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24: Live Another Day – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (Ep.4)

We’re still waiting for the time lapse that is supposed to take place in 24: Live Another Day. I figured there would be one every couple hours if they’re gonna fit 24 hours into 12 episodes, but we’re on the fourth episode and nothing yet. Anyway, let’s go…..

-Jack just caused a bunch of chaos by shooting a couple people in the leg (creating a diversion, he calls it). Poor dude that ran up on Jack while he was running through the embassy. Son went to sleep with the quickness and when Chloe was like, “you need a passkey”, Jack yoinked that shit up. Chloe then tries to guilt Adrian because he got Jack caught on purpose, but she should know by now that an international hacker leader doesn’t care about that sort of thing.

-Belcheck is trying to figure out how Chloe is going to get Jack out of the building, but we learn that the two have something in common: Jack saved both of their lives. I can’t wait to hear his story about the Serbian mob.

-Kate and Ritter get into the embassy and start the hunt for Jack, while the military is on the lookout as well. Meanwhile, Jack finds Tanner in a room, and lies to the guy who is watching Tanner. Dude doesn’t buy Jack’s story, so he gets pistol-whipped for his trouble and Jack takes Tanner’s flight key anyway. Mufuckas gon’ learn, dammit. He escapes and while Kate and Ritter try to get Tanner to tell them where Jack is, he won’t budge since no one would listen to him except for Jack.

-Jack is in the basement of the embassy, realizing that he can’t get out. Chloe is the best, man. She stays telling Jack that he can’t get out, he is going to prison, etc. etc., and she should know better than anyone that Jack doesn’t care. He is going to find out what is on that flight key, with or without her help. Some solidly terrible acting in this scene. I love this show.

-Skip to Margot’s house, where her daughter Simone and her bitch-ass husband are in bed and he is concocting a plan for them to leave. Right….that is going to go very smoothly and y’all will just ride off into the sunset without her looking for you. Jesus. He knows when the security guard is gone and he has keys, so don’t worry, everything will be fine. Because she rose to the top of the terrorist ranks by being compassionate. Did we mention you’re going to take her daughter as well? Dumbass.

-Kate calls Navarro to tell him what is up, while Jack finds the communications room and finds a few hostages along the way. He makes Chloe promise to give the information he finds to President Heller if something happens to him, then they realize the flight key is encrypted and they don’t have time for that, especially with the military bearing down on him. So he gets a hostage to open the door and shoots a couple Marines, but he doesn’t kill anyone, Jack knows better than that.

-Margot and Simone are in the kitchen, and Margot gets her to spill the beans about her husband’s plans to split. Simone is all, “I love him”, but that isn’t going to help her at all in this situation. When are people in 24 going to realize that terrorists don’t care about anything but terrorism?

-Heller gives a rousing speech to the British parliament about the drone attack, and it seems to be working out well. Mark gets a call from Navarro about the whole Jack-hostage situation, which is right up Mark’s alley; anything to make Jack look like the bad guy.

-Jack is still uploading the information, and it’s taking a while, which makes Chloe think Adrian is trying to screw Jack again, but we learn that something is going on between Chloe and Adrian because he says, “I’m doing this for you, not him”. Well, that answers that question. Mufucka is jealous.

-Jack then talks to the marine leader outside, saying to stay back and everything will be good or he will kill the hostages, which he won’t do at all. Son all but gives them some orange slices and shit. He just needs time to upload his stuff and they’re giving him that time. The marine dickhead outside wants blood, though.

-Kate and Ritter try to talk to Tanner, who doesn’t want to hear it because Jack is the only one that trusts him, and Kate buys it. Ritter doesn’t, but he has been wrong far too much already for me to give a fuck what he thinks. Kate starts putting two and two together, so she is finally coming over to the side of Jack. All it took was a couple conversations and a headbutt to the face.

-Heller finishes his speech and finds out about the Jack situation, and Audrey damn near falls over at the sound of his name. But she is the only one who thinks this is for real, while Mark obviously isn’t a fan of this and Heller doesn’t know what the hell is going on anyway. Can you see where this is going yet?

-Simone enters her husband’s room, his name is Naveed, it turns out. But Margot is with her, and Naveed is going to find out what she is all about. She gives him a chance to back out of leaving and pilot the drones like he said he would, but Naveed says he won’t. So what does Margot do? Orders her security to cut off one of Simone’s fingers…not Naveed’s…..Simone’s, her own daughter. If you ain’t know Margot was about that life already, you do now, dammit.

-Shoutout to the guys at the Bald Move podcast calling Margot and Simone “Catelyn and Sansa Stark”….I never realized how much Simone does look like Sansa. It’s kinda eerie.

-Kate and Ritter talk to the marines to try and talk to Jack, but the marine guy isn’t having it. Kate calls Navarro to try and get them to hold off, and he’ll try, but he tells her that the President is going to call Jack directly. Jordan, the IT guy with the thin moustache, tries to get Navarro to listen to Kate, but we learn he has feelings for her and might be biased. Feelings never work out for anyone in 24 and besides, she’s gon’ end up sleeping with Jack anyway.

-Jack and Heller talk on the phone, and Jack tells him the plan of the impending attack. The best part of this is when Heller asks Jack why he didn’t come to him first and Jack is like, “Um, y’all made me into a terrorist after I saved this country a thousand friggin’ times and I had to go into hiding, so forgive me for not trusting you”. Fair e-fucking-enough. This buys Jack a little more time, and Audrey is the only one who is like, “he has been right plenty before, what if he is right now?”. Mark is frownin’ pretty good.

-Chloe shows Adrian what these drones can do, and he still gives no semblance of fucks. He’ll have to die at some point, my guess is Belcheck. The marines make their plan to go in and get Jack, they’re just waiting on Heller’s word, while Kate talks to Navarro and tells him she thinks Jack is innocent; hell, all of her information about Margot and family checks out. She makes a plan to get into the com room through the ceiling. Very Bauer-ish.

-Audrey flips out on Mark for not telling her sooner that he knew where Jack was. There are personal agendas all over the place here. He is scared of losing Audrey to Jack, Audrey is scared for her father’s presidency, and there is the whole threat of a terrorist attack, plus the personal history between them.

-The standoff is coming to a close, with the marines getting ready to blow the door, Jack inside holding it down, Kate crawling through the ceiling and Ritter outside trying to hold off the marines. Kate yells to Jack, who shoots and that speeds up the marines looking to blow said door. She manages to get into the room and tell Jack that she does believe him and she has a plan to get him out of this alive, which entails him becoming her prisoner, and Kate taking the flight key. The marines are mad they don’t get to kill Jack, who has to be pissed Heller gave the word to go get him.

-We end with Naveed sitting at his desk, controlling drones and such, while thinking what an idiot he was to think he could get out. He better not be thinking of another plan or else it’s his head, and probably Simone’s.

So, 24: Live Another Day rolls on. How pissed will Audrey be at her father? When will he realize he was wrong? Does Jack have anyone on his side besides Chloe and now Kate? Does he even need anyone else? And who else will Margot hurt in her pursuit of terror? Stay tuned.