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Mad Men S07E12 – Lost Horizon

Mad Men rumbles towards the finish line with “Lost Horizon”, which was perfect as the characters we’ve watched over seven seasons have no idea what their next plan is for the most part, but it did feel like there is a end game in sight and that is all we can ask for. Let’s go….

-We open with Don getting into an elevator into the new office as Meredith is shepherding him through the halls (he apparently got lost before) and gives him his rundown. He has to take Sally to school, so we’ll see Sally again before the end, which is nice. He also checks the strength of the window in his office, which makes me think of the opening credits and the suicide train is starting to get a head of steam. I didn’t think much of it before, but recently…..I don’t know. Why not? It’s not like Don has a history of staying to face things.

-Roger is at the office, overseeing everyone leaving and he speaks to Shirley, who says she is not going to McCann Erickson because advertising isn’t comfortable for everyone, which I believe is an allusion to race and Roger is like, you’re not wrong, so she peaces out. Roger and Harry get into a little catty beef, too, and I’m not sure what that’s about, although I don’t think anyone really likes Harry, and I don’t think Roger likes anyone but Don and Joan, and maybe Peggy (remember that for later).

-Joan gets a visit from a couple of female copywriters who seem like they’re tryna be friends with a plant for her office, but then they learn that Peggy is the one they should be talking to and they’re like, well that was a waste of a plant. Meanwhile, Peggy is still at the office with Ed, whose name I literally didn’t know until less than a minute ago, but he isn’t going to McCann, so he’s chillin’. Also, shoutout to Peggy’s lime-green suit, and I HATE the color green when it comes to clothes. Her outfit game was on point in this episode.

-Dan walks into the office of either Ferg or Jim Hobart, where Ferg does an truly awful impersonation of Don, and if impersonations are his thing, he needs a new thing. Jim then tells Don they’ve been trying to get him for a while, a decade to be exact, and he basically bought Sterling Cooper Bell Biv Devoe to get Don to work on a Miller beer account, so this guy is just fawning over Don, who gives some fake appreciation and even introduces himself as “Don Draper from McCann Erickson”, while the other two wet themselves. Hey man, if Don is nothing else, he is good at what he does.

-Joan is with one of the guys from the meeting she and Peggy had in “Severance“, so obviously he is a tool, interrupting Joan several times throughout a conference call and even asks the Avon guy they’re speaking with about playing golf. Had he read the briefs Joan prepared, he’d know that guy was in a wheelchair, so now shit is awkward, but he doesn’t care because he doesn’t take her seriously, which is what she was worried about.

-Peggy is at home because she doesn’t have an office and she gets brought flowers from ME, but all the secretaries got them and Peggy is like, um, I’m not a secretary. Peggy also has the concern of not being taken seriously there and for good reason, because they’re all assholes.

-Joan sees Don in the elevator and alludes to having problems with the new setup, and Don says he’ll try and do something about it and they should do lunch. Don and Joan have had their issues throughout the series, but overall, they respect each other for the most part, although Don is more than fine with getting by on his looks, while Joan is not.

-After Don gets told by Meredith that he has a meeting concerning Miller, and Joan tries to go to Ferg with her problems (which really doesn’t work), Peggy heads back to the office, where Ed is still chillin’ and signing for packages for Peggy, who is getting more pissed. Shoutout to the plaid, another thing I hate, but works for Peggy.

-Don goes to the Miller meeting, where he sees Ted, but he starts to zone out during a pitch that sounds strangely like something he would say. He looks out of the window at an airplane, not listening to the pitch at all, and he gets up to leave. Ted has this smile on his face and it’s almost like Don is on that “I’ma go see about a girl” joint from Good Will Hunting. This isn’t the place for Don….but where should he go?

-Joan gets approached by Ferg, who tells her that Dennis is going to have problems taking orders from a girl because he has a wife and kids, and Joan is getting more flushed with each word. They don’t even hide it at ME, at least at the old place, they were kinda respectful of the women that worked there (the majority of the time) or at least, not outwardly vicious about the sexism. At ME, no fucks are given.

-Don goes to pick up Sally for school, but she already got a ride with a friend, so it’s just Don and Betty, who is probably smiled more in the last two episodes than she did over the second half of the series. She is a little stressed about going back to school and Don starts rubbing her shoulders, and it’s nice to see them getting along and even being, like, more than nice, to each other. It goes back to the first half of Mad Men when it was at its best, and while I know they aren’t gon’ get back together as that would be a disaster, this was nice. He also calls her “Birdy”, which we haven’t heard in a LONG, LONG time. I don’t even think anyone but Don calls her that, and he knows something about having another name (she knows about it, too).

-After Peggy cuts herself spilling coffee in the old office and we see Don driving somewhere, we go to Joan in bed with Richard, and she is hesitant to tell him about what is going on at work. He comes from the business world as well, so I think Joan will take their side and not her, although I think he would choose her.

