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American Horror Story: Freak Show S04E10 – Orphans

The 10th episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, “Orphans”, packed a lot into an extended episode. We got a few backstories, confirmation that the creators, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, are indeed calling back to the past editions of the show, a few old faces return and it was actually well written. Let’s go……..

-I never knew his name, but Salty has died in his sleep and Pepper is a mess, which is fair enough as the two were basically inseparable. Elsa says he dies of a stroke, but I don’t believe and just then, Stanley approaches her, so I definitely don’t believe her. He tells her he received a telegram from the TV network saying that Elsa has to go to Hollywood in three weeks, so she needs her rest, but Elsa wants to take care of Pepper, which also means Salty’s body. Stanley says he’ll take care of it, which means cutting his head off and sending it to the morbidity museum. So, that is two weeks in a row that a head is cut off before we get to the opening credits of Freak Show, and I wanna say it’s the third beheading of the season along with Ethel and Gloria Mott.

-Desiree reads Pepper a story and then tries to leave to prepare for her show, but Pepper throws a fit and starts breaking stuff. Desiree asks her if she is done yet and orders her to clean everything up, because Angela Bassett is not here for your shit. Ms. Bassett has been underused after wreckin’ shop on Coven. She looks like she’s about to give Pepper some sympathy until Pepper throws shit in HER direction and she’s like, nah, bruh, not here. Dell tries to interrupt during this exchange and beg for Desiree back, but again, she’s not here for your shit. She all but says, dude, you like penis, go do that.

-She goes to Elsa’s trailer to tell her about Pepper, which sparks Elsa to tell Desiree about Pepper’s story. Elsa wanted to start her own freak show and needed to find freaks, so she went to the place where people throw away what they don’t want: an orphanage. She finds Pepper and starts playing with her, and takes her to the show (just walking her out of the orphanage because the adoption process wasn’t shit back then, apparently), where Pepper starts dancin’ around, partyin’ like shit. I’m not sure what was entertaining about this to people, but I’ll let it rock because Pepper is one of the few genuinely good and pure things left on Freak Show, which scares me that she’ll die. She was also left at the orphanage by her sister, but more on that later.

-We also learn the story of Ma Petite, who came with a Maharaja that came to see the show, and Elsa wanted her, but the leader was like, nah. So, she offers him a Dr. Pepper…..and he loves it so much that he trades Ma Petite for three cases of the shit. Now, if I’m following this great leader, I’m like, dude, your negotiation skills are terrible. But Elsa gets what she wants and Pepper has to look after her, which gives her a purpose. Then Salty comes from a boys home in Cincinnati, and Elsa marries the two eerily similar people. This story in a nutshell is why you love American Horror Story. Desiree tells Elsa that she has to take Pepper to her sister since she has lost Salty, Ma Petite and Elsa will be off to Hollywood soon, and Elsa reluctantly agrees.

-Desiree comes through Maggie’s tent with her new man, Angus (THEO HUXTABLE), and we learn that Angus is a travelling salesman. Now, I have written down, “does Theo know about the triple-tittay action?” and literally, two seconds later, Desiree saunters on stage just shakin’ and swingin’ them shits, so I wrote, “well, there goes that”. Then Maggie goes on a rant about everything is going to go downhill for Angus and Desiree, and the two storm out of the tent, but Angus says something about being a Christian and not believing in future-telling. I wonder if there is anything in the Bible about messin’ with three-tittied ladies with crazy genitalia, but hey, believe what you wanna, bruh.

-Desiree finds Maggie, drunk, on the carousel to find out what the hell that was all about, and Maggie decides to spill that she and Stanley are working together, not to kill freaks and sell them, but to pickpocket the freak show customers. Then she tells the story of how they met as she was selling newspapers, but would steal shit as well. She gets picked up by a cop, who is played by Brandon Stacy, who myself and my homegirl Lindsay SWORE we saw before as Bloody Face from Asylum, but I looked through his credits and it wasn’t him; he was played by Zachary Quinto, who hasn’t been in AHS since. But Quinto played Spock in the new Star Wars movies; Stacy played Spock in something called Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II. This is JUST getting started.

