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The Walking Dead S07E02 – The Well

After the insanity of the seventh-season premiere, The Walking Dead returns with “The Well”, which allows everyone to take a breather and we’re introduced to the newest community, the Kingdom, and now, we can all move on last week, right? Right.

Although I feel kinda bad for Abe…..no one cared about him hahaha….still tho, no more Glenn jokes for me. I’m so good with those.

Let’s go….


-So, I missed pretty much everything up to the opening credits because I was watching soccer (shoutout to Toronto FC, we’re halfway there, boys). But from what I gathered, we go back to Carol, who was shot by the Saviors at the end of last season, but is rescued by Morgan and some guys on horses. Carol, obviously a mess, goes back to sleep, wakes up, hallucinates and walks into a buncha walkers and has to be rescued again, then she sleeps for two days. Does that about cover it? This will probably happen again next week because soccer trumps The Walking Dead in these streets.

-Anyway, she wakes up and Morgan is pushing her around the Kingdom in a wheelchair, which seems like a dream because children are playing and people are laughing, basically, any community we’re introduced to this show. He says they can go back to Alexandria in a week when she is better, but he wants her to meet King Ezekiel, and yooooo……this dude is chillin’ on a throne with a big-ass tiger named Shiva. He welcomes Carol with this kingly accent, offers her some fruit because it’s fruit day and behind him is a wise-cracking Asian guard named, um, I’m not sure, but dude is pretty good. Carol, looking up in the air to find the jig, goes into Casserole Carol mode with this look on her face like, come on, dogg, this can’t be real, and refuses the pomegranate, which I don’t think I’ve ever had, but shoot, I wanted to take one. They leave and Carol is like, this place is crazy, they’re crazy and I’m out, but Morgan won’t allow it, even though he knows that if Carol wants to leave, she’ll leave.

-Ezekiel leaves with Morgan, this kid Ben, this girl (I don’t know if we got her name) and this cat named Richard, and they’re corralling pigs into a room where they eat a walker because as Richard says, they want their pigs to be filled with rot, which sounds disgusting. They run into more walkers and Ben is instructed to kill one with a machete, but he struggles and Ezekiel saves him, but he wants Morgan to keep the pig hunt a secret for whatever reason, which we’ll learn later. He also wants Morgan to train Ben with the staff because he needs to keep Ben alive. Ezekiel has taken a liking to Ben, and I have my theory about why. All I’m saying is, I run into another brotha and he got a tiger, I’m rollin’ with him. But that’s too many of us on the show now, so someone gotta go.

-I think it was also here that Morgan tells Ezekiel that he could have saved the Savior that he shot to save Carol, and I’m not really here for another season of Morgan tryna save everyone. You saved Carol, that’s important. These Saviors ain’t shit, bruh. They’re too far gone. This dude will really try to have a non-violent sitdown with Negan, and I’d love to see how that would go down.

-Anyway, this awful choir sings through this montage of Morgan training Ben, Ezekiel watching, and Carol wheelin’ around, stealing clothes and knives, both of which were amazing. The knife was sitting on a table and she rolled by it, and then you see this hand just yoink that shit off the table, but we just see the hand and I actually laughed out loud. Then the clothes, she basically told this man to look over there, and put the clothes under her blanket. I think she might have sighed when she did it too, like, y’all mufuckas are stupid.

-Ben wants to read Morgan’s “Art Of Peace” book, then Ezekiel tells them to come on this run and Richard tells Morgan to bring his gun, which I didn’t think he had. They go to meet a group of Saviors and it turns out the pigs were for them because the Kingdom is also on this pay-as-you-go-or-you-die plan with the Saviors, who are just runnin’ everyone’s pockets outchea in these streets. One of the Saviors picks a fight with Richard, who could easily destroy this guy, but Ezekiel tells him to stand down and Richard just takes two shots from the Savior until their leader, Gavin, who I’m pretty sure we met last season, tells him to stop. Anyway, this is meat week and next is produce week, and Gavin warns Ezekiel that if he gets less than what is on his list, Richard is the first to die. Jokes on y’all, tho…..you’re eating walker bacon…..walker pork chops…..all that shit. And that CAN’T be good for the digestive tract. Oh, and the girl that went with them earlier, her name is Dianne, apparently.

