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The Walking Dead S06E02 – JSS

After a solid premiere to Season 6, The Walking Dead continues with “JSS”, and AMC really could have just done a two-part joint with this, but I guess they need to stretch shit out. This episode basically went as I expected, but better, if that makes sense. Maybe it will in about 2,000-plus words. Let’s go…..

-We open with Enid, Carl’s little crush, before the outbreak with her parents, who are trying to fix a fuse or something, but some walkers are coming. Enid tries to tell them and they’re like, oh, we’ll be a minute. Next thing you know, Enid is watching her parents as a buffet. Probably tried to ask the walkers if they had AAA or some shit. So this first scene alone explains why Enid is a little messed up. She’s walking the roads, just tryna survive out here now and she stays writing “JSS” on car windows, on the ground, everywhere. So she finds a turtle, and she devours it like the walkers did to her parents, and she uses its bones to write “JSS” again, so this gotta mean something. It’s also the name of the episode, so yeah…..it’s obvious, right? Anyway, she finds Alexandria and she wants to keep walking, but she looks at the “JSS” on her arm (maybe her hand) and is like, fuck it, can’t be worse than it is out here. She’s not wrong.

-Carol is in the pantry with a few ladies, including Mrs. Neudermeyer, who is still complaining about a damn pasta maker, which really shows you how naive this group is. Carol says she’ll show her how to make pasta herself, but she has to stop smoking in her house because it’s gross. Carol is so good, bruh. Just lookin’ around like, I could kill all of you with my bare hands, not, pasta. Then she walks past Sam, who you remember from Carol threatening to tie him up and let the walkers get at him last season, and she tells him that his dad was an asshole, he deserved to die and to suck it up. Carol isn’t here to make you feel good, kid. She might make you some cookies if you stop being a punk.

-Speaking of punks, Jessie calls Ron down for a haircut because she wants to talk to him, but he sees through her plan and blames her for Pete dying, and letting Rick do it. Jessie is like, lift your arm…..but you can’t because your father beat you and was an asshole. He storms out because he knows she’s right. I get why he is mad and all, but yo…..Moms is right. Moms is ALWAYS right. Even when she’s wrong, she is ALWAYS right.

-Maggie is with Deanna, talking about making a garden and man, Deanna looks worn down (as was pointed out to me by Holly, who you might remember from the Big Brother Canada recaps), but she has been through a lot in the last….um, I don’t even know how long it has been, but I would guess a couple weeks? The timeline on this show has always been sketchy at best. Anyway, Maggie tries to get her going and she is the perfect person for this job because she lost Herschel and Beth (even though she didn’t care about Beth until she died…but that’s cool).

-Eugene and Tara meet Denise, the new surgeon, who is tryna study up on, you know, how to be a surgeon as she went to school for psychology. Eugene says something snarky like, are you sure you can do this? Bitch, you pretended to be a scientist AND you’re a coward, which you admit to in this episode and have numerous times. Yo…….shut the fuck up.

-And speaking of shutting the fuck, Father Bitchass rolls up on Carl, who sees Enid with Ron and immediately gets salty, so he gotta fight Ron at some point for a buncha different reasons. Father Bitchass wants Carl to teach him how to fight, basically, and he knows Carl is skeptical because he tried to snitch on the group. Carl is only half paying attention to him because he is focused on Enid and Ron and like, fine, bitch, I’ll teach you how to use this machete later, come by the crib. Shoutout to Holly, who texted me that Carl looked like a member of Fall Out Boy. Yo, Jessie cuts hair, Rick….use that mop to get back in her good graces. Not even good graces, she ain’t even mad you killed Pete.

-Carol is looking out the window at Mrs. Neudermeyer, who is smoking outside like Carol suggested, but out of nowhere, a dude with a machete slashes the shit outta her and Killa Carol springs into action. Them Wolves here!!!!!!

-Maggie and Deanna see a couple of the Wolves scaling the wall and Maggie also jumps into action because she is ’bout that life, while Deanna is not and is looking stunned. Carol goes to her house to tell Carl, who already has an assault rifle out, to stay and protect Judith. Jessie is getting begged by Sam not to go out and look for Ron because really, fuck Ron, but she hears something downstairs and the two of them go into a closet and latch it from the inside. Oh, and she has a gun now.

-Enid goes into Carl like there isn’t a damn riot going on outside, and she wants to say goodbye, but Carl won’t let her leave. So they sit back to back in the kitchen and Carl is on that “kill ’em all” shit. Then he says to Enid, don’t say goodbye and she’s like, I won’t, which means she’s just pretty peacin’ out. He asked for it.

-A few things are happening at once. The Wolves are just crushing the Alexandrians, slaughtering everyone. Carol is runnin’ through the place and she stabs one of them in the back and head, but has to kill Erin (apparently, not important) to keep her quiet, but she has been slashed in the stomach. Spencer is up in the sniper tower, being a terrible shot, and an 18-wheeler rams into the wall. This causes the horn to blow, which is what we heard at the end of “First Time Again“. The door to the tower has also been blocked and he can’t get out, so shit ain’t lookin’ good for the dude.