-Back to Maggie, she rolls with Stanley because he saves her from being arrested, and the two form their team. Desiree puts two and two together that freaks have been dying since they arrived and even though Maggie denies it, Desiree doesn’t trust her at all. Maggie bails to her tent, but finds Bette and Dot, who give her money to get Jimmy out of jail since people won’t take too kindly to them. Seems like they have a plan of some sort; I just want them to kick Maggie’s ass.

-Stanley visits Jimmy in jail and gives him some story about being an orphan as well, and asks Jimmy if he killed those women. Jimmy says he doesn’t remember as he was quite drunk, but can you kill nine women at once and not remember? Anyway, Stanley says he can get a lawyer, but he needs money and Jimmy doesn’t have any. He then leaves, but comes back and says he has an idea of how to raise the money, and looks at Jimmy’s lobster hands. Them shits probably go for a pretty penny.

-Maggie finds Desiree the next day and begs her to come to the morbidity museum because she is done with the lies, and Desiree doesn’t believe her at first, until she sees Ma Petite’s body, followed by Salty’s head. But the kicker is seeing Jimmy’s hands, and Maggie is like, nah, this has gone too far now. There are a ton of questions going on via text, namely if Jimmy would bleed out and how the hands got there that fast, but now I conclude that it’s American Horror Story and logic is for suckers. Also, Angela Bassett vs. Emma Roberts in an acting match is like me against Mike Tyson in his prime. And the thing is, Roberts was probably at her very best in this episode.

-Elsa takes Pepper to her sister in Massachusetts, and her sister, Rita, is played by Mare Winningham, who isn’t even listed in the IMDB for this episode. But she was in Coven for a couple episodes (she was Evan Peters’ mother who molested him) and she has been in a ton on TV and movies, so it continues. She’s a wicked bitch, but also, something doesn’t sit well with me. She messes up the “clogged pipes” line when telling Elsa why she couldn’t have children, and she walks away talking to herself. Something is amiss.

-Elsa then says goodbye to Pepper, and a brotha got all in his feelings. This is the first time this season that Elsa has been worth a damn and she is genuinely sad to be doing this, and even though it is selfish because she has to do what is best for her, Elsa still has ties to Pepper, who was her first freak. It’s pretty heartbreaking, especially when you know that Rita doesn’t give nary damn about Pepper.

-We come back from commercial and Rita is speaking to someone about her troubles with Pepper, and how she had a child that had something wrong with it, but it never says what and we never find out. But we do find out that someone is Sister Mary Eunice……who is played by Lily Rabe, and I start partyin’. She is one of a few that has been in all four seasons of AHS, along with Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Frances Conroy. Rabe played the Sister Mary role in Asylum, and she was Nora in Murder House and Misty in Coven (although the Stevie Nicks thing got real weird, real fast). So obviously, the two are speaking at Briarcliff, which is the setting for Asylum.

-A little aside: I heard that all of the AHS seasons were connected somehow, but I never knew that Ryan Murphy purposely did it, and this smacked me in the face. Again, my homegirl called it earlier in the episode with the orphanage, but a lot happened in this hour and I never thought much of it until we saw Sister Mary, and for as nonsensical and ridiculous as American Horror Story is, to make all these connections between four stand-alone seasons takes a lot of skill. Well done, Murphy (Falchuk too, I guess, but I’ve read Murphy is the driving force. Maybe he’s the one who does all the interviews and such, but Falchuk has written and directed his share of AHS episodes).

-Anyway, Rita tells about her home life, which she makes seem is hell for her, but really, she is lying in bed, making Pepper take care of her deformed baby while fixing her martinis, and she accuses Pepper of trying to seduce her husband, who is a dick in his own right and comes up with a plan to kill either Pepper or the baby, or both, it isn’t clear at first. So what he does, is drown the baby after kicking Pepper out of the nursery, and the couple frame Pepper for the murder, which is how Rita comes to bring her to Briarcliff. We see Pepper in a strait jacket, banging her head in sadness against a wall, when Sister Mary comes into her room and after a conversation about the baby, she sees remorse in Pepper. Sister Mary wants to make Pepper her redemption project and takes Pepper to the messy library, where she teaches her to pile up magazines such as Readers’ Digest, National Geographic and Time. Pepper is Rain Man with that shit, but as the episode ends, we see her picking up an issue of Time…..that has Elsa on the cover, and Elsa is now a huge TV star.

