The X-Files Miniseries Ep.4 – Home Again

The X-Files hit us with another stand-alone episode, “Home Again”, but as was said last week, the best stand-alone episodes usually have something to do with the overall character development of the show. Last week was Mulder’s turn as he needed something to keep him going, and this week it was Scully as she dealt with a major personal tragedy, and once again confronted her feelings about William, her child with Mulder.


-Some thought we would see a sequel to “Home” when the episode list was released, and “Home” might be the most famous of the stand-alone episodes. I mean, it was co-written by Glen Morgan (written with James Wong, who wrote “Founder’s Mutation”), who also wrote this episode, and yes, he’s related to Darin Morgan, last week’s writer. It wasn’t a direct sequel to”Home”, but there was one connection and that was the theme of motherhood. That episode had a somewhat twisted (to say the least) idea of motherhood, but it was probably the first episode in which it crossed Scully’s mind. The death of her mother brings back all sorts of feelings about William, and her mother actually tells Scully (while holding Mulder’s hand) that her child’s name was William, too. The child in question is Charlie, whose voice actually got Margaret out of her coma briefly before passing, and that leaves Scully needing a bunch of questions answered. But I mean, it’s The X-Files: they’re not really in the business of answering questions.

-It was impressive how Scully just needed to get back to work, even though Mulder was dead against it, but that is how Scully has always dealt with this stuff. And Mulder does the same shit that Scully did for him last week: just sit back and be there for the other one. Mulder could have easily went on one of his rants at some point, but he decided it was best for Scully if he just held her and let her use his shirt as a snot rag.

-For the second episode in a row, Scully takes someone down with the quickness. Yo, did she take taekwondo or some shit over the last 14 years? Scully was never fuckin’ people up like this. It was comical how fast she did it.

-I suppose we should get into the monster, which was called the Trashman. This Trashman was literally pulling people apart at the seams, and he was going after a group that was dedicated to kicking the homeless off the street so condos could be built. He came in the form of a painting, which was done by an artist who figured he was a fighter for the homeless, and he probably was. And again, the case wasn’t really solved, although Mulder and Scully did find the artist in question. The best part of this storyline, for me, was Mulder and Scully tracking the artist down, and they had their little flashlights on, walking around in the dark. It’s like everyone involved with The X-Files never stopped, or haven’t lost, the feel of the show. All of these episodes so far wouldn’t be out of place in the first run.

-However, there was one meeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh part, when Scully was sitting there with her mother’s urn, and she was talking to Mulder about William. She drew from the conversation they had with the artist, where she called him out for being responsible for the Trashman murders, and she tells Mulder that she didn’t want William to think they threw him away like trash. Yeah, we didn’t need that line to make the connection. But hey, it can’t be perfect. Maybe non-X-Files fans needed it? I don’t know. It just felt contrived. But I mean, that is a really small beef to have.

-Also, did her brother ever make it from Germany? Man, I forgot so much about this show. Everything, basically.

-This was Gillian Anderson’s party, and it was always good to see human Scully because we were so used to the one that was brought here to debunk Mulder. Basically, Scully was a robot for the first part of The X-Files, and even though she softened as the years went on, she was always a bit reserved. This was full-on Scully, bringing out emotions that can only be brought on by the death of your mother, which is something I know all too well. I don’t think people really get how good Gillian Anderson is at what she does. And David Duchovny does his best to just get out of the way.

-All this does is set up the final two episodes, “Babylon” and “My Struggle II”, which are both written by creator Chris Carter. I would think they’ll be a conclusion to the first two episodes, but don’t quote me on that. I do know that I’ll be pissed if we don’t see William over the next couple weeks.

All I know is dammit, we need more episodes. Six is not nearly enough, but the ratings have been incredible, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this would be done again next year. They could just stop bullshitting and bring it all the way back because what the hell else on TV is fuckin’ with this, but I don’t get to make the decisions. But I do know this: as soon as this revival is done, I’m watching them all again. I’ve gotten weird looks for saying The X-Files is in my top five; this revival solidifies it.


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