-They get back to the Kingdom and over dinner, we learn that Ben has a younger brother and their father was here, but he died while clearing out a building with walkers, and I bet that is absolutely not what happened, but what Ezekiel told him. Ben also says that Ezekiel is hiding this deal from the Saviors because if he told the Kingdom, they’d wanna fight and well, I don’t think they know this yet, but they’re definitely not built for that shit in the slightest. Then he asks Morgan if he is against killing and Morgan is like, sometimes, we change our minds…..word, Morgan? See, and this is just it…you gotta kill in the zombie apocalypse. You just gotta. You don’t have to like it, in fact, it’s kinda weird if you do. But you gotta kill. You’re not saving the Saviors. They all gotta die. But he knows them and now he has the Kingdom, and they’re all gon’ team up with Rick and ’em and bring down Negan, so it’s just a matter of how they get there.

-Shoutout to the Fear The Walking Dead commercial snippets that are back. This series is called Passage and so far, some girl is following another girl towards, well, I’m not sure yet. It’s all very vague and they seem to be hiding in some sort of test compound, and they’ll flesh it out. Flight 462 from last season was so much better than the actual Fear TWD, and I expect this to be good as well, and then we’ll get to Fear and it’ll be terrible.

-Morgan goes to bring Carol some food, but she’s long gone. She is out in the garden, stealing fruit and she is caught by Ezekiel and that guard, who chucks up the deuces as he leaves and man, he’s pretty damn good. But we learn that Ezekiel knows Carol is faking her act because as he says, you can’t bullshit a bullshitter. Ezekiel drops the accent and sounds like he might have ad-libs on a Southern rap record, and he used to be a zookeeper before everything went down. Basically he rolled up on this community with a tiger and they had no leader, so Ezekiel (which is actually his name) threw on this accent because he did a little acting, and he assumed the role because people want to feel safe…..and I bet it was largely because he had a tiger that didn’t want to eat him (he saved Shiva from bleeding to death, so the tiger is down with him). And you know, he is right. Same shit happened in Alexandria, same shit happened with the Woodbury and the Governor, and I bet the same shit happened with Negan and the Saviors. Someone has to step up and lead. So why not the dude with the tiger?


-Carol thinks it’s all some bullshit, but I think she comes to respect Ezekiel a little bit. Still, she wants to go and Ezekiel is like, cool, but I think I have a solution where she goes, but she doesn’t. The house from the beginning was a caretaker’s cottage, so it’s not on Kingdom property, but it’s close enough. Morgan takes her out there and tells her that she is one of his favorite people that he ever knocked out, so that’s nice. Carol goes into the house and kills the Old Woman Walker that almost got her at the beginning, and then she makes a fire. Ezekiel comes by with a pomegranate and she smiles……and if there is one thing The Walking Dead is here for, it’s interracial relationships. We got Rick and Michonne, there was Sasha and Abe, Abe and Rosita, Glenn and Maggie, Tyreese and Karen, if she wouldn’t have been stupid and tried to stab that cop, there would have been Beth and Noah….anyway, you get the point…..keep an eye on that.

I was excited for the Kingdom basically since I saw a preseason trailer with Ezekiel, and I kinda wish that they would stay here for a couple episodes, but there is no time for that. I think next week is about fuckass Daryl, probably not dying, and unless he’s dying, I don’t care. They’ll probably split that with Rick and ’em, and not even Rick, I wanna see how Maggie is doing. Anyway, I think we have everyone that we need to know on board, so the march to the midseason finale of The Walking Dead really begins.