I’m putting “Orphans” up in the all-time pantheon episodes of American Horror Story, and while there have been a couple episodes this season that have been very good, they’re not topping this, and if you would have told me that an episode about Pepper would steal the season, I would have called you a liar. Pepper gave Elsa humanity after a season of being just awful, and she really tied together all of the AHS seasons with old faces coming back, and hell, she made me want to go back and watch Asylum; not to mention, they gave Angela Bassett some burn after I said she was underused this season. If you bailed on Freak Show before this episodes, I really don’t blame you, but I recommend “Orphans” highly. The only problems are that we now have to wait until January 7th for a new episode due to the holidays (because nothing says Merry Christmas like American Horror Story), and the sinking feeling that this could be the peak before a disaster of a finale.

24: Live Another Day – 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Ep.9)

24: Live Another Day rolls on, and the action picks up right where we left off, which is with the President getting his shit blown to smithereens, we think. We haven’t seen someone get blown up in the middle of Wembley Stadium like that since…..I don’t have a good joke about the England national team on hand, but those guys suck (I’m an England fan and you’re lucky this entire blog post isn’t littered with jokes about how terrible they are). Let’s go……..

-We open with an image of smoke coming out of Wembley, where President Heller got them bombs over London dropped on him….didn’t he? Then we head to a gathering featuring the British PM, Audrey, Mark and other government figures who just watched Heller get hit. The British PM gives Audrey some spiel about her father being courageous, when he was ready to throw him to the wolves, what, two or three hours ago? But they do learn the clones are getting taken down, so Margot is being a good little terrorist….isn’t she?

-They’re also watching the bombing at the CIA office, and Ritter asks why Margot would bomb an empty stadium when Kate tells them about Jack’s plan with the President. CTU, CIA, they’re all inept according to 24. Navarro has the nerve to say that would never happen and it is impossible, which leads me to believe there could be a spinoff where Kate goes through life with people not believing her, even though she is obviously right. That is, if Jack dies, and I am not entirely sure that is possible.

-Margot and Ian are getting rid of the drones and somberly celebrating their assassination; you would think they would have cake or something. But Ian notices something funny on the video they watched, and they realize that they (Jack, Chloe and Heller) figured out a way to doctor the feed to make it look like he was there. Someone missed a chapter in Terrorism 101, apparently.

-Jack and Heller are now leaving Wembley and Chloe tells him Margot caught on to the plan with one more drone left, and she is PISSED, so now they have to avoid that. Jack puts him in a car with Belcheck and Heller tries to order him around, but yeah, this isn’t the States and Belcheck only listens to Bauer, who says no phones or contact. Heller also says something that makes me mad: “I listened to you before, Jack, not this time”. WHY THE HELL NOT? Does Jack have a track record of being wrong about things? Quite the opposite, actually. So what the fuck is the problem? Did you REALLY think Jack was gon’ let you die on these streets on his watch? Nah, you gotta suffer through that Alzheimer’s, bruh. Suck it up. He eventually listens to Jack, because he is smarter than that.

-Jack calls Kate and tells her to hook up a call to Heller’s staff, which includes Audrey, who wants this shit on speaker. He tells her that her father is still alive and lets them in on his plan, and that they also need to intercept the final drone. Jack is en route to Margot’s location, but Audrey thanks him first, Jack says, “you’re welcome”, Mark is in the background like, “I’m gon’ lose my wife to this mufucka, b”. That was some solid editing there. Mark is so mad, but I think he is coming to the realization that he isn’t stopping Jack. He just gotta walk away.

-Kate is still wondering where the hell Jordan is, but Navarro tells her not to worry about it. No one cares where this dude is at all.

-Meanwhile, Margot and Ian are furious about Heller’s plan, although they don’t know it was Jack’s plan to start with. She sets out a plan to bomb Waterloo Station, which is a part of the subway or the tube, I guess as the London folk like to call it.  She also wants Heller to be alive to know he caused this, but with the Alzheimer’s, he might just forget and this would have all been just to be petty, which we already know she is.

-Chloe is trying to focus on Margot’s location for Jack, but she needs help, so she calls Adrian, who doesn’t want to help Jack, but he’ll help Chloe. They must have had the sex, right? He is sprung for her, but they figure out where she is. Kate and Ritter get to the building and they get instantly shot at.