-Some Holly girl gets brought into the makeshift surgery room, which means it’s go time for Denise, while Tara watches out for shit. Spencer gets out of the tower and makes it to the truck, where a walker is blocking the horn. He freezes and Morgan has to come from behind with the bow staff. Morgan asks Spencer if he’s comin’, and Spencer can’t even respond, so Morgan is like, hide. Then Morgan runs up on some big-ass Wolf, and they get ready to fight, but Killa Carol comes from behind, dressed like one of the Wolves and stabs dude in the sternum. Morgan tells Carol that he coulda stopped the Wolf without killing him, but Carol ain’t got time for that shit, and like, of course we do. And she says that the Wolves don’t have guns, but the fact that they’re comin’ in on some butcher shit, Morgan, seriously, bruh, there is no time for playin’ Kumbaya.

-Maggie and Deanna meet Spencer at the truck, and Deanna reasons that she shouldn’t go inside, she doesn’t have a gun and she doesn’t know how to fight….all fair and true points. But Spencer isn’t going anywhere, so she leaves Deanna with her son because like Deanna says, she’s just be another person that needed saving and Maggie is like, you ain’t lyin’. Meanwhile, Denise, who had said she had panic attacks in university, starts to have one and Tara tries to talk her down into saving Holly. She does, but it probably still don’t end well.

-Ron is being chased by a Wolf and Carl steps in, eventually shooting the Wolf and he tries to get the kid in the house, but Ron sees Enid there and refuses to go in. Good. Fuck ’em then. Carl tried to be a nice guy, but pride is a mufucka. He gets to his house and Jessie hears him, and runs down into a female Wolf. They fight, Jessie somehow wins and starts going to town on the Wolf, with a few unnecessary stabs that I approve of. But Ron sees her and things get weird because he doesn’t get how real this is yet. That’s twice now in like, five minutes that dude needed saving.

-Morgan has to save Father Bitchass from a Wolf while Carol goes to the armory to load up with these guns. She finds Olivia, terrified, grabs some guns, teaches Olivia briefly how to shoot a gun and tells her to shoot anyone that comes in the room. Oh, nothing good is gon’ come outta this.

-Morgan and Father Bitchass are tying up a Wolf, and things are going good and BAM, Carol walks up and shoots dude in the head and starts handin’ out guns like BITCH WE GOIN’ TO WAR. Morgan looks at her like, you are fuckin’ CRAZY. He gives his gun to Gabriel (who now has two guns), who will end up a sniper, I bet just to make me mad, while Carol grabs Maggie and is like, we got these guns. Damn, I love Carol. I never thought she would be my favorite character.

-Rosita and Aaron kill some Wolves to let you know they’re still alive, while Morgan ends up in the middle of a group of Wolves, led by the one that he let live when he made his return in Season 5. After kickin’ all of their asses, Morgan talks to that dude and the Wolves leave, but one of them takes a gun. Carol has a moment of over the body of Mrs. Neudermeyer, which is fair….Carol has done a lot of killing today, she deserves to have a small breakdown before getting on with the show. Aaron is walking down the street and after killing a Wolf, he finds his bag, which he left back when he and Daryl escaped the Wolves at the end of last season. They found the place because of Aaron’s pictures, so he’ll feel guilty about that now. Holly dies on the table, but it was all about Denise getting over her nerves, so she’ll do better next time. Tara does remind her to destroy Holly’s brain so it doesn’t reanimate, so Denise is gettin’ a crash course in this shit.

-Maggie and Deanna roll up on a burnt walker and Maggie stabs it in the head, and turns to Deanna like, no big deal, we’re good. Deanna is like, nah, but to Maggie, she knows this is just what you have to do to survive in the world of The Walking Dead. Sometimes, mufuckas gotta be killed. Just the way it goes.

-Carl finds a goodbye note from Enid, and we learn that “JSS” means “Just Survive Somehow”. That’s some basic shit. But she’s gone, so I guess that is that. That was abrupt. Carl and Ron still gotta fight, tho.

-Morgan has another fight scene and yo, Lennie James is puttin’ serious work in this episode, just brawlin’ with everyone, and he finds the other Wolf he let live in a house. They fight before they figure out who the other is, and Morgan beats him to a pulp, but doesn’t kill him, I don’t think. At the end of the episode, Morgan and Carol pass each other down the street, neither saying a word. Who knew that Morgan and Carol would end up being a thing this season? I guess, Carol is on the “kill ’em all” train in the Ricktatorship, shoot, she was the first to get it poppin’ when she killed Karen and the other dude at the prison, which set Tyrese off. So now, Carol will wait for Rick to get back and be like, yo, we might gotta take care of Morgan.

So that will be next week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and ’em tryna get back to Alexandria, and I think they’re a good distance away, so they’ll have to kill their way through like, thousands of zombies to beat ’em there. That should be good. Big thumbs up to “JSS”. Got to see Enid’s backstory, but now she’s gone, apparently. Carol and Morgan were beasts, although I could have sworn that Morgan was with Rick and Michonne, how did he get back so quickly? A lot of killing without barely any walkers, so they’ll make up for that next week. Good stuff by director Jessica Lynch, who directed “Spend” from last season, the episode where Noah died. She’s great with action sequences, so hopefully we’ll see more of her this season on The Walking Dead.