The Walking Dead S06E07 – Heads Up

The Walking Dead is almost at the midseason point as “Heads Up” answered a few questions about some things that happened earlier this season. Not only was that a big ol’ crock of horseshit, but I found a couple more things to hate about this show. Will I continue watching? Obviously. But I’ma be mad about it. Let’s go…..

-So, the shit opens going back to “Thank You“, aka the Glenn episode and we pick up with walkers buffeting their way all over Nicholas. I’m not describing it, y’all watched what happened. So, here are my issues with this fuckery:

a) Walkers are just grabbing at Nicholas, but you mean to tell me that they don’t grab on to Glenn? Not a fingernail? Not a scratch? Nothing? Like they can’t tell that another warm body is right underneath the one they’re eating? WORD?

b) So fine, he gets away from that. He manages to slide under the dumpster and walkers are tryna get at him? Not one walker can touch him? They’re grabbing at his hair and all that shit. NOT ONE WALKER CAN TOUCH HIM? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS.

c) Fine, he stays under the dumpster for an entire night. Where did these walkers go? They decided they needed to be somewhere else? They’re like, well, can’t reach him, guess I’ll just give up and try something else? NAH. Their whole mission is to eat and when there is something right there, they’re not leaving until they get it. But this is what we’re doing now? Zombies giving up on food that is right there in front of their fucking faces? COOL.

d) How long was Glenn underneath the dumpster? Wiki says days, but we see one scene where it has gone to nighttime, so are we supposed to believe that he was under there for days? If you’re gon’ try and pull some fuck shit like this, for the love of God, make it believable.

-Yeah, I said “believable” in a show about zombies. Be mad about it.

-Look, I love me some Glenn. Little Pizza Boy is one of my favorite characters. But him coming back is the biggest bunch of bullshit that The Walking Dead has tried to feed us, and they’ve served up some shit sammiches in its day. People love characters to come back…..nah, bruh. Just die already and move on with the fucking story. And also, I could have spent another 500 words on this section, just so you know.

-So then, he manages to get from under the dumpster that he has been under for either 12 hours or 12 weeks, who the fuck knows….and there is Enid with a bottle of water. Just happens to be on top of a building with water like someone standing on the sidelines at a marathon. Sure. Fine. And not only that, she throws the bottle in a puddle of blood and entrails. Jesus. Anyway, he chases her, she tells him Alexandria was attacked, but still runs away and Glenn, of course, has to chase her. Holy shit. I’m getting a headache watching this again.

-Back at Alexandria, Rick is checking out the walls and he tells Morgan he needs to talk to him about some shit later, and again he sees some blood trickling from the other side of the wall. He sees Maggie at the lookout post, where she is looking for a signal from Glenn, and I kinda feel bad for her; the only person on this show that I do feel bad for, but only for a minute. I’ll never let the shit with Beth go, speaking of shit sammiches. I’ve tried, but fuck it.

-Glenn finds David, the guy with Michonne that didn’t make it over the fence, and he turned, so Glenn stabs him in the head. But he finds the note that David wrote to his wife, the one that Michonne said he didn’t need because he would see her again, but that shit ain’t work out.

-Father Bitchass puts up a note saying there would be a prayer circle and Rick ripped that shit down with the quickness. I didn’t even notice because I was still mad from the Glenn shit. I missed a lot of shit this episode on the first go being mad at the Glenn shit. Anyway, he and Carl are taking Ron out to teach him how to shoot. Oh my, how mad y’all are gon’ be when Ron does some fuck shit like, I don’t know, shoots Carl. They set this shit up like, two episodes ago. Ron has “fuckboy” written all over his face.