-So, wait a minute….Jack is in a helicopter, which just left Wembley, and Margot doesn’t think to go after that? Jack just flying around with no cares in the world, chillin’. Catelyn Stark ain’t built to be a terrorist.

-Jack gets to the building and starts doing what he does, while Kate and Ritter are getting rained on with gunfire. Margot and Ian are doing the last few things they need to do to hit that tube station. Jack finds out Margot is on the fifth floor, but gets shot at and says he needs to figure out another way to the apartment unit. Meanwhile, Audrey and the British PM and ’em start to evacuate the station. A lot is happening here, but not a lot is happening here. It is one of the best parts of 24.

-Ian tells Margot that they gotta go, but she wants to stay and watch the missile hit the station. He tries to leave, and she pulls a gun on him. He must have thought, “nah, she wouldn’t do to me what she did to Simone, she didn’t even want to kill her, but I’m special, I’ll be fine”. Yeah, not so much.

-Jack is repelling outside to come in through the window, and Ian gets to shooting at him, but he is terribly overmatched and when he comes to the window, Jack tosses that mufucka out the window like it is nothing and then shoots Margot. While holding Margot with one hand, he manages to override the missile with Chloe’s help with the other hand and send it into the Thames River (I am pretty sure that is the Thames River, don’t get mad at me if I’m wrong because I’m not here for geographical accuracy). Margot tries to guilt Jack and say that people died today and that it was on his hands. He says, “the only death I have on my hands is yours” and proceeds to throw Margot out the window like he was throwing trash in a dumpster. Actually, the trash would probably get more respect.

-Heller asks Belcheck his name and Belcheck tells him it is one word, like Madonna. This dude got jokes now, huh? We still need to see his backstory. Maybe that is another spinoff? He drops Heller off at the embassy and the Secret Service pulls guns on him, and Heller is like, put those fuckin’ things away, he is with me. He should be asking how they got tricked so easily. He reunites with Audrey, Mark and the British PM, who has the scene of the show. He thanks Heller for doing what he did and Heller is like, “I’m sure if the situation was reversed, you would do the same” and the British PM gives him this look like, “I absolutely wouldn’t have done this, you nutcase”.

-Jack is at Margot’s spot, they’re taking everything out when Heller calls Jack to tell him he is safe and everything is cool. Mark gotta be sweatin’ like shit. Kate and Jack shake hands on a job well done, and Kate gets a call from her contact in the British police force, we saw him in the first or second episode. He calls to tell her that Jordan has been found dead in a garage, along with the bullshit assassin, so her and Ritter head there. Kate calls Navarro to tell him and he is like, “Fuck, I’m screwed”. Navarro calls Adrian to tell him what is going on and Adrian is like, “I have nothing to do with this”. Navarro wants to leave the country, but Adrian wants the override device in return. Bam, something to carry us through the last four episodes.

-Kate and Ritter get to the garage where Jordan is, and they’re all putting the pieces together, with Kate grabbing Jordan’s phone. Meanwhile, Jack tells Chloe that he needs her back at the CIA office to look at the override device, but Chloe is like, “I’m done, b”. Jack can’t believe that everyone isn’t about that life like he is. Chloe gets in a car with Adrian, who thanks her. Hell, he wanted the override device….was he just keeping Chloe out there to keep tabs on that?

-Navarro shows Jack to a room with the override device, and he tells him about Jordan, and Jack is like, “hmmmmmmm, something is up, b”. Jack tells Kate that the dude with Jordan is a professional, and gets her to send him a fingerprint. Navarro is like, “we got this” and Jack is like, “okay, it’s a race now”. Jack Bauer is fucking awesome.

-Navarro, Jack and some IT guy are in the room with the override device, and all I am thinking is, “Jack, you better not leave that room”. The IT guy tells Jack that this device is about more than the drones, but then Jack gets a call from Audrey to thank him, aka, he gon’ get dem draws. Then he gets a call from his buddy about the fingerprint, while Navarro puts the IT guy in a sleeperhold. Jack gets the information that the assassin has ties to Navarro, and the lightbulb goes off. However, by that time, Navarro is already gone with the device.Jack gets to some security guard, says “make a sound and I will kill you”, takes his passes and punches him in the face anyway because he is JACK FUCKING BAUER. The chase is on now, and Navarro only makes Jack angrier by shooting at him.

