to advance. Then he showed up at the spot, within minutes, I would assume, appearing not to be drunk, and not looking disheveled. I don’t know, a show about aliens and all the shit we see in this episode about a lizard man….and that is my biggest bone to pick. I’m weird.

-Also, I don’t think we even learned why the animal-rescue guy was biting people, or how his bite turned Guy into a human. Maybe they did. By the time they got to this scene, I had no idea what was going on. I think dude even tried to explain, and Mulder and Scully were like, save it for the judge, bruh.

-Final scene is the lizard man returning to the woods for a 10,000-year hibernation, but Mulder, of course, tracks him down and the two say their goodbyes. But if anything, the lizard man made Mulder believe that, yes, there is some shit out there that still needs to be explained. Shit like hibernating lizard men. So Mulder gotta keep on keepin’ on.

And that was the point of the episode to me. Mulder needed something to make him see that his job wasn’t finished. I think that if you were new to The X-Files, and you watched this episode, you probably would never watch it again in your life. Hell, even I thought it was strange after I watched it. But after sitting on it for a couple days, I figured it out….to me, anyway. This brought back the essence of The X-Files to me, because we needed these episodes every once in a while. You can’t chase around aliens and be gloomy all the damn time. But I’m sure they’ll get back to the norm this week.

Finally, shoutout to the scene that had Mulder leaning up a tombstone with the name, “Kim Manners”. Manners was one of the driving forces behind The X-Files, and his 52 episodes directed were the most of anyone who worked on the show. Vince Gilligan also dedicated an episode, maybe two, to Manners on Breaking Bad and you should know that Gilligan’s big break came from his work on The X-Files. The other name was Jack Hardy, who worked on the second X-Files movie, I Want To Believe, as well as Millennium and The Lone Gunmen, both projects helmed by X-Files creator Chris Carter. That was a nice touch.