-Morgan goes to Denise, but doesn’t tell her what he wants, and Rick is like, aye, come here for a second, bruh. Rick, Michonne and Carol question him about the Wolves and Morgan not killing them. Morgan throws out some “all life is precious” bullshit that he said to Daryl in “Conquer“, and that’s fine. He says that anyone can change and I get where he is coming from as we saw in “Here’s Not Here“, but come on, dogg. The dude you have caged up has been bitten….this is the one you want to save? It’s gon’ suck when he kills Morgan or worse, someone else.

-There is a sweet camera shot of the truck that rammed into the tower outside of the Alexandria walls when the Wolves showed up, and it pans over that to get to a shot of all the walkers lining up at said wall. Knowing what we know by the end of the episode, that’s pretty good….so there is one good thing that happened. Michonne and Rick are tryna come up with a plan to get the walkers away, and Michonne wants to use the Alexandria people, but Rick is like, nah, they’re stupid. Michonne tries to talk him out of it, but dammit, he’s right. That being said, I’m not sure they really have a choice. Then Deanna runs up, all happy, talkin’ about plans for expansion and Rick is like, yeah, how about we just get through this shit first? Good for her, though. At least she seems to have her wits about her again.

-Rosita is teaching the Alexandrians how to use a machete, but it’s Eugene that is the most scared out of everyone, which blows my mine. Rosita, too, because she says that being scared of dying isn’t what should scare him, it is watching your friends die after you were too scared to save him, which I think already happened with Eugene. For all the shit that he has seen and caused, Eugene still being a bitch? Why haven’t we thrown him to the walkers again? Dude ain’t even a real scientist.

-Enid is in a restaurant, but Glenn being Glenn, catches up to her and tells her he is taking her back to Alexandria. He says that Maggie wouldn’t leave her behind, but listen, Enid’s being a little snot. She doesn’t wanna come, she doesn’t wanna come, let her fend for herself and see how far that gets her. Then she has the nerve to pull a gun on Glenn? He’s like, if you don’t get that shit outta my fuckin’ face. Walks up on her and grabs that shit. She is another one that needs to go. I can’t even do a “Who Do I Want To Die” Power Rankings because the list would be too long. Let’s just say I want everyone to die but Carol and maybe, Maggie. Everyone else? Bye.

-Another week, another reminder to sit down and watch that Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 joint. Mmmmmhhhhmmmmm, they know that dude got bit now. It’s about to be on and poppin’. That Asian lady be knowin’.

-Anyway, Glenn grabs the gun and tells Enid to bring her little ass on, while Rick is back playing carpenter at Alexandria. Tobin asks to help him, but really, the point of this scene is for him to tell Rick not to give up on the Alexandrians. He admits that they weren’t built for this, and it’s taking a while for them to wrap their heads around it, but they’ll catch on. Tobin looks like he says the N-word a lot. I don’t trust him.

-Enid kills a walker that has been cut in half, and Glenn looks at her, and she says some slick shit like, wouldn’t your wife have wanted me to kill it? Man, feed her ass to a herd or something. I’m tired of her mouth. They find some balloons, which she says will distract the walkers, and Glenn tries to say something to her, and she says something smart again. If she survives this season, I’ll be blue mad.

-Ron manages to distract Olivia so he can steal some bullets and move his fuckboy plan forward. Good job, Olivia, good effort.

-I forgot about The War For The Planet Of The Apes. That joint’s gon’ be good.

-Glenn and Enid finally get to Alexandria, where they see that it’s a zombie party outside the walls. Enid says some shit about tryna let the world die and of course, Glenn is all noble and says that’s some bullshit. Again, if she wants to go, let her go. I’d be the worst person to be in the zombie apocalypse with. You wanna go off on your own? Aight, cool.