-Chloe and Adrian are at a gas station, while Adrian talks to Navarro and they set up a meeting spot to exchange stuff, override devices, passports, etc.Chloe kisses him, so there is that.

So, three episodes left and still no time jump. I figured Jack had time for a nap or some shit, but Navarro is fuckin’ around now. Did Simone die? She gotta come back. Something doesn’t sit right with me about Chloe, I don’t trust her all of a sudden. But it’s 24, you shouldn’t trust anyone but Jack, EVER.

24: Live Another Day – 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM ET (Ep.7)

The action continues in 24: Live Another Day, and we are at the point where people are FINALLY starting to just listen to Jack Bauer, which is what you need to do in order to avoid mass casualties. Oh, and we have like, 14 moles up in this bitch. Moles on moles on moles. Let’s go….

-We jump right back to the scene of the bus accident, where Simone’s niece tells the police that Simone killed her mother. No hesitation to snitch at all.

-Back at the warehouse where Jack kicked a buncha ass last week, he frees Belcheck, who was taken into custody by MI-5, but Jack isn’t havin’ it and tells ’em they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place, which he is right about. Speaking of snitching, I suppose he’ll have to tell the President about this. Jack then goes to Kate, who doesn’t look at all like she’d just been tortured and killed two guys with her hands tied behind her back.

-Chloe finds out via surveillance that Simone was hit by a bus and tells Jack, but then she gets a message on her computer to “GET OUT OF THERE”. The British police are on their way up to her hideout. Who is tipping her off? That Alex cat?

-President Heller is conversing with his bitch-ass Chief of Staff before he gets a phone call from Jack, who brings him up to speed, especially about MI-5 kickin’ in the door on his operation. The British PM shows up and Heller gives him the business, to which the British PM is like, “Yo, you sick, bruh?”, confronting him on his dementia. Heller puts up a brave face on some “BITCH, I’M THE PRESIDENT” shit, but it doesn’t look like the British PM is convinced. He still agrees to go along with Heller, but don’t sleep on the double-cross.

-Margot calls Simone’s phone and dude in the ambulance answers, basically telling Margot everything that happened and where they are headed. So much for Jack’s earlier plan to keep Simone’s location on the low. Margot sends a dude to find out everything he knows about Simone, who is leading the “you gon’ die” sweepstakes for this episode.

-The CIA nerd, Jordan I think, he is looking through the files Navarro told him to avoid, when Navarro gets a phone call from the disguised voice he was speaking to at the end of last week’s episode. The voice tells him what is going on and to get rid of Jordan, and we learn that the mole is…….Alex, Chloe’s dude. Navarro asks Alex for a “cleaner”….Jordan jumps into the “you gon’ die” race.

-Jack and Kate arrive at the hospital to get the info on Simone, who is still in critical condition. Kate goes to talk to the young daughter, while Jack tells the doctor to stabilize Simone so he can question her. Torture in a hospital bed? I fucks with it. Meanwhile, the guy Margot sent is also at the hospital, tryin’ on these scrubs to blend in.

-Kate is talking to the daughter, who gives her the entire scoop on everything that happened. She learns that Simone has been going with “Shabazz” instead of her real name, and that Simone was trying to get them out of London, and the daughter wants Simone to die. Kate believes they can make Simone turn as she was trying to warn them, and Jack is like, “yo, we gotta wake her up NOW”. Poor Simone. She is fucked either way, because Margot is going to kill her before she tries to betray her again. She orders the house packed up and her son is like, “you ain’t gotta kill her”, but Margot points a drone towards the hospital. Tough love, my friends.

-Navarro brings Jordan into his office, and he comes up with some story about Jordan needing to go into the field to pick something up. Jordan is all “I’M IN THE FIELD, BITCH”, but he shouldn’t be so excited. I bet someone murderous is waiting for him.

-Mark and Audrey watch the British PM on TV warning his citizens about a terrorist attack, when Heller walks in and tells them the PM knows about his condition. He decides that, when they return to the United States, Mark has to set up a meeting with the Vice-President (who I don’t think we’ve even seen yet). It seems like Heller is resigning from his post.