-Then Don is driving along and Bert is with him in the car, and we learn he is going to see Diana in Racine, Wisconsin. Bert doesn’t think it’s a good idea, which it isn’t, while Don just thinks he’s tired. Nah, bruh. It’s not a good idea. Like Bert said, she doesn’t care about you. Maybe she does, just too much. Either way, it’s toxic.

-Peggy is STILL at the old office, rockin’ some orange that is just fantastic, when she hears a noise as she thinks she is by herself. But she finds Roger, playing an organ and he is struggling to let go of this place. Remember, he was talking about legacy in “Time & Life” and even though he has Joan’s son (which I still don’t know if he knows Kevin is his), this company has been his legacy and it is getting swallowed whole. All the booze is gone, so he wants Peggy to go and get him some, but instead, they have vermouth, which tastes awful.

-Joan gets chocolates from Ferg, who had more or less asked her to go on a “business trip” earlier and he tells her to pick a weekend, so yeah, this is basically going from bad to worse for her. Jim stops by Don’s office and asks Meredith where he is, and she says he is gone to take Sally to school, but he asks if he is on a bender. Meredith is getting a bad feeling about this place, and she genuinely cares about Don. She has grown on me a lot over the last couple of episodes.

-While Don arrives in Racine, Roger is going through his stuff and gives Peggy a painting of an octopus pleasuring a lady that belonged to Bert, and Peggy says they won’t take her seriously, which is a running theme at this point. Peggy also wants to get to ME, but her stuff isn’t there yet and she was supposed to be there anyway, so she needs to sit down and have another drink. Besides, Roger isn’t letting her leave and he has to get this out, and besides, we haven’t gotten much Peggy and Roger in a while. This was my favorite scene in the episode as Roger shows he is apprehensive to try something new, but he just needs a push. Peggy tries to front like she didn’t have a good time at SC&P, because while it has been a pain in the ass, she admits that she has had a ball.

-Don goes into liar mode, pretending to be doing research for Miller and he has a gift for this woman who is at Diana’s last address. He gets invited into the house and a little girl, who says she is Diana’s daughter, says that she should get whatever Diana won, which is right, except that it is a fridge full of beer. The lady says that her husband, who will be home soon, and he knows something about Diana. Oh Don, you know this won’t end well, right?

-Joan walks into Jim’s office to discuss how she is being treated, and Jim is the worst of the bunch, telling Joan to basically kick rocks. She threatens to sue and get the news involved, while he is like, I give newspapers money, b, try again. He offers her 50% of what she is owed to get out, she refuses and they’re at a standstill. Oh Joan, you’re so right, but this isn’t gon’ end well for you, either.

-The woman’s husband gets home and he sees through Don’s story about being a researcher, then he sniffs out his collection agent lie as well. Turns out that Diana was his ex-wife and she leaves a trail of people in her wake like a tornado, and no one can save her. The man replies that he lost a daughter to God, his wife to the Devil and she can’t be saved. But basically, his entire speech could be about Don, who has wrecked a number of lives from the family he built and then got booted out by Betty, then the numerous women he slept with from Rachel Menken to Sylvia, the doctor’s wife. And at this point, Don can’t be saved. Megan tried, but she couldn’t stick it out. But he does say that Jesus can help him, and that doesn’t seem like Don’s steez.

-Second-favorite scene of the episode? Peggy rollerskating around the office while Roger is on the organ. That joint was so gooooooooooooooooooooood. Goddamn, I’ll miss this show.

-While Don is driving back to New York, Roger finally talks to Jim, who basically tells him that all of his old workers ain’t shit, and especially Joan. I love how Jim is like, Don walked out of a meeting on Wednesday and hasn’t been back since, and Roger is like, yeah, he does that.

-Third-favorite scene of the episode? Peggy finally showing up at ME with sunglasses on, a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and her stuff. All that was missing was “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. Again, another excellent dress. Peggy balled the fuck out this episode.

-Roger is waiting for Joan and more or less explains to her to take the offer Jim gave her, and the hurt on her face….it wasn’t losing the job that bothered her, but the fact that Roger didn’t stick up for her, and they’ve been through A LOT over seven seasons. My fuckin’ chest was pounding by the end of this episode.

-Don finds a hippy hitchhiker who is going to St. Paul, and Don is like, sure, I’m going that way. Is he even going that way? Does the hitchhiker kill him and take his identity, continuing the story of Don Draper?

After lots of speculation over what will happen by the time Mad Men ends, “Lost Horizon” tells us that there isn’t gon’ be a lot of happiness for anyone at all. Don might be dead by the end of all this, Roger might sell off his part and try something new, Joan, well, she might be in for a legal battle of some sort. The only people I can see happy by the end is Betty, Ted and I dunno if Peggy will be happy, she might settle for content. But all I can hope for is two more episodes of what we’ve seen over the last two weeks, because this is what Mad Men is all about.