-Rick and Tobin see Spencer tryna climb out of Alexandria with a rope that he has attached to the tower, and of course, that shit breaks and he almost gets caught by walkers. I don’t even know how he got away from them. Oh right, Tara climbs outside of the wall herself to shoot whatever walkers she can, long enough for Morgan to jump in and help Rick and Tobin pull Spencer to safety, while Michonne helps Tara back in. Rick loses it, yelling at Tara for putting her life on the line for one of the Alexandrians, which is kinda weird of him to say like, in front of them and Tara gives him the finger, which was pretty fuckin’ good. Then he yells at Spencer, whose plan was to get to a car so he could lead the walkers away, but come on, he ain’t pullin’ that shit off. Spencer even says to rick that if he had came to him with the plan, Rick wouldn’t have allowed it. And why should he? Maybe if someone else did it.

-Morgan goes to Denise and comes clean: he needs antibiotics if there are some to spare. So Morgan wants to use what medicine they have on a Wolf that has been bitten? Cool. But Carol is on the porch with Judith and when she sees Morgan and Denise walking down the street, she transforms into Killa Carol, walking down the middle of the street with Judith in tow. She goes to Jessie and is like, aye, take Judith for me for a minute, while Sam asks Carol if the Wolves were monsters. She actually asks her if you kill one of them, do you turn into a monster and Carol says something like, killing is the only way from becoming a monster. The writing leaves a lot to be desired, but basically, she’s saying kill or be killed, which is why I fucks with Carol. Anyway, she unlocks the door to Morgan’s spot and demands to know who he has in there.

-Cut to a scene of Carl walking down the street, and Ron rollin’ up behind him with a gun. Before I wrote it earlier, I knew this was happening. Go back to the joint where Ron first asked Rick to teach him to shoot. Using his mom’s vagina to get into Rick’s good graces. What a fuckboy.

-Michonne is looking at Deanna’s blueprints, while Rick is noisily hammering with Tobin, and he apologizes to Tara for yelling at her. Deanna thanks him for saving Spencer (she already thanked Tara), and asks why he did it. Rick says it is because he was her son, and she responds with “wrong answer”. Did you want the truth or not? To be fair, Rick would have really tried to save anyone that tried to do that dumb shit that Spencer pulled. That’s how Rick is wired.

-Everyone sees the balloons, including Maggie, who starts getting psyched. But then the watchtower, which we saw earlier, starts to creek and tumble over in the slowest of motions. It crashes into the wall and that can only mean one thing: the walkers are coming.

From start to finish, this was one of the most annoying and frustrating episodes in the history of The Walking Dead, mainly because of the stuff with Glenn, which I’m never gon’ like and that’s fine; I get that a lot of people do like it, I just think it’s fucking stupid. But it is what it is and I’ll be watching next week because the walkers are through the walls and the Alexandrians still aren’t ready to deal with this. That means we probably won’t get any resolution to the Carl/Ron thing, although Carl could just turn around, grab Ron’s gun and smack him like, we’ll deal with this later. The Morgan/Carol thing will have to wait, and we’re still waiting for Glenn, Daryl, Abe and Sasha to get back. I assume it’ll be 90 minutes, but I’m not looking too far ahead because, well, spoilers and y’all know how I am with that shit.

Anyway, I hate you, The Walking Dead, and you’re fucking infuriating. And I’ll be here next week.

The Walking Dead S06E04 – Here’s Not Here

The Walking Dead knows when to take it down a notch, and after the furor of last week’s episode, “Here’s Not Here” gears down. I thought it was solid, although I’m not sure we needed 90 minutes of it. Let’s go….

-We open with Morgan staring at the camera, and he is talking to the Wolf that he captured, the one that he let go before, at least I think it’s the same one. Morgan reminds the Wolf that he wanted to take everything from Morgan, who gives him everything in the form of a story. So now we get to see why Morgan is the way he is now. I’ve been waiting for this joint.

-He is laying in the place where he was found by Rick, Michonne and Carl, and he is a mess, talking to himself, and we see the word, “CLEAR” written on the walls. “Here’s Not Here” is also written on the walls, but Morgan should be paying attention to the lantern that has fallen over, and is setting his place on fire. But after the credits, we see that Morgan has gotten out, but everything he has is gone. All he seems to have is a gun, which he is using to beat the shit out of walkers, which he then piles and burns. That has to just stink to the high heavens. Shoutout to the walker that rolled right through the fire, tho. That shit looked tight.