-Jack wakes up Simone to get some info, and she recognizes him from the chase earlier in the season. Simone isn’t budging, so Jack puts pressure on her severed finger. Kate looks disgusted, but I have no idea why she is surprised. Jack JUST let her get tortured on the chance they MIGHT get information. He even tries to justify it with Kate, but man, fuck that. All bets are off. Margot’s dude finds his way to Simone’s floor, but Jack sees through his disguise easy and the gunfight is on.

-They catch the dude, but British police shoot and kill the man. Jack drops “DAMMIT” #1. They find out that he has been in contact with Margot, and they figure out that she is going to send a drone to the hospital, which needs to be cleared now. Kate goes to find the little girl.

-Chloe is in a coffee shop, setting up her laptop. Jack must have send her numbers from the phone they found on dude, but it’s a dead end. “DAMMIT” #2. Something doesn’t seem right with Chloe: she in on this shit with Alex?

-Jack drags Simone out of the hospital, and she doesn’t want to go, but she eventually says “yeah, my mom would totally kill me” and goes with Jack. Kate finds the little girl and everyone meets outside. Margot and her son see that people are evacuating the hospital and the first drone is sent. Shit is now officially ON.

-Jack, Kate and Simone find a car, but Margot sees them and another drone is sent. So now, Jack is on some Grand Theft Auto shit, outrunning drone missiles. We see the carnage that the first missile caused at the hospital, while Simone has no idea what is going on. He outruns another missile. This mufucka, b. They have one more missile left, but Jack gets stuck in traffic and drops “DAMMIT” #3 and #4 in no time. They get out of the car and we have my favorite moment of the episode: while looking for another car, Jack says to Kate, “follow my lead”….and then proceeds to punch a dude in the face. That’s his lead? That’s why I fucks with Jack Bauer.

-They continue on and they go into a tunnel, and they stop a dude in a car, take that shit and try to get Simone to the nearest CIA office. But they take the second vehicle, put a brick on the gas and trick Margot into wasting her last missile. Jack Bauer, dogg. Jack motherfucking Bauer.

-Jordan arrives at the the location where Navarro told him to go, and catches a slug to the arm, falling into the water. The assassin waits for him to come up, but eventually leaves. You know the dude isn’t dead, right?

-Mark meets up with the Russians and tells them that they’re not getting Jack until this situation is over. The Russian guy figures out that it was Mark that forged the President’s signature and he knows Jack’s history with Audrey, and that he doesn’t have much time to turn Jack over. These Russians are not playin’, b.

-Heller watches the shit going down at the hospital and calls Jack, who tells him that they have Simone and will get the info he needs. Heller says he wants to see Jack immediately, and he receives Margot’s contact information. What is Heller doing? Son changin’ sweaters on some Mister Roger’s Neighborhood shit?

-We get split-screens of Margot looking at pictures of her and Simone, and all I see is Catelyn and Sansa Stark. Shit is creepy. Also, we see Jordan get outta the water and looking in some discomfort that comes with getting shot.

-Heller gets on the horn with Margot, and I have no idea what Heller is planning. No one but the dude that gave him Margot’s number (dude is now in the running to be a mole, because we need MORE moles on 24) knows he is calling her, and the show ends with Heller saying, “my decision has already been made”. No clue what he has planned.

So, I doubt Jack will have to seriously torture Simone now, but he’ll probably give her a little nudge in the right direction. Will the Russians be patient? When is this time skip going to go down? At this point, I don’t know how they’re going to manage that. But it’s 24. They’ll figure it out.

24: Live Another Day – 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM ET (Ep.5)

You know what? It’s great to have 24 back on the air, because with the other two shows I’m watching, Game of Thrones and Mad Men, there is a lot of thinking to be done. And that is absolutely no slight on Live Another Day, because it is serving its purpose: maximum entertainment with minimal thinking, and good enough acting to carry the writing, which is pretty straightforward. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Let’s go…..

-We resume with the military taking Jack into custody, and Lieutenant Fuckboy wants to put Jack down for shooting his men, but as Kate points out, they weren’t killed because Jack didn’t want to kill them. Can we make a list of every single person that has doubted Jack or wanted him dead? Shit would go for years.

