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The X-Files Miniseries Ep.6 – My Struggle II

The X-Files came to an end last week with “My Struggle II”, which is a continuation of the first two episodes. But this recap is going to be less about the actual episode and more about the entire reboot as a whole. This episode didn’t really do a whole hell of a lot, but it still wasn’t worse than Ep.5, “Babylon”, which I watched again and it was REALLY bad. But anyway, let’s go…..

-Everyone has alien DNA, which is going to set off an epidemic, which it feels like they’ve done before. Scully meets Agent Reyes, who tells her that she agreed to help Smoking Man with the colonization process, but Reyes now wants to help stop it, even though it’s probably too late now. Great timing. That’s why I’ve put the last 3-4 seasons of the show outta my head. Reyes and Doggett could eat it.

-As Scully is coming up with a vaccine, Mulder finds Smoking Man, and Miller finds them as well, with Smoking Man offering them a chance to survive. He starts peeling off his face in probably the coolest part of the episode, while Mulder starts dying from the virus. Miller takes Mulder to Washington, where Scully finds them in the middle of congested traffic, and Mulder needs a stem-cell transplant….but he can only get it from William. Then a UFO shines a light down onto them, right into Scully’s eyes and it ends.

The X-Files started off really well, but it limped towards the finish line. I really liked the first two episodes, Ep.3 was very good and Ep.4 was the best of the bunch, for me. Ep.5, no need to go into that again. But this episode, it wasn’t that it was bad, it just seemed rushed and my thing is, they needed more episodes. They really only spent three episodes on the alien stuff and then three stand-alones, although you could argue that Ep.4 at least had elements. And that was my fear going into it: either make six standalone episodes, or use all six on the alien stuff, either way, I’m good with. When it was on television the first time, The X-Files could afford to be all over the place because there was 20-plus episodes to play with, so you had time to go back to either side. I don’t know, man. It was just all over the place by the end of it.

-That being said, I still liked this reboot for the simple fact that I love seeing Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny back together again. It just felt right. The banter, OH MY LAWD, THE BANTER. The streets have missed that back-and-forth, even though it was self-indulgent at times. They did very well with what they had.

-MVP of the season? Joel McHale for playin Tad’s smarmy ass. He nailed that part, even at the end when he looked like he was turning into a zombie. Not MVP? Shared between Lauren Ambrose and Robbie Amell as bootleg Mulder and Scully. I’m not watching a reboot with just them.

-On the other end, the writing over the last two episodes was kinda, I dunno, clunky at best and ridiculous at worst. I’m not one to tell Chris Carter how to run his show, he has forgotten more about writing than I’ll never know. It seemed like he tried to fit too much into those last two episodes. Especially that scene at the end of Ep.5 with Mulder and Scully.

-The ending for Ep.6……what the shit? That’s what we’re doing? They’re making another one. I don’t care about the “This is the end” in place of “The Truth is out there”. No way they don’t do another one. The ratings were too good, Anderson will be done with The Fall (seriously, y’all need to get on that) soon, and I have no idea what’s going on with Duchovny’s Aquarius, but I’m sure its fine. There’s no way they’re not doing another one. Still need to find William and get this transplant for Mulder.

Overall, sure, it could have been better. Much better. But a world with Mulder and Scully back in it is better than the alternative. Next time, a little more focus is needed if they’re only going to do six episodes. But on the whole, The X-Files was fantastically nostalgic, a little overwhelmed, and still better than a bunch of stuff out there right now.