-As he continues to hunt walkers, two men are following Morgan, who obviously knows they’re tracking him and he fucks their entire lives up. One dude gets the end of a sharpened spear through his neck, and Morgan just chokes the life out of the other guy. He continues along his way, building another camp like the way he had before, but instead of barbed wire, he used sharpened sticks, and he uses walker blood to write “CLEAR” and “POINTLESS ACTS” on rocks and trees. We knew it before, but Morgan has lost his damn mind. But as he is hunting, Morgan hears a goat and he stumbles upon a cabin, and then he hears a voice telling him to put his gun down. Morgan is like, nah, and starts to survey the cabin, but then he gets hit upside the head and apparently, he gets outsmarted by a mufucka in a robe.

-Morgan wakes up in a cell, with tomatoes and patties of some sort, and the man walks in the room. Morgan starts pleading with the man to kill him, and this man ain’t shook at all. He gives Morgan a book called “The Art of Peace”, and we learn his name is Eastman. We also learn that the goat’s name is Tabitha. Eastman has built a makeshift fence around his cabin to keep walkers out, but they obviously hear Tabitha, so he has to kill ’em every once in a while. He does bring her in for the night, tho, and Eastman is like, you can come after me, but I fed you, don’t hurt her. Damn, Tabitha gon’ die at some point.

-Morgan is watching Eastman outside practicing with his bow staff….so that’s how he learned. He’s just in his cell, watching, while Eastman is tryna make goat cheese and it just isn’t working at all. Eventually, Eastman tells Morgan that he was a forensic psychiatrist, while Morgan tells Eastman that he clears….walkers, people, anything in his past and Eastman is like, that’s horseshit. He tells Morgan that he met one bad person on his job, and humans aren’t built to kill. That’s awful utopian of you, Eastman, and I think you’re wrong, but that is where Morgan gets this from. Morgan is also tryna figure out a way to escape, but Eastman tells him that the door to his cell has been unlocked the whole time, and Morgan is like, you gotta be kidding me. Eastman then tells him he can sleep on the couch, or he is free to leave, but Eastman doesn’t want any beef. So of course, the first thing that Morgan does is charges at him and the two fight, and he breaks what looks like a child’s drawing. Eastman gets mad, so this had to have been his daughter’s or something, and eventually gets on top, but instead of fuckin’ Morgan up, he leaves with the painting, while Morgan retreats to his cell.

-After the two cool off, Eastman tells Morgan that he learned Aikido, and he also has a rabbit’s foot that was given to him by his daughter; he got a flyer for an Aikido class right after that, so that rabbit’s foot is lucky to him. Eastman asks Morgan to watch out for Tabitha while he goes looking for stuff, and Morgan starts reading “The Art of Peace”; on the first page, we learn that the goal of Aikido to completely avoid killing at all costs, even the most evil person. Was this book written for the zombie apocalypse? I don’t think so. Anyway, he hears walkers outside and he saves Tabitha from them as she just watches them like, YEAH, YOU GET ‘EM, DOGG. I really thought he was gon’ let the walkers live. I would have been livid. So he drags the walkers into the woods like he saw Eastman do, and he finds a cemetery. Eastman takes the walkers that he kills, buries them and takes their license, so he can write their names on a cross. What a guy, bruh. I wonder how he dies?

-So then we have a montage of Eastman teaching Morgan how to use the bow staff, while he tells him about the philosophies of Aikido, which I’m not sure are true or not because I’m not looking it up, but let’s just say that it is. As they’re having dinner, Morgan asks Eastman why he has a cell, and Eastman tells him a story of the one bad person he met at his job, a psychopath named Wilton, who was up for parole, but Eastman advised against it. So Wilton broke out of jail and killed Eastman’s family for no other reason than to fuck his life up. Eastman made the cell with the intention of kidnapping Wilton and starving him to death, but he didn’t because all life is precious. Man, that’s some ol’ bullshit. He is about to die in the stupidest way.