-Kate contacts Chloe, who says she will help Kate get the information she needs from the flight key Jack took from Tanner. Chloe can make anyone a super-hacker, apparently. It doesn’t seem all that difficult.

-Margot (I had to delete “Catelyn Stark” three damn times before getting it right) tries to comfort her daughter, who isn’t really receptive because, you know, her mother just had her damn finger chopped off. Then Margot goes back to the control room to intimidate Simone’s husband some more, and something is up with her son, whose name I think is Ian; he keeps looking at Naveed (the husband) on some shifty shit.

-Chloe and Adrian work together to figure out where the override code for the drones is in the deceased Yates’ program code. I still can’t shake the feeling that something went down between them on a personal level.

-Meanwhile, Kate tells Navarro everything she knows from Jack, and he calls the President to let him know, going over Mark’s head. Mark is an awful Chief of Staff, man. He might lose his job AND his girl when this is all said and done.

-No “dammits” from Jack lately, but the President hits one for the counters. Mark then tells Heller that he is bringing in Jack because he figured the President would like to talk to him directly. Everyone tryna be friends with Jack at some point.

-Navarro tells Kate when she returns to the office that even though she was right and got what she needed from Jack, she still has to leave the force. They are all but pushing her to the side of Bauer, which is never a bad side to be on. Sure, you might be an emotional mess by the end of it and hell, there is a good chance you might die, but hey, you take the good with the bad.

-Margot does an internet video to tell the public why she is about to unleash the drones on London; basically, she wants Heller to give himself up to her for the attack that killed her husband, and she will back off. That is ABSOLUTELY not happening, but she will probably earn some sympathy from more than a few people.

-Adrian is like, “yo, we helped ya boy out, let’s get outta here”, but Chloe isn’t having it. She is in with both feet now, and she hit that frown, like, a double-furrowed frown to let you know she is serious. I saw Mary Lynn Rajskub on Californication a couple weeks ago, and she smiled. It really confused me. I’m not used to seeing her not frowning.

-Naveed asks Margot to go and see Simone upstairs, where he proceeds to her that he put a trace on the video he sent out for Margot, which will get the authorities on her tail. Yeah, way to go, dumbass. I think we just figured out why the brother was looking at him all shadily.

-Audrey goes to see Jack in the room he is being held in, and they have a moment, ooooooooh lawwwwwwd, do they have a moment. How long before he gets the draws? Two hours? It will happen, I guarantee. I honestly have no idea what they were talking about because that is all I was thinking.

-The British Prime Minister shows up to speak to Heller, who tells him about the potential attack on London, but the camera switched to some blond girl beside him as they entered, so she has to be involved somehow. 24 isn’t good at hiding stuff like that. They put it right in front of your face.

-Back at Margot’s crib, the brother is giving Naveed more shady looks. Yeah, he definitely has this figured out now.

-Adrian wants Chloe to leave, but the Serbian cat steps in, so Adrian knows better than to test dude because he is absolutely not about that life. But Adrian tells Chloe that he loves her before leaving, which confirms something went down between them.

-We get footage of Navarro leading a raid at what they think is Margot’s house, but it isn’t Margot’s house. The brother figured out that Naveed put in a tracking code and tells his mother, who proceeds to get dude stomped.

-Kate gets Chloe on the horn again, and Chloe is going to teach her more computer stuff. She should really just be a professor or something, but Chloe would be the worst teacher EVER.

-Everyone is getting footage of this raid going down: the president, Kate at the CIA office, and Chloe. Kate warns Navarro that the drones are coming for them and he manages to get out, but some of his people don’t survive, I think. Yeah, that was bound to happen.

-Naveed is begging for his life with Margot, which is the worst ever because he is trying to moralize with a terrorist, and that probably won’t end well. He even manages to get a glimpse of Simone, who looks at him like, “SEE, I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN”, then Margot shoots him in the head. Son ain’t even get silent clocks. He was the worst.

So, will people FINALLY start to listen to Jack, or at least free him so he can go do his thing? How long before Kate and Jack become a team? When will Audrey throw Mark in the bushes for Jack, and how far will Mark go over the President’s head to prevent that from happening? A solid plot-moving episode of 24: Live Another Day.