-Eastman wants to go looking for supplies and Morgan is like, hey, I had a campground before you hemmed me up, so they go out there to grab that shit. Eastman asks Morgan the names of those he lost, so that would be his wife Jenny and his son Duane. Morgan didn’t have the heart to shoot Jenny, who then ate Duane (or something like that) so that’s a major reason why he was the way he was. He starts to get all choked up and Eastman tells him to practice his Aikido; Morgan doesn’t want to, but Eastman insists. Just then, a walker emerges, and it’s the man that Morgan choked to death in the woods. Morgan freezes and Eastman pushes him out of the way, but in the process of killing the walker, he gets bit, of course. Morgan freaks out and says it wasn’t for Eastman to do, and then he yells “not here”, which I assume was about the impromptu Aikido practice. Eastman replies with, “here’s not here”. Man, if you don’t get outta here with your fake-deep bullshit.

The Badlands and The Preacher look terrible. This Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462, however, I’m in. They can keep that shit rollin’.

-Morgan is back to hunting, and he rolls up on a walker, who is creeping up on what has to be the deafest couple in the world. How are you not hearing this thing behind you? Anyway, it looks like Morgan is about to kill them, but he’s on his “All Lives Matter” shit now and lets them go. Ol’ girl gave him a can of soup and a bullet. Uhhhhhhhhh…….thanks? He gets back to the cabin and a walker is feasting on poor Tabitha, so after killing the walker, Morgan takes them both to the graveyard, where Easton is already digging. Morgan notices the name “Wilton” on one of the crosses, and Eastman tells him that he did, in fact, get his revenge on Wilton by starving him, but he didn’t get peace from it. But yo…..you got it, tho. Good for you, buddy.

-Eastman also realizes what needs to be done, and we can deduce that he was digging his own grave. He tells Morgan where his gun is and tells him that there is enough at the house for him to survive, but he’ll be alone. He then gives Morgan the rabbit’s foot, which is what we first saw when Morgan reappeared in “Conquer“, the Season 5 finale. So after he kills and buries Eastman (which we don’t see), Morgan wanders down the tracks and sees the sign for Terminus, and that is that.

-The dude from the Wolves is like, man, that was a good story and all, and I’m happy you think I can be saved, but I got bit or scratched or some shit, and I’ma kill all y’all mufuckas. So what does Morgan do? Closes the door, locks it and walks out. SOOOOOO……who is this Wolf gon’ kill? Is it Morgan? One of the Alexandrians? Because he’s going to turn, and he’s going to kill. DOGG, HE JUST TOLD YOU HE WOULD. THE FUCK ARE WE TALKIN’ ABOUT HERE?

-Just then, Morgan hears Rick yelling to open the gate, so that’s where we should pick next week, I think.

This was an excellent piece of character development for Morgan, even though I don’t agree with any of it; at least we now know what happened to turned him into Gandhi. But again, the shit is maddening because nice people aren’t going to get through in The Walking Dead. Eastman tried to help Morgan and he died. Morgan is letting these mufuckas live, and they’re going to kill people. He couldn’t kill Jenny and she ended up eating their son. Mufuckas won’t learn, b. That’s why I’m with Rick: kill everything, figure it out later. If you die in the process, shit happens.

But again, overall, a very good episode. Lennie James kills it, as usual, and YOOOOOOOOOOO…….Eastman is played by John Carroll Lynch, who played Twisty The Clown on American Horror Story: Freak Show and John Wayne Gacy in this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel. Well played. The episode didn’t need to be 90 minutes, but it didn’t feel like it dragged a lot. Good job, The Walking Dead. Season 6 has been pretty